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Tribal clashes in S. Sudan leave 11 dead, scores injured: official


September 22, 2019 (RUMBEK) – At least 11 people were killed and 14 wounded in South Sudan on Sunday during tribal clashes over a contested land, an official said.

Map detail of South Sudan showing Lakes state in red

The Nyang county commissioner, John Malith Tiop told dpa that clashes between the Nuer and Dinka clans took place in Eastern Lakes State.

The injured, he said, were being treated at Nyang county hospital.

The official, however, appealed to the South Sudanese population to settle their disputes peacefully instead of resorting to violence.

South Sudan is experiencing a fragile peace after years of civil war, but clashes over resources continue among its pastoral communities.

South Sudan descended into war in December 2013 when President Salva Kiir, a Dinka, accused the country’s former Vice President Riek Machar, a Nuer, of plotting a coup.

In September 2018, South Sudan’s rival factions signed a peace agreement to end the conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced over 2 million people in the country.


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  • 23 September 2019 08:43, by South South

    If this is true, then Dinka and Nuer need to sit down and settle their differences about land.

    • 23 September 2019 09:33, by Eastern

      South South,

      This is VERY TRUE, Dinak and Nuer have been killing themselves for a very long time. They indeed sad down and talked, but talked shit in 1999 at Wunlit, the sad down again in Addis Ababa in 2015 and killed themselves near Kiir and Machar in July 2016. Recently they sad and talked in Khartoum and you know what will follow...!

      • 23 September 2019 09:49, by South South


        You are making up lies. Bari are killing Mundari everyday. Karo tribes are killing each other everyday. This is what you should be concerning about. Dinka and Nuer have very strong brave men who know to talk and fight. They will settle their differences soon. Tell me where is Thomas Cirillo?

        • 23 September 2019 10:00, by jubaone

          South South Jienge kaffir
          Let Karo People fix their own differences. Just shut up and go settle yours. You jienge coward can’t shout from the comfort of your refugee house in Nairobi and expect your jienge and nyagat savages will do that on their own. Go to your jiengestan. You are a coward and might get your jienge shithole busted. Chillax ya aryan jienge.

          • 23 September 2019 11:51, by South South

            Bari or Karo people need brave people to lead them in anything.Yes, Dinkas are capable of dealing with their problem. Talking about living in Nairobi. I will not live there, I have said this many times, over and over again. South Sudan is in my hands, why should I go outside my country.

            • 23 September 2019 13:22, by jubaone

              South South Jienge kaffir
              You are confusing savagery for bravery. You can be a savage and not brave, or brave and not a savage. Your rants only suggest one thing; a savage but not brave. If you were brave, you would be in the frontlines with other nyors to fight IO or NAS but not barking from far like castle dog.

            • 23 September 2019 13:35, by jubaone

              South South Jienge kaffir
              Jienge leadership is like a blind person describing the way to KonyoKonyo. It is dead and foolish. This explains why your jiengelands are simply shitholes and only fit as grazing areas or wildlife parks. Jiengelands should be turned into zoos. Afterall, jienges have all fled away.

      • 23 September 2019 10:55, by The Rhino


        Dinka and Nuer can never live in peace together, proofs are on the grounds!There’s a long bitter history to that.We’ve Nuer civilians today in PoC sites e.g. capital Juba,who are packed like chickens and are terribly terrified to leave the camp.They’ve good reasons why they chose not to leave those sites.If you have a rotten tribal Dinka gov’t that abuses states power&resources..

        • 23 September 2019 11:07, by The Rhino


          ..and is ready to murder fellow citizens,such situations are what you get..i.e. total fear,lack of trust,lack of truthful dialogue and peace.Any provocative action from Dinka or Nuer will automatically trigger an explosive outburst/deaths(from either side).The ensuing subsequent readiness for revenge killings is then programmed.Often times its the Dinka causing havoc all over....

          • 23 September 2019 11:24, by The Rhino


            ..the country.why b’cos these Dinka murderers are always protected,well supplied with deadly arms and entitled by their tribal jienge gov’t to feel or do so.These are disgusting savages to say the least.Other tribes must join hands and eradicate, bring them,their tyranny,savagery and state of anarchy under control.More bloodshed must follow for justice to come,done!

          • 23 September 2019 11:54, by South South

            The Rhino,
            You monkey shut up your fucking mouth. We don’t have Nuer in Lake State to fight with Dinka. Lake State has no Nuer, confused monkey and very dirty.

            • 23 September 2019 12:24, by The Rhino

              South South,

              Bloody idiot, you really have brains inside your ass.Now tell me who are they that are killing themselves in Nyang county, Eastern Lake state, not Dinka and Nuer clans?You disgusting moron!Think straight jienge bastard,piss off!

              • 23 September 2019 14:52, by South South

                The Rhino,
                Dumb ass person like you will not get for decades to know that we have no Nuer in East Lake State. Continue pouring out your dirty ass lies. Ugly people of South Sudan. Short and look like monkeys.

                • 23 September 2019 16:08, by The Rhino

                  South South,

                  Stinky skunk!If so you surely would unjustifiably argue that your Dinka tribal army didn’t massacre innocent Nuer in Juba Dec.2013,simply b’cos we don’t have Nuer in Central Equatoria.Shit,Dinka and Nuer can’t stand one another when it comes down to the nitty gritty,inside or outside the country,and we Equatorians can’t no longer stand your chaos and fucking savagery.Now that there’s

                  • 23 September 2019 16:11, by The Rhino

                    South South,

                    ..peace,collect all your shit and get the hell out of Equatoria.We have returnees coming back home to assume their ancestral lands.Game over MTNs!

                  • 23 September 2019 16:12, by South South

                    Monkey, East Lake State is not Juba to compare them. Juba is our capital city, any South Sudanese has full right to live there, what are just saying to me is your own shit, stupid.

                    • 23 September 2019 17:38, by The Rhino

                      South South,

                      Wrong!Juba is not your capital city,muraheelin/jienges don’t have anything in life called a capital or fix point.That explains why you Dinka are so reckless and worthless,today here tomorrow some place else in search of readymades,shit.Juba is our Equatorian definitive and eternal Jerusalem,yes our home, deal with it.Marauding savages from Abyei like yourself have nothing less than..

                      • 23 September 2019 17:43, by The Rhino

                        South South,

                        ..a patty limited duration of time in our territories.GUNs and other war tools henceforth will define/make your fucking lives in Equatoria a living hell.Jienges OUT!

            • 23 September 2019 13:01, by Games

              South South
              You are right on that this article needs to be check again. There are no single Nuer lives in Eastern Lake State. The author of this article is created lies and confusing people at the same time.

              • 23 September 2019 17:26, by jubaone

                Those Nuers trying to live in Jiengelands must be the most stupid folks at all. No one can live in Jiengelands. They are like banana plantations infested with hungry and angry baboons each fighting the next for a piece of banana. Avoid them, dont socialize or marry from, nor get married by them. You’re a walking dead once you do that.

                • 24 September 2019 00:26, by Anthony


                  The nuer come from the dinka and 80% of nuer are of recent dinka extraction. You’re so fucking retarded to be saying something like that to a nuer of all people.

                  Low IQ retard. Haha.

              • 23 September 2019 19:44, by The Rhino


                The article is accurate,credit to SudanTribune for pinpointing the truths about continental events.Maybe you are just too weak&dull to understand what is really taking place.Its called foolishness!Now,freedom of press/expression is excruciatingly vital these days.Those editors of SudanTribune are doing a wonderful job in broadcasting raw materials to the world and letting individuals......

                • 23 September 2019 19:51, by The Rhino


                  ..around the globe make their own judgments and decisions about South Sudan and the world we are living in.They deserve a ’Thank You Moment’ for letting us commentators free windows to post expressions on burning issues about what is seriously taking place around us.Nothing is fair these days but the truths MUST be told.I personally say,’Thank You’ to Sudan Tribune for allowing us be on...

                  • 23 September 2019 20:06, by The Rhino


                    ..their site expressing ourselves and emotions in perfect purity.Keep up the piercing good job Sudan Tribune and never let the pillars of independent journalisms down.Information is power, and whoever on this planet is working or is poised to working against it,has long lost and is miserably defeated,full stop!

              • 24 September 2019 00:50, by Anthony

                lol this jubachimp🐵 is a cunt. He acts friendly with nuers because he relies on your people to fight for him(it’s a disgusting coward.

                You can see what he thinks of your people here

                Makes fun of dinka and nuer features yet his people are as black as coal as well. Strange. It’s the blackest racist in the world🤣

      • 24 September 2019 00:35, by Anthony

        Eastern cunt the lotuko ape🦍

        Go back to your primary school in the village and learn how to properly spell "sat" and learn the difference between "sad" and "sat"

        Must suck having an IQ as low as 59. Retard

        • 24 September 2019 02:00, by Pakuai

          Mr. Anthony,
          Don’t sweat your self with these SUDANTRIBUNE trolls chap. The losers are not even South Sudanese or even in South Sudan. They even called Juba their Jerusalem and the Dinkas/Muonyjiengs are savages?!! But if you ask these losers to back up their assertions, they would even dare ’shut you up’ on the internet, can you see chap! They often talk of democracy and if you question>>>>

          • 24 September 2019 02:10, by Pakuai

            where their ’supposed democracy’ comes from? They won’t tell you. In a real democracy which doesn’t exist countries like the *US, the UK, their gulf Arab states’ financiers and their so-called israel attack dog*, differing views are allowed to air out their own views. Democracy exists here in South Sudan, than the US, the UK, their gulf Arab states’ paymasters or their so-called israel attack>>>>

            • 24 September 2019 02:17, by Pakuai

              dog. In fact here in our ’Nilotic plains and valleys’ we highly ’democratic and Egalitarian’. Greed an is ’highly prown upon’. In Dinka/Muonyjieng communities, you may 3000 herd of cattle, but you will still share a table with a Dinka/Muonyjieng man with only 20 herd of cattle. There are some countries which are highly democratic, they are here in Africa, Germany, the Nordic countries, Canada,>>>

              • 24 September 2019 02:23, by Pakuai

                Japan, New Zealand, all the pacific island nations are democratic countries, India is, so does Pakistan and other countries. But the US of old? My arse, the US is not a democracy, but federation. Some well informed South Sudanese who have been to the US can even attest that *the US owns by corporations, fascists or plutocrats some of these days*>>>

                • 24 September 2019 02:30, by Pakuai

                  the big corporations, mass media propaganda machines and big banksters own every politician in the US. There is what they call ’campaign contribution’ where the big corporations put on their candidates whom they would then go and own in both houses ’congress and the senate’. Our Barack Hussein Obama election was just a show to put as a veneer to African Americans or the Africa continent>>>>

                  • 24 September 2019 02:35, by Pakuai

                    that one of their own had eventually taken the ’White people’ coveted seat---the ’white house’. But in reality, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was just a charlatan being ’remotely controlled’ the evil juus (so-called israel) attack dogs of AIPAC, big banking cartels, big mass media propaganda machines and some special interest groups. By the way, our lowly informed South Sudanese>>>

                    • 24 September 2019 02:39, by Pakuai

                      Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is a member of secret societies of:
                      1. The Freemasons
                      2. The Illuminati
                      3. Skull And Bones
                      4. The Bilderberg Group
                      5. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
                      6. The Trilateral Commission (TC) and low level secret societies
                      7. The Committee of 300
                      and other low level secret societies playing balls with the world fellows>>>

                      • 24 September 2019 02:49, by Pakuai

                        Fellows, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is ’the US states’ department in other words’. The most dangerous of all these secret societies is the ’Trilateral Commission (TC)’ the Trilateral Commission (TC) has both ’secretly taken over the whole faced of US government, including all the 50 states’ governments of the US’ fellows. By the way fellows, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama>>>

                        • 24 September 2019 02:54, by Pakuai

                          is a staunch proponent of the so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER government or ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT WITHOUT BORDERS or the so-called ’Africa unity and regional integration’ piece of bullsh*ts being propagated by the evils like Mr. Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga of Kenya,>>>

                          • 24 September 2019 03:59, by Pakuai

                            former Abesh (so-called ethiopia) prime minister Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe and the current piece of trash, Mr. Abiye Ahmed, their traitors, thieves and foreign puppets/stooges here in South Sudan of Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Thomas Cirillo, Majak Agoot, Adwok Nyabe and other bunch of fools who have sold themselves and their souls and themselves>>>

                            • 24 September 2019 04:04, by Pakuai

                              to *evil corporate America, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israel), their cloned so-called arab North Sudan, their gulf Arab states paymasters and their lackeys here in the ’IGAD or the AU’ countries mainly to be enthroned into power in our country. Good luck to our traitors, thieves and foreign puppets/stooges and their masters. South Sudan is not for sale>>>

  • 23 September 2019 11:04, by Anthony

    dinka and nuer fighting Over land? in lakes state? I’m pretty sure the Nuer dont have any territory in lakes state.

    • 23 September 2019 20:04, by Pakuai

      What most of you fellows don’t understand is, most of the SUDAN TRIBUNE and RADIO TAMAZUJ are written always posted by some the same losers like Mr. Eastern, jubaone, the Rhino and other other bunch of foreign trolls working on for foreign governments mostly ’the US (CIA), the UK (MI6), North Sudan agents, the UN and the NGOs’ who have and a nasty obsession with our country and our people>>>

      • 23 September 2019 20:11, by Pakuai

        SUDAN TRIBUNE doesn’t has an office in South Sudan, but in France. The people who always these trolls foreign agents from the US, the UK, North Sudan and israel posing as ’journalists’ trying to work with South Sudanese journalists. Have a look on these links fellows:https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/dec/09/cia-false-information-journalists-mislead-public-senate-report

          • 23 September 2019 20:21, by Pakuai

            Al these fake news by the CIA agents, MI6, Mozaad and other secret agents always use these ’dirty intrigues’ change the perception of the general population. This is dirty project is always done mostly to countries where the ’corporate banksters from New York, London and the hawks in Washington want to regime change a country that has resources or whom they have targeted to be destroyed for her>>>

            • 23 September 2019 20:28, by Pakuai

              resources. The government of South Sudan agencies know all these foreign trolls. They are not South Sudanese by the way. Have you fellows now realized that your ’US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israel) attack dog, their UN and their NGOs are not our real allies or uncles’ after all. But our existential enemies after our cloned so-called arab North Sudan>>>

              • 23 September 2019 20:34, by Pakuai

                Now you have seen your so-called ’US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israel) attack dog, their UN and their NGOs allies and uncles’ went and made their usual alliance with their terrorist North Sudan. And one of their puppet/stooge called prime minster Hamdock who even called for the UN to help his North Sudan with financial assistant?!!! And a loser is called ’an economist’ really?>>>

                • 23 September 2019 20:39, by Pakuai

                  where does the UN gets the money from? Does anything rings the bell of why Mr. Riek Machar is kept hostage in Khartoum? Or other traitors like Mr. Thomas Cirillo or Mr. Thomas Cirillo are also being kept in foreign capitals? It is all about using them by their masters from the US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israel) attack dogs, their UN and their NGOs and some of their lackeys here in our>

                  • 23 September 2019 20:45, by Pakuai

                    IGAD and the AU countries as their bargaining chips or blackmails over our country and over our people solely to crawl their evil selves back into our country to come and restart their dirty game where they left it on the 15/12/2013. And come and restart their so-called UN ONE WORLD ORDER government, or ONE WORLD ORDER government without borders or their so-called "African unity or regional>>>>

                    • 23 September 2019 20:50, by Pakuai

                      integration" piece of bullsh*ts. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. Some of us who are way to well ahead of the dirty game being played over our country and our people by your ’US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israel) attack dog, their UN and their NGOs and their lackeys here in the IGAD and the AU have been tracked 24/7 by some of their secret agents posing as a journalists. The evils>>>

                      • 23 September 2019 20:55, by Pakuai

                        offered to give us well paying jobs or join their devil organizations (clubs). But ’flatly turned down the evils offers and the evil projects behind their love affairs with our country and our people. And so their only leverage left on their evil sleeves over us is to stalk us, our families and our friends 24/7. But the evils are playing with fire fellows.>>>

                        • 23 September 2019 21:02, by Pakuai

                          Fellows, white English people, white Americans, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs and their gulf arab states’ paymasters are pure evils. There is not a single South Sudanese living in ’Canada, the US, the UK, Australia or New zealand’ and their allied countries who is ’well educated or knows’ the dirty game being intentionally played>>>>

                          • 23 September 2019 21:10, by Pakuai

                            over our country and over our people. South Sudanese people living in those countries l just mentioned above are called the "world’s energy" Really. South Sudanese like Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Adwok Nyabe, Pagan Amuom, Thomas Cirillo and other who have sold themselves and their souls to these evils. But don’t have any power over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people are simply being>>>>

                            • 23 September 2019 21:15, by Pakuai

                              used just as l have always posted, as blackmails or bargaining cards over our country and our people. Remember fellows, these secret societies of
                              1. The Freemasons
                              2. The Illuminati
                              3. Skull And Bones
                              4. The Bilderberg Group
                              5. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
                              6. The Trilateral Commission (TC) and low level secret societies

                              • 23 September 2019 21:23, by Pakuai

                                7. The Committee of 300
                                and other dangerous low level secret societies our losers, thieves and foreign puppets/stooges like Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Adwok Nyabe, Thomas Cirillo, Majak Agoot and other bunch of losers who have sold themselves and their souls to those dangerous secret societies fellows. Fellows, there are some evils in ’the US, the UK, their cloned so-called arabs>>>>

                                • 23 September 2019 21:28, by Pakuai

                                  of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs and gulf arab states states who ’pray and swear’ that they cannot live with our country and our people. And that their livehlihoods and their lifestyles is under threat. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. The evil juus (so-called israel) rocket that went and be sent into space in Florida, US and named ’Bereshet’ in Hebrew to mean>>

                                  • 23 September 2019 21:37, by Pakuai

                                    "from the beginning" and came and staged a ’European song contest (Eurovision) in Tela Aviv on our own mighty SPLM/A ’May the 16/2/2019’. Losers, does these numbers mean anything to some South Sudanese in the know or who are being ’stalked or spied’ upon by *the evils* who ’covet’ our country and our people to death, 19, 56, 76, 166, 40, 42, 43 mean anything to them? Watch out fellows>>>

                                    • 23 September 2019 21:47, by Pakuai

                                      Your white Americans, English of the devil infested Island of England, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs and their gulf Arab states’ paymasters are very dangerous pure evils. They have hold of many innocent people around the world and they use them for evil deeds. Have a look on these links:https://www.wired.com/story/mind-games-the-tortu

                                        • 23 September 2019 21:58, by Pakuai

                                          are pretty much very smart. They own everything, the big corporations around the world, big banking cartels and of course, they control over 80% both print mass media or TVs News in the world. And if they don’t, then they will buy some losers lowly informed like in SUDAN TRIBUNE, RADIO TAMAZUJ, Kenyan daily nation to be ghost writing articles on the behave. If anyone point out their devil project>

                                          • 23 September 2019 22:05, by Pakuai

                                            over innocent people with their evil project, that the secret societies and their Rothschilds, Rockefeller, big corporation (banksters) and their gulf Arab states’ paymasters evils have hijacked the whole world and are marching the whole world into a dangerous death traps. Then they will curtly they that what you saying against their evil deeds are ’conspiracies’>>>>

                                            • 23 September 2019 22:11, by Pakuai

                                              Most of actors, Musicians, in the US, Europe or influential or newsreaders are controlled by these same dark forces. Fellows, once again. Watch out. The great Satan is lurking is dangerous lurking around the world.

      • 23 September 2019 20:16, by The Rhino


        Just shut up mr.Bangi man,will you!’Yi a Ko Monye Kak!You Dinka bastards are just squatting on a powder cake,taking things for granted as usual,not realizing the volatility and immediate dangers lurking around the corner.We’ll guarantee that you greedy thieves get want you’ve asked for,done!

      • 23 September 2019 21:34, by The Rhino


        Shut up you automated Bor’s drug addict!I’m sure those drug-extracts from Jongley’s valleys are insanely blasting through your fucking brain in full gear.Here’s the thing, the secret societies you hate so much have already taken maximum charge of the whole planet,deal with it bastard.You are just a piece of sesame seed/shit bouncing on a hot plate.Now do something,Dinka bastard!

        • 23 September 2019 22:18, by Pakuai

          mr.Bangi man,will you!
          Have you ever once sold any drug to my person or anyone here in Bor? By the way, how would a loser tell me to shut up? I am trying to ’inform you idiots’ that the great ’Satan is dangerously lurking around the world’ and would want to make lowly informed losers ’cyborgs or robots’ and you lowly informed idiot even want to ’shut me up’ here we go>>>>

          • 23 September 2019 22:22, by Pakuai

            Good luck with that chap. I doubt if you (the Rhino), Mr. Eastern, jubaone or other bunch of lowly informed have not already been automated by this great Satan lurking dangerous around the world?

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