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South Sudan president orders execution of bad elements in army


February 6, 2017 (JUBA) -South Sudan president Salva Kiir had instructed the country’s defence minister to execute soldiers who commits human right abuses and atrocities.

President Salva Kiir, (L), accompanied by army chief of staff Paul Malong Awan, (R), waves during an independence day ceremony in the capital Juba, on July 9, 2015 (Photo AP)

The president gave instructions at a religious function held in Yei town on Monday after visiting the region for the first time since conflict broke out in the country in 2013.

“Let us do one thing; we get rid of bad elements among us and we remain clean, pure and perfect," he said.

The South Sudanese leader said he will only be interested in receiving execution reports on soldiers found to have committed crimes.

“From today onward, if such a thing happens, I want them to bring me a report that somebody has committed such a crime and has been shot”, said the president.

South Sudan’s image, its president said, will not be tarnished if the order is implemented and it will make the country free of crimes.

In July last year, 121 government soldiers were arrested on suspicion of committing crimes including rape and looting of civilians during clashes in the capital, Juba.

The arrest came after the army announced the establishment of a military court martial meant to try soldiers accused of committing crimes during the clashes that occurred between government forces (SPLA) loyal to President Kiir and the armed opposition faction (SPLA-IO) loyal to the former First Vice President Riek Machar.

The United Nations had, in a report, documented more than 120 cases of sexual violence, including rapes and gang rapes of women and minors that allegedly occurred during renewed clashes that left over 200 dead and thousands displaced.

South Sudan emerged from more than four decades of civil war at the cost of 2.5 million lives lost to gain independence from Sudan in July 2011. The country again slid back into chaos that has further killed tens of thousands of people and displaced more than 2 million from their homes when Kiir accused Machar of plotting a coup.

The country remains in chaos, despite the signing a peace deal in August 2015.


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  • 6 February 2017 21:06, by Naath

    Dinka tribal gangs leaders ordered to kill those who committed in crimes in Yei. How about those who committed crime in J1 at your order will they be killed too? How about those who obstruct election in South Sudan, could they be killed as well?

    • 7 February 2017 04:57, by South South


      1- What happened in J1 was a fight between two armies, SPLA and IO period.
      2- There never been obstruction of an election in South Sudan until now.
      3- In Yei, IO criminals admitted that they killed civilians on the road and call them "MTN"
      I slightly disagree with Mr. President about killing bad soldiers. president should said this: SPLA is fighting to protect South Sudan territory,

      • 7 February 2017 05:02, by South South

        But if there are some soldiers who violated the war and committed crimes, they will be brought to court of law to deal with them, that is what should happen. SPLA soldiers are human and they have rights to fight back if attacked by criminals of IO. Are we expecting them to stand with across hands and allow criminals of IO to kill them? No, in war you kill people and break things to win war.

        • 7 February 2017 05:33, by Tilo

          Do you understand what it means by committing crime? Committing crime is against Civilians like what is happening in Kejo-Keji, against civilians [women, children and elderly]. But the question is "Are the perpetrator be brought to court and executed or only the innocent will be killed based on false allegation"
          You need to be careful how the order is interpreted, otherwise some innocent be kille

          • 7 February 2017 05:47, by South South

            Criminals of IO who kill civilians on the roads in Kajo-Keji or in Yei aren’t women, children of elderly as some people want to twist things to make SPLA soldiers look bad. Get it right here.

            • 7 February 2017 08:44, by jubaone

              South South,
              The real disciplined SPLA died with Dr. Garang. What we have are illiterate, undisciplined and foolish jienge cattle herders directly from the luaks who call themselves SPLA with their brains between their legs. They go raping old women and teenage girls cos as luakjienge, they lived in cattle camps and had no women. They all practiced sodomy.

              • 7 February 2017 08:58, by South South


                The people you are calling all names are the one who liberated South Sudan, fact. The same people who are now trying to praise late John Garang are the same people who opposed him and called SPLA/SPLM movmenet a Dinka movement. Today the same people have new name for SPLA, MTNs. We are all against any harm to our innocent people, but IO criminals must be dealt with.

    • 7 February 2017 06:27, by Akuma


      South Sudan belong to all tribes and any crimes committed by any organizes or unorganized forces is punishable by laws. So the call of President is in order and I do support it. Good move Mr. President, South Sudanese need to live in peaceful and secure environment to exercise their daily activities.

  • 6 February 2017 21:14, by pal patrick

    That will be an open call for rampant shooting of innocent people who can just be accused falsely. Given the current state of no rule of law and the security running at free will, people will be just be shot for all sorts of false reasons and questions asked later after several years.

    • 7 February 2017 08:48, by Mayom County Troops

      what about those who committed crimes in Juba during Nuer Massacre ?
      I think president Kiir forgot those who committed crimes in Juba ?
      Mr President it would be better if you include those who committed crimes with in South Sudan , leave alone those who committed crimes in Western Equatoria state

  • 6 February 2017 21:22, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    That call by president Kiir, is a very definite order but the soldiers who will be arrested will not be part of national army once again!.

  • 6 February 2017 21:28, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    I begged Mr. President to forgive those who committed atrocities again innocent civilians living in country.
    Those are wag of civil war, there is no more blame on those soldiers who carried out rapes and other fake activities against citizens.

  • 6 February 2017 21:34, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    Dinkas, are got killed, raps and so on in #Bor, #Bentiu, #Malakal, #Juba and others cities in Republic of South Sudan by Riek machar supported army but Riek machar didn’t order the execution of his army soldiers.

  • 6 February 2017 21:39, by Dinka-Defender-General

    Great call Mr. President Kiir. You waited too long. Now, you will see peace and stable. We, the loyal generals always tell you to be aware about these criminals. Criminals never learn from good law.

  • 6 February 2017 21:45, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    This is not a right time for execution, it is a time for peace to preveal amongst 62 tribes or communities in war ton country South Sudan.
    Let us campaign for peace, security, reconciliation and development, therefore the arrest of who committed atrocities will get a chance to reveal automatically.
    I wants president Kiir, to compromise the situation to those who mistaken on venerable lives.

  • 7 February 2017 05:35, by Eastern

    This is when Kiir will run into trouble. How will Paul Malong allow his boys, the Mathisng Anyoor to be executed for just raping a nondinka women? By the way, the Mathiang Anyoor have been given the right to loot, pillage and rape women in lieu of their salaries. Kiir will fail in this (tongue in cheek!)

    • 7 February 2017 05:51, by Eyez

      kiir the lunatic Jienge warlord is doomed, and such orders are just plain "window dressing" to fool the non-Jienge population in the country.

      No amount of orders, decrees or missions will reverse the current dire situation that the MTNs are facing, and soon Jienge culprits in Juba will feel the heat.

      I advice to all MTNs roaming in Jubek to immediately relocate themselves back to Junglestan.


    • 7 February 2017 06:18, by South South

      In Yei, it’s SPLA, South Sudan regular army that confronts the criminal of IO who kill civilians on highway and call them MTNs. People can create any name for them and call them anything they want, but South Sudan land must be protected from IO criminals. This is the mandate our constitution gives to our army.

  • 7 February 2017 06:07, by Work force

    Kiir shouldn’t blindfold my people in Yei by issuing a fake orders that bad elements among his gangs should be executed, orders are normal executed by Dinka chief of staff not defense minister!!!! why this time? who are the robbers, rapist and killers in South Sudan? Dinkas’ have created very bad image to people of South Sudan for their worst ever behavior

  • 7 February 2017 07:01, by Theallseeingeye

    what does this means "executing the bad elements in the army" what if Kiir meant executing the remaining non-dinka elements that are yet in the army based on false allegation because he is fearing that they might defect and switch side if given a chance or to blindfold the world and the non-Dinka that justice and accountability are in place in order to gain momentum for his fake monologue......

  • 7 February 2017 07:10, by Theallseeingeye

    What is the grantee that a Dinka soldiers be executed because they had just taken some 25ssp and couple of old skirts from a None-Dinka woman and rape her. nevertheless the country is in dare need for more soldiers to the extend that children are being recruited into the army cause war is still on-going?

  • 7 February 2017 09:07, by Eastern

    This order will only lead to massive purging within the ranks and files of SPLA-Kiir as the Mathiang Anyoor boys will falsely accuse the nondinka SPLA-Kiir soldiers among them. This will done to achieve Kiir’s desire of removing the "undersirable" individuals so as to achieve a cohesive force operating with utmost secrecy the Nazy style!!!!!!!!

  • 7 February 2017 09:25, by Sir King

    President Kiir should also order punishment and killing of those gangs who slaughter people on the roads. Those EQUATORIAN gangs must be brought to punishment and killing. Or else, I will personally order the killing of EQUATORIAN gangs, leaving stupid President behind. So, Salva Kiir wants to sell the lives of Dinka(MTN) for his stupid leadership. We are not going to rest with EQUATORIAN Monkeys.

  • 7 February 2017 09:29, by Sir King

    - Unless EQUATORIANS denounce the killing and calling people MTN, or Sack of charcoal, or unwanted goods. Otherwise, they will soon regret. Why should they run to their ancestors lands of Uganda, Congo and Kenya? They should stay to face Dinka Youths who are preparing to launch massive killing campaign for revenge of their love ones who were slaughtered on roads including pregnant women.

  • 7 February 2017 09:36, by Sir King

    - Tell EQUATORIANS not to panic. We are just preparing. If they refuse to share the land amicably, then we will opt taking it as awhole because they are just FOREIGNERS disturbing the original owners of land. Kakwa, Madi, Lagwara and the rest along the border are problems. We shall see their problems and correct it so that we get rid of unpatriotic communities in South Sudan.

    • 8 February 2017 07:15, by hamil

      Sir King,

      Every time I see you bubbling "Equatorians blah blah blah" I come to a single conclusion that We Equatorians have affected a certain section of your brain. You are waving your skinny dusty ass in the land of the equatirians and still has no shame to spout nonsense. You don’t prepare for war on a computer or smartphone keyboard, go out and start the war

    • 8 February 2017 07:22, by hamil

      And I can assure you if you need war, you know that it will not only consume Equatorian lives but the lives of your kind as well.....and if the war you need is going to make people run for their lives it won’t be only Equatorians but your own people will run for their dear lives too. people die once not twice cowards like you are known for talking too much

    • 8 February 2017 07:28, by hamil

      We Equatorians have not refused to share our land with anyone. First of all none of us has asked for your lands history knows it all that you don’t belong to the South your land is where the present Khartoum but you sold it to the Arabs. Our Ancestors have been here way before your fore fathers know anything called borders so how dare you call us foreigners you stupid narrow minded idiot.

    • 8 February 2017 07:33, by hamil

      The only reason we find ourselves mingled with you people is because of colonization by the British that resulted to border demarcations. Our forefathers were born here bred here and dies here. The only reason you forcefully want to become Equratorians is because your land is cursed, harsh, infertile, bare, cruel during bad weather and inhabitable. Whereas ours is green, fertile,

    • 8 February 2017 07:39, by hamil

      Conducive, good terrains, with people whose hearts are kind and warm this is the reflection of who we are and your land is the reflection of who you are. I will tell you this again "EQUATORIA IS OUR LAND THE LAND WHERE OUR FOREFATHERS ARE BORN, THE LAND THAT GOD CREATED THEM IN. NO ONE WILL TAKE IT FROM US I MEAN NO ONE. Ask yourself why all tribes hate you the answer is self explanatory.

    • 8 February 2017 07:52, by hamil

      There is no country in this world occupied by one tribe you fool. Even small countries like Rwanda have 3 tribes (Hutu, Tutsi and Twa) and call yourself the original owners of the land is the biggest laughable joke of all times. I will remind you again you don’t own the Green Land of Equatorians it is ours yes I speak with pride it is our land go to our cursed lands

  • 7 February 2017 09:44, by Kush Natives

    I am totally annoyed by those morons, who keep attaching, asking question of J1 2016 and Dec 15 2017! Those incidents that I just mentioned are totally different from what president is talking about. Because those acts were committed by the Nyagaatin who were entertained by the looting coup. There’s no one to be hold accountable on that. This order will likely deals with those crossroads.

    • 8 February 2017 06:09, by Eastern

      You rash to brand others morons when that word best describes you! Kiir is now struggling to keep himself afloat as a result his actions which directly caused those events of Dec. 15, 2013 and July 2016 firefight at J1. Kiir thought and he still thinks he’s the Alpha and the Omega of South Sudan. South Sudan is bigger than SPLM and SPLA!

  • 7 February 2017 14:37, by Hitler Alive

    Who are tis black ass bad elements? Remember they often send to war without food, no salary, no medicines, no housing, no clothing, no water, no phone, no insurance, no nothing; except guns and hunger. what would you expect of such army corporal or private. The generals are in the hotels drinking salaries, fucking bitches. what can i do? rape and loot to live good life, rob to feed my children.

    • 7 February 2017 16:10, by nuer food lovers

      kiir military career is gone be in questionable..why victimizing the innocent soliders doing under instruction? like Mathiang Anyor did they came on their own far from Awiel and warap? why shying away to tell malong? you are the most coward president in the whole universe..order your chief to spared the citizen..those mathiang Anyor will go back to their villages..ur level of stupidity is expandin

      • 7 February 2017 16:15, by nuer food lovers

        ..expanding on the daily basis..accept the truth and we will forgive you.coz alot of our resource wasted and looted my ur officer and M7 ..give us our power and we elect our leader by stripping of malong and disarm him of destructive weapons purchased using our resource.

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