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South Sudan militiamen kill 15 people, abduct 6 women, 3 kids: SPLM-IO


March 18, 2019 (JUBA) - The SPLM/A-IO on Monday accused pro-government militiamen in Wau State of killing 15 civilians and kidnapping six women and three children and called to investigate the criminal assault.

SPLA forces in Wau town on May 16; 2016 (ST Photo)

In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune, the SPLM-IO Director for Information and Public Relations Puok Both Baluang said the attack took place on Saturday in Dang Achan Village and in a camp of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Maranyi of Wau State.

"The SPLM/A (IO) condemns in the strongest terms possible the heinous attack by pro-Government forces dressed as civilians, on civilians in Dang Achan Village near Mapel at about 5:00 am on Saturday, March 16, 2019, results in 15 civilians killed, 21 injured, 13 children kidnapped and 6 females were abducted," said Baluang.

He added that similar attack occurred on Maranyi IDPs camp of Kwajina County, Wau State on Sunday, March 17, 2019, which claimed approximately 15 civilians lives and 20 injured.

Last week, during a visit to Wau which is known its ethnic diversity President Salva Kiir called for peaceful coexistence between the different communities.

Kiir further warned people against revenge attacks, stressing that nobody has to take the law into his hands.

Baluang extended the SPLM-IO’s condolences to the families of the victims and called to investigate "these acts of cowardice".

"We call upon CTSAMM and UNMISS and other relevant authorities to investigate these wanton attacks and prosecute those responsible promptly," he said.


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  • 18 March 2019 21:18, by Eastern

    And that’s the reason THEY proposed in Kiir’s national dialogue that LAND MUST BELONG TO THE JCE REGIME....?!

    Watchout the Luo people of Jur River for you will face what the Bongo people, the indigenous of Tonj, faced! The jenge is a deadly "neighbour".....

    • 19 March 2019 04:48, by Kush Natives

      Watch out fool! Your hatred towards Jieeng people reached the melting point, when little lies happened on the corner of the country, you jumped higher like 🐸 disgusting the Jieeng name, this is unreasonable, if that’s the only closer ladder clim then let’s all not cry later or sooner!

      • 19 March 2019 04:51, by Kush Natives

        You and a like must start disconnecting Jieeng from the government, otherwise you’re deeply calling for unrest.

        • 19 March 2019 05:31, by Theallseeingeye

          Kush Natives
          this Dinka perpetual habits of instigating violence, purge on people and openly deny it, is indeed can’t be simply describe as barbaric and savage. Kush Natives How come Dinka purge on innocent Lou in their farms and you called it small lies. don’t those innocent lives matter to you? I except when their is a mistake, you should directly point it out if you are not bias.

          • 19 March 2019 05:44, by Theallseeingeye

            Kush Natives
            in contrary its about the Dinka hatred towards others, and its product is obvious on Lou. I have naver seen a farm going to cattle camp but the reverse is true. is This the peace you want to preach? is that what Kiir toured about? Dinka under this government want to freely purge on others with impunity and without being held accountable, otherwise, where on Earth, do such things happe

        • 19 March 2019 06:05, by Eastern

          Kush Natives,

          I quote..."You and like must..." Have you even thought for a SECOND that Eastern lives large and is beyond you and the like?! Even your own fellow jenge Dr. Luka Biong is in agreement that the regime in Juba is a JCE regime. Now which unrest are you talking about if the country is not already experiencing it?!

      • 19 March 2019 06:01, by Eastern

        Kush Natives,

        I wasn’t talking about your Jieeng or something; I was talking about some freaky folks called JENGE who are perpetually suffering from hubris syndrome. Now what’s your concern here?!

        • 19 March 2019 07:44, by South South

          I feel bad if there is killing of innocent people in those areas of Great Bhar Gazal, but we need to remember that our government has no militiamen in Bhar Gzal, our government has SPLA in Bhar Gazal. The person who reported this news from IO is not honest. This is could be a made up story from the enemies of the peace in South Sudan. We have seen how they rushed to pour out big lies immediately.

          • 19 March 2019 07:57, by South South

            Here is how Radio Tamazuj reported it:
            "Kwajina County Commissioner Barjuok Uchu told Radio Tamazuj that the attack on the area of Akuoya resulted in the killing of 9 people, including women and children. Uchu accused pastoralists from Tonj State"

            It is very clear our government has nothing to do with the killing, but very stupid people like Eastern are buying this bogus.

            • 19 March 2019 15:06, by Eastern

              ...I can as well RELEGATE you to the ranks and files of the Pakuais - I will soon do that.

              FUCK you!

              • 19 March 2019 17:05, by South South


                Mr. KARAMA, the word F is on the tip of your tongue again. Do you learn that in one of the KARAMA? Or did fake Arabs showed it to you when they were enjoying sleeping with Karo young men in Juba.

        • 19 March 2019 07:51, by Pakuai

          You bunch of trolls are out of breath with reality it seems. Your so-called SPLM/A-IO are still the ones terrorizing innocent South Sudanese civilians and of course they are the same criminals who are quick to reach to SUDANTRIBUNE with accusations against the waging war against civilians>>>

          • 19 March 2019 15:01, by Eastern

            Now, I really DON’T HAVE TIME FOR SCHIZOPHRENICS.....!

            Next jenge attempting to reason like human being...

  • 19 March 2019 08:01, by Pakuai

    How can the same government which was in western Bhar El Gazelle state a few days ago preaching peace to citizens of that state would be the same government killing civilians and abducting women and their babies? It doesn’t make any damn sense at but there lowly informed South Sudanese who will believe this nonsense>>>

    • 19 March 2019 08:12, by Pakuai

      If at all this nonsense were to the work of government, then what is the government going to do with women and their children? Absolutely nothing. Maralleins and Rizigets from North Sudan are the known groups that abducting women and children. And the government must do it utmost best to get to bottom of this. Besides, there are elements both in side South Sudan and outside South Sudanese who are>

      • 19 March 2019 08:22, by Pakuai

        hellbent on destruction of South Sudan. And these criminals would stop at nothing but to keep South Sudan at constant instability because the unstable South Sudan is good for their UN and NGOs business. Fellows, didn’t l told you a few weeks ago that South Sudan is ’projected by some criminals in the US, the UK, their UN, NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis) and gulf Arab states’ as their>>>

        • 19 March 2019 08:33, by Pakuai

          centre of universe. And that from ’Euphrate rivers, Tigris rivers and right up to our Nilotic plain s and valleys’ are where their evil juus (so-called israelis) so-called UN NEW WORLD ORDER government would expand to. And that this so-called UN NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT would have it HEAD QUARTER in JERUSALEM and this evil UN government would be financed by rich gulf Arab states>>>

          • 19 March 2019 08:43, by Pakuai

            Europeans, rich evil juus (so-called israelis), Indians and other people around the world including rich Africans. And these intrigues are all about to stop Africans from moving to Europe, israel and gulf Arab states to go and cause problems in those countries. South Sudan is pick out by these evils because South Sudan is considered to be a country of foolish people and with a vast land>>>

            • 19 March 2019 08:53, by Pakuai

              with only 11-12 million people and has resources that will ’prop’ up the ’projected manufacturing hubs’ to be set up in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), North Sudan and Ghana. And that the UN, NGOs and UNIMISS would be the ones to rule South Sudan and the South Sudanese people and that South Sudan would have Indians, Arabs, Bantus and other bunch of vermin in our country like their>>>

              • 19 March 2019 09:01, by Pakuai

                indians, Bangaleeshi, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans, evil English people, white Americans, Bantus, Arabs and other bunch of evils in between we hate to death to be South Sudan and South Sudanese citizens like in Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa or Namibia>>>

                • 19 March 2019 09:09, by Pakuai

                  But this is not going to happen under the sun on our watch. How many South Sudanese are citizens of Uganda, Kenya, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangaleeshi, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, so-called israel et Al? None whatsoever>>>

                  • 19 March 2019 09:27, by Pakuai

                    A criminal like New Zealander’s David Shearer of UaNIMISS was brought by our enemies who covet our country and outside people to death from the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of creepy allies think their David Shearer as would be their ’21st century Governor Gordoon’ we are going to kill the evil and every creep or that is connected *white Americans, English people>>

                    • 19 March 2019 09:37, by Pakuai

                      their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called ethiopia, their gulf Arab states financiers and some of their creeps always use South Sudan and South Sudanese people as their ’Barometre’ to gauge their intrigues over the Africans people. Lowly informed who live on the European s, Arabs or Americans food aid or handouts would called me later that l should ’seek help’??!! From who really?>>>

  • 19 March 2019 09:51, by Pakuai

    I will once again informed these South Sudanese handouts losers to be very very careful. South Sudan is not part of the damned evil ANGLO-AMERICAN empire, never has and will never ever damned will cum-sun, cum rain. The owners have taken back their country. The so-called ’Brexit’ (the UK leaving the European Union (EU)), is being ’negotiatiated over South Sudan & the South Sudanese people people>>

    • 19 March 2019 10:02, by Pakuai

      For those South Sudanese fools who like to call the boys in the ’know names’ get the ’hell out of these so-called UNIMISS compounds’ your ’gat Machar’ isn’t going to come back to South Sudan to rule anyone let alone coming back to distribute you losers with free money and food rations>>>>

      • 19 March 2019 10:10, by Pakuai

        By the way some of our South Sudanese fools. Some of our losers who are screaming for the US, the UK, their UN, NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis) and their UN genetically modified foods would be the first losers to throw tantrums like little babies later after their villages>>>>

        • 19 March 2019 10:20, by Pakuai

          are permanently occupied like North Sudan, our Gambella region, Kenyan towns like ’Nanyuki and Laikipia’, some parts of Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa or Namibia. But fellows, not a single Dinka/Muonyjang of the Sudan would be touched by these vermin even million years, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. Fellows South Sudan is not part of ANGLO-AMERICAN empire, never has>>>

          • 19 March 2019 10:33, by Pakuai

            If there are some South Sudanese in the current Mr. Salva Kiir government keeping Mr. Riek Machar and his Lam Akil Atwin brother in Khartoum, North Sudan. Let him/her come back to South Sudan to take up their positions to rule South Sudan and the South Sudanese people if they really can, but as far as l know. The criminals, thieves and foreign puppets are long time ago not South Sudanese any more,

            • 19 March 2019 10:45, by Pakuai

              Mr. Eastern,
              Jurchol boys and girls to up ’arms’ with Dinka/Jiengs boys in 1980th. Do you Mr. Ajongo, the ’late former head of ’genearal chief of staff has some relationship with ’Jurchchol /Luis of Bihar El Gazelles region. Raja town is their country with a few Malual Giernyang Dinkas/Jiengs Mr. Eastern loser>>>

              • 19 March 2019 10:53, by Pakuai

                Mr. Eastern and other bunch of foreign online trolls. The evils in the UK, the UK, their cloned so-called Arabs if North Sudan and some of their creeps in between think that South Sudan is part of their so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN empire and that the *railway from Khartoum, Egypt or even Kenya* will bring them back to South Sudan and that North Sudan will be re-united with North Sudan>>>>

  • 19 March 2019 11:05, by Pakuai

    with our coloned so-called arabs of North Sudan and their NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT experiment WOULD BE BECOME A REALITY. good luck to our enemies, that is not going to happen even in million million of years, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. South Sudan is where every piece of trash is always projected their rubbish into 24/7, because we fools here in our country ’woreship’ the evil juus>>>>

    • 19 March 2019 11:16, by Pakuai

      (their so-called israelis), but these South Sudanese losers don’t know anything past their believe in fantasies. White Mohammed and Ertereans are *not connected to ETHIOPIA in any WAY WHATSOEVER, the evils are going to be BOMBED BACK Yemen and SAUDI ARABIA by a way of War, WE ARE THE Ethiopians---the Dinkas/Muonyjiengs of the SUDAN>>>>

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