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Malong agrees to join South Sudan revitalized peace agreement.


Delegations of SSUF led by Paul Malong and IGAD led by Special envoy Wais meet in Nairobi on 11 March 2019 (Photo IGAD)
March 12, 2019 (JUBA) - The former South Sudanese army chief of staff turned rebel Paul Malong has agreed to join the revitalized peace and agreed and to engage discussions with the government on its implementation.

On 18 December 2018, in a meeting with the IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan Ismail Wais, Malong voiced his support to the revitalized agreement and said ready to engage in the peace process.

Accordingly, he held a two-day meeting in Nairobi on 11-12 March with the IGAD Special Envoy, representatives of the RJMEC, CTSAMM, office of the chair and IGAD member states to discuss the modalities of his participation in the implementation of the peace agreement and the peace process.

"Following the discussions, the SSUF/A led by Gen Paul Malong Awan expresses its willingness and readiness to engage in the peace process through negotiations with the government of South Sudan to be facilitated by the IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan," said a joint statement signed by Malong, Waid and Tesfa Micheal from the office of the IGAD Council of Ministers.

In line with the framework of discussions, there will be no renegotiations or reopening of the revitalized peace agreement.

It is not clear where the talks between the government and the SSUF of Gen Malong will take place.

The discussions are supposed to deal mainly with the security arrangements.

On Friday 8 March, Wais met with the holdout South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA) groups to discuss ways to join the peace agreement.

But the alliance did not yet issue a statement on the outcome of the meeting, the same for the IGAD.

In a meeting held last February, the special envoy refused to recognize the new groups established after the High-Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF). Any new group will not be admitted into the revitalized peace agreement.

Also, he said that group unwilling to join the peace agreement, and who activities will impede its full implementation shall be considered as a spoiler and held accountable.


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  • 13 March 2019 01:18, by Equatoria1

    Who is surprise of this? They are all Jienge and that explains the perfect reasons why Malong did not shoot a single bullet against his sibilings in Juba. Now Kiir who over reacted have killed many Awiel sons in cold blood for nothing.
    All Jienges are not reformist & they have to join the evil gangs in Juba so that this war will be a clear war between the good against the forces of evil in Juba

    • 13 March 2019 06:07, by Midit Mitot

      Welcome to joint revitalized peace agreement King Paul, and it will be up to Nyam-nyam call Thomas Cirrilo either to joint peace or to be term as terrorist.

      • 13 March 2019 07:55, by Masiah


        I was surprised with your comments this days, why you always against people of Equatoria, don’t force them for this peace which is not even in government plan, I/O and Governments should really focus on implementing peace to Prove to world there’s peace.

        • 13 March 2019 08:11, by jubaone

          You’ve lived in the diaspora for too long and havent seen and smelled jienge shitholes yet. We’ve lived with them in Juba and worked in jiengelands and we know exactly their attitudes towards Equatorians. The jienge is a homegrown jellaba and there can be NO friendship whatsoever. Trust only the dead jienge my advice to you.

          • 13 March 2019 12:03, by The Rhino


            Good,good,good right to the point!Anybody who had worked with or lived among these savages knows exactly what jienges or nyagats are made of(total burden and waste of time).They are too lazy,eat too much,never think for themselves,too violent,extremly greedy and parasitically ungrateful.Never expect anything good from them.This pig Malong is returning to Juba to only eat up his own puke!

            • 13 March 2019 12:16, by Midit Mitot

              The Rhino,

              I,am doubting Nyam-Nyam movement alone without help from other tribes. The more you are attempting the more will clean you-up. talking on vacuum will bring nothing.

              • 13 March 2019 12:48, by The Rhino

                Midit Mitot,

                Your time in Equatoria is running out,clock is ticking.Better think of ways how to rescue your people out of PoC sites and move back to your places of origin.Peace is now there, implement it.Stop wasting time stealing goats and cassava in Equatoria,while your own nyagats are being butchered.We will soon fix fire under your damned ass’s to scuttle you out of Equatoria,full stop!

            • 13 March 2019 12:51, by South South

              The Rhino,

              You monkey with dirty mouth continue to attack people who want peace in South Sudan while you are sitting with your fat ass in DIASPORA. You, Cirillo, shit, monkey, rat and dog can do one thing, join peace and shut up or leave South Sudan and go somewhere else, done.

              • 13 March 2019 14:17, by jubaone

                Uh🙊..uh🙊..uh🙊..the giant baboon has appeared again. I have no free nyam nyam 🍌 bananas for you. Try climbing some tree in Kampala or Nairobi, you could get some. In jiengeland, peace has come don’t waste time. You could bring along some Ugandan "wewe" to train you how to cultivate and don’t steal free nyam nyam 🍌.

                • 13 March 2019 14:21, by South South

                  Dirty monkey, he said he would not reply to me but he follow me.

              • 13 March 2019 14:24, by The Rhino

                South South,

                Shut up ya himaar!The only thing that you are good at,is constant barking within somebody’s territory.You jienge impostors think,you can just swarm,migrate to Equatoria and grab snatch lands and expect that we clap hands and watch it taken?Wrong!We are going NOWHERE!We’ll fight to death for Equatoria.Your fake peace is only another weak step to pacify naive idiots & get them under...

                • 13 March 2019 14:35, by The Rhino

                  South South,

                  ..your blind control, nonsense!Did you listen to your fucking JCE clan the other day,saying ’lands should be owned by the government’,..shit,jienge bastards are truly on suicide missions here!Listen,only GUNs will secure peace,bring total protection and order to our vulnerable people in Equatoria,deal with it ya MTN jienge mural!You miscreants will never have peace in our lands!

                  • 13 March 2019 14:47, by South South

                    The Rhino,

                    You are just barking, nothing more. You will live in South Sudan only when you accept peace, but if you choose different direction, you will join your uncles in refugee camps somewhere in Africa, finished.

                    • 13 March 2019 21:19, by The Rhino

                      South South,

                      What peace?You can’t have peace in your hometown Abyei or other stinking jienge enclaves in Bahr El Gazal but can have peace in the whole country?Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.Think rational idiot..oh,I forgot,you don’t have brains for rationality,piss off!

                      • 13 March 2019 22:00, by South South

                        The Rhino,
                        We liberated this country and we will run it the way we want. Majority of South Sudanese people are for peace and they are supporting peace. Go to your monkeys and stay with them, done.

      • 13 March 2019 08:47, by jubaone

        Midit Mitot
        You flee to Equatoria cuz you think we have free "nyam nyam" or free food. No, Equatorians work hard to get food on their tables while you lazy jienge idiots come to rob us and get free "nyam nyam". Gen Cirillo wants you to go back and cultivate your own "nyam nyam" and dont be beggars at our restaurant entrances like dogs.

        • 13 March 2019 09:49, by Midit Mitot

          Wulululu Jubaone,

          The fact the must be told, you guys are now destroying Thomas Cirrilo, because your movement alone as Nyam-nyam will not bear any fruits at all.

          • 13 March 2019 12:21, by The Rhino

            Midit Mitot,

            You disgusting nyagat!Your entire villages migrated to Equatoria in search of food and safety,what single element in your fucking lives can you mention us here on forum to be proud of?At least we Equatorians are proud of ourselves/origin in Equatoria.Have you seen any of us idling or squatting in Upper Nile or Bahr El Gazal,waiting for food ratios?NO!

            • 13 March 2019 12:29, by jubaone

              About 8 months ago, I prophesied that fugitive Malong’s rebellion was dead. Strategically, logistically and militarily worthless. Now he must come back like all renegade jienges like a humble submissive house dog. He had no political agenda at all.

            • 13 March 2019 12:42, by Midit Mitot

              The Rhino and Jubaone,

              Take note of this @Yaaaaah nincompoop, without Nilotic particularly NUER and DINKA nothing could be call South Sudan independent in 2011, idiots, you should impressing us as the founder of this Country. Otherwise we make you to park your dirty pigs then go to Uganda! your real home.

              • 13 March 2019 13:13, by The Rhino

                Midit Mitot,

                Things that jienges and nyagats are well known for,are heavy poops on South Sudan,turning the once promising country South Sudan into a stinking shithole.Shit!

              • 13 March 2019 13:27, by jubaone

                Midit aka Misfit
                The independence of SS has meant nothing to Nuer nor jienges cuz its the same miscreants who running wild all over. You are hiding your jienge shithole in Uganda or Kenya and can’t even go to your junk states to bury your relatives. So what the fuck has the liberation of SS brought you? You should worry that Nuers are back to revenge the 2013 massacre.

              • 13 March 2019 14:10, by jubaone

                Midit aka Misfit
                You jienge loser and squatter, I know how desperate you are trying to own Equatoria cuz you losers have turned your junk jiengestans into grazing fields for cows. Develop them, ya jienge kaslan. You are not even fit as domestic slaves cuz you are lazy and foolish. Only love ? free nyam nyam.

                • 13 March 2019 21:30, by The Rhino


                  Bangi man,since 1983 and even before that,jienges have cost Equatoria whole lot of resources and budget,let alone food supplies.Few years from now,when you jienges will be forced to migrate back to your luaks, we’ll make sure inu you savages payback the entire cost that has accumulated over the years in Equatoria.Customs(checkpoints) will be established at our Mundari corridors and..

                  • 13 March 2019 21:39, by The Rhino


                    ..borders to collect taxes(payments in form of cows are also accepted).Every single jienge must redeem himself through taxation.If you don’t or can’t pay us our money, you will be hanged by the neck until death or forced to hard labour until you die,done!

            • 13 March 2019 18:46, by Pakuai

              The rhino,
              You fellows don’t like facts however you are constantly reminded. How many Jenges are given free food in Juba or Yei by Equatorians? Absolutely none. You fellows are in need of food from others let alone feeding anyone for free. I always go to Juba and l crisscrossed most of your central and then Eastern Equatoria during our bush years>>>

              • 13 March 2019 19:01, by Pakuai

                But the Jenge civilians were not fed free food by Equatorians. As for your idea that mighty muonjieng shouldn’t be killing people, that is precisely true. No one was killing Innocent Equatorians before the 7/7/2016. Some Baria agitators were even advised not going Mr. Riek Machar aimless armed rebellion, but they flatly refused and joined anyway and now they making a lot of noises about being>>>

                • 13 March 2019 19:16, by Pakuai

                  targeted by Jenges simply because they are Equatorians. Really? As the saying goes, "it takes two tango" A loser like Mr. Thomas Cirillo has been honestly asked to join the current arrangement. But he is cowering in foreign capital and want to use some his losers as pawns to fight a war that he will not win whatsoever. But when his nonsense is taken head-on later. Then he and his pawns would again

                  • 13 March 2019 19:34, by Pakuai

                    complaint that they are being unnecessarily targeted simply because they are Equatorians but refusing to listen. By the way being ’mighty’doesn’t mean anything. For those who gone to the ’mighty’USA, the US prisons are full of minorities, African Americans and Latinos. The USA even has death penalty by lethal injection in some states. Again, the same ’mighty’ USA has wrecked havoc around the world

                    • 13 March 2019 19:56, by Pakuai

                      fighting small and weak countries over the control drugs and oil on the disguise of fighting international terrorism and exporting democracy. Many innocent civilians around world the mighty US has killed are even called ’collateral damages’. But the same mighty USA without shame always lie through her teeth that it is the model of democracy and human rights, my arse.

              • 13 March 2019 19:06, by jubaone

                Only a few jienges get food from Equatorians, but the majority rob and steal. You can’t order ina restaurant a plate of food unattended to first go to wash your hands. The hungry jienge will simply sit at start eating. Good house dogs 🐶 don’t do such uncouth table manners. Grrrrh!

          • 13 March 2019 12:22, by jubaone

            Midit Mitot
            How often must I tell you numskull jienge, we don’t have "nyam nyam" or free food. You have to work hard and get yours. You jienges can’t run 🏃 to us for free nyam nyam. Jienge idiots may have no brains, but hands to work. Only baboons like to steal from peoples’ farms and get free nyam nyam.

      • 13 March 2019 15:37, by Malakal county Simon


        Really?? You called him a King?? I’m sure a true King comes with braveness and pride against humiliation right?? I will come back to you after you compelled with the two questions answers above..

        • 14 March 2019 13:24, by Midit Mitot

          Malakal County Son,

          Try to look at the current political allied, flexibility is at the corridor since we are implementing this revitalized peace agreement.To call him KING does not and will not clean-up 2013-2016 Genocide but be vigilant in the current politics OK.

      • 13 March 2019 15:45, by Malakal county Simon


        Really?? You called him a King?? I’m sure a true King comes with braveness and pride against humiliation right?? I will come back to you after you compelled me with the two questions answers above

  • 13 March 2019 08:06, by Masiah

    Midit Modit

    How far peace been Government implement the peace, I/O Angelina Ten struggling in Juba by herself and IGAD busy getting money from Kirr, the pain things, you see Kirr not interested in this peace, he start recruiting youths and you I/O putting your attention to non peace signs, I/O and governments should get thing right to encourage others but no surprise IO and kirr are the one destr

    • 13 March 2019 08:45, by Midit Mitot


      The issue is, there is time for everything, we fought Kiir or Juba regime for more than four years yet none of you did not turn his barrel to this dirty regime. And today the whole world have convinced us to accept the revitalized peace agreement for the safe of vulnerable people, then you the silenter guys are refusing this. Why don,t you fight Kiir and his dully since the war broke out?

      • 13 March 2019 11:38, by South South

        Midit Mitot,

        When there is a war, when there is a fight, in the end people make peace,and that’s is what our government and IO reached. They did make peace. We can not expect South Sudanese to support our government and IO 100%, that will not happen, but majority rule and minority has to choose between joining or takes opposition seat, and then country will go on.

        • 13 March 2019 12:23, by Midit Mitot

          South South,

          Your point is excellent but we need to correct peace spoilers, because we all need durable and inclusive peace.

      • 13 March 2019 12:37, by jubaone

        Midit or Misfit
        You jienge mongrel didn’t fight for anything except free nyam nyam. You ran away to Equatoria, Uganda or Kenya to look for free nyam nyam. In Juba, come and see their women coming with food containers to buy kwedekwede or ngete. These food lovers sometimes steal. They eat and simply run 🏃 away without paying. MTNS

        • 13 March 2019 12:53, by Midit Mitot


          Don,t look short/vision, if we are food lover like you Nincompoop Nyam-Nyam, you could not enjoy your daily bread today, we have liberated South Sudan from Arab and yet don,t appreciating us. We freed you Juba Arab and don,t appreciate us too, I,am sorry for these short vision like you Nyam-Nyam. NUER and DINKA will rule this country for more than 100 years.

          • 13 March 2019 15:20, by jubaone

            Midit aka Misfit
            Take some 🍌 for your starving relatives. If you can’t rule yourselves how can you rule others? Do that with your cows cuz they are bug but with small brains. They can be herded, controlled and in the end slaughtered without any protest.

        • 13 March 2019 13:08, by Mike Mike

          Jubaone and Messiah, what you guys suppose to do is to make an identification of the person who is debating with you. Now you were just insulting Dinka while Midit Mitot is not from Dinka tribe. He is from nuer tribe.You targeted Mighty jieng for no reason dear. We are innocent of what is happening here.

          • 13 March 2019 13:34, by jubaone

            Mike Mike
            Don’t worry, this Midit aka misfit is a pure Jienge or if not a bastardized one by Muraheleen. Such "bagi bul jellaba" or "jellaba bastards" are our problem. Most are Aweilians. I know how Nuers write, Malakal County Simon in a Nuer. So Mike, let we finish off this jienge bastard first. This is unfinished business.

            • 13 March 2019 13:48, by Midit Mitot


              balalalalaalalaa,I never been a Dinka and I will not be Dinka forever or Jellabe that you think, crook Nyam-Nyam, you should vow and kneel down for us and my writing styles is mind alone.So, we must correct your psychotropic thought.

              • 13 March 2019 15:16, by jubaone

                Midit aka Misfit
                Jienglich from Comboni majanin? How can a noble Equatorian who taught you Aryan jienge how to wear underpants bow to you? It’s like a baboon asking a human being to bow down to it! Dress up ya Aryan jienge and know who your masters are. Jienges need us, we don’t need them. Koror sakit!

          • 13 March 2019 14:00, by Midit Mitot

            Mike Mike,

            I,am True IO and I will remain as IO until the end of this World, but I must fight with peace spoilers like Cirrilo and his food agents, therefore,they must joint this revitalized peace agreement otherwise we should deal with him (Cirrilo), he will not our obstacle.

            • 13 March 2019 15:24, by jubaone

              Midit aka Misfit
              What IO? A worthless jienge scumbag who has 🏃 to IO hoping to get a position. Soon he will say, I am for fugitive Malong and want to be a Lt.Gen. So if IO, why not in Juba to implement R-ARCISS? Waiting for free nyam nyam? Ko’dot MTN.

              • 14 March 2019 13:18, by Midit Mitot


                Hhahahaah asking me what,s IO? actually it,s your right to ask me because you never been a true IO, you are among the confused kidding from Thomas Cirrilo who have just rebel because of positions.

          • 13 March 2019 14:52, by The Rhino

            Mike Mike,

            Naming jienge ’Mighty’ is totally overrated.Just look around and judge for yourself what they’ve inflicted to themselves and others.Mighty people done do such things,causing havoc and anarchy.I suggest you replace that ’Mighty’ jienge term with suitable, good old MTN,this fits well.Good day!

            • 14 March 2019 10:31, by Mike Mike

              The rhino,Am 100% very right by called Jieng like that because to me it is too big to call it like that without adding mighty.Mighty Jieng have fought three wars in 1991 and we had defeated them instantly.The wars am meaning are as:Riek with his white army,LRA and Madukuru of North Sudan.Have that never happen brothers and should this great contribution can not make us be calle Mighty Jieng?.

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