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U.S. set to impose more sanctions on South Sudan: diplomat


December 19, 2019 (JUBA) – The United State government is set to impose additional sanctions on individuals obstructing South Sudan’s ongoing implementation of the peace agreement, its envoy said.

U.S ambassador to South Sudan Thomas J. Hushek speaking to Radio Miraya, Nov. 19, 2019 (embassy photo)

Thomas Hushek, the US ambassador to Juba said, sanctions are tools used by any government and the US will not hesitate to apply them.

“I don’t see us removing the sanctions we have done, and we will continue to use sanctions as one of the tools,” the diplomat told reporters in Juba on Wednesday.

In November, Washington recalled its ambassador to South Sudan after the country’s rival leaders failed to form a unity government.

The US expressed its frustration at South Sudan’s failure to form a national unity government on November 12, questioning the suitability to President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar to lead the country.

Hushek urged South Sudan’s leaders to form an inclusive unity government.

“You know if the future of the unity government comes in and it’s a more inclusive government. We hope it is a government that has more technical capacity and more political will to actually start tackling these many reforms that are built in the peace agreement, that process starts moving forward,” he stressed.

The US on Monday placed sanctions on South Sudan’s Cabinet Affairs ministers, Martin Elia Lomuro and his Defense counterpart, Kuol Manyang Juuk for obstructing the country’s ongoing peace process.

According to the US government, Lomuro has been responsible for actively recruiting and organizing local militias to conduct attacks against opposition forces in South Sudan. On the other hand, Juuk is said to have failed to remove military forces from the battlefield as agreed, fomented violence with rival tribes, and oversaw the training of tribal militias to prepare for the possibility of renewed violence.

The State Department further warned that "other measures" would be imposed against any who seek to expand the conflict and derail peace efforts in South Sudan.

The latest sanctions come barely a week after the U.S. vowed to implement visa restrictions against individuals who undermine the peace process in South Sudan.

South Sudan descended into civil war in mid-December 2013 when President Kiir accused his former deputy Machar of plotting a coup, allegations the latter denied.

In September last year, the country’s rival factions signed a revitalized peace deal to end the civil war that killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions.


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  • 20 December 2019 10:15, by South South

    Peace is coming to South Sudan for real. Let those bogus sanctions be imposed by USA. What will individuals sanctions do in a country like South Sudan? Nothing, people of South Sudan should focus on the peace and ignore anything coming from outside the country. It’s our country and we should take care of it.

    • 20 December 2019 11:17, by jubaone

      South South
      Shut up jienge kaffir. Peace has NO legs you dummy. You had peace in jiengelands since 2005 till today, but you act like baboons in a maize field, destroying everything. If we Equatorians turned our region into a shithole like your worthless areas, there would NO country called SS. Equatoria has made you human, bloody chimp.

      • 20 December 2019 11:23, by jubaone

        South South,
        Mark you, as long as Eqautoria has NOT spoken, you can squeal, yap, dance naked or hang yourself, nothing will get done. Foreign investors would have gone to invest in your shithole areas, but cuz you are just the "foolish majority" without substance, all of them have remained in Equatoria. Just tell us what developments you have accomplsihed, ya kaffir!

        • 20 December 2019 11:28, by jubaone

          South South,
          Ya jienge kaffir, SS is for you a booty, a granary to plunder but not develop. Even foolish luakjienges know, you feed the cow well, you get more milk and eventually meat. Stealing, plundering and then running to foreign countries claiming to be refugees, wele! Just food refugees seeking free nyamnyam, comfort and accommodation. Lazy and primitive savages.

      • 20 December 2019 12:18, by South South


        Liar, shut up. majority of people from Equatoria are in refugee camps in Uganda hiding like chicken. Stop your lies an old man. You said UN and USA did force IGAD to release Riek, a lie!!!! Liar.

        • 21 December 2019 09:34, by Eastern

          South South,

          Who were beaten up recently in a refugee camp in Uganda, not jenge..? Everybody wants peace that is genuine not fake nor imposed....

          • 21 December 2019 11:29, by South South


            You are another wicked liar like jubaone. Peace is already ringing in South Sudan. Maybe monkeys are very lower learners and will take some time to understand that. You people are like chicken in the country side, when a chicken is slaughtered, the owner will cut off the head. It’s will take a chicken long time to understand that it’s dead. Come back to Juba and enjoy peace or shut up.

      • 21 December 2019 16:57, by Pakuai

        "Shut up jienge kaffir. Peace has NO legs you dummy"
        By the way, do you know the word "kaffir" is an Arab word which they used to be belittled anyone ’don’t believe or unbeliever?’ jubaone, are you still denying that you, Mr. Eastern, The Rhino and Landord are just bunch of ’cloned so-called arab of North Sudan’ who were kicked out of South Sudan and are so bitter and would want to lump>>

        • 21 December 2019 17:04, by Pakuai

          their bitterness onto Dinkas/Jenges because the Dinkas/Jenges are/were the ones who weaned you parasites off South Sudan’s teats? jubaone, honestly speaking. We know you creeps better than you people think. The Reasons you creeps always lean on Mr. Riek Machar and bunch of lowly informed Nuers who believe in Ngundeng Buong magic and superstitions is simply to achieve your own dirty end>>>

          • 21 December 2019 17:11, by Pakuai

            And that is to make South Sudan as ungovernable as possible. And then the creeps in the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of their lackeys here in the IGAD and the AU, who covet South Sudan and the South Sudanese people to death would bring in what they are desperately after in South Sudan---the TRUSTEESHIP or Takeover of South Sudan by foreign powers on a pretext that>>>

            • 21 December 2019 17:16, by Pakuai

              South Sudanese people are unable to rule themselves. Mr. jubaone chap. We are way to well ahead of these cheap and dirty intrigues. There some evils in the US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs who even proposed that South Sudan should be ruled by the UN and the NGOs for 35 years and be plundered by the same US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israel) and their allies>>>

              • 21 December 2019 17:22, by Pakuai

                and that South Sudan would then be given back to South Sudanese people after 35 years after she has been plundered. We are know all these dirty proportions. jubaone, there are some evils on this planet earth who just love other people and their countries, even when you don’t consider them anything. There are evils in the US, the devil infested island of England, the UN, their sleazy NGOs, their>>>

                • 21 December 2019 17:27, by Pakuai

                  cloned so-called arab North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis) and some of their lackeys here in the IGAD and the AU who have attached themselves to our country and our people like ’leeches or ticks’. These vermin even "swear and pray" than their lifestyles is under threat and that there cannot be their cloned so-called arab North Sudan without South Sudan and the South Sudanese people>>>

                  • 21 December 2019 17:34, by Pakuai

                    And these evils who have attached their evil selves to our country and our people like ’leeches or ticks’ are made to have a leverage by some of their foolish so-called PhD doctors and traitors or foreign puppets/stooges who have sold themselves and their souls to devils and the secret societies. And of course, we have another foolish Salva Kiir and his henchmen who don’t know the dirty game>>>

                    • 21 December 2019 17:42, by Pakuai

                      being played over our country and our people by the countries the lowly informed often called their ’allies or uncles’. Mr. jubaone, when some of us see Mr. Salva Kiir with ’black cow hat’ on his foolish head trying to tell South Sudanese people to reconcile themselves since they have reconciled themselves with Mr, Riek Machar, a huge chunk ’of bile, hatred and racism’ is generated Mr. jubaone>>>

                      • 21 December 2019 17:51, by Pakuai

                        There are more problems in Democratic republic of Congo (DRC), central Arfica republic (C.A.R), Kenya, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Eritrea, Northern Nigeria, Libya, Somali and other countries in Africa. But South Sudan problems are what every piece of trash around the world love to their propagate lies after lies about 24/7. And of course, some of foolish so-called PhD doctors and lowly informed>>

                        • 21 December 2019 17:57, by Pakuai

                          and so-called politicians who just love to do foolish politics and would be quick to ask other countries for humanitarian aid and adoptions as if other countries ’owe South Sudan and the South Sudanese people and debt’. Our cloned so-called arab North Sudan owe our country and people a huge debt that they cannot and will never ever pay until we bomb the evils out of our country>>>

                          • 21 December 2019 18:05, by Pakuai

                            over our people. The evils in the US, the UK, their gulf Arab states financiers, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs and some of their creeps have gone and made an alliance with their cloned so-called arabs North Sudan. After the evils found out that their ’regime change’ business over the government of South Sudan and be replaced with their puppets/stooges of Mr. Riek Machar,>>>>

                            • 21 December 2019 18:28, by Pakuai

                              Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Thomas Cirillo, Majak Agoot and other bunch of criminals who thought they would be installed into power in South Sudan and over the South Sudanese people and then go and micro-manage them in ’Washington, Wall Street, Bahamas, Virgin islands, Cayman islands, Panama, London, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Adis Ababa and other shady countries’>>>>

                              • 21 December 2019 18:35, by Pakuai

                                the vermin always go and hide the ’loots in’. Mr. jubaone, can I ask you this simple question? Who is holding your ’Thomas Cirillo in foreign country?’ Who is keeping Mr. Pagan Amuom in foreign country?. Who took your Riek Machar to DR Congo jungle?, South Africa, Khartoum, Adis Ababa and so on? It is his foreign handlers from the US, the UK, evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs>>>>

                                • 21 December 2019 18:43, by Pakuai

                                  their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of their creeps here in the IGAD and the AU, Mr. jubaone piece of trash. Your US and her allies think, they use these traitors and foreign puppets/stooges as their bargaining chips or bargaining cards over country and our people to crawl their evil selves into our country & over our country again to come and re-start from where the evils left it on 15/12/2013>>

                                  • 21 December 2019 18:54, by Pakuai

                                    Mr. jubaone,
                                    let any piece of rubbish bring come back to South Sudan with any rubbish that is connected to evil *white Americans, English people, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs, some Bantuses from Kenya, South Africa and west Africa, Abeshas (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, gulf Arab states terrorists, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis,>>>

        • 21 December 2019 21:37, by The Rhino


          Strictly spoken,the mess in South Sudan today is purely caused by your foolish greedy Dinka uncles on seat in the gov’t,not anybody else,period!You fucking Dinka savages mercilessly ruined the little achievements South Sudanese had until 2011.We the truest owners of the region..from our Mundari territories to Kajokeji..my mighty KARO people will never forget nor forgive your disgusting...

          • 21 December 2019 21:40, by The Rhino


            ..atitudes and ungratefulness in Equatoria.You will pay for your sins in this world and the next one!!!

          • 21 December 2019 22:39, by South South

            The Rhino, the only true owners of South Sudan are those who fought for it. Any monkey who is opening his dirty mouth now will be ignored. We don’t around with stupid people like you. We have South Sudan in our hands and any stupid move from your side will result someone running to refugee camps. You haven’t seen anything yet.

            • 21 December 2019 22:41, by South South

              The Rhino,
              Correction. I mean we don’t play around.

              • 22 December 2019 01:16, by The Rhino

                South South,

                You always correct yourself many times like a fucking bitch,what the hell is your problem?..you bloodsucking Dinka savage?Here is a suggestion, first go fight against the Masiriya arabs in Abyei before talking about any area in South Sudan,damn it.We the mighty KARO people own Juba and South Sudan as a whole,thus don’t give a fuck about you intruders in Equatoria.Fact is, you Dinka..

                • 22 December 2019 01:37, by The Rhino

                  South South,

                  ..baboons have already lost the game(its checkmate!!!).Up until now you’ve been loosing it and will keep on loosing until another KARO messenger walks the talk and stand the tall in the face of this earth!Shit,we will guarantee that you Dinka savages suffer and never recover until genuine justice and peace is recovered among KARO’s territories in South Sudan...Amen!!!

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