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South Sudan’s new rebel group vows to oust President Kiir


October 31, 2016 (JUBA) - A newly emerged rebel faction in South Sudan has called for use of any means to remove President Salva Kiir from power, highlighting the degree of frustration with which victims of war were pushing for radical change.

Rebel fighters aligned with former vice-president Riek Machar gather in a village in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state on 8 February 2014 (Photo: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)

The rebel group, calling itself South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF) called for the removal of what it described as a "failed and illegitimate regime of the SPLM/SPLA Party through peaceful means, armed struggle or both”.

Formed by sons and daughters from Equatoria region, vowed to work together with other armed group to fight for removal of the government of president Kiir from power.

The group’s statement named a certain Lako Jada Kwajok, who emphasized the importance of forging an alliance with SPLM/A – IO, the Agwelek forces, the Bahr El Ghazal fighters and the Cobra faction (SSDM/A ) in the struggle against the regime.

"The sons and daughters of Equatoria region have risen to the occasion and taken upon themselves the responsibility of rescuing the country from total collapse and widespread chaos”, the statement reads in part.

In their statement, the group advocates for the establishment of a "Confederation of States" as the best system of governance for South Sudan, while citing the governance system in Switzerland as the best models the world’s youngest nation should adopt.

Switzerland is one of the stable nations in the world since adopting a confederation in 1291.

The South Sudanese government is yet to react to statements from the new rebel movement.


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  • 31 October 2016 20:19, by Naath

    Thanks Equatorian brothers for forming a new rebel group that vows to remove Kiir from power. Dinka’s chief has failed South Sudan miserably he needs to be completely removed from power by any mean. Kiir is a chronic disease, the only treatment is remove him from power.

    • 31 October 2016 20:40, by NyanDengdit

      You guys are wasting your time in the bush better to join me

      • 1 November 2016 23:15, by NyanDengdit

        Let everyone cum down

    • 1 November 2016 06:17, by Akuma

      Those Equatorian thugs will regret later they join such terrorists groups of Riek Machar. South Sudan government will be forces to use tit-for-tat if such things are continuing like that. If SPLM-IO doesn’t or even control any inch of land under their controls, what prompts such useless Equatorians/Nyamnyam to rebel when they are even benefiting alot in the gov’t, we will see who will will.

      • 1 November 2016 07:04, by Hardlinner

        they are only declaring their war against civilians. they have no balls to attack SPLA forces. with regard to federal system in Switzerland, firstly there are only 3 ethnic groups namely franc, Italians and dutch. but equatoria alone have over 50 ethnic group. so how that federal system gonna work there?.

        • 1 November 2016 10:00, by Philosopherking

          This is how I know JCE followers are all stupid! Federalism has nothing to do with Tribes or ethnicity. It is about division of powers between the three levels of governments where local people make decisions that affect them.

          • 1 November 2016 10:09, by Philosopherking

            Equotorians are diverse and they have lived together peacefully for years....so diversity is not our problem. When we go to a place, we learn from and respect the local customs and prioritise coexistence. JCE and its followers are trouble makers where ever they go...behave like cows. Look how they have looted and destroyed the country. They need to go to their own shitty villages.

        • 1 November 2016 13:01, by Eastern


          It was you one of the delusional people who have refused to accept the identity Equatoria. You people argued that there was no "tribe" called Equatoria! Have you now seen the force driving Equatoria?

      • 1 November 2016 07:07, by Junubi

        Dear Akuma or Robbery,
        You always talk nonsense, how do you call Equatorian thugs while Dinka are the one looting the Country properties by so called JCE government who didnot see our 63 tribe the citizen. can you read the statement that was said by your so called President that he remain with only Dinka has his supporters because they are the same Ethnic, regime will be change soon no matter of.

        • 1 November 2016 07:29, by Hardlinner

          junubi, have u seen any paved roads or factories in dinka states?. are dinka well off than the rest of south sudan?. no. you are just bunch of blinded tribal individual. you are just after your own tribal interest not national interest. 99% of dinka are on the same page as other tribal groups. what dinka do not want is taking of power by force. 1991 is case in point for RieK.

          • 1 November 2016 13:09, by Eastern

            Don’t even think of mentioning the only tarmac road in South Sudan. This road was meant to instill the tribal government in Juba the spirit of being productive!!You could as well come and peel it off the ground and take it to the dinka hinterland if that helps!!

        • 1 November 2016 07:49, by Akuma

          Junubi or Jallaba,

          They are thugs even during war time, the form Equatoria Defence Force led by Martin Kenyi. What have they achieved after forming it. SSDF will be like EDF of those days.

          Remember, President Kiir will not give more amnesty to those thugs against as you are thinking....Killing innocent hope to be amnesty now is gone case

  • 31 October 2016 22:48, by NyanDengdit

    Kiir will remain as a president for life. You need to stop talking nonsense of Kiir.

    • 1 November 2016 10:21, by Philosopherking

      If kirr is the best that JCE and their blind followers propose for South Sudan, then, what do you expect other communities to do? Watch Kirr and his group of thieves loot the country, rape women, kill journalists, and all the evil they have forced on to the peopl of South Sudan? Well you are dreaming....start leaving....I heard there is free transport...

  • 31 October 2016 23:56, by Wani khooto

    Those guys are not serious the came to eastern for support and we chase them. why on earth you talk of rescuing nation yet you divided people per region and tribes, there is no success if you see other tribes as threat.if I want to overthrow Kiir i better talk of bad gov’ty but not again Dinka or who ever, these rebels have to learn the right politic but cheap politic will keep Kiir in power

    • 1 November 2016 07:11, by Hardlinner

      wani you are smart equatoian. the model they are using will not keep their head above water. firstly you need to separate dinka civilians from government in Juba. unless you are asking for endless war that would exterminate minority tribes in equatoria. Dinka are 40% of south sudan population or about 1.5 time the equatorians population. so you can’t alienate them from south sudan politics.

      • 1 November 2016 13:12, by Eastern

        Equatoria has already done away with the "minority" tag you people had assigned to it. Equatoria, a conglomerate of tribes working with other non dinkas are already enough headache to the dinka! The dinka, the largest tribe is clearly a minority here!!!

  • 1 November 2016 00:02, by Wani khooto

    there will be no any success on those rebellions as the where formed on tribal hatred and this will not make it succeeded.who like south sudan to be like somali, because if we just form our own tribe group rebellions than there is different with Somali.believe in me or not all of them will come back after four months of loss of their guys.

    • 1 November 2016 07:19, by Hardlinner

      again wani, you are right, tribal rebellion will force small tribes out south sudan and will cause worst suffering among the smaller groups too. we know Kiir and his group(current and former officials included Riek) have failed to reform the economy. if we want really transformation in country, we need to work as one group and disregard tribalism.

    • 1 November 2016 10:27, by Philosopherking

      Rebellions are a sign that the people are sick and tired of Kirr’s failures...he has taken South Sudan from 2005 to 1970s! Kirr and his JCE have failed the country. Its impossible to negotiate with incompetence! Kirr needs to go, to Jail for treason

  • 1 November 2016 00:24, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    For a long time the power for equatorians to speak with teeth had been pulverised by devils right in the bush and now in J1 by either assassinating our leaders or bribing some of them into "yes men". But now old equatorial is rising to its responsibity. Tor it is our guiding star. We must walk on the path way of our ancestors. Taffeng, Mondiri, Gbutala, Loruwe rest in peace.

    • 1 November 2016 06:27, by jubaone

      First congratulations Dr.Kwajok. Second, you must come with a very clear program putting Equatoria first. Jienges have their SPLA, Nuers diverse groups, Collo perhaps through Lam Akol and Aguelek forces. No one wants federalism more so confederation. Equatoria MUST go for total Kokora (separation). Equatoria can develop alone and don’t need jienges or otherwise.We can’t babysit South anymore.

      • 1 November 2016 07:36, by Hardlinner

        jubaone, don’t hide your hatre. if you don’t want dinka in equatoria, you may as well say you don’t want Nuer too. because Nuer and dinka are close cousins and their cultures are intertwined. again your equatorian model will never work because people of equatoria are totally different group some of whom are closer to dinka, nuer and shilluk than they are to one another.

  • 1 November 2016 02:40, by Gabriel KK

    How mad are people of this Country? First, you were asking for Federation and was done as per your request. Now you are creating more troubles in the name of Confederation. What comes after Confederation if granted today? Separation!!

    • 1 November 2016 10:31, by Philosopherking

      Do you really understand what federation is? How backward! Where is th federation? 28 states is federation?

  • 1 November 2016 05:44, by Augustino

    South Sudan will not be divided further, you better call for any room of having more states, if you think you are left out for 28 to be soon increase to 30 according to recommandation of Hon. James Wanni and Hon. Taban Deng, but go heel with confederal system. Equatorian are punished by God because they stabbed us at the back during liberation yet they were developed, let them taste it now.

    • 1 November 2016 06:51, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g


      Do you really read the Bible. Read again to awaken your sense of understanding. You have no power on what the people demands. The project SOUTH SUDAN should not be forced upon us. Various community groups decide the destiny of any nation state.You have no right to speak for others without their permission. Equatoria has decided and no one can stop them like it was in 1955.

  • 1 November 2016 06:17, by Lino pitia

    Removal of Kiir from power is in the hand of Dinka and not other tribe.he definitely be ousted out of power the moment Dinka split.

    • 1 November 2016 07:47, by Hardlinner

      Kiir is not big obstacle guys but Riek is. dinka hate to see the most hated traitor ascended to power through rebellion. to those rebelling be reminded that dinka too were once rebels themselves. if your ideas is not of unifying force, i don’t they will work. if dinka aren’t supporting your course, then there is something wrong with your rebellion. remember dinka are 40% of south sudan population.

      • 1 November 2016 08:06, by Mopedi

        Kiir is obstacle in any form of progress in SS, during these 8 yrs as president no development has been witnessed except killing,looting and raping of fellow country men and women,and resources these are signs of problems p’ple talks about daily, Today a minister in Kiir govt agreed to pay 41 million USD to Ugandan traders while our Citizen do not have any basic services what does it means

        • 1 November 2016 08:13, by Mopedi

          If only a minister can decide to settle a debt btw two countries without the notice of Kiir parliament significantly indicate no system and government in place coz as witnessed anybody can take decision that affect the country. for some body with insufficient knowledge on Government system can reply and see as good, dearly DINKA WHO ARE SUPPORTIN KIIR ARE FULLING THEM SELVES

        • 1 November 2016 08:14, by Mopedi

          If only a minister can decide to settle a debt btw two countries without the notice of Kiir parliament significantly indicate no system and government in place coz as witnessed anybody can take decision that affect the country. for some body with insufficient knowledge on Government system can reply and see as good, dearly DINKA WHO ARE SUPPORTIN KIIR ARE FULLING THEM SELVES

          • 1 November 2016 08:55, by Mopedi

            Story informs us that Dinka are problem to Sudan and now South Sudan,they are lobbies but worse enemy,during the colonial period they collaborated with British to fight the rest of Sudan tribes,they did the same with Arab and today Kiir brought in Uganda to kill and take our resources. why should we keep quiet when we are being killed cooled blooded, wake up all and overthrew Kiir’regime

        • 1 November 2016 20:10, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

          I grew with three of you guys.
          Firstly with Pitia,its and only Dinka’s can remove Kiir if they believe Kiir is dictating or name it but violence will adds life to his leadership because trust me dinka is a nation not a tribe and if it accepts this fights its this Kiir that u hate will be one to rescue u.
          Mopedi,its indeed not logical to gives out such amount when civilians ar suffering from hunger

  • 1 November 2016 06:19, by Lino pitia

    Removal of Kiir from power is in the hand of Dinka and not other tribe.he will definitely be ousted the moment Dinka kingdom is split up.

    • 1 November 2016 08:55, by Freedom Fighter


      You’re Damned right. Mr. Cowboy ( Kiir ) isn’t going to go any where as long as Riek Machar’s followers keep confusing between government and the Dinka. Let them just stop promoting hatred and killing of the Dinkas if they really want Kiir to leave

      Freedom Fighter

    • 1 November 2016 19:10, by jubaone

      Other regions in South Sudan are forming liberation movements and none is bothered. But Equatoria is now getting in, every jienges is frightened like chicken. Their only hope is gone. We want Equatoria for Equatorians. Each must use his/her God-given talents to develop their region and not parasite on others. We MUST realize this vision cost what it may.

  • 1 November 2016 08:21, by deng kual acot

    Equatorians declearation is and end to Equatorians existance in South Sduan. Let the burcking dogs burk. Do they have a base? They will stay as bush men eating wild fruits and Yambs for life as it was in the early stone age. Belive me or not. a metter of time and nott too long from now.

    • 1 November 2016 08:33, by Paul Ongee

      Ya Lako Jada Kwajok,

      Quote, "The sons and daughters of Equatoria region have risen to the occasion and taken upon themselves the responsibility of rescuing the country from total collapse and widespread chaos.”Unquote

      • 1 November 2016 08:34, by Paul Ongee

        Don’t misuse the name Equatoria or Equatorians such that it appeals to those with chicken minded currently following fugitive and traitor Riek Machar Teny like you. Are Equatorians educated like Swiss if you know something/anything more about them? Riek Machar thought federalism would ring best to the ears and minds of his followers but when asked “What type?” He could never answer until……

        • 1 November 2016 08:35, by Paul Ongee

          …he was forced out of Equatoria region, complaining of suffering 37 days only to cross to the DRC where the fate of his forces will soon be tabled for discussion by UNSC. Cheap and tribal politics of Riek Machar and Lam Akol does not resonate with the reasonable Equatorians or South Sudanese intellectuals. I think you’re influenced by reading divisive articles and politics of Nyamelipedia.

          • 1 November 2016 08:35, by Paul Ongee

            The reason why some Equatorians joined Riek’s senseless rebellion is bcoz they see it as an opportunity for getting fake “high military ranks, positions & employment opportunities.” This is the truth. Now, see how you preach the language of Riek that “we don’t want Dinka”. Would it really make sense if every tribe in RSS says, “we don’t want tribe A, B or C, ya lost followers of Riek?

            • 1 November 2016 08:36, by Paul Ongee

              To Riek Machar, he sees you as a powerful force he can use to elevate him to the powerhouse or oust President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Ask Sudan to tell you the truth and the difference between SPLA/M and Riek Machar who gets logistical support from Khartoum without achieving any objectives but in the end he and his cohorts rejoin their own brothers in the RSS to be forgiven for the sake of peace.

              • 1 November 2016 08:37, by Paul Ongee

                Riek believes that if his rebellion cannot succeed in Upper Nile region because it’s always seen as their “old politics of renewing lifeline with Khartoum and shift of allegiance”, it’s better brought to Equatoria and Bahr El-Ghazal regions as advised by Khartoum. Who is telling you Lako Jada Kwajok that Equatoria and Bahr ElGhazal regions are for Riek’s cheap tribal politic?

                • 1 November 2016 08:37, by Paul Ongee

                  To Riek Machar, Dinka is an obstacle to his perceived presidency. To Equatorians, he preaches the same thing indirectly but urges Equatorians directly to fight hard because they’re already given fake “military ranks and positions” as Bashir used to promote militia warlords. Riek’s ignorant followers can easily end up in Ethiopia and Khartoum to continue building those beautiful Amarat.

                  • 1 November 2016 08:38, by Paul Ongee

                    Even those misguided IDPs in the UNMISS Poc sites who come out to target Dinka and their fellow Nuer brothers who refused to join Riek Machar’s senseless rebellion are complaining. To Riek it’s a “typical tribal war” dressed in national costume. To Equatorians, it’s an opportunity to get high positions, military ranks and employment opportunities. So, where’s the real meaning of this war?

                    • 1 November 2016 08:40, by Paul Ongee

                      Riek Machar wants Junubin to stay united only when they are in Khartoum as it used to be in those days of Islamic-based system of oppression and marginalization. At construction sites, Junubin loved themselves more than fake Arabs of Sudan because if something went wrong or wage not paid, that Arab would be in problem. They support each other in a fight or to get the money paid.

                      • 1 November 2016 08:42, by Paul Ongee

                        SPLM/A was formed in 1983 when Riek Machar was still completing his PhD. Having completed he rushed to join SPLM/A only to lead, but not to follow Dr. John Garang de Mabior or whoever might have been chosen to lead SPLM. I always focus on Riek’s record because in 1991 he broke away, claiming that the movement (SPLM/A) was not democratic, fell short of singing federalism or confederation.

                        • 1 November 2016 08:43, by Paul Ongee

                          Riek Machar was not even aware of SPLM/A manifesto, why was SPLM/A formed in the first place, and how would it succeed strategically to achieve its objective, mission and vision. What are the values of SPLM/A. With that level of education, Riek Machar came aboard, smiling only with intention to lead but not to be led. With the ups and downs of post-Mengistu era, Riek said “the window of…….

                          • 1 November 2016 08:44, by Paul Ongee

                            ……opportunity has come for Nasir Faction to be formed. Lam Akol had the same feeling of forming Fashoda. Birds of the same feather flocked together as it’s happening again today. In their minds, they see that if they have PhDs like Dr. John Garang, why would they not lead SPLM/A, or form another movement to challenge SPLM/A, without considering that they might be forgiven one day.

                            • 1 November 2016 08:45, by Paul Ongee

                              But the question is “Why was Nasir Faction or Fashoda not democratic?” Does a popular movement have to be led by PhD holders only? If that was the case, why ANC succeeded under Nelson Mandela? Fidel Castro of Cuba and many others. Riek Machar and Lam Akol are well educated but their minds are completely empty. Believe me or not. Degrees & application of knowledge r 2 different things.

                              • 1 November 2016 09:34, by Paul Ongee

                                I am not worried at all about any senseless tribal movement formed to fight the leadership of President Kiir Mayardit because the leadership has accommodated every tribesman in the South Sudan since 1983 for those who got a chance to experience bush life and from 2005 up to day for those who didn’t get a chance to experience bush life. Those who joined only to lead r the ones signing KPA-1997

                                • 1 November 2016 09:34, by Paul Ongee

                                  ...dumping his followers in Khartoum in 2002 and returning for forgiveness. They used to staying in AC-Hotel, smiling and pretending to look presidential in Conference Halls. They promote untrained followers to any military rank deemed fit without knowing where the SPLM/A or Independent South Sudan has come from and heading. They formed their own movements and still failed to maintain/win any war.

                                  • 1 November 2016 09:37, by Paul Ongee

                                    The cycle of forming and reforming movements or parties over and over again is not something new, only surfacing in different ways and colors to fool those who do not know anything about individual record and political history of South Sudan. The likes of Riek Machar and Lam Akol don’t talk about general election whether he/she will be voted in/out because they are pretty aware of their own record

    • 1 November 2016 09:55, by jubaone

      Deng Kual,
      This Equatoria movement is a nightmare for jienges. With them getting flushed everywhere their only refuge is now burning. Unable to get back to their luaks, destitution and deprivation is awaiting them. Most have no houses, no food in their villages and now unwanted in Equatoria, many will soon get mad. Sorry

    • 1 November 2016 11:17, by jubaone

      Deng Kual
      Be calm please. Equatoria just needs some clean breathing space. Jienges can go home to develop their luaks like Dubai or Saudia. They have oil, cows, brave soldiers, beautiful nyanjienges. Kiir has given them 14 states and they can’t let Equatoria go kokora? Very sorry. Dr. Kwajok will together with Gen. Obutu Mamur sort that out soon. Our new slogan: Jienge Go Home (Jigoh)

  • 1 November 2016 14:45, by mr.chris

    For How long will this continues. I strongly believe no one will win this tribal war for those who need power.some of you join aimless rebellions leaving your people suffering in the camps and bushes while the creators of this war are enjoying life with their families.preach a word of peace rather than inciting violence do you know the consequences of that.it affects us all regardless regions

  • 1 November 2016 15:02, by Activist # 25

    Brothers from Equatoria who are arguing with these animals called Dinka, please, don’t argue with these fools. They have no sense whatsoever. They are literally HOMELESS in South Sudan and are now fittingly fit the name, M.T.N. These people don’t love their lands but love Equatoria. Pathetic! Shoot yourselves you fools!

  • 1 November 2016 15:02, by Activist # 25

    Brothers from Equatoria who are arguing with these animals called Dinka, please, don’t argue with these fools. They have no sense whatsoever. They are literally HOMELESS in South Sudan and are now fittingly fit the name, M.T.N. These people don’t love their lands but love Equatoria. Pathetic. Shoot yourselves you fools.

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