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UAE calls for investigation into Sudan’s "massacre"


June 7, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - The United Arab Emirates voiced concern about the “massacre” committed against Sudanese peaceful protester and calls for an investigation on the attack, said Anwar Gargash Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on Friday.

bodies of some people killed by the RSF militiamen on the sit-in area at a hospital in Khartoum on 3 June 2019 (ST photo)

Gargash made his call during a speech he delivered at the Globsec security and policy conference in Slovakia’s capital, on Friday.

"We are concerned about the massacre we’ve seen. We support calls for proper investigation," he said according to Reuters.

"We think it has complicated issues. We recognize that after 30 years of Bashir’s rule you won’t have a unified opposition, the only way forward is really a dialogue," he added.

He is the first Arab official to publically denounce the carnage.

The official Emirati news agency (WAM) in its report about the meeting of Bratislava mentioned that the minister referred to events in Sudan and Libya, stressing that the lesson of the Arab Spring is that countries must answer the will of the people while also maintaining institutional stability.

"The great challenge in these countries, as we can see from the experience of the Arab Spring, is: how can popular change be achieved while maintaining institutional stability?"

Opposition medical groups say 113 people were killed on Monday 3 June when militiamen of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) raided the sit-in area and opened fire on the peaceful protesters.

The killing of civilians was condemned by the regional and international community while the ruling military council said they are investigating into the attack.


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  • 8 June 2019 14:42, by Eastern

    UAE...This is a call with tongue in cheek!

    repondre message

  • 8 June 2019 15:12, by Anthony

    Sudanese are slaves to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Hahaha

    repondre message

    • 9 June 2019 06:10, by Pakuai

      You got it right on chap. It is the same here in South Sudan, we are enslaved to the so-called ’troika’ countries of the US, the UK and Norway, the UN and the NGOs. Mr. Anthony, that people get when they like handouts from other countries. Those countries who whom you rely on their handouts will always be acting over your country and your people as their masters. It is painful, but it is an absolute painful truth. You have seen it here in South Sudan. Our so-called PhD doctors are the worst creatures. They even want to sell our country and our people to foreign powers of ONE WORLD ORDER UN GOVERNMENT>>>>

      repondre message

      • 9 June 2019 06:22, by Pakuai

        And this is simply to satisfy their utter last for power at all costs over the back of others. And of course, they have some of their lowly informed South Sudanese followers who are foolish to notice that their PhD doctors are not working for them and their interests, they are working for their secret societies of *illuminati, Ashoka society, Bilderberg group, Skulls and Bones* and * the Rothchilds, Rockefeller, House of Sauds and their subsidiary families* who financed these secret families. Mr. There is nothing worst on earth than multitude of human beings played over by a few evils to achieve their selfish ends>>>>

        repondre message

        • 9 June 2019 06:31, by Pakuai

          Instead, our so-called PhD doctors should have encouraged their sheep to get the hell out of these filthy UN compounds and farm their lands to have enough food for themselves. They are E NN couraging their fools to remain in these filthy UN Compounds for them to be fed meagre UN food rations and for them and their UN and NGOs to always used these people in these filthy UN compounds as begging bowls are the world and for the UN, the NGOs and the UNIMISS peacekeepers to remain in South Sudan indefinitely----that is the ultimate game anyway>>>>

          repondre message

          • 9 June 2019 06:40, by Pakuai

            South Sudan was projected to be ruled by the UN and the NGOs for 35 years and was alleged to handed over to South Sudanese people after 35 years which was not going to happen. After South Sudan was made like Hong Kong or the UAE, my arse. Mr. Anthony, if South Sudanese were to be told the real truth the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and their allies have planned for our country and country and our people, then South Sudanese people would be utterly enraged and demand the US, the UK, the UN, the NGOs and UNIMISS to leave our country to day brother>>>>

            repondre message

            • 9 June 2019 07:00, by Pakuai

              Mr. Anthony, the US, the UK, their UN, their israel attack dog and their NGOs are not our allies or uncles brother. They are our real enemies after our arch enemy, our cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan. Mr. Anthony, Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Thomas Cirillo, Majak Agoot, Pagan Amuom and Adwok Nyabe are members of these secret societies. Remember chap, these secret societies are sworned to ’tightlipped’ secrecies that if a member reveal their secrets, then that member is eliminated immediately>>>

              repondre message

              • 9 June 2019 07:11, by Pakuai

                These secret societies ultimate aim is a world government with no borders (UN NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT) or AGENDA 22 in other words. And this One World government would be ruled by elites, bankers, lawyers, mercantalists etc, plutocrats or fascists, and in a FEUDALIST-LIKE system because they will not be answerable to anyone, but to themselves. Mr. Anthony, big corporations are not answerable to anyone. Big corporations are even called "people" in the US.>>>>

                repondre message

                • 9 June 2019 07:21, by Pakuai

                  The UN and the NGOs are not answerable to anyone. The UN and the NGOs are the most corrupt organisations. The UN infected the people of Haiti with cholera with the Nepalese peacekeepers, but refused to acknowledge culpability. The UN and NGOs were deep in the neck in *oil for food* program in Iraq and refused to accept the responsibility. The UN peacekeepers, just next door, Central Africa republic (CAR), tapped minor boys and girls and refused to accept their responsibilities. And list goes on and on>>>>

                  repondre message

                  • 9 June 2019 07:32, by Pakuai

                    Mr. Anthony brother, the so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT was supposed to be started here in South Sudan, DR Congo, CAR and North Sudan. These UNIMISS peacekeepers are not for peacekeeping at all brother, they are occupying forces to enforce the UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT or AGENDA 22. The then so-called ARCISS signed in the hotels, bars and brothels of Adis Ababa was nothing to do with our country’s peace, but the taking of over of South Sudan by for powers---the TRUSTEESHIP of South Sudan by the UN, NGOs, the AU and the IGAD-plus countries>>>>

                    repondre message

                    • 9 June 2019 07:42, by Pakuai

                      Mr. Anthony chap, clichês you often hear these days from criminals like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Raila Odinga of Kenya, Abiye Mohammed of Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and other bunch of secret societies criminals so-called "African and regional integration" are misnomers of *One World UN government* the criminals breed like pigs/rabbits in their countries and the criminals thought that they would be balancing their economies and their lifestyles over other people and their countries with their so-called Africa and regional integration nonsenses>>>>

                      repondre message

                      • 9 June 2019 07:52, by Pakuai

                        The dirty game being played over our country and our people behind the scenes and these so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT and Africa and regional integration is: That these filthy UN compounds of Juba, Wau, Guol Yar (Ming Kaman), Bentiu, Malakal or Akoba would be turned into slump areas suburbs and the inhabitants would working for would be built factories at pittant wages to produce bthe Europeans, Americans, gulf Arab states or other big corporations are the world>>>>

                        repondre message

                        • 9 June 2019 08:01, by Pakuai

                          I mean, other big corporations around the world. The same project would be replicated with refugees in Darfur, South Sudanese fools who have ran to central Sudan, in Gambella region, Kakuma refugee camp and Northern Uganda. A dry port is allegedly going to be built in Northern Uganda to serve South Sudan and Eastern DR Congo and another one in Lokichogio. These are the architects of the so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT, AFRICA and REGIONAL INTEGRATION bullsh*ts.>>>>>

                          repondre message

                          • 9 June 2019 08:11, by Pakuai

                            Countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), North Sudan or Ghana in West Africa are ’earmarked’ to be made ’manufacturing centres’. But Kenya, Abesh (so-called ethiopia) and North Sudan have no resources to support those manufacturing centres to be established. But as told by the ’architects’ of the dirty so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT, AFRICA and REGIONAL INTEGRATION’ nonsense to use the resources in South Sudan or DR Congo as their ’colletrals’ to be funded>>>>>

                            repondre message

                            • 9 June 2019 08:20, by Pakuai

                              All these cheap and dirty intrigues are all about ’steming’ Africa losers from West Africa, Darfur, Egypt, Eritereans, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), Somalians, South Sudanese (if at all there any) from crossing Mediterranean sea to ltaly or other parts of Europe to go and cause problems in those countries. Also for West Africans, Darfur, Eritereans, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), Somalians or South Sudanese if at all there are any from going israel and gulf Arab states to go and cause problems in those countries>>>>

                              repondre message

                              • 9 June 2019 08:31, by Pakuai

                                Mr. Anthony brother. I am well educated than some of lowly informed PhD doctors. I can go and find a job anywhere here in our own region and around the world. But people have to be honest to themselves. Our lowly informed South Sudanese cheerleading this so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT, AFRICA or REGIONAL INTEGRATION would be the ones to wake up like spook birds later after they saw their villages being brake over by their white Americans, English people, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), their evil juus (so-called israelis), their gulf Arab state paymasters or Bantuses>>>>>

                                repondre message

                                • 9 June 2019 08:42, by Pakuai

                                  Just like they have done to our North Sudan and our Gambella region or to Nanyuki and Laikipia in Kenya, in some countries like Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Àngola, Zimbabwe, most of South Africa or Namibia, but to be honest, not a single Dinkas/Muonyjiengs of the Sudan village or land would be touched by these so-called *ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT, AFRICA and REGIONAL INTEGRATION* criminals, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. Who would want these vermin in their villages or backyards, Mr. Anthony chap. All these nonesenses you see being played over in North Sudan are nothing but SHOWS and INTRIGUES brother>>>>

                                  repondre message

                                  • 9 June 2019 08:51, by Pakuai

                                    But the whole dirty game is to play game those criminals and our Lowy informed South Sudanese fools and their puppets/stooges as Geopolitical chess game or football just like they did with DR Congo, Àngola, Mozambique, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Middle Eastern countries, South American countries and Eastern European countries during their so-called COLD WAR. And the evils hope, that they can RE-UNITE our Country and our people with their evils we HATE TO DEATH>>>>

                                    repondre message

                                    • 9 June 2019 09:01, by Pakuai

                                      And then the evils would then run to capitals and brag that their so-called *Capitalism* has truimphs over their so-called *communism or socialism* and right books with their usual loads of propaganda as always. Mr. Anthony. For those of us who know these cheap and dirty intrigues being by played over our country and our people and just can’t these vermin. We have been asking our fools to let us ’round up’ anything that is connected to evil *white Americans, English people, their UNIMISS, sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis), gulf Arab state’s financiers, Abeshas (so-called>>>

                                      repondre message

                                      • 9 June 2019 09:12, by Pakuai

                                        ethiopians), Bantuses and some of their creeps in between, kill the evils and throw them into the Nile and get away with it. There are some evils in the *North Sudan, the devil infested lsland of England, gulf Arab states and their evil juus (so-called israel) who covet our country and our people to death. They even "swear* that there cannot be "North Sudan and own livelihoods" without South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. The so-called Brexit (British leaving the EU) is being *negotiated over our country and our people*, but the evils have step on the wrong people feet>>>>>

                                        repondre message

                                        • 9 June 2019 09:19, by Pakuai

                                          us, the DInkas/Muonyjiengs of the Sudan to be precise Mr. Anthony chap. The vermin love affairs with our country and our people has gone too far. And the evils are going to bombed to near near OBLIVION out of our country and people once and for all, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. South Sudan is not part of these vermin so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN empire, never has and will never damn will under the sun and even in million years. And South Sudanese people are not parts of these vermin subjects or slaves>>>

                                          repondre message

                                          • 9 June 2019 09:31, by Pakuai

                                            Mr. Anthony chap. WW3 is going to start here in South BV Sudan. The evils in the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their gulf Arab states financiers and some of their creeps in between* used these intrigues in *Hong Kong* in 19th century with their their *OPIUM War* the evils used to take *Opium drugs* from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma) and Siam (Thailand) to Hong Kong and exchanged their *Opium drugs* with silver coins with the Cantonese Chinese until they be came badly addicted Opium drugs>>>>

                                            repondre message

                                            • 9 June 2019 09:41, by Pakuai

                                              And when the Chinese government told these vermin to "back off" with their *Opium drugs* trade. The Chinese were bombed to *submission* the Chinese rubbed their noses, and acquiesced. But in 1997, they took their own *lsland of Hong Kong back* the English Merchants are these days making a lot of noises at the sidelines, that their Hong Kong would be given back to them, but the evils are wasting their times and the Chinese people times*. The same goes to *Taiwan*, the criminals in the US, the UK and some of their creeps in between are using those Chinese lslands are their blackmails or bargaining chips over mainland China>>>>

                                              repondre message

                                              • 9 June 2019 09:53, by Pakuai

                                                Mr. Anthony brother, for those South Sudanese who were not born after CPA, Compherensive peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005. Should know these slogans "one country, two system" in 1999 during our our ’SPLM/A’ with our *cloned so-called arab North Sudan* in ’ Machakos, Nairobi and Naivasha, Kenya’, the evils who used to ’chant’ these ’one country, two systems’ were the * evil white Americans, English people, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their gulf Arab states financiers, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan and some of their creeps here in our own region*,>>>>

                                                repondre message

                                                • 9 June 2019 17:23, by injuba

                                                  Dear Pakuai/ Kuch, that was impressive. More than three hours of ranting in the usual copy/paste way plus the hate speech of the day. By the way, do you really think you are learned/ skilled enough to find an appropriate job all over the world? Apparently, you don’t know much about the labour market requirements outside South Sudan.

                                                  repondre message

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