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South Sudan denies using oil money to fund ongoing civil war


South Sudan's Information Minister Michael Makuei (File photo Samir Bol/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
March 6, 2018 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese government has rejected claims that the top leadership diverted millions of dollars from the national oil company to finance the ongoing civil war.

The campaign group, Global Witness, in a new investigative report, implicated the leadership in South Sudan is using oil revenues from Nile Petroleum Corporation - NilePet, the national Oil & Gas Corporation of South Sudan to fuel the conflict, now in its fifth year.

But South Sudan’s information minister, Michael Makuei said the report from Global Witness was simply intended to damage the image of the president and the government of the war-torn nation.

“We all know that Global Witness is US-funded and America has taken an anti-government stance, and Global Witness is an anti-government organisation,” he told the BBC on Tuesday.

The report, titled “Capture on the Nile” says NilePet is under the direct control of President Salva Kiir and his cronies, and is being used to funnel millions in oil revenues to the country’s brutal security services and ethnic militias, with little oversight and accountability.

"While South Sudan’s population continues to suffer a senseless war and economic crisis of their leaders’ making, Nilepet is failing its true constituents, serving instead, the interests of a narrow canal, and being used to prolong the brutal conflict," Michael Gibb, a campaign leader for Conflict Resources at Global Witness said.

Secret documents and first-hand testimony were relied on to unearth the dirty deals that occur within the national oil company, it stated.

In one such document, the report said, the managing director of the Nilepet received a letter requesting a payment of over $1.5 million, for expenses incurred by South Sudan’s national security services.

The letter signed by the then minister of Petroleum and Mining Stephen Dhieu Dau also made reference to an earlier communication by Lt. Gen. Akol Koor Kuc, the director general of the Internal Security Bureau (ISB), which is part of the security service.

The national oil company, however, says it operates in secrecy, and the report details how this secrecy has been used to finance military operations, arms transfers to ethnic militias, and conceal the looting of millions of dollars meant to help imports of essential goods.

South Sudan’s security forces have also been accused of atrocities in the country’s civil war, including ethnic cleansing and rape.

Nilepet has denied the allegations in the Global Witness report and its official now say the evidence collected could have been forged.

Similarly, documents reviewed in an investigation by The Sentry, an investigative initiative co-founded by George Clooney and John Prendergast, showed that South Sudan’s elite is using the country’s oil wealth to get rich and terrorize civilians.

The report details how revenues from oil resources, the country’s main resources of revenue, are used to fuel militias and ongoing atrocities, and how a small clique continues to get richer while the majority of South Sudanese suffer or flee their homes due to conflict.

Since its independence, South Sudan has relied on oil for all its incomes, a situation that has significantly compounded the ongoing political and economic instability, due to the fall in crude oil prices.

South Sudan got the lion’s share of the oil when it split from Sudan in July 2011, but it’s only export route is through Sudan, giving Khartoum leverage and leading to ongoing pricing disputes.

Oil production in South Sudan has, however, been affected by the conflict that erupted in 2013 after a political disagreement between President Salva Kiir and his then deputy, Riek Machar, triggered war.

The war in South Sudan, which has featured the use of child soldiers, rape as a weapon of war, and mass atrocities, has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and has left over 4 million people displaced.


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  • 7 March 2018 08:03, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    Sure case should don’t be dodge.

    repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 08:48, by Midit Mitot

      This is obvious from government of theft, stealing public resources is not new since 2017 up to date, you are denying nothing Makuei Lueth (Makuei Kach).

      repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 11:26, by Rumbek S. Sudan

      Michael Makuei should know that we are having more information than him as minister of information. He should not deny the facts we are already aware of.

      repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 20:10, by garrak1520

      Have you ever seen a thief accepting guilt even if caught red handed. The government knows that there is not over means of supporting this greed driven war, except from oil revenues. Are they other sources of revenue in S.S. Are civil servants, soldiers, traders etc being paid? NO, so accept the fact . What is the role of the Central Bank, why will NILEPET has access to currency? Stop BSing S.S.

      repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 08:33, by Eastern

    A regime of murderes and thieves will always deny what’s obvious. Your end will be very painful. Just ask James Hoth Mai to find out what’ he’s going through.....

    repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 08:45, by Games

    I was flying from Tokyo to Africa early this year and stopped in Hong Kong for like 5hrs waiting for nxt fly to Addis ABBA. While I was waiting for my fly then went to the shops and bought something but paid for it. After I was leaving the shops, the Chinese guy called me back asked if I pay for items then I told him yes I did pay for it. The Chinese guy apology to me and said the reason he stoppe

    repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 12:21, by South South


      Stupid man, no one care about your life here. been in Tokyo or Hong Kong is not our business here.

      repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 08:52, by Games

    The reason he stoppe me on door was because I was Sudanes and he learned that the most Sudanes never tell the truth even if the truth is there. I said to the guy, no you have got it wrong, most Sudanes are honest and did tell the truth always but we do have certain people calling Dinka in the country and this group are hardly to tell the truth. So Makuei Lieth is crazy man.

    repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 23:05, by Kenyang ll

      "....but we do have certain people calling Dinka in the country and this group are hardly to tell the truth."

      You’re born naturally an inferior, someone that can be overlooked, bullied just almost by any one. This is what he saw when he stopped (bullied) you and your answer confirmed it. A normal South Sudanese would simply show prove he bought his item and walked away.

      repondre message

      • 7 March 2018 23:20, by Kenyang ll

        .... As for your "...certain people calling Dinka...", i ask you to read comments again. Aren’t those two top comments from Dinka? Did they agreed with what was reported from minister Makuei? Is everyone in your tribe telling truth? Are you sure you are not a liar?

        repondre message

        • 7 March 2018 23:24, by Kenyang ll

          .... I mean is Ayuiu and Rumbek not Dinka?

          repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 08:57, by Games

    Makuei Lieth are the people that destroying this country with lies and denialing. Without dispute, this report had illustrated everythings we need to know about where the funds went and who were taken them.

    repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 21:22, by Garang Akeen Tong


      Yaa gatkuel yaang inta.

      Shut up.

      We aren,t sudanes but south sudanes chap, and if you are a sudanes, you should get out your rotten mouth in our affairsg

      repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 09:35, by Political Affairs Advisor

    Someone like Makuei Lueth is not supposed to be in a state political affairs because the guy doesn’t reflect any notion or sort of politic. He is suppose to be given tractors for cultivation or given head of hundred cows to look after instead of messing thing in a country like minded politician when he is not. If the president doesn’t have something to give him, let him cook for Ayen to give him.

    repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 09:43, by Political Affairs Advisor

    Someone like MAkuei Lueth is really one of Araamiin(thieves) of this country resources, haaah, am tried of this man. He is always the first to come up with liars in defend of resources they are looting him and Lomoro forget about those minors looters but, they are the main stealers.

    repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 09:57, by Augustino

    Rubbish reports, who is protecting this oil? it must supply army with all necessary needed equipment to defend it from looting group. where were you during 1990 when Khartoum government using it to kill south sudanese? it must be use to kill rebels no doubt about.

    repondre message

    • 7 March 2018 13:10, by Tilo


      You are an idiot
      Shame on you, You have no Humanity in your heart. you will feel the pain once the barrel bought with oil money is turned against you and your family.
      The rain will one day rained on you - in case you forgot, where is your uncle Malong today?

      repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 10:25, by Kush Natives

    Now and then, rebels have tried to create nonsense reports against the state, but since then we always ask, if there’s any evidence associated with such none exist allegations, but never an answer. Why is it always hard to provide us with an accurate evidence? There’s nothing wrong using an oil money for the state security, unless those an organizations have agendas as we already know.

    repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 12:59, by Sunday Junup

    Go to hell or hanging yourself if you all know that American has taken anti government stand

    repondre message

  • 7 March 2018 14:34, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    This jieng politician is completely out of his mind!! How can he deny the obvious? Can he back up his statement with proofs of where they get their funds for war machinery and war effort against the vast majority of South Sudanese?

    repondre message

    • 8 March 2018 01:55, by Koryom2

      jur_likang_a_ likan’g,
      You losers are the ones who are out of your minds. Who says trying to take power by force had ever been a walk in the park? Some of you Equatorians losers were informed before hand not to join your Riek Machar aimless armed rebellion in 2016 because joining was going to take war to your villages, but you idiots let your balls carried you away & joined your Riek Machar>>>

      repondre message

      • 8 March 2018 02:02, by Koryom2

        aimless armed rebellion anyway. And run to Uganda & then go & lied through your damn dirty teeth that the government of South Sudan & the Jenges were killing you idiots simply because you were Equatorians. There is no country on earth that can fold it arms & let the hooligans terrorize everybody else. And if you clowns believe the propagandists like George Clooney & bunch of evil juus in the US>>>

        repondre message

        • 8 March 2018 02:13, by Koryom2

          states department. Then you idiots would be barking all you want. But we won’t give you idiots & your masters a toss with your outrageous propaganda & against our country & our people. Have a look on these links idiots: http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/927567901?-21266:8599
          This Kenyan low life called Oduhe is a CIA paid propagandist. And the low life is calling for the so-called IGAD play game with>>>

          repondre message

          • 8 March 2018 02:20, by Koryom2

            our country. These fools do not know that this is South Sudan and South Sudan is not just another country that can be toyed around by some idiots that we can just walkover in a matter of a week. Some idiots in Kenya are plainly informed to get rid of the traitors like Rebecca Nyandeng, Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot, Kosti Manibe & other traitors because the present of these sellouts in Kenya>>>

            repondre message

            • 8 March 2018 02:27, by Koryom2

              is going to create a massive war in the region. Some fools in Kenya & ethiopia think, South Sudan’s problems are what they would use to beg for foreign aids & arms. But the idiots do not know that here in South Sudan. We have been fighting wars all our lives. And we will never ever allow any evil on earth to toy with our country & our people again>>>

              repondre message

              • 8 March 2018 02:32, by Koryom2

                Kenya is keeping the traitors like Rebecca Nyandeng, Majak Agoot, Pagan Amuom, Kosti Manibe, Adwok Nyabe & some other thieves. And fools & their masters from the US, the UK, their UN & NGOs think that they use these traitors as blackmails or bargaining chip against the govt of South Sudan & the South Sudanese people>>>

                repondre message

                • 8 March 2018 02:36, by Koryom2

                  Losers like Lam Akol & Thomas Cirillo were intentionally urged by the US, the UK, their UN & their sleazy NGOs to run to Khartoum & Adis Ababa respectively solely for them to be used as blackmails & bargaining cards for the evil to crawl their evil selves into our country so that the evils would come & loot our country like the evils had/are doing in DRC, CAR, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq>>>

                  repondre message

                  • 8 March 2018 02:40, by Koryom2

                    Afghanistan or Ukraine. But the evil corporate America, the UK, their UN, their NGOs & some of their creepy allies are wasting their damn times & our times. The evil white Americans, English people, their evil juus & some of their allies in between love affair with our country & our people has gone too far & it must stop>>>

                    repondre message

      • 8 March 2018 02:14, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g


        I can assure you that you are subhuman being because you lack human conscience, humility and respect to others. No sensible citizen can accept your policy of ethnic supremacy, corruption, nepotism and mass murder of the old, women and children. You can go killing but when your eastern african backers leave office, then definitely you will answer for that.

        repondre message

        • 8 March 2018 02:47, by Koryom2

          jur_likang_a_ likan’g
          "you can go killing but when your eastern african backers leave office, then definitely you will answer for that" What Eastern African backers are you talking about idiot? Hey come on. So you are not even South Sudanese after all idiot? We have been blasting you cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan>>>

          repondre message

          • 8 March 2018 02:55, by Koryom2

            all our lives, but only Uganda & ethiopia helped us during the nascent years of the SPLM/A. But since we have some of our Nuer & some Equatorian losers who always fight the South Sudanese people on behave of foreign masters. The SPLA didn’t marched to Khartoum in 1991-1992. And again they are at it again. But the fools have been told to grow up because we are not playing games with the fools some>

            repondre message

            • 8 March 2018 02:56, by Koryom2

              of these days.

              repondre message

            • 9 March 2018 07:29, by Midit Mitot

              I hope you are jobless bro, why are you always writing all these such a things? is this is a book?

              repondre message

      • 8 March 2018 02:14, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g


        I can assure you that you are subhuman being because you lack human conscience, humility and respect to others. No sensible citizen can accept your policy of ethnic supremacy, corruption, nepotism and mass murder of the old, women and children. You can go killing but when your eastern african backers leave office, then definitely you will answer for that.

        repondre message

        • 8 March 2018 03:03, by Koryom2

          You call me subhuman idiot. If I am a subhuman then how A mi be calling you? Sub-monkey or sub-rat? Who would want to kill you idiots? During our genuine war of independence from your so-called cloned arabs of North Sudan. We didn’t even killed the criminals who surrendered to the SPLA & that was why the SPLA managed to released over 6,000 prisoners of war after the 2005 CPA>>>

          repondre message

          • 8 March 2018 03:09, by Koryom2

            But when the SPLA asked the cloned arabs of North Sudan to release the SPLA POWs. The criminals release nothing, zero, zilch, nil. Can you imagine a war fought for 20 years & no prisoners of war? The Arabs don’t keep prisoners of war & South Sudanese people know this simple fact. Remember SPLA was supposed to be the underdog, but we are way well ahead of the so-called cloned arabs of North Sudan>>

            repondre message

            • 8 March 2018 03:16, by Koryom2

              So jur_likang_a_ likan’g idiot, SPLA is not equal you idiots. To be honest, I helped bombed your Riek Machar idiots thoroughly out of my home town of Bor, Balliet, Malakal & other little villages. When the criminals captured my hometown & named it their Ngundeng Buong magician & raised their flag. And l don’t think we killed any innocent Nuer civilians. But the Nuer so-called white army>>>

              repondre message

              • 8 March 2018 03:20, by Koryom2

                we bombed the idiots & we would again do it should the criminals try again. These Nuer so-called white army were even honestly to go back home since they were civilians. But they didn’t listen.

                repondre message

                • 8 March 2018 05:23, by Masiah


                  are you real human being, i doubt, over reacting is not a solution, the damages already there, the only way is to find solution to this triblism, you can’t be on defensive side all the time, anytime things will change, find peace your mind than to your village.

                  repondre message

                  • 8 March 2018 05:29, by Masiah


                    everything in south Sudan are not functioning, close mind well not help and rescue you from this situation south sudan in, if you guys continue like this than the other tribes will continue same method so end of the day no peace, no development, no schools, no hospitals in south sudan, few schools and hospitals will be only in Juba as you show.

                    repondre message

  • 8 March 2018 05:55, by Peng Kimang

    Thieves will never concede of their theft even if apprehended right handed. Where is oil money going if the government can’t avail chapter one (salaries) for couples of months? This gov who are simply bunch of thieves and criminals have drained all national coffers to themselves, living the citizens in dire destitute. The 75 officials, president inclusive have siphoned billions of dollars.......

    repondre message

    • 8 March 2018 05:57, by Peng Kimang

      ....while the army and the security sector are looting, killing and terrifying people, be it at night or day. One day there will be a judgment day or you criminals and thieves !!

      repondre message

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