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South Sudan allays fears of deadly Ebola outbreak


July 7, 2019 (JUBA) – Officials from South Sudan’s heath ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have dispelled fears of an Ebola outbreak after the viral disease was confirmed in Uganda.

Congolese health worker administers Ebola vaccine to a woman who had contact with an Ebola sufferer in the village of Mangina in North Kivu province of the DRC, August 18, 2018. (Photo Reuters)

The undersecretary in the health ministry, Makur Matur Koriom told reporters on Friday that the young nation was safe from the deadly disease.

"I would like to take the opportunity to assure the South Sudanese people and residents in this country that so far there is no Ebola in South Sudan," he said.

Ebola is deadly viral disease that reportedly causes fever, body aches, diarrhea and sometimes bleeding inside and outside bodies

Koriom said the ministry set up a national task force and is closely working with its partners to ensure the Ebola outbreak is contained.

The WHO officer in charge of health emergencies in South Sudan, Guracha Guyo said an Ebola preparedness measure and mechanisms are already been put in place to counter any possible outbreak of the viral disease.

"We are committed to support the government in its endeavor to make sure the Ebola virus is prevented from South Sudan," he said.

According to the WHO official, more than 700 frontline healthcare workers have been provided with Ebola vaccines in Yei River State.

Ebola is a viral hemorrhagic fever of humans and other primates caused by Ebola viruses. Signs and symptoms typically start between two days and three weeks after contracting the virus with a fever, sore throat, muscular pain, and headaches.


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  • 8 July 2019 12:55, by Anthony

    The dirty and disgusting monkey eating equatorian refugees are going to bring ebola to south sudan. Damn their disgusting primitiveness of eating monkies and bats as if they were animals.😂😂

    • 8 July 2019 14:06, by Midit Mitot

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      • 8 July 2019 15:00, by Anthony

        nuer villager

        What? Speak english you monkey. The Nyam nyam will bring ebola to south sudan due to their disgusting primitive ways. Equatorian refugees should be quarantined and not allowed to come into south sudan. The equatorian tribes like the bari should be banned from eating their traditional foods of dogs,cats,rats,bats and monkies or face prison sentences.

        • 8 July 2019 15:40, by Midit Mitot


          Any one eating Agany or Marialnyang (Monitor lazed) is not far from Nyam-Nyam. you have fall in to the same categories. I know Agany is your favorite soup!

          • 8 July 2019 19:13, by Eastern

            Midit Mitot,

            Go and SEE the Nuer men who survived after COVERING Dr. Machar in North Kivu...!Don’t even think of eating anything other than being WIPED OFF by Ebola which is now looming larg! No Nuer would survive in Equatoria as happened during William Nyuon Deng’s time...!

          • 8 July 2019 21:13, by Anthony

            Midid mitoot(primitive nuer villager)

            Monitor lizards dont spread ebola you illiterate dumbass(your people eat them also)

            This is what Nuer eat. They eat cow anus and vagina😂😂😂


            • 10 July 2019 13:18, by Midit Mitot


              (Primitive villager Nuer) Hhahahahahaa useless quote! You will never defeated Nuer educationally forever @Yaaaa othiek,

        • 8 July 2019 20:08, by The Rhino


          Cow fucker’Asshole’!Listen,Equatorians already have inherent strong immunity against Ebola,nothing can happen to them.Bloodsuckers like you and all your savages instate lack every natural protection.Meaning,marauding naked jienges in Equatoria will soon be wiped out of our lands.See how this works,God has his intricate ways to send plagues to kill you all,hallelujah,Amen!

          • 8 July 2019 20:46, by Anthony

            The Retard(rhino) 😂😂 You’re an illiterate villager. A complete retard hahaha. You think people can be immune to Ebola? That disease has a fatality rate of 90% and theres no cure. It killed thousands in west africa and will do the same in DRC. Centuries of eating monkies and bats and other bushmeat like savage animals will get you all killed.

            You clearly never went to school. Retarded ape🦍🐒😂

          • 8 July 2019 20:58, by Anthony

            Your proud that your people have ebola? What kind of a backwards retard are you? You equatorians truly are disgusting and dirty disease ridden people. You need to be quarantined and isolated before your disgusting monkey disease spreads to ethiopia,kenya,tqnzania etc and kills millions of civilized people. Deport equatorian refugees from Kenya. they are not clean.

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          • 8 July 2019 21:14, by Anthony
          • 8 July 2019 22:20, by Anthony

            "Equatorians already have inherent strong immunity against Ebola,nothing can happen to them" Jesus christ the sheer stupidity in that sentence baffles me. Goes to show how utterly retarded and ignorant many south sudanese are. 70% cant even read or have gone to school. Fucking pathetic. Equatorians are Dirty unclean villagers.

            • 8 July 2019 22:27, by The Rhino


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                • 8 July 2019 22:42, by The Rhino


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                  • 8 July 2019 22:55, by Anthony

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                    • 8 July 2019 23:54, by The Rhino


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                      • 9 July 2019 00:03, by The Rhino


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                        • 9 July 2019 00:43, by Anthony

                          The Rhino
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                        • 9 July 2019 00:53, by Anthony

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                      • 9 July 2019 00:50, by Anthony

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                      • 9 July 2019 00:51, by Anthony

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                      • 9 July 2019 00:56, by Anthony

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                              • 9 July 2019 21:53, by Anthony

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                                • 9 July 2019 21:56, by Anthony

                                  The gay rhino(charcoal face)
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                              • 9 July 2019 21:59, by The Rhino


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                                • 9 July 2019 22:12, by The Rhino


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                                  • 9 July 2019 22:24, by The Rhino


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                                    • 10 July 2019 14:34, by Anthony

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                                  • 10 July 2019 14:27, by Anthony

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                                  • 10 July 2019 14:30, by Anthony

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                                • 10 July 2019 14:23, by Anthony
                              • 9 July 2019 22:06, by Anthony

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                                  • 9 July 2019 22:53, by The Rhino


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                                    • 10 July 2019 14:21, by Anthony

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                                    • 10 July 2019 16:39, by Anthony

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                                      • 10 July 2019 19:56, by The Rhino


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  • 8 July 2019 23:16, by Anthony

    Anyone reading this is laughing very much. You can see how stupid equatorians can be. Most of these people never even went to school. They think magic will make them immune to diseases with no cure such as ebola. they don’t know what science or biology is cus they’re primitive retards.
    Anyone reading "the Rhinos"(aka eastern/jubaone) posts is having a good laugh. Everyone is laughing at you apes😂

  • 9 July 2019 01:00, by Anthony

    Equatorians are gay disgusting people. They marry little boys and take them as wives.

    This is why equatorians have so much HIV/AIDS


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