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S. Sudan’s Kiir vows to strengthen relations with Sudan


August 21, 2019 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has vowed to strengthen relations with the new regime in Khartoum.

President Kiir waves hand to greet the Sudanese during the signing ceremony of Sudan democratic transition deal on 17 August 2019 (Reuters Photo)

Kiir on Wednesday held a telephone conversation with the President of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

A statement from the Presidential Press Unit (PPU) said Kiir outlined his priorities, top of which would involve improving relations with Sudan.

“President Kiir reiterated that the support of South Sudan to the Republic of the Sudan is driven by a genuine desire to live and prosper peacefully together as brothers and sisters,” it added.

Sudan’s main opposition coalition and the ruling military council have formally signed a final power-sharing deal on Saturday, paving the way for a transition to a civilian-led government.

On his part, however, the President of Sudan’s Sovereign Council thanked Kiir for his continuous support to the people of Sudan.

Sudan had earlier accepted to facilitate a meeting between the South Sudan leader and armed opposition chief, Riek Machar as part of efforts to implement the peace deal, an official said Tuesday.

On August 17, Kiir and al-Burhan met on the sidelines of the signing ceremony of a power sharing deal between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and protestors in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

In May, the South Sudanese rival parties agreed on a six-month extension to implement next steps in the fragile peace agreement. The latest extension came after the main opposition group threatened to boycott formation of a unity government on May 12.

Last week, the body monitoring South Sudan’s ceasefire (CTSAMVM) expressed strong fears over the slow progress in the implementation of the security arrangements in the September 2018 peace accord.

South Sudan descended into civil war in mid-December 2013 when President Kiir accused his former deputy Machar of attempting a coup.


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  • 22 August 2019 11:16, by Eastern

    And this ’sterngthening’ of relationship with the Sudan include inter alia, coercing Dr. Machar to make FURTHER concessions so that by the time IGAD decides his fate in mid September 2019, Juba and Khartoum will be working in synergy.....!

    • 22 August 2019 13:13, by South South


      Don’t like real monkey now. Continue talking about War Ayen and Malong, monkey!!!!!!

      • 22 August 2019 14:38, by Eastern

        South South,

        Village boy, what do you know other than waiting for the train from Sudan carrying lentils, onions and sorghum for Aweilians? Flood and insecurity is screwing up Aweil folks this year of our Lord...!

      • 22 August 2019 14:40, by Eastern

        .....The bullets have not spared my friend Manut Yel formerly of the famous Warawar market up north in Aweil East. Karma is real....!

        • 22 August 2019 15:33, by South South


          Manut Yel is dead monkey. I thought you have NAS which wants to fight us, but you are very empty in everything, monkey.

          • 22 August 2019 16:22, by Eastern

            South South,

            Trust me, more trouble is loading....You will be spread thin like the dung of Lol in river Lol...! Crack this simple code: 23LLM-009, why shuold those in Marial Bai freak out..?! Damn...!

            • 22 August 2019 18:10, by South South

              Monkey called Eastern starts lying to us. Our country is under controlled. We sleep peacefully. Nas is dead, monkeys are dead and South Sudan is moving forward, monkey!!!!

    • 22 August 2019 14:38, by Pakuai

      "coercing Dr. Machar to make FURTHER concessions so that by the time IGAD decides his fate in mid September 2019"
      Eastern says who? what stakes do your Riek Machar got to make further concessions about them in the first place? Nothing. And who says there is there is going to be "mid September 2019, Juba and Khartoum will be working in Synergy....?">>>

      • 22 August 2019 14:44, by Pakuai

        Eastern, where do loser gets nonsense from? Are you loser again denying that your Riek Machar is a loser who sold his own self and his own soul to foreign in interest groups for instance, ’The US, the devil infested island of England, your cloned so-called arab North Sudan, their gulf Arab states financiers, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and their lackeys here in the IGAD and the AU?’>>>

        • 22 August 2019 14:50, by Pakuai

          For those of us in the know, the so-called ’BREXIT’ the UK leaving the European Union (EU) was being negotiated here over South Sudan and your cloned so-called arab North Sudan. There are some evils in that devil infested island of England who covet our country and our people to death. Some them and some and creeps in your cloned so-called arab North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israeli)>>>

          • 22 August 2019 14:56, by Pakuai

            attack dogs even ’pray and swear’ that there cannot be their ’North Sudan and their own livelihoods’ without ’South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. The evils ’claim whoever controls ’Egypt and the Nile valleys and plains’ controls Africa. The evils have bungled up the relationship they used to enjoy with with the South Sudanese people with their usual reckless meddling of other countries>>>

            • 22 August 2019 15:03, by Pakuai

              internal political set up, with their usual ’regime change’ of other countries elected officials and replace them with their puppets/stooges whom they then go and micro-manage in ’Washington, UN Building in New York, Wall Street, London, Brussels, Dubai, virgin islands, Bahamas, Cayman islands, Panama or other tax avoidance havens.>>>

              • 22 August 2019 15:07, by Pakuai

                your US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs and their allies only hopes to hold on over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people are their ’Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom or Thomas Cirillo’ and that is why they have been keeping these traitors, thieves and foreign puppets/stooges in foreign capitals as blackmails and bargaining chips over South Sudan & the South Sudanese people>>>>

                • 22 August 2019 15:12, by Eastern

                  ...Why is Kiir avoiding to confront Dr. Machar in a face-to-face encounter? Is it ineptitude that Kiir developed under Dr. Garang’s wings that is pinning him in Juba? The man was seen murmuring a barely incoherent ’speech’ in Khartoum in a language that is a cross between English and Chadian Arabic langauge, earning him the moniker USEFUL IDIOT..!

                • 22 August 2019 15:14, by Pakuai

                  and this is precisely for the evils to crawl themselves back into our country & over our people to come and mess up our country and our people again. But Mr. Eastern, the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israeli) attack dogs and their lackeys here in the IGAD & the AU are playing with fire to be honest with them. There are some a lot of South Sudanese people who have>>>

                  • 22 August 2019 15:22, by Pakuai

                    a lot bad blood with ’English people, your cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan and any evil who would try to bring these vermin into our lives again is good as dead chap. Reasons, pure HATRED & RACISM.>>>>

              • 22 August 2019 15:08, by Eastern


                I really feel soiled engaging you on this forum! Dr. Machar lost in 2016; Kiir and El Tabani Deng won, why is Machar’s presence in the equation of power still a major pain in your backside. Have Machar shipped to a destination of your choice so that you jenge have a field day. You are WINNERS! You are THE MAJORITY! You are EVERYTHING! Why do you still rant here...?!

                • 22 August 2019 15:56, by Pakuai

                  The creeps still keeping their Riek Machar relevant today are the criminals in *the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israeli) attack dogs and their lackeys here in IGAD or the AU* since their Riek Machar puppet/stooge is their only member of ’secret societies & Clubs’ of the ’Illuminati, Freemasons, Bones and Skulls, Commission for relation (COR), the US>>>

                  • 22 August 2019 17:21, by Pakuai

                    states department in other words, the Trilateral commission (TC) a club that has ’openly usurped’ the whole of ’the US every arm of government’ by intrigues. And which are ’funded by the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, gulf Arab states families, their big corporate banking cartels & some of their subsidiaries in between chap’>>>

                  • 22 August 2019 17:21, by Pakuai

                    states department in other words, the Trilateral commission (TC) a club that has ’openly usurped’ the whole of ’the US every arm of government’ by intrigues. And which are ’funded by the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, gulf Arab states families, their big corporate banking cartels & some of their subsidiaries in between chap’>>>

                    • 22 August 2019 18:07, by Pakuai

                      Have you now understand where ’I am coming from Mr. Eastern piece of trash?’ Your evils in the US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israeli) attack dogs, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of their creeps in between here in IGAD and the AU want to ’start their so-called ONE WORLD ORDER government’ here in ’South Sudan and your cloned so-called arab North Sudan’>>>>

                      • 22 August 2019 18:20, by Pakuai

                        And that was why their *evil juus (so-called israelis) went and sent their so-called ’satellite to space in Florida, US’ and named it, Bereshit (Hebrew word) to mean (from the beginning), a piece of trash that later ’went and failed spectacularly’* Mr. Eastern loser. We are way too way well ahead of you cloned so-called ’arabs of North Sudan, English creeps, white American evils, their evil juus>>

                        • 22 August 2019 18:28, by Pakuai

                          so-called israeli attack dogs, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their gulf Arab states financiers, some of their Bantuses and their Abeshas (so-called ethiopians) loser. Mr. Eastern piece of trash. We are the ’Ancient Egyptians’ loser. And we know *your Islam is not a religion, never has been a religion and will never ever be a religion chap*,>>>

                          • 22 August 2019 18:43, by Pakuai

                            Your Mr. Mohamed was "coached by a Jewish woman to ’copy cat’ everything in the OLD TESTAMENT and TWEAKED in his own Arabs of Arabia into it and NAMED it QURAN in the 630th century Mr. Eastern piece of trash. Your ’Mohammedans who were intrigued’ into ’Islam by their Jewish woman’ tried to move out of their Arabian Peninsula to come out and propagate their ’NEW RELIGION’>>>

                            • 22 August 2019 18:53, by Pakuai

                              Their first country to come to was our ’Southern Egypt’, our ancestors bloody nosed the evils pretty badly. Mr. Eastern, there were no ’gunpowder’ that time Mr. Eastern piece of trash, but ’bows, arrows, spears and machetes’. Your Muslims went and captured the end of the Nile, today’s Iqzandria (Alexandria) and came back to try>>>

                              • 22 August 2019 19:03, by Pakuai

                                exportation of Islam again into the ’Nile Valleys and plains’, the creeps were ’killed pretty badly than before’. They (Muslims), went and ’occupy Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, parts of Spain, Malta and Itali’. And came back to ’Southern Egypt, to try their luck again the evils on their ’conquest’, but the creeps were almost wipe out Mr. Eastern piece of trash>>>

                                • 22 August 2019 19:11, by Pakuai

                                  your Arabs went back Northern Egypt and came back to Southern Egypt and today’s North Sudan with their ’tails behind legs’ and asked ’our ancestors that they came for ’peace (salam) and trade’ Mr. Eastern piece of trash. The West Africans Bantuses) whom they went and fooled them through *Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia or Libya* into their so-called ’Mohammedans new religion’>>>

                                  • 22 August 2019 20:27, by Pakuai

                                    were told that their new religion requires them to ’pilgrim to Mecca, Saudi Arabia’ And that is how many of your many of your *West Africans came to ’Dafrur and Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt’ Mr. Eastern loser. If ’Islam was a religion’, the Dinkas/Muonjiengs of the Sudan would have been ’Muslims’ before any country on earth Mr. Eastern piece of trash>>>

                                    • 22 August 2019 20:34, by Pakuai

                                      But this is not the case idiot. What religion does your Riek Machar, Omar Hassan El Bashir, their evil juus (so-called israli attack dogs), Some of their Bantuses, their Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), your cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of their creeps in between worship?*>>>

                                      • 22 August 2019 20:41, by Pakuai

                                        ’US dollars’, before your ’Riek Machar aimless armed rebellion on the 15/12/2013. A lot lowly *informed Nuers and some creeps in between* were given the ’US dollars by the CIA, MI6, Israeli Mosaad (spy), their sleazy NGOs and even some of their creeps here in our own region to exchange their those dollars at *black market in Juba & other South Sudan’s towns*>>>

                                        • 22 August 2019 20:59, by Pakuai

                                          and the whole game behind this ’cheap dirty intrigue’ was to destroy the *South Sudanese people’s pound and their economy*. Mr. Eastern. In ’2013-2014, and 2015’, South Sudan pound was ’rejected’ by the of likes Kenya as ’a liability’, *over Kenyan shillings* by the *evil juus (so-called israelis) and some of their creeps fools>>>

                                          • 22 August 2019 21:11, by The Rhino


                                            You fucking Dinka errant,enough now with your automated rants,..fucking quacking duck!Write a book, bangi man or revert back to washing soldier’s clothes and chasing donkeys,We know who you are,you incoherent jienge junk,..shit!

                                            • 22 August 2019 21:39, by Pakuai

                                              Uncle, we Dinkas/Muonyjiengs of the Sudan don’t eat ’ducks (baths), we can eat baths (ducks) if we want to eat them. Loser, past ’Khor Agreb, the present day Boma, state. I ate ’a Duck (we killed them and ate them)’. So what do you piece of trash wants to tell us? Let me tell you this piece of trash, *Bangi Man* Here in South Sudan, we don’t smoke *Bhangi (Mashongi) loser >>>>

                                              • 22 August 2019 22:54, by Pakuai

                                                (it is Machongo) not ’Mashongi’ loser, it is a very dangerous drugs. Loser, have you ever heard about the so-called ’Tobacco, is a drug loser’. Our mighty ’SPLM/A’ of ’Koryom division’ sang a song that>>>

                                              • 22 August 2019 23:01, by The Rhino


                                                It’s called ’baadta’..English..fucking duck!We Mundaris/KARO people kill and feed them to the dogs!We believe arabs and jienges are the only persons eating ducks.Anything ’niggis’=dirty,is either a pig or duck.We all know this,and we also know how perversely pigs and ducks love sucking dirts in sewage waters for food.For us hardliners we don’t distinguish between the two,..here’s....

                                                • 22 August 2019 23:06, by The Rhino


                                                  ..the slogan,..’If you miss the pig, never miss the duck’!Deal with it now Bor moron!

                                                  • 22 August 2019 23:26, by The Rhino


                                                    I have no idea what fucking ’Muchongo’ is, if thats what you’ve been smoking this whole time,well then the vivid proof has been displayed here in front of us by yourself in full garbage flavor.You can either sing your nonsense to your fellow Dinka tribesmen,or coil your flapping lips to yourself and shut up.You can conditionally move them while singing cow songs,I have no problem!

          • 24 August 2019 09:14, by deng

            missiles defenses you have and not only that, do you know what’s nuclear weapon? These two nations have them and you have none. They also have satellites in the sky what do you have you come here on the website compare to these two nations but just running your mouth here. Grow up and don’t acts like if you know everything.

          • 24 August 2019 09:21, by deng

            Listen Up Pakuai loser,

            United States of America and England can hit your a.. with precision intercontinental ballistics missiles while they are siting in their homelands and your a.. will response with none. They are not Arabs nor too close to your empty mind. Go die alone!!!

        • 24 August 2019 09:03, by deng

          Excuse son of a gun Pakuai.
          Are you inviting more danger to South Sudan? Have you ever go to school or travel around the world? Do really about these two world’s super power? I bet you don’t even know what is mean by a super power. If indeed England and USA supported Riek Machar, your damn ass world have already been dead. They have stealthy aircrafts which can invaded that piece of toys of...

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