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South Sudan non-signatories say they met with IGAD envoy


Ismail Wais, IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan, briefs the Security Council on 27 February 2018 (UN Photo)

February 27, 2019 (JUBA) - The South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA) spokesperson Kwaje Lasu issued a statement on Wednesday saying the non-signatory groups effectively met with the IGAD Special Envoy Ismail Wais on 25 February.

The SSNDA statement contradicts a previous statement on the same day by the spokesperson of the National Salvation Front (NAS) who said they alliance declined to meet the IGAD envoy because they had been verbally notified for the meeting without informing them about its agenda.

Kwaje said that the meeting was hastily called and the IGAD did not specify the meeting agenda but "SSNDA’s response was solely based on its established policy of transparent engagement with the regional bodies and the international community in a quest for genuine and sustainable peace in South Sudan through peaceful dialogue".

According to the SSNAD spokesperson, Wais raised the issue of the clashes in the Yei River State and the need to abide by the cessation of hostilities. But he added that they reaffirmed their commitment to the cessation of hostilities which does not prevent them from self-defence.

"SSNDA would like to clearly state that the regime in Juba and its affiliated militias (Mathiang-Anyor) are the violators of the CoHA agreement and must be held accountable," he stressed.

He went further to say that the non-signatories believe that a lasting peace can only be achieved through a negotiated solution dealing with "fundamental issues pertaining to governance, security sector and accountability among others".

"We do welcome IGAD’s recently expressed willingness to engage the SSNDA towards bringing sustainable and inclusive peace to the country," he said without elaborating about the IGAD previous threat to design them as peace spoilers.

Sudan Tribune learned that the IGAD and SSNDA would meet soon in a week or two to further elaborate a roadmap for peace in South Sudan.

The opposition alliance demand to open the revitalized agreement for negotiations while the IGAD asked them to join the implementation of the peace pact.


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  • 28 February 2019 08:14, by Midit Mitot

    Confuse yourself and fool yourself, is up to you weather you have met IGAD or you never met, none signatories must chose either to rejoin Kiir or Machar, otherwise you will remain hang out until you would be collected one by one.

    • 28 February 2019 08:23, by South South

      Laughable group, ho, we refused to meet with IGAD, We none-signatures, oh we met with IGAD because that what we believe in to respect regional and international community. There is one word to describe these a little guys, weak, weak and weak.

      • 28 February 2019 08:28, by South South

        A little guys have no choice but to accept peace led by IGAD or they will be crushed. You have one choice, peace and live or war and be killed and destroyed.

      • 28 February 2019 11:24, by The Rhino

        Midit Mitot,South South,

        Keep your luak nonsense for yourselves.Jienges and nyagats had huge money,opportinities and support to transform South Sudan into a civilized country,but unfortunately your same people squandered those golden opportunities.Theft,nepotism,corruption,looting and killings were your main practices.You were incompetent to focus on development/reforms.These will never change...

        • 28 February 2019 11:38, by The Rhino

          Midit Mitot,South South,

          ....any time soon.Question,if you were not capable to build your junk states with those billions of dollars then,what makes it different this time that you think you could turn things around with absolutely little,no funds or empty strategies?NOTHING!Fact is your cultures,mindsets,incompetency,insatiable drive for theft,chaos and anarchy will always accompany your lives.

          • 28 February 2019 11:46, by The Rhino

            Midit Mitot,South South,

            Your decisions will always be determined by the above mentioned parameters.No one should expect anything positive or good from you.IGAD would do itself a favor/breakthrough,if this drought company flips the scripts and proposes a new genuine peace deal, which is inclusive,addresses root causes of conflict and acknowledges federal system of governance.Its that simple!.....

            • 28 February 2019 11:56, by The Rhino

              Midit Mitot,South South,

              ..Anything contrary to this is pure deception to those who think they could bring peace to South Sudan.Its just a false recipe that encourages further bloodshed.Fortunately enough,NAS and PDM happened to address these fundamental corner stone issues head-on.Time has come for IGAD to show responsibility and stop being bias!

              • 28 February 2019 12:01, by South South

                The Rhino,

                Stop beating bushes, we are in Juba and ready to sit down and talk about peace, this is our first option and it’s in our hands. No peace from your side, then enjoy internet war.

                • 28 February 2019 12:50, by The Rhino

                  South South,

                  First option, pack all your shit and animals move back to Abyei.Second,you either accept Federalism,relinquish power or war continues.Third,learn to be independent and how to develop yourselves.Forth,embrace your foolishness and savagery and stay away from states affairs.If you follow those simple rules, permanent peace will come.What now?

                  • 28 February 2019 13:13, by South South

                    The Rhino,

                    Internet talk will not take you anywhere. You accept peace or you are out forever. It’s like 1, 2, 3.

                    • 28 February 2019 13:50, by The Rhino

                      South South,

                      Its Autonomous Federal System or Equatoria goes for a separate State of Equatoria.These are the only two key directions we are headed towards.Your crapy jienge/nyagats peace cocktail,you can implement it in your territories.Either ways,Equatorians will achieve these goals through GUNs come 100,200,300 or more years ahead, full stop!

                      • 28 February 2019 17:30, by jubaone

                        👍Well stated. Case closed.

                    • 28 February 2019 15:46, by jubaone

                      Did you ever hear that cows one day rebelled against their herder, who controls, directs and in the end slaughters them? Can we expect a jienge to rebel against his own elders who controls, directs and in end sents him to die like a stray dog 🐩 against NAS fighters? No. Keep that peace to yourselves. That is jienge peace.

              • 28 February 2019 12:14, by Midit Mitot

                The Rihno,

                Dinka and Nuer are the founder of this nation, they have right to drive it where ever they like, if they will unite against you idiots, you will remains in exile forever. better to accept peace please!

                • 28 February 2019 12:28, by jubaone

                  Midit Mitot
                  Jienges and nyagats founder of which nation? SS is not a nation but a place of nationalities. There’s a big difference here. It’s for this reason, that Equatorians don’t want to have anything to do with both of you. Strange enough, neither jienges nor nyagats have been able to develop their junk states independently and it’s even impossible that both can unite to bring forth anything.

                  • 28 February 2019 12:35, by jubaone

                    Midit Mitot
                    Any jienges or nyagats can travel the entire world and brag himself/herself but will simply end up coming to Juba/Equatoria. Even as we suggest transferring the capital city to Wau, Makal or Ramciel none of you would ever dare. You are too disorganized and unskilled that the entire international community, NGOs don’t want to voluntarily work in your areas, but in Equatoria. Losers.

                    • 28 February 2019 13:21, by Midit Mitot

                      Jubaone & The Rihno,

                      The fact remains the fact forever, Nilotic were the one fought for this freedom with little hands from other tribes, let us be sincere, you euquatorian were busy eating UGANDA MATOKE pertaining that you were at school. If I ask you, could you tell me Equatorians battalion name during North - South war?

                    • 28 February 2019 14:05, by Malakal county Simon

                      Juba one

                      Never chase your Nuers Equatria supporters away by generalising and called them named Nyagaat.. I presumed you know the meaning of the word and not just coming out of you emotionally.. Right??

                      • 28 February 2019 17:40, by jubaone

                        Malakal Simon
                        Point noted. I distinguish between Nuers and nyagats, but the firing line is thin. I commend Dr. Riek and dedicated Nuers, but often some good Nuers backslide and act like nyagats. This inconsistent to-and-from is strange to us Equatorians. Now Riek has thrown on board federalism after getting Equatorian support. Riek behaves like a nyagat. He must walk his talk. Period.

                • 28 February 2019 13:06, by The Rhino

                  Midit Mitot,

                  Jienges and nyagats only now how to drive cattle and naked family fellows to grazing zones and water collection sites.They thought its the same thing at state level.They applied similar principles to the whole nation,they failed BIG!Just look at what we got now,dumbhead!..a total mess and anarchy.Are you proud of this nation you’ve ’founded’?

                  • 28 February 2019 13:26, by Midit Mitot

                    The Rhino,

                    Yes, the we are driving our cattle’s with the powers that brought out South Sudan from enemy, we are very proud of being Nilotic despite this unwanted crisis, your dome assumption on us will not take you any where.

                    • 28 February 2019 13:42, by jubaone

                      Midit Mitot
                      You can’t be proud to be a nilotic. FYI.
                      1. Western Nilotics: Jienges, Nuers, Collo, Anyuak etc
                      2. Eastern Nilotics: Bari People, Topotha, Otuho etc.
                      3. Southern Nilotics: Dongotona, Didinga etc. But we’re more civilized than you. Does being a Nilotic matter?

                    • 28 February 2019 14:10, by The Rhino

                      Midit Mitot,

                      Your powers to bring out South Sudan from the grip of El Bashir and his islamic fundamentalists were desperately mediocre, had it not been for enormous support from yes USA,European countries,same Equatorians you call names and few of the regional leaders.You jienges and nyagats are totally ungrateful.This time NO support.We are waging a war for a separate State of Equatoria!

                      • 28 February 2019 14:45, by Midit Mitot

                        The Rhino,

                        Western World had help us emotionally, financially and morally but who fought the real fight through barrel? it,s we Nilotic, while you were hiding from Kenya, Uganda etc.

                        • 28 February 2019 14:54, by jubaone

                          Midit Mitot
                          Try something else. This jienge narrative oh, we liberated SS alone is crap. You just want us to leave Equatoria for you so you can come and get free food, nice homes and wish you were born an Equatorian. Living in Equatoria won’t make you an Equatorian. A jienge is a jienge. Jienges are even claiming Makal is theirs, when Collo Kingdom has been there for 500 yrs. Oh jienge losers 😜

                      • 28 February 2019 17:20, by jubaone

                        Even if NAS/PDM/SSNMC joined the R-TGoNU, nothing will improve. The huge numbers of savages, illiterates is just too overwhelming. Each Equatorian would have to think and work hard for every 10 unskilled and worthless jienges. We can’t afford this. Equatorians are better advised to establish their own state that is progressive and humane. This is the reason the war must continue. No Peace.

                        • 28 February 2019 17:28, by jubaone

                          Between 2006-2010, there were few jienges in Juba. As SS was gearing towards independence, most SS wete returning to their ancestral lands. Thousands of jienges preferred to come straight to Juba and not their areas as there was no food even the least infrastructure. They soon filled Juba like flies and come see them at Jubek Square, Juba na Bari, Gudele and even in "Jebel Jienge". Horrible

                          • 28 February 2019 20:36, by The Rhino


                            True to the core, thank you!Jienges are plague to say the least.We all witnessed those sinister moments they swarmed from north shortly before and after independence.We later came to learn that their fellow jienges in the government schemed ill logistic plans and repatriated jienge returnees only, from north to south.Equatorians coming back to their ancestral lands were left stranded....

                            • 28 February 2019 20:52, by The Rhino


                              ..in Kosti and other border areas to Sudan.These people are the biggest threat and wicked backstabbers you can find.They never have mercy even during the darkest hour of fellow countrymen.Therefore Equatorians specially those licking their boots in the govt.MUST understand this.Its easy to get rid of them..show them also under NO circumstances any mercy!They kill,you kill them,full stop!

                              • 28 February 2019 22:36, by jubaone

                                Well stated.

                • 28 February 2019 13:56, by Malakal county Simon


                  Don’t be so quick to issued threats until few months later if this skeptical peace may materialized!!

                  • 28 February 2019 14:53, by Midit Mitot

                    Malakal County,

                    Never mind bro, these internet war idiots does not understand South Sudan conflict, they thought that is like eating of Guedeguede or Uganda Matoke, peace is better for all, they are still preaching war while the whole country is at peace

                    • 28 February 2019 17:50, by jubaone

                      Midit Mitot
                      A better approach to entice and make peace a true option is full implementation of R-ARCISS. Even refugees would start coming back. But this is a junk peace, poorly planned, financially broke, morally rotten and it’s as if you’re settling cow theft issue. The luak diplomacy here is misplaced, stupid and ludicrous. Wait for peace in Equatoria first. Rest is just scum.

      • 28 February 2019 11:38, by Eastern

        South South,

        Who says a meeting between IGAD and the holdout groups becomes a jenge affairs? Whether or not a meeting did take place is none of your business. If a meeting indeed did take place, parties will issue statements to the world about it.

        • 28 February 2019 11:57, by South South

          A little guys are cornered, one day we refused to meet IGAD, another day, we met with IGAD. Then Eastern released his big statement " IGAD knows our addresses". I am just laughing.

          • 28 February 2019 13:52, by jubaone

            It was IGAD that organized this impromptu meeting with NAS and SSNDA and not vice versa. IGAD knows, peace can’t be attained without NSA/SSNDA. Come May 2019, R-TGoNU may be formed and just wait to see them butcher themselves. NAS has to just cut off escape routes.

            • 28 February 2019 14:17, by Eastern


              IGAD should stop this political shenanigans. IGAD succeeded in having Dr. Machar detained in South Africa and later given the INEFFECTIVE post of the first deputy to Kiir. This time round, even if IGAD succeeds in killing Thomas Cirilo, the Equatoria Factor will continue to hount the sitting regime. Those who don’t know will soon realise that NAS is a force to reckon with!

            • 28 February 2019 14:20, by Eastern


              Nobody is running around looking for meeting opportunity with IGAD. There’s nothing that IGAD can do better now when they failed to do during the peace jokes in Khartoum.

              • 28 February 2019 20:01, by jubaone

                True! One day, Juba will be like Mogadishu when the war will get to the doorsteps of these miscreants squatting in Juba. The only exit route either through Nimule or fly out. All of them are in Juba and we know where they live, go to eat, socialize and hang out. We have all these information and God forbid. All these killings of Equatorians must be avenged. Eye4eye.

                • 1 March 2019 07:46, by jubaone

                  Eastern, Rhino
                  Reports from Juba indicate that this flawed pieces of peace are disintegrating. NAS/PDM/SSNMC and all Equatorians must convene and come up with plan B. The jienge regime won’t back off from its status quo on federalism and Equatorians must move an inch from, so we are in a stalemate. The most viable option is RQUATEXIT and establishing a State of Equatoria. Our constitutional lawyer

                  • 1 March 2019 07:52, by jubaone

                    ...lawyers, academics, women and youth groups, clergy and traditional leaders must discuss the option of a free, progressive, humane and viable Equatorian State that is at peace with itself and its neighbors. We can’t drag on this mess and pretend all shall be fine, NO. We shall not do justice to our kids and posterity. Our kids and coming generations deserve a good country EQUATORIA

                    • 1 March 2019 08:21, by Eastern


                      Agreed yet. The Catholic church in South Sudan has seen the fallacy in the regime talking about peace when it is implementing war. Peace does not fall out of the blue. With Kiir at the top of the country’s mismanagment, all revolutionary forces must stick to their guns.https://radiotamazuj.org/en/v1/news/article/peace-deal-unlikely-to-hold-warn-catholic-bishops

                      • 1 March 2019 09:38, by jubaone

                        Thank you! The donkey is dying and any attempt to flog it and make it move on faster is futile. SS has rocked the dead end. Equatorians MUST act. We have a solid military on the ground already. What is needed, is come up with constitutional modalities of federalism in Equatoria. YES WE CAN. See tiny Rwanda, Burundi, Togo, Benin, Gambia. Equatoria is much bigger! Let´s Go!

                  • 1 March 2019 10:37, by jubaone

                    ...must and will not move an inch from it...

  • 1 March 2019 20:28, by Kenyang ll

    Your imaginary peaceful country country Equatoria living "in peace with its self and neighbors" would resemble South Sudan we had not long ago. Equatoria has lion share of many different tribes and communities, and would in similar manner reject Bari domination, laziness, land grab,.. & certainly poor leadership of H.E President Thomas Cirillo. Forget what you know in 1960s, come back and

  • 1 March 2019 20:32, by Kenyang ll

    ....spend sometime in Kapoeta and know Taposa, etc. Hearty announcements or proposals will not create new country in South Sudan.

    • 1 March 2019 23:16, by jubaone

      You aren’t an Equatorian and so I’m not bothered by your remarks. I fully understand your indignation and anxiety but as long as that comes from a jienge like you, I can live with it.

  • 2 March 2019 03:00, by Kenyang ll

    nullI know you are not but i’m proud South Sudanese who physically participated in compaign that brought South Sudan. So,you should live with that fact. Nothing, nobody will change South Sudan border in your current life or next. South Sudan was the result of genuine grievances and that attracted the bravest. Your hatred and all typecasts on whole other tribes is totally another thing.

    • 2 March 2019 05:29, by South South


      You are the master of facts. Not only Eastern Equatoria will refuse Bari government. Azande tribe which is the biggest tribe in Equatoria does not like Bari tribe, they call them " AWORO: foreigners.

      • 2 March 2019 11:20, by jubaone

        Just as you are: Aryan jienge, MTN, BGs, Mbororo, Jurön, Kwerkwer, Lugör, Forbidden Goods, Faham, Fleas to us. Ehh rayak ya jienge?

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