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SPLA-IO troops arrive at Cantonment Site in Wau state


Gen Simon Gatwech Dual (R) the SPLA-IO Chief of General Staff speaks o troops in Biel State photot released on 9 May 2019 (SPLA-IO).jpg

May 30, 2019 (WAU) - The main opposition SPLA In Opposition Thursday said their forces have arrived in the cantonment areas in Buserer, 12 miles Southwest of Wau town.

The arrival of the opposition fighters was announced by the joint ceasefire committee at a news conference in Wau on Thursday.

According to SPLA/IO Division 6 acting commander, the forces have left Farajalla base on 22nd of May and are currently in

Major General Joseph Daniel Jongo further said the move is in line with the implementation of the security arrangements including troops’ cantonment, screening, training, and unification.

“On 22nd, our forces left the headquarter of Division 6 of Farajalla heading to the cantonment site in Buserer specifically in Gualima. So now our forces of SPLA IO are present as a battalion of administration to organize the site.

"We are currently at the assembly site and this is one of the security implementations that could take us to the agreement,” said Jongo.

The army slow implementation of the security arrangements unification was the main cause that pushed the peace partners to extend the pre-transitional period for six months.

Now, as Juba has committed itself to provide the money needed to enforce this expensive operation, the parties said committed to making it true in the upcoming months.


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  • 31 May 2019 04:39, by Games

    Hahahahahahaha, that is what usually happending when you have calculated your actions incorrectly. Salva Kiir Mayardit were wrongly thought that creating all these current misses would benefiting Dinka tribe in the future. Now the whole country has turned it into a army because of his reckless actions. Let him feeds those forces and probably soon than latter would probably lose his seat to someone

    • 31 May 2019 12:26, by South South


      You are still talking like ALMIGHTY NUER which has never been defeated. If Kiir is going to feed IO soldiers, do you think it will be very difficult for him to control them? If someone is defending on you to feed, cloth and treat, it means, that person is under your control. You can cut these benefits anytime you want to make him/her look stupid in one minute.

      • 31 May 2019 14:33, by Malakal county Simon

        South South

        Since when did our country resources belong to unwanted president Kiir??

    • 31 May 2019 14:56, by DumoMakuachdit

      The way some of you comments could give chance to support wrong side, besides Kiir’s regime only paybacks his Warrap people not everyone Dinka. Apart from that Kiir regime is rated as an infamous regime worldwide, Akol Koor has been killing dinka of Aweil as wishes but i believes one day one time Akol Koor and Kiir Kuethpiiny will face all sorts of what they are doing currently.

  • 31 May 2019 14:34, by Kenyang ll

    Till some radical Nuer fired first bullet on 15 Dec 2013, Nuer as a tribe has little or zero grievances against Salva Kiir and his regime. Nuer was overrepresented in every corner particularly in the army. Kiir wanting to overstay or Riek impatient once more inching was never about Kiir promoting Dinka. Once Kiir is gone, there will be no nonsense but majority will, will be implemented.

  • 31 May 2019 16:33, by Redeemer

    One thing you guys will regret is when you see Kiir going to his home without either army defeat nor elections, you will realize that you fought a 2nd zero war. Riek Machar misled you to Khartoum he is going to achieve independent of South Sudan, the history proved him wrong and reduced him to a tribal leader and the father of tribal politics.

  • 31 May 2019 17:04, by john Riich

    i like that message of IO coming back and join hands with the govermentfor everlasting peace.

    • 1 June 2019 12:15, by jubaone

      John Rlich,
      No cantonment sites in Equatoria for SSDinka Forces. IO commanded by Equatorians should just feel at home. Cantonment of SSDF is a sinister trick of stealthly trying to grab lands in Equatoria and our communities have no lands for such bogus activities. SSDF can canton themselves in jiengelands till when allowed to be everywhere (MTN).

      • 2 June 2019 09:42, by john Riich

        I wish equatorians wpould had that brave sons and daughters during the struggle btn sudan and south sudan then the struggle wouldn’t had last long.

  • 31 May 2019 17:20, by john Riich

    RIP Thomas Chirillo

    • 1 June 2019 04:10, by Pakuai

      South Sudanese people deserves peace, l mean total peace nothing less. Those SPLA-IO are welcomed back and their South Sudanese brothers & sisters for peace. The government of South Sudan senior officials must however not be filled with the usual "muoc rot du gaar (increase your ranks chaps) before joining the mother SPLM/A, our ’Nuer ke Nyantoc’ cousins have made this ’muoc rot du gaar’ their past times. Riek Machar of all people like this nonsense>>>

      • 1 June 2019 04:21, by Pakuai

        Even as lately as 2016, Mr Riek Machar, after he returned from Adis Ababa, brazenly recruited innocent Equatorians to join his movement and were promised high ranks & high ministerial positions once he got the throne. I am always accused by some South Sudanese here Sudan Tribune that l always blame other countries like the US, the UK, the UN, Israel and NGOs for our own problems, but honestly speaking>>>

        • 1 June 2019 04:29, by Pakuai

          The US, the UK, the UN, the NGOs and Israel are our real enemies after our arch enemy, the cloned so-called arab North Sudan trust fellows. If all South Sudanese were to know the ’evil game and project’ the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs and Israel attack dog’ have planned for our country and our people to day, then l we all be enraged and rounded up anything that is connected to white Americans, English people, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan,>>>

          • 1 June 2019 04:40, by Pakuai

            the UN, UNIMISS, their sleazy NGOs and their Israelis attack dogs’ kill the evils and throw them into the Nile and wait for them. Mr. Riek Machar, Pagan Amuom, Lam Akol, Thomas Cirillo and other traitors and foreign puppets/stooges are not working for South Sudan and the South Sudanese people, they are working for the so-called ’ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT’. South Sudan was ’projected’ to where the so-called ’UN NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT’ would launched in>>>

            • 1 June 2019 04:52, by Pakuai

              But the dirty intrigues over our country and our people by our enemies seem not to be ’aligning’ itself together, thanks gallant SPLA, now SSPDF and other well informed South Sudanese. One world government is a government that would be ruled by elites and without borders. And those elites would be answerable to no one, but to their fascists or aristocrats-like bankers and corporatist in Wall Street, UN building in New York, Washington, Nairobi, Adis Ababa, London, Journesberg, Dubai, Brussels etc>>>

      • 1 June 2019 12:06, by jubaone

        You jienge idiots forget one thing; without Equatoria fully in this project including NAS, SSNMC, PDM, your peace is just a piece of garbage trash. Afterall, jiengelands have had peace since 2005, so what? Nothing. No developnent, jienges fleeing left and right turning your junk states into open wild animal reserves or grazing grounds for cows. Absolute losers. Develop your states first!

    • 1 June 2019 11:58, by jubaone

      John Rlich,
      Thomas and NAS are here to stay. We Equatorians even demand he dismisses this worthless thought of federalism and goes for full-blown State of Equatoria. Yes, Greater Equatoria can do it and we dont need neither jienges nor Nuers for approval. Just take your IO, drink your oil and take care of your cows and shit and leave NAS and Thonas alone, loser!

  • 1 June 2019 05:01, by Pakuai

    My fellow uninformed South Sudanese, open your own eyes and minds and keep your own arrows replenish and your spears sharpen. Because what the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs and israel attack dog are desperately after in our country and our people is not going to end very well. The evils love our country and our people to death. This is not because they really like our people but they love our country for our resources, land and our Nile waters and of course to always use our country and people as their Geopolitical football or chess game>>>

    • 1 June 2019 05:12, by Pakuai

      to achieve to own selfish ends. The US, the UK, the UN, the NGOs, their israel attack dog and of their creeps in between should not any power over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people if there no South Sudanese like Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Thomas Cirillo and others who have sold themselves and their souls to foreign powers, free Masons, illuminati, Bilderberg group, Council for reign relations (CFR), the UN, the NGOs and their bankers of ’Rothschilds, Rockefeller>>>

      • 1 June 2019 05:24, by Pakuai

        their subsidiary and their House Sauds familiies’. Fellows, the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs, their cloned arab North Sudan, their israel attack dog and some of their creeps love affair with our country and our people has gone too far and the evil are going to be the shown the absolute contempt we have towards them. Who says we want these vermin in our country and over our people? Who says?. No one fellows. The evils think, the occupy and colonize our country and people through>>>

        • 1 June 2019 05:34, by Pakuai

          their disguise intrigues of ’humanitarian aid, donations, peacekeeping and human rights business scams’ good to the evils. For those South Sudanese in the know, if there are some people in South Sudan who want the evil white Americans, English people, cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, the UN, their NGOs and their Israel attack dogs’ ONE WORLD UN GOVERNMENT here in South Sudan, then they must openly tell the South Sudanese people and they would be allowed to take bthose vermin into their villages>>>

          • 1 June 2019 05:42, by Pakuai

            Fellows, every country here in Africa trade with China, the US is the biggest trading partner with China and the European are trading with China, all the Middle East, Asians and South American countries are trading with China. But when it comes to South Sudan and the South Sudanese people trading with China, the evil don’t want this. The evils even say that South Sudan was created with the US money. Let the evils bring the bill and get lost.>>>

            • 1 June 2019 05:52, by Pakuai

              The evils just want their intrigues of attrition over our country and our people. Fellows, the ’Rothschilds, the Rockefeller, their subsidiary and their House of Sauds’ taken almost all the central banks all over the world except our central bank, Somalia, Eriterea, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and China. These secretive families have taken over major oil companies except Russian Federations Gazprom>>>

              • 1 June 2019 06:02, by Pakuai

                South Sudan in the know should know this, right after our country’s independence in 2011, Mr. Salva Kiir took almost his entire cabinet ministers to Washington to go and solicited the US investors to come to South Sudan to and invest. And Mr. Salva Kiir was flatly told by the US investors that there were no infrastructures in South Sudan to come and invest in them. Fair enough, there were no infrastructures in South Sudan then and now. And when Mr Salva Kiir asked the Chinese investors to come and invest in South Sudan, and when the Chinese agreed that they will invest South Sudan>>>>

                • 1 June 2019 06:14, by Pakuai

                  The US criminals in then Barack Hussein Obama US department went ballistic and wanted a regime change, Mr. Salva Kiir and his allies became ’red China communists and socialists’ and musts’ and are considered dangerous to ’US and the Europeans’ in Africa and must be removed from power at all costs and be ’replaced’ with their Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot, Adwok Nyabe puppets/stooges that they would then go and micro-managed them in Washington,>>>

                  • 1 June 2019 06:26, by Pakuai

                    Wall Street, London, Brussels, Virgin islands, Bermuda, Cayman islands, Panama, Nairobi, Journesberg, Adis Ababa, Dubai and their shady tax avoidance hubs around the world. And that was how the ’December 15/12/2013’ coup was hatched. And when the creeps dirty intrigues was crushed on the ground. Then the evils reverted to using their puppets/stooges of Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan, Thomas Cirillo and others in foreign capitals as their bargaining cards and blackmails over our country and our people>>>>

                    • 1 June 2019 06:36, by Pakuai

                      Fellows, we have informed you thorough and thorough. We are going to bomb our enemies to near EXTINCTION out of our country and OVER our people, once and for all. South Sudan is not part of the damned so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN empire, never has and will never will. And South Sudanese people are not the so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN subjects or slaves. Our lowly I formed losers. The criminals in North Sudan, the devil infested Island of the UK, their israel attack dog>>>>

                      • 1 June 2019 06:44, by Pakuai

                        swear that there cannot be North Sudan and their own livelihoods without South Sudan and South Sudanese people. And this why the evils have taken our country and our people hostage. They want to play our games with our country and people with their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan just like the evils did with their then ’East and West Germany’ during COLD WAR and the evils hope that our country and our people would be re-united with cloned arabs of North Sudan and the evils can the go and rape our country through PORT SUDAN, on the RED SEA>>>

                        • 1 June 2019 06:54, by Pakuai

                          My lowly informed South Sudanese fellows, WW3 is going to start here in South Sudan. Kenya, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), North Sudan and other creeps here in our region have no resources and they breed like pigs/rabbits. And these countries are promised by the evils in the US, the UK, their gulf Arab states, their evil juus (so-called Israelis), their thieves who have stashed away their loots tax avoidance haven that their countries are to made ’manufacturing centres’ and that the resources from South Sudan, DR Congo>>>

                          • 1 June 2019 07:04, by Pakuai

                            Central Africa republic, Zimbabwe, Libya or Mali as ’ colleterals to prop up those manufacturing centres, and this is precisely to ’stop’ West Africans, North Sudanese, Eritereans, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), Egyptians, Somalians or even South Sudanese (if at all) there some from crossing Mediterranean sea and go and cause problems to Europeans. And also to stop Africans to from going to israel or gulf Arab states countries to go and blacken those countries ’souls’>>>

                            • 1 June 2019 07:32, by Pakuai

                              And this is why the evils in the US, the US, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil their israel attack dogs’ and some their creeps keep their rubbish here over South Sudan 24/7. But the evils have step on the wrong people feet, the South Sudanese men----the Dinkas/Muonyjiengs of the Sudan to be precise. Lowly informed South Sudanese idiots, some well informed South Sudanese should know, the evil juus (so-called Israelis) went and sent their *rocket* in Florida and named it in Hebrew that translates *from the beginning*>>>

                              • 1 June 2019 08:01, by Pakuai

                                into the moon, the rocket went and failed however. However, there was another cheap ’intrigue’ than the evils pull on the ’16/5/2019, the EUROPEAN song CONTEST’ in Tela aviv. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. The rubbish being played in our cloned so-called arab North Sudan is a show. I am the one of the boys who will help bomb these vermin out of our country, North Sudan, Eastern Jerusalem and show the evils the evils their right place out of our country and our people backs once and for all>>>

                                • 1 June 2019 08:13, by Pakuai

                                  The evil, Mr. Winston Churchill once projected that the evil *juus (so-called israelis) were to be *resettled in Uganda* the evils would have been dead long time ago. Fellows, there was this Indian bitch ’called Priti Patel’s whose her parents were ’kicked out’ by Ida Amin Dada in 1970th. They were called Asians then, her family went to her master’s country, the UK. Two years ago, she was sent by her British office to come and lecture the government of South Sudan and the South Sudanese people about not stopping the war and malnutritions of South Sudanese>>>

                                  • 1 June 2019 08:25, by Pakuai

                                    This ’priti Patel’s bitch then went and go to ’evil juus (so-called israel), held talked with the evil juus (so-called Israelis including Benjamin Netanyahu) who *promised the bitch that their so-called israel have interest, in Africa specially on the humanitarian and food aid’ Can you lowly South Sudanese fools see? All these Indians, Pakistanis, Bangaledihis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans and other meceno were brought here to be resettled in our country>>>>

                                    • 1 June 2019 08:36, by Pakuai

                                      They are nothing to do with the so-called peacekeeping scams. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools, the criminal like ’Paul Kagame’ who had sold his soul and his life to vermin* has had his country being used by the *UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT, including Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu to ’recieve’ their African savages who went to Israel, those African fools are given $300 dollars and deported to Rwanda and told to come to South Sudan, their ’Terra Nillus’>>>

                                      • 1 June 2019 08:47, by Pakuai

                                        a country a no man land. Really? Some Rwandan mercenaries are here in Malakal. They are the so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT, fellows. We are going to kill all these criminals and throw them into the Nile. Abeshas (
                                        so-called ethiopians) in Abyei and throw them into the Nile and get away with it. We are going to occupy Kenya, kill all white Americans, English people, evil juus (so-called israelis) in Nanyuki, Laikipia, Nairobi, Nakuru, Naivasha,>>>

                                        • 1 June 2019 09:04, by Pakuai

                                          and some of their creeps in between that can’t stand their rubbish in our country and our backyard, fellows, watch this space. The evils thinks, that they can use our country and people with their cheap *intrigues of regional integration* bullshits* l just don’t know what do these vermin smoke? Fellows, this is South Sudan and South Sudan is not like Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) where criminals; like Mr. Kagame, the US, the UK, Belgium, France, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called Israelis) and their so-called peacekeepers often play games all the times>>>>

                                          • 1 June 2019 09:12, by Pakuai

                                            This is South Sudan a lot of bloody noses fellows. Mr. Paul Kagame even took his country to the so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN or their so-called Commonwealth countries. Fellows. We don’t marry Bantus let alone, evil juus (so-called Israelis). Rwandans and other bunch of creeps. I don’t whether these Rwandan prostititutes were brought into South Sudan to be fuck by the SPLA or South Sudanese?.

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