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South Sudanese opposition movements unite to end civil war


August 31, 2019 (HAGUE) – A group of South Sudanese opposition movements have resolved to unite with the objective of ending the civil war by achieving a “just and genuine” peace in South Sudan.

United South Sudan Opposition Movements representatives pose after a meeting in Netherlands on Aug 30, 2019 (courtesy photo)

The resolution emerged at the end of a two-day conference three opposition movements held at The Hague in The Netherlands from August 29-30.

The symposium, which was held under the theme, “Launching the New Vision of Hope and Transformation in South Sudan”, was attended by South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA), the Real Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (R- SPLM) and the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A).

The group, in a communique extended to Sudan Tribune, said the conference agreed to form a leadership council comprising of leaders of SSNDA, R-SPLM and SSUF/A to coordinate their efforts.

“Furthermore, the movements that participated in the conference agreed to a joint Declaration of Principles that charts a new vision and hope for South Sudan, in order to rescue the country from collapse and fragmentation,” it reads in part.

The group, under “United South Sudanese Opposition Movements” also committed to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

“In addition, they highlighted the need to build a new South Sudan with a national identity that embraces its rich ethnic diversity, and is responsive to the needs and views of all its citizens,” stressed the communiqué signed by representatives of the three movements.

The opposition coalition also vowed establish a peaceful and stable democratic state that is based on the rule of law, further stressing that no military solution can achieve a lasting peace.

In September 2018, South Sudan’s conflicting parties signed a final peace deal in Addis Ababa after negotiations brokered by the Sudanese government and mandated by the regional bloc (IGAD).

The civil war in South Sudan has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced over two million since its outbreak in December 2013.


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  • 1 September 2019 05:01, by South South

    - Shit, NAS leader General Thomas Cirillo (Bari)
    - Pagan Amum (Chollo)
    - Oyai Deng Ajak ( Chollo)
    - Ajawin (Chollo)

    Two tiny tribes of South Sudan are talking shit, no more.

    • 1 September 2019 05:21, by Khent

      South Sudan

      Your response is a perfect distillation of the root causes of this needless and terribly destructive war. You’re clearly associating tribal size (quantity) with value (quality) when the Dinka have utterly failed to demonstrate the association between the two. South Sudan has been ’managed’ (ROFL!) by the Dinka for 15 years, so...

      • 1 September 2019 05:39, by South South


        Don’t talk to me like a child. I have to have a tribe first in South Sudan in order to be South Sudanese, and I have to love my tribe very, anything other than that is fake and stupid. I hope you get my point. NAS is shit with Thomas who stole SPLA monkey. Pagan Amum stole $60 millions from SPLM

        • 1 September 2019 10:09, by jubaone

          South South
          Bragging about tribal numbers only reinforces my earlier assertion; jienges could be numerically large, but haven’t brought anything in terms of intellectual, socio-conomic and cultural value addition to SS. Jiengestans are so backwards in terms of development and one wonders why such numbers dont feature in improved lives even without war. A large worthless population. Fact.

          • 1 September 2019 12:06, by South South

            You are making empty noises again for nothing. South Sudan is under controlled. NAS is shit, no more.

            • 1 September 2019 12:28, by jubaone

              South South
              Who cares whether you shout or hang yourself. Your life has no value to me or us as Equatorians. NAS and Thomas Cirillo are here to stay. He survived the jellaba, who are you jienge misfit to be afraid of? A baboon. You got the "balls" go get him, coward. Don’t hide and let others do it for you MTN.

        • 3 September 2019 08:41, by Joseph Canada

          Thank you for actually coming out and accept the really mission behind this war by the JCE!
          We are watching. and Mark you there was the Shaker Zulu tribe who Rule for ages and not its History. There was once the man called Adolph Hitler which to this moment Germans Refused to be associated with. the list goes on. I hope you got me. If not, jusr remember this.

      • 1 September 2019 05:51, by Khent

        And I really should point out to you that the Bari are just a subset of the Karo people - a large population that essentially has all of Central Equatoria to itself. You’re free to consider a population with over a million people to be ’tiny’, and people are free to dismiss you as both ignorant and arrogant

        • 1 September 2019 06:10, by Khent

          And as for your protest - your charge that I’m treating you like a child... well, you should bloody well stop acting like one! Let’s take your figures at face value and regard them as an indictment on Pagan and Cirillo... Where is the rest of the figure -> the $20 billion we can’t account for?

          • 1 September 2019 06:16, by Khent

            Who should we also point our fingers at next? What do we make of reports that money was stolen from your President’s office? Is Salva just innocent, stupid and incompetant? Or is he part of the same corrupt, murderous criminal syndicate as Pagan and Cirillo?

    • 1 September 2019 06:52, by Games

      War or political resolutions has nothing to do with with
      big population. Furthermore, Cholio are the third biggest tribe in the country behind Nuer and Bari are also over or close to Million in the region. These two tribe have significant roles in the country’s political solution.

      • 1 September 2019 07:20, by Khent


        Why is it that after correcting one person for making idiotic and patently false statements... I have to invariably correct another person almost immediately? Are you implying that the three [3] largest tribes in the ’Country’ are Nuer, Bari and Chollo? When did the Nuer supplant the Dinka to become the largest tribe?

      • 1 September 2019 08:40, by Anthony


        the shilluk aren’t the 3rd largest ethnic group. They’re just 381,000 according to wikipedia. They’re the 5th largest. The azande are the 3rd largest after the nuer and dinka(who combined are about 8 million people i think)

    • 1 September 2019 10:23, by jubaone

      South South
      Oh yes we’re Bari and have NEVER fled to jiengelands to seek shelter, food or refuge. We’re not innately conditioned to vagrancy as you do. How worthless must you jienges be, not to have developed your states despite the looted billion $ and in the absence of war. Your jiengelands have literally "emptied" for the unfortunate, sick, old and dying while the youth engage in cow rustling

    • 1 September 2019 10:32, by jubaone

      South South
      Oh yes, each ethnic group in SS must get back to their ancestral lands. Who gives a fuck about SS anyway? I don’t believe in a country called SS cuz it’s a worthless assemblage of completely different people compelled together in this geographical space. In the end SS will disintergrate it’s just when! Only Kokora. We Equatorians can’t be held hostages by recalcitrants and savages.

    • 1 September 2019 13:34, by jubaone

      NAS should quit this bogus alliance of non-Equatorians who think they can use Equatorians as their donkeys. Equatorians dont need any of them at all. Equatorians spearheaded Anyanya 1, Equatorians fed,nurtured and helped SPLA/M at its darkest hour, Equatorians voted overwhelmingly for separation, Equatoria is the ONLY good face of SS. To hell with the rest. We can do it alone.

    • 1 September 2019 13:45, by jubaone

      South South
      Jiengestans would be hosting and feeding all SS fleeing their regions from war. Funny that it’s the tiny tribes hosting and feeding the "giant toddlers" who cant do anything for themselves than fighting, killing and idling like lazy fools. It takes 5 mins to teach a jienge savage how to use a gun and cause immense destruction, but it takes him 50 years to use a pen to develop himself

  • 1 September 2019 06:57, by Games

    South South
    So if the number is significant in the country, why Salva Kiir is relying on M7 for help, while he indeed has Dinka which is 99.99% in the country population?

    • 1 September 2019 07:29, by Khent


      How many times must it be pointed out to you that the moron (Salva Kiir) allowed Bashir’s Nuer militiamen to account for 70-75% of the army when the war broke out in 2013? The Nuer came to dominate the army after they returned in 2006. Were I in Salva’s place, I would have allowed the Nuer to account for 18% of the army — a figure in keeping with their population.

      • 1 September 2019 07:43, by Khent

        I would have mandated that the military is to be constituted (in equal part) by all three [3] Regions. Suppose we required 100, 000 troops... well, each region would provide 33, 000, and this very matrix would be applied to the counties of the respective regions; each county would provide an equal number of troops for the 33, 000 required from each Region.

        • 1 September 2019 07:57, by Games

          You have got me wrong, I stately clear that the Dinka are 99.99% in the country population but I don’t know of what you wants me restate on that.
          Back to your bulshits usual argument. Salva Kiir and many Dinka are so scarcely fighting Dr. Riek alone and they will never manage in millions years to faces Machar and his groups by themselves. M7 is getting 1.7millions monthly salary for just to

          • 1 September 2019 07:58, by Games

            Cont---to protect Salva Kiir

            • 1 September 2019 12:49, by Kush Natives

              I always take some time to complete understand point. But, it’s always turn out that you never make any sense. I don’t know if you always jumped on to keyboard when you’re completely drunk or you must brainy retarded. I wouldn’t believe that you could still talk of Riek at this point. What power have ever Riek had? Where he’s right now, if I may ask you? In fact, Riek Machar is held as-

              • 1 September 2019 13:02, by Kush Natives

                - cont. A prisoner of war in foreign countries, so what’s Riek’s victory here? Misleading Nuer is what failing Nuer in and out. There’s no any single Ugandan army in Upper Nile region since day one up-to the present time. It was not you’re option to leave Malakal,Bor, Bentiu and Fagak. There was no loa for you by then rather than quitting those areas for good.

          • 1 September 2019 08:05, by Khent


            I am shocked and appalled that you were using a straw man argument when you made use of that 99% figure. ROFL! Do you even know what a straw man argument is? So the SAF, PDF and the Baggara Arabs were all Nuer when you allied with them to fight the Dinka in the 90s? That’s a straw man argument of my own. Do you want to play this game?

            • 1 September 2019 08:10, by Khent

              Do you think we forgot your alliance (slavery) with Khartoum? Did you come alone when you fought us after 91? Why were you defeated in the 90s when you had the entire SAF, PDF, the Murahaleen and most of South Sudan’s tribes on your side? You were lucky in 2013 because that moron (Salva) allowed you to come back in 2006 and account for 70-75% of the army...

              • 1 September 2019 08:15, by Khent

                The Dinka & Nuer are the reason South Sudan cannot develop; you’re both incredibly cruel, myopic and brain-dead. You’re both guilty of being traitors in different ways. The Dinka are now the biggest traitors and you were the biggest traitors in the 90s. We sold out South Sudan to Uganda and North Sudan and you sold out in the 90s.

  • 1 September 2019 07:57, by Eastern

    South South,

    Rwanda with its small population is already making some strides ahead of other countries after refocusing its resources following the 1994 genocide - fanned by TRIBAL GLORIFICATION. The vulnerability of the Dinka tribe to both natural and man-made socks gives it NO ADVANTAGE at all...!

    • 1 September 2019 12:01, by South South


      You were sleeping or what? Rwanda is good in one place only, the capital, the rest of the country is struggling like any other countries in Africa, next.

      • 1 September 2019 16:16, by Eastern

        South South,

        Eastern does not sleep....If people like me ever slept even for an hour, those who continue spreading falsehood based on medieval era-like reasoning would have run South Sudan aground! Such should be treated worst than a truant child...!

  • 1 September 2019 08:10, by Eastern


    Thanks once again for object objective and factual.

    South South can continue to move that slippery path which he so obstinately cannot be dessuaded from taking.....!

  • 1 September 2019 17:49, by Theallseeingeye

    Dinka, nuer, equatoria bullshit. Let’s just keep this drum of war beating as long as possible and we shall figure out the solution later, good enough Malong has started his already.

    • 2 September 2019 15:10, by Pakuai

      My fellows South Sudanese, let us just think outside of square and move on with what we now have at hand. There is no more war going on inside South Sudan. What is now being peddled in foreign countries and online is just a psychological war fare. Remember fellows, there are some enemies of peace over South Sudan & the South Sudanese people who have invested heavily on the destruction of>>>

      • 2 September 2019 15:17, by Pakuai

        South Sudan. And those same people are the ones our fools often called allies. Our desperate losers have allegedly gone thousands of miles to Europe to go and form their yet another parties and that they will come and rule South Sudan & the South Sudanese with those unsavory nonsense. Who is financing that meeting in the Netherlands?>>>

        • 2 September 2019 15:24, by Pakuai

          Who were the financiers of the negotiations in the hotels, brothels and bars of Adis Ababa, Nairobi, Arusha, South Africa or Khartoum since 2014 and what is their interests in those negotiations? South Sudanese don’t asked their themselves the relevant questions in order to solve our own problems. Yes, wrong were made. But wrong plus wrong is not equal (#) right, everyone knows this>>>

          • 2 September 2019 15:32, by Pakuai

            Mr. Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Thomas Cirillo, Lam Akol and other are parts and parcels of the same entities who brought our hard won independence into disrepute and they should be considered as such. And look for other South Sudanese who would steer our boat in the right course than to always dwell on these losers. My own humble self respect Mr. Salva Kiir about his sacrifice since Anyanya one>>>

            • 2 September 2019 15:39, by Pakuai

              when he was a tiny little boy and he has never joined our arch enemy, but leadership wise, he has failed spectacularly. To his yet another credit, he had called the rebels to come back to South Sudan for ’national dialogue’ and in front of all South Sudanese people to come and sorted out the root causes of the problems and to reconcile,>>>

              • 2 September 2019 15:44, by Pakuai

                the South Sudanese people. But the people (countries) who have invested in the destruction of South Sudan, notably the US, the UK, the UN, the UN and their lackeys here in the IGAD and the IGAD don’t want this to happen. They have firmly taken their puppets/stooges like Mr. Riek Machar, Pagan Amuom and others hostage and as their own ’bargaining chips and blackmails’ over South Sudan and>>>>

                • 2 September 2019 15:49, by Pakuai

                  the South Sudanese people. Remember, Mr. Thomas Cirillo was just tapped on the shoulder by the countries l just mentioned above after they saw their Riek Machar armed rebellion utterly crushed on the ground to go to Adis Ababa. And that was precisely to shift their ’proxy war of attrition’ against South Sudan & the South Sudanese people a live in the greater Equatoria.>>>

                  • 2 September 2019 15:55, by Pakuai

                    Mr. Abiye Ahmed after he given power by his predecessor, Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe. Was asked by his handlers to bring Mr. Riek Machar from South Africa and used him as his card to over Mr. Salva Kiir and South Sudan to cement his authority. Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe even called Mr. Salva Kiir to resign just like he did. Mr. Abiye Ahmed lectured his South Sudanese fools, Mr. Salva Kiir>>

                    • 2 September 2019 16:01, by Pakuai

                      and Mr. Riek Machar and tossed them to Mr. Omar Hassan El Bashir to go and do any he wishes about the fools. Mr. Omar Hassan El Bashir went and negotiate his own country’s interests over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. Mr. Yoweri Mr. Museveni of Uganda didn’t want to be left behind and was called to join in the game. And now, North Sudan and Uganda are called the trustees of South Sudan

                      • 2 September 2019 16:08, by Pakuai

                        of South Sudan and the South Sudanese people’s peace? My arse!. As for those South Sudanese who always say that South Sudan has been sold to Uganda and North Sudan? What evidence, the price and the receipt of that deal? North Sudan is pretty much in bad shape than South Sudan. Just like Abesh (so-called ethiopia) or Kenya. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta even tried to be anyone over South Sudan and the>>>

                        • 2 September 2019 16:46, by Pakuai

                          South Sudanese people. His handlers from the US, the UK, their UN, their evil juus (so-called israel) and the NGOs pressured Mr. Salva Kiir to release their puppets/stooges of Mr. Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot or Oyai Deng Ajak to Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta for safety. But Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and his handlers from the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs,>>>

                          • 2 September 2019 17:09, by Pakuai

                            went and used their puppets/stooges, thieves and traitors as his bargaining cards and blackmails over South Sudanese people. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta even appoint his nemesis, Uhuru Kenyatta, to be a mediator between Mr. Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and his handlers allowed his Mr. Riek Machar to stage ’a rally’ at>>>

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