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South Sudan presidency agrees to review 28 states


June 1, 2016 (JUBA) – In unexpected move which is described as a breakthrough, the South Sudan’s presidency has agreed to review the 28 states and come up with a recommendation on the number of new states within 30 days.

President Salva Kiir walks his First Deputy Riek Machar and Vice-President James Wani on 26 April (Photo Moses Lomayat)

The resolution came out after a joint meeting of the President, Salva Kiir, First Vice President, Riek Machar and Vice President, James Wani, at the presidential palace on Wednesday.

In a joint statement to the press by the two deputies after the meeting, a committee of 15 members will be constituted from all the parties to the August 2015 peace agreement and from the international partners to come up with recommendation on new states.

“We discussed the issue of the 28 states. We decided to tackle this through a committee. That committee will be composed of 15 members…So that they can work on the number of states, review them and they come up with recommendation on the number of the states and this will be within 30 days. Within 30 days this work will be done,” said First Vice President, Riek Machar, in a press statement to the media following the meeting, also broadcasted on the South Sudan TV, (SSTV) on Wednesday evening.

Machar said the 15 members of the committee will include 10 South Sudanese from the parties in the peace deal and 5 others from the international partners. He added that they would ask South Africa and Tanzania to bring in two members from their countries.

Also, Vice President, James Wani, who also spoke to the press with Machar, confirmed the outcome of the joint meeting of the Presidency with President Kiir’s participation.

“Really, I have nothing to say further, what the First Vice President has just articulated is absolutely in place. These are the issues we agreed on,” Vice President Wani said.

“But one would want to underline the fact that the meeting of today by the three of us has been one of the most successful meetings,” Wani added.

He reaffirmed that the inclusive committee to be formed will not only review the number of states but also work and recommend on their new boundaries within 30 days. It was not however clear when the committee will be formed to start their work on the new states.

Machar also said the Wednesday meeting tackled the need to release prisoners of war on both sides.

He also said the presidency has agreed to come up with a budget for cantonment of forces in the country.

The rest of the remaining issues, they said, will be tackled during the coming Friday’s council of ministers meeting.

Earlier, in a 31 January resolution, the East African regional bloc, IGAD, which brokered the peace agreement, called on the parties to form a boundary commission to work on the number of new states within 30 days, or revert to the current 10 states in case of no agreement.

Observers close to the decision making processes in the rival parties say the most probable outcome will be for the parties to revert to the 10 states, citing lack of agreement.

Earlier, the government said the issue of the 28 states was a “red line” and refused to review them, but the Wednesday breakthrough has come as a positive step.


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  • 2 June 2016 08:14, by Ajongtar

    Haha, Dr. Riek Machar Work hard in lecturing this incompetent president of Dinka Counsill of Elders called Salva Kiir.

    The creation of the 28 state was not popular demand of the South Sudanese citizens rather it is a JCE demand for Land grabing objective.

    As a concerned citizen of South Sudan, we are after peace and Reconcialiation, Security as well as Stabilization of the peoples movement.

    • 2 June 2016 08:23, by Malakal county Simon

      Done deal!!!! All Dinkas/slaves can bark now while the rest celebration for the fall of tribal states!!!!

      Viva South Sudan
      Freed dome fighters
      Viva SPLM-IO
      Dr Machar

      • 2 June 2016 08:25, by Malakal county Simon

        Done deal!!!! All Dinkas/slaves can bark now while the rest celebration for the fall of tribal states!!!!

        Viva South Sudan/
        Freed dome fighters
        Viva SPLM-IO/
        Dr Machar


        • 2 June 2016 16:26, by Khent



          How can slaves of Khartoum call other people slaves? We allowed you pitiful traitors to return from your slavery in 2006 and now worthless animals like you have the nerve throw around words that perfectly apply to you.

      • 2 June 2016 08:41, by Force 1

        Ya #Malakal
        You need to find one of the learning institutions to study and understand what the word review mean. I just can’t believe how people are this dumbin South Sudan! The word "review" means
        to revise or take a second look to see whether or not you missed something to add it to your previous work. Really! Are we really this dumb!

        • 2 June 2016 09:39, by Malakal county Simon

          Force 1/or slave

          It is best we leave it here and see what will be the result after 30 days and no need to jump to conclusion and called each other dumb and that!!!! I rest my case and take my advice seriously!!!!

          • 2 June 2016 09:56, by Malakal county Simon

            Do you know review mean checking and if the existing one does go well, they can create a new ones?? or Maybe you have your own definition of it!!!!!!

        • 2 June 2016 19:00, by Mr Point

          Just give a simple clear explanation why there is to be a review of Kiir’s red line decree.

          If it’s a red line then it can’t be changed in any way, can it?

          If the red line decree can’t be changed then what is the purpose of the review?

          Just make it simple and clear so I can follow your logic.

      • 2 June 2016 16:26, by Hardlinner

        malakal, i would be happy to live with rest of ethnics in one state. but Nuer, i don’t think they r worth being in same state with. jonglei, eastern and western lake, aweil states, former western Bahr el Ghazal, east and west nile combined, Boma, jubek, tekeka, namurnyang, tonj, Gokrial and twic combined r good that way. they rest have to decide whether to remain as current or revert to former.

    • 2 June 2016 08:23, by Kenyang

      From first paragraph, one can tell it’s another broad daylight lie from mouthpiece aka Sudan tribune.

      • 2 June 2016 08:29, by Malakal county Simon

        Check the evidenced above before you accused Sudan Tribune of lies !!!!

        • 2 June 2016 08:35, by Kenyang

          What source? Please don’t bother mention useless Upper nile times.

        • 2 June 2016 09:23, by Deng II

          Don’t be so happy yet Nuer. You are a just Nyaget. It is better to fight than going back to asshole 10 states, which will let me see you county Malakal county again.

          • 2 June 2016 19:12, by Mr Point

            It would be completely unbelievable that Kiir would wave a white flag over his Red line on 28 states.

            Wouldn’t it?

            Why would Kiir give up 28 states under international pressure?

            Kiir has always been strong. Except when he was weak and surrendered over Abyei, Heglig and the peace deal.

  • 2 June 2016 08:39, by Eastern

    Where are the blind and ignorant supporters of the 28 tribal enclaves? Some have already started albeit naively, to doubt the authenticity of this article on Sudantribune. Blaming UN of which South Sudan is a member is being ignorant to the bone!

    • 2 June 2016 08:45, by Force 1

      Eastern is another dumb one who doesn’t know what the word review mean!

      • 2 June 2016 09:33, by Eastern

        I certainly don’t know the meaning of the word review; what I know though is that the 28 state project is headed to its ultimate demise.

        That said, after your very much loved review, the 15 person committee would recommend a differnt number of states to come into operation at certain time not this Dinka village project of 28 tribal enclaves. JCE and their followers have egg on their faces!!

    • 2 June 2016 08:46, by Kenyang

      I’m here.

      If it’s authentic go ahead and post for rest of us to read "communique".

      • 2 June 2016 09:07, by Kenyang

        I was responding to you. Please post us "communique" as some like myself don’t go with emotion.

        • 2 June 2016 09:36, by Eastern

          The presidency doesn’t issue communiques if you understand what that word means. What is being reported in the article was the outcome of that meeting of the presidency.

          Perhaps after 30 days, your beloved communique will be issued.....

          • 2 June 2016 10:20, by Kenyang

            I’m clear from beginning. I don’t believe in smear reporting from liars in Sudantribune. And all you did instead of backing up your ’rushed support’ from other sources (reports) you simply agreed. Thank you Ms Madam English master, i’ll wait my cherished "communique" abolishing 28 states in 30 days.

  • 2 June 2016 09:28, by Kerem

    Hahahahah! South Sudanese are just bunch of useless thinkers. I am not surprise and I will not be surprise when one day, we shall call our neighbors or the so called Western Countries to come and run our Country

    Supporting Riek Machar for his evil thinking or supporting Kiir’s undependable decisions shall never take us anywhere

  • 2 June 2016 09:53, by Alfredo christiani

    Hahaha ,more rebellion is invited by the power hungry elements who send their children outside the country and confused the poor south Sudanese people who are living in a very bad environment where there is no food ,medicine & shelters ETC ,these 3 leaders declared S-S to be Somalia 2 . GOD kindly deal away with those that wish peoples of S-S to die more

    • 2 June 2016 12:41, by Panda Odhie

      My Ak47 is ready against the reversal decision or cutting one inch of 28 states is my problem plus the rest. I hope Equatorians are people of chances of who came first. The way to Uganda is also ready for you dogs.you.will come back for land when we are done

  • 2 June 2016 12:45, by Nyesi Ta

    What! Another red line is about to be demolished? This is like troops marching through each of these red flags set by Kiir Al Awiir not to be crossed, destroying each of them one at a time till they get rid of the last red line. For vp Igga, what do you have to say since the country know you of being a yes man sakit.

    Viva SPLM Viva (3)

  • 2 June 2016 13:04, by hamil

    We don’t want Salva Kiir’s & the JCE’s 28 States neither do we want Riek Machar’s 21 States we want our 10 States back because we are much more comfortable with them. Stop talking about bringing towns closer to people if the leaders of South Sudan prioritized service delivery instead of corruption we would see multiple towns growing in South Sudan. We look as if we are a poor nation yet we are not

  • 2 June 2016 16:14, by marie

    Panda Odhie, your dad forgot to narrate the history of South Sudan to you. Dinka and the rest of the Nilotic tribes came from the North, that is why Khartoum is in Dinka and Tuti Island in Shilluk and so forth. Dinka escaped to the forest of South Sudan because of Slavery which force the slave traders to establish Dam Zubeir in Wau. North Uganda is part of Equatoria before British came.

    • 2 June 2016 16:47, by Hardlinner

      marie, u hv got it wrong. Nuer n dinka left north becos of desert n lack of pastures for their cattle. not slavery as u put it. if deed they were running from slavery, why didn’t they run pass south sudan. arab wannabes of north still border dinka and nuer states. in case you have forgot, north government hv armed arabs nomad and sent them to aweil to raid them yet they did not move an inch

      • 2 June 2016 17:01, by marie

        Hardlinner, environment might be part of that, but it was not the main reason because there a lot of African tribes in the North who survive with their cattle in the desert. Slavery is the main reason, until recently, people were captured and redeemed a program that Bona Malual made millions out of it. Check this https://www.hrw.org/legacy/backgrounder/africa/sudanupdate.htm#DINKA RETRIEVAL OF SLA

    • 4 June 2016 12:28, by Khent


      You are in no position to lecture anyone about history considering the many gaffs that you’ve made in that laughable post above. "Equatorians" are not a homogeneous population, have never subscribed to a single and unifying identity and have been part of an inclusive political unit so spare us this nonsense about an Equatoria prior to the arrival of the British...

      • 4 June 2016 13:21, by Khent

        You don’t seem to realise that tribes like the Mundari, Pojulu, Toposa, Nyangwara, Latuka, Nyangatum, Jie, Didinga, Boya, Pari, Acholi, Kuku, Madi and more are all Nilotic tribes. The only people that are not Nilotic in South Sudan are the people of Western Equatoria and parts of Western Bahr el Ghazal. These tribes in "Equatoria" include the Avukaya, Madi, Azande, Moru, Mundu, Okebu, Lugbara...

        • 4 June 2016 13:53, by Khent

          ..and the Metu, Bongo, Kodo Makaraka and Baka. Tribes in Northern Uganda are also Nilotic so perhaps you should be silent. Uganda’s tribes include the Acholi, Langi, Dodoth, Alur, Karimojong, Iteso, Kakwa and so on. The Dinka were the last Nilotic people to leave the Gezira and left primarily because of drought and climate change...

          • 4 June 2016 14:08, by Khent

            ..The newly arrived Arabs did subject the Dinka to raids but this is not the primary reason for their relocation. The Arabs were so cowardly that they primarily stole women and children outside the confines of their villages and would rarely commit to direct confrontations. The Dinka conquered Counties like Baliet, Melut and Renk from the Funj and Arab tribes...

            • 4 June 2016 14:22, by Khent

              ..The Shilluk were so powerful that they conquered Malakal from the Funj and destroyed Islamic schools in Khartoum in 1684. The Maasai and Samburu are also Nilotic tribes. The Dinka were just the last Nilotic to leave their homeland in the Gezira. Most people in South Sudan are Nilotics and if you’re a Bantu, you’re a minority.

  • 2 June 2016 16:18, by marie

    Dinka colluded with the Arabs for a long time during the war from 1955 to 1972 that is why Nimeiri imposed Abel Alier during the regional government. The only Dinka who actually refused this evil plan with Gordon Mourtat. John Garang wanted to follow suit but was taken out of the picture. Salva Kiir is working hard to open another door with the North, but Arabs have refused because Dinka did not

  • 2 June 2016 16:22, by marie

    honour the agreement they have in place. Abel Alier was being called " Ibn EL Beled Al bar" by the Arabs. What is happening now is not new, it happened during the regional government but we were able to bring an end to it. A lot of people thing guns is the solution but the whole Arab world fought with the North but was unable to subdue us.

    • 4 June 2016 14:27, by Khent


      Your understanding of history is virtually non-existent and you really should stop embarrassing yourself with these posts. The Dinka have NEVER colluded with the Arabs and this is precisely why they used Equatorian politicians to divide South Sudan into three provinces in contravention of the Addis Ababa Agreement.

      • 4 June 2016 14:34, by Khent

        The North has consistently dishonored every Agreement in whole or in part and has refused to implement the CPA, so how in the world can you pretend that the only reason that Khartoum doesn’t want to associate with the Dinka is because the Dinka don’t honor agreements? You’re an idiot.

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