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Dozens killed in tribal attacks in disputed Abyei area


 People gather around a house burnt by Misseriya gunmen in Komol of Abyei area on 22 January 2020 (ST photo)
January 22, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - More than twenty people were killed in the disputed area of Abyei after tribal attacks by Misseriya armed men on a Dinka Ngok village, according to the UN peacekeeping mission (UNISFA) and local leaders.

"19 people are reportedly dead and 25 wounded while three children are reportedly missing and 19 houses burnt from the Dinka community," said UNISFA on Wednesday.

The Mission Spokesman Daniel Adekera told Sudan Tribune that the two sides had already clashed in Kolom on 20 January 2020.

"Three people were killed, one of them a Dinka, (on Monday)," he added.

Accordingly, the death toll has risen to 22 people killed during the clashes on Monday and Wednesday.

For his part, a Dinka Ngok administrative leader Kuol Alor Kuol told the AFP that 32 people were killed and over 15 people were abducted by the assailants.

The cause of the clashes is not clear but the cattle rustling is one of the sources of violence in the area.

However, Kuol told Reuters that attackers wanted to drive Dinka Ngok out of the area "enhance their access to grazing resources".

There is no local police or administrative structures in Abyei.

The Dinka Ngok call to hold a referendum on the future of the area which remains a Sudanese territory to allow them to join South Sudan.

However, the parties’ failure on who can participate in the vote prevented the organization of the referendum as agreed in the 2005 agreement which paved the way for the independence of South Sudan in July 2011.

The border straddling-area of Abyei was seen in the past as a bridge between the north and south Sudan and a model of peaceful coexistence.

However, the 10,500 km area is now an obstacle for the development of good relations between Khartoum and Juba due to the political and security vacuum.

The UNISFA deployed troops in the area to contain the situation and prevent escalation as armed men from both sides are converging to Kolom.

The peacekeeping force further warned the conflicting parties against the resumption of clashes.

"UNISFA would like to reiterate that any presence of armed groups within the Abyei box other than its own troops is viewed by the mission as a violation of its mandate and will not hesitate to place responsibility on those engaged in such violations".

The Sudanese transitional government issued a statement condemning the tribal violence

"Thirty-two people were killed among them children and women, and secondly about 24 people are wounded ... about 15 people including children were abducted and 20 houses burned," Kuol Alor Kuol, the chief administrator of the Abyei area, told AFP news agency.

In Khartoum, the Sudanese government condemned the attacks on civilians by the armed men.

The government spokesman Faisal Mohamed Saleh further called on UNISFA forces in the region to control security and protect civilians.


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  • 23 January 06:43, by Mayendit

    Message to all people of Abyei communities including Piny Deng Majok. You must go home Abyei communities and have talks about your security because the whole population in Ngok Dinka will not be protected by UN Peacekeepers unless you guys have to manage even if it cost lives let it be. These moveable Misseriya tribes have not learn lessons until you beat them up.

  • 23 January 06:54, by Mayendit

    The youths of Dinkas Ngok Abyei have not been actively during the SPLA and SPLM time, the Abyei Sons who joined SPLA and SPLM were very few people while there hundred of thousands young people in the community. You must avoid being a fearful Dinkas but you must staying strongly defending your own lands, people because the Misseriya tribes are posting threatening your communities.

  • 23 January 07:08, by Mayendit

    Look your people standing with wood sticks when Arabs Misseriya made attacked and killings 32 innocent civilians. Standing with sticks is not the solution for Abyei communities but sit down after calling youths, Elders, generals in SSPDF, intellectual from all 9 Ngok Dinka and your primarily focused is protection and to deal with Misseriya tribes. I want to see or heard your response to Misseriya

  • 23 January 07:21, by Mayendit

    To: President Salva Kiir Mayardit and all governors of South Sudan nation, Misseriya tribes and many more others Arabs nomadic who usually a cross border to South Sudan for grazing land and water must be banned from entering into any State this is a national security threat. President Salva Kiir Mayardit must stop peace agreement medication on Northern Sudanese and SPLM Party and others opposition

  • 23 January 07:32, by Mayendit

    We would like to sees SPLM Party and others oppositions leaders to agree and leave theirs politics apart because the Arabs Misseriya tribes are armed by its government and it is threatening South Sudan national security because the citizens of another nation can’t enter another country to attack innocent civilians who are not armies. Kiir Mayardit must suspend Northern Sudanese peace agreement med

  • 23 January 07:46, by Gabriel Ajak

    Blaming government or Ethiopian troop in Abyei is not a solution,stop running to Anet when hearing the sound of guns, go on, take arm and make a revenge attack to Arab Misseriya South Sudan will get you on move.

    • 23 January 12:09, by Langbaar

      Gabriel Ajak,
      Don’t worry. There are no 32 Ngok Dinkas.Muounyjiengs Killed in Abyei chap. 32 South Sudanese states + plus Abyei, 33 states were what some low lives in our cloned so-called arabs North Sudan, Abesh (so-called ethiopians) prostitutes, their UN, UNISFA and some of their rubbish here in the region went and used as their own news chap.>>>

      • 23 January 12:14, by Langbaar

        didn’t I tell you that *Crimea, part of Ukraine* Are Europeans through and through. But they don’t the evil in devil infested Island of England, the US, their evil juus juus (so-called irsaelis) and some of their rubbish in between toy around with their country and our people. Gabriel Ajak, watch out chap>>>>

        • 23 January 12:23, by Langbaar

          There are some evils on this planet earth who have attached themselves to other countries and their countries. Tell them the truths and they will go and prepackage it as their own----they are *the US evils who have been living over our country and over our people all along. *Lowly informed South Sudanese piece trashes*>>>>>

            • 23 January 12:38, by Langbaar

              The links above *are not conspiracy theorist links; they are facts losers*. Your US, the devil infested Island of England, their evil juus (so-called israelis) projected themselves onto other people and their people all the times, and the vermin always think, they can live over other people and their countries.>>>

              • 23 January 12:47, by Langbaar

                Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta would be dead, chap. *All the evil English armies at *Nanyuki, Laikipia, here in South Sudan, Juba, Bor, Pibor, Malakal, Wau, Akoba, Anasir, Gambella region; will be killed by us and thrown into the Nile and be done with them., reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM chap*>>.

                • 23 January 13:03, by injuba

                  "All the evil English armies.......Gambella region; will be killed by us and thrown into the Nile"
                  In case you are not aware, there is hardly any function road from the Nile into the Pibor area, not to mention Gambella. So in case you are killing the "English armies", who ever that might be, how are you going to transport the dead bodies of the ones you bravely killed to the Nile?

                • 23 January 13:08, by Langbaar

                  Read this link: *Daniel Adekera*, does name ’Daniel Adekera’ rhyme with South Sudan and the Sudanese people?. Not even the slightest. I am called Daniel losers, a South Sudanese boy. A lost so-called lost boys of the Sudan; Jesh El amr, Red army, and very racist. Our SPLM/A was named after the ’RED ARMY OF RUSSIA’. Russians people and their allies were the ones who help bombed>>>>

                  • 23 January 13:13, by Langbaar

                    the *NAZIs out Russia. Eastern Europe, central Europe, Western Europe, here in Africa,; in out’ Bantus countries*>>>>

  • 23 January 13:59, by Fathi

    This is horrible news. I’m praying for the families who have lost their loved ones and for the people who have been abducted to be safely returned. If UNISFA is unable to protect the Ngok Dinka then they must say so. They can’t call for no weapons in Abyei when they aren’t able to protect the Ngok Dinka. That only leaves them susceptible to future attacks.

    • 23 January 14:01, by Fathi

      The responsibility should be at the hands of the Sudanese government to disarm any Misseriya groups entering Abyei. They can’t continue killing and abducted people to have more land to graze at.

      • 23 January 14:07, by Fathi

        Once governors & parliament are appointed and the peace agreement with the armed groups are settled, PM Hamdok should initiate serious discussions with president Salva Kiir about the future of Abyei. The people of Abyei deserve better and can’t be ignored forever. As long as it remains unsettled, the violence will continue.

        • 23 January 14:09, by Fathi

          Both North and South Sudanese are tired of all fighting. We don’t want to have a proxy war in Abyei. If the two sides can’t come to an agreement, we might have settle for international arbitration.

          • 23 January 16:23, by Khent


            "International arbitration"? Do you mean something like the Permanent Court of Arbitration? The Abyei ’dispute’ was referred to the PCA in July 11, 2008. The Permanent court of arbitration then came out with a ruling on Abyei in July 22, 2009 . The ruling was understood to be both binding and final by the respective parties...

            • 23 January 16:38, by Khent

              ..But Khartoum rejected the final and binding ruling in September of 2010. The mandate of the PCA was to determine the area of the nine *Ngok chiefdoms* transferred to Kordofan as they were in 1905. The PCA determined that its delimitation of the Abyei area is correspondent with the area of the nine Ngok chiefdoms transferred to Kordofan in 1905...

              • 23 January 17:09, by Khent

                Anyone with a morsel of honesty, comprehension, reasoning and discernment perfectly understands that the land that was defined and delimited by the PCA is land that belongs solely and entirely to the Ngok Dinka. The Misseriya are not people of Abyei; the lands of the Misseriya lie to the North of Abyei-> in Muglad and Babanusa...

                • 23 January 17:20, by Khent

                  The Misseriya do not have any legitimate permanent settlements in Abyei. The Misseriya are transhumant; their traditional lands and permanent settlements are in Babanusa and Muglad; they are merely seasonal migrants -> passing through and making use of Abyei’s pastures for three [3] to four [4] months in a year...

                  • 23 January 18:00, by Khent

                    .The Ngok arrived in Abyei a full generation before the Misseriya were able to dislodge and displace the indigenous shatt Nuba from Turda in Muglad, north of Abyei. In fact, certain sections of the Ngok assisted the Misseriya in seizing control of Muglad from the Nuba in 1765-1775.

        • 23 January 14:57, by jubaone

          These jienge kuffar are simply cowards. Their youth could simply organize themselves and make deadly revenge against the mesiriya. But their youth have all fled to Sudan, Equatoria, Uganda and Kenya. They can save their shitholes. No Equatorians, Nuer, Collos or the rest will waste time to die 💀 again for these worthless kuffar. We want Juba to burn and drive these creatures out.

          • 23 January 18:06, by Khent


            That’s nice, mate. You’re neutrality would actually be welcomed. Most Equatorians (during the war with the North) were part of Khartoum’s vast militia network in South Sudan. Khartoum enthusiastically armed the Mundari militia, the Bari dominated Popular Resistance Movement/Army, the Equatorial Defence Force and a multitude of tribes like the Toposa, Lotuka, Didinga, Boya, Acholi and many

            • 23 January 18:15, by Khent

              Equatoria was home to dozens of Khartoum-compliant tribal militias; the Nuer provided tens of thousands of militiamen to do Khartoum’s bidding - especially in the 90s. The vast majority of South Sudan’s tribes worked hand in hand with Khartoum against the Dinka during the war, so threatening to not get involved this time would be a huge plus for the Dinka...

              • 23 January 18:30, by Khent

                ..We’ve been fighting the Arabs for centuries; we lost over a million people fighting Khartoum in the second Sudanese civil war. The Dinka accomodated the return of Khartoum’s ’Junubin’ militiamen when the CPA was signed in 2005. None of the 63 tribes should ever be required to get involved in a Dinka-Arab war.

                • 24 January 10:43, by jubaone

                  Now let’s put the monyjienge’s fighting prowess to test. Go organize yourselves to liberate Abyei from the jellaba. Your jienge youth should stop running away to hide their shitholes in Equatoria, Uganda or Kenya. After all, the rest 63 ethnicities are only cowards. Truth hurts but must be told.

                  • 24 January 11:16, by Khent


                    I genuinely find your ethnic tinged barbs funny, mate. The Dinka will have to protect the Ngok because they seem incapable of putting up any kind of resistance — unlike all the other Dinka sections on the border that retaliate against the Rizeigat and the Salamat Arabs anytime they come under attack. You’re not cowards, but none of the 63 tribes are required.

            • 23 January 18:22, by jubaone

              I’m not going to waste my time issuing rebuttals or debunking jienge myths on their sole role in liberating SS, which funny though was predominantly undertaken in Equatoria. Jiengelands were and are still strategically and economically irrelevant and therefore weren’t worthy of liberation. Had all Equatorians thrown their weight behind as proxy militias,..

              • 23 January 18:29, by jubaone

                ..to Khartoum and stood as one solid block, no jienges would ever have consolidated their presence in Equatoria. Such places like New Kush etc..the SPLA base wouldn’t have been established. Equatorians knew that it was imperative to deal with the great "jellaba satan" first, while knowing the lesser "jienge evil" would be dealt with afterwards. Mark my words, this time around its you or the rest.

                • 23 January 18:35, by jubaone

                  Most jienges mistook our kindness and hospitality for cowardice. Equatorians foolishly voted in Jan 2011 in the referendum for separation. Had they been told that jienges miscreants were that sickening and heinous, they would have opted for another path. Now SS is at crossroads and Equatorians are reminded only KOKORA by guns or otherwise. If you lived in Juba during kokora,..

                  • 23 January 18:42, by jubaone

                    then you should have known how Equatorians can be that nasty.Since jienges can only live among themselves, then there’s absolutely no need for them to come and squat in Equatoria. This time around, as long as our Equatorian boys and girls are armed, then let’s fight it out. You jienges win, you "own" Equatoria, should you lose, pray 🙏 that God comes to your aid, cuz we’ll have no mercy.

                • 23 January 18:40, by Khent


                  Waste your time? Mate, you’re always on this site. The Nuer all left in 91; the Shilluk followed Lam Akol; the Murle were Khartoum surrogates; the same is true for the ’Fertit’ -> a designation for a dozen tribes in Western Bahr el Ghazal; Equatoria produced Khartoum supplied and suppprted tribal militias and organised outfits like Martin Kenyi’s Equatorian Defence Force.

                  • 23 January 18:46, by Khent

                    ..The Nuba and the people of Blue Nile contributed significantly more than Equatoria and the Nuer, so the Dinka were not alone. Keep issuing threats online, mate. I’m sure a keyboard warrior like you has the Dinka quivering in their boots.

                    • 23 January 19:06, by jubaone

                      You were neither a member of the SPLM nor recruited in any of its battalions. Those jienges that joined the movement en masse were oblivious of the real causes for liberation. They were told, Equatorians with kokora had them thrown out. Most Equatorian youths who joined the SPLA were made to understand, they were unwanted. Jienges rather went for Nubas, Darfuris and Ingessena mercenaries.

                      • 23 January 19:18, by Khent


                        The Nuba and the people of Blue Nile are our brothers, not mercenaries; the Dinka migrated to South Sudan from the Gezira (Blue Nile) in the 13th Century. Contrary to what some ignorant and deluded Equatorians think of themselves, most of you are Nilotic and also have your origins in the Gezira.

                • 23 January 20:22, by Fathi


                  Thats messed up what you said about the Ngok Dinka. The few I know are pretty cool. I must say though, the great "jellaba satan" is hilarious lmao. Sounds like the Iranian Ayatollah speaking about America

                  • 23 January 21:53, by Khent


                    I think the man was speaking of the Dinka as a whole. The Ngok of Abyei are weak and naive; their lack of martial prowess invites these attacks. The Ngok are also the most Arabized Dinka section and routinely marry their daughters off to the Misseriya even as they come under attack from them.

                    • 24 January 11:47, by Fathi

                      I view it slightly differently. I think that is commendable of the Ngok of Abyei. Their ability to forgive Misseriya, despite the heinous crimes some of the Misseriya carried out, and not stereotype the entire tribe speaks to their desire to coexist and live in peace. It is honorable. However, I do not believe in forgiveness until you become endangered. Self-preservation must be prioritized

                  • 23 January 22:01, by The Rhino


                    Don’t forget that Dinka themselves heavily collaborated with the Arabs in betraying the liberation struggle.Some of those Dinka who backstabbed the movement are still alive today and are actively advising foolish Kiir to pursue tribalism in S.Sudan.There’s that thing I fully don’t understand,as soon as you crawl out of your bookshelves,you are always quick at pointing fingers at others....

                    • 23 January 22:09, by The Rhino


                      ..Mr.librarian,stop blaming Equatorians for alleged events..oh Eqyatorians here,oh Mundari militias there and so forth is just bullshit,forgetting that it was the Dinka who primarily worked diligently with the Arabs to destroy the movement, yes both politically and militarily.The Nuer did their part, and you Dinka people your part as well.Your Dinka snitches misled their own people that...

                      • 23 January 22:20, by The Rhino


                        ..was why millions of your Dinka people were killed and enslaved.Check those facts in one of your books in stock or simply sit down with one of your JCE oldies for a historical narrative.Comrade Jubaone is right!

                        • 24 January 07:10, by Khent

                          The Rhino

                          I have routinely condemned the Dinka for their litany of failures and abuses... and I even receive a pat on the back for it. I am met with a wholly different kind of reception when I mention that others have their own faults and produced Khartoum compliant militias. The Dinka had death-deserving traitors, but where were the tens of thousands of Khartoum compliant Dinka militiamen?

                          • 24 January 07:56, by Khent

                            You’re free to hate the Dinka to your heart’s content. You have legitimate grievances but I will not just go along and pretend that the Dinka did not sacrifice and suffer fighting Khartoum - especially post 91 when entire tribes joined Khartoum’s milita network.

                  • 24 January 10:38, by jubaone

                    Then have them, if they are cool. As Equatorians, we have no need for them. They can call themselves SS, after all everybody claims to be a SS somehow. Was it not Dr Francis Deng who ferociously attacked the SPLM for harbouring separatist tendencies by advocating for a plebiscite? Was he not the very person that glorified jienge-jellaba blood relations?

                    • 24 January 12:28, by Fathi

                      Glady. We’ll take you too ;)

                      • 24 January 15:02, by jubaone

                        Unless of course you have me like a castrated eunuch in your household. You may regret that especially if you still have your sisters and other female relatives at home. That ain’t fun no more. Choose now.👊

                        • 25 January 11:02, by Fathi

                          Are you threatening rape? smh .. Unless you’re bringing 300 cows and proposing, you’re not doing shit in my household.

                          • 25 January 11:55, by jubaone

                            Rape? That is for jienge kuffar and jellaba weaklings who have no oratory and seducing skills. We Equatorians have no word for rape and never expect that from me. As for 300 cows, that is negotiable 😁.

  • 23 January 17:46, by Mayendit


    The South Sudan nation which you are talking about was liberated by Dinkas people in the SPLA while Equatorians were hiding on Mountain. This Abyei is the national issued if you are awordac man. I think Nuers people will be better than Equatorians people when it come to national issued. Most Equatorians people are fearful and unpatriotic we know that.

    • 23 January 18:47, by jubaone

      You jienge loser! We have no SS nation, but a jienge republic. Did you jienges ask the other ethnicities or nationalities, if they ever wanted to live with you? Keep to yourselves that is fine, as for us Equatorians, we see no cultural, intellectual nor economic value addition from you. You jienges come to us, we don’t go to you, for what?

      • 23 January 18:52, by jubaone

        Still waiting for the "SS liberators" to come up and retake Abyei wholly from their jellaba masters. I’m afraid, the reputed "mathiang anyoor" are only good at raping defenceless women and stealing. Forget Abyei and just run 🏃 to Kenya or Uganda. It’s over.

        • 23 January 19:06, by Khent


          That kind of advise is precisely the path certain tribes and regions took during the war, so it’s hilarious hearing it from you. You’re projecting and I find it amusing. With the exception of the soft, myopic Ngok, none of the other Dinka sections on the North-South border get attacked by the Baggara Arab tribes. The Dinka will need to unify and confront this threat as a whole.

    • 23 January 19:13, by jubaone

      When the Equatorians started the Anyanya movement in Torit, jienges were still running naked after their cows, completely ignorant of any national liberation struggles. 17 years Equatorians did it alone, only to have jienge latecomers crowding in for positions in the regional govt. Equatoria is not SS. Just go and develop your stinking luaks.

      • 23 January 19:37, by Khent


        Cool story, bro. It’s a complete distortion but it is funny. Anya-Nya was formed in 1963 and the war ended in 1971, so where did you get 17 years from? The 1955 mutiny was short-lived. The Dinka have been resisting and containing the Arabs for centuries before you knew of the Arabs. Also, Anya-Nya was not a centralised movement; the Dinka in Bahr el Ghazal had their own cells.

        • 23 January 20:05, by Fathi


          The intent of my posts was to express sympathy for the Ngok Dinka, who were killed. I then criticized UNISFA and their policy, which leaves the Ngok Dinka vulnerable. I then criticized the Misseriya and suggested the Sudanese government disarm any Misseriya entering Abyei to minimize chances of violence.

          • 23 January 20:09, by Fathi

            I then spoke out against ignoring Abyei and suggested arbitration as a solution. I wasn’t trying to argue that Abyei belongs to Misseriya. I haven’t read the results of PCA. Your passive aggressive comments aren’t appreciated. However, I do appreciate the brief summary. I don’t get why you’re asking Jubabone for neutrality. He comes off more biased than anyone in this thread lol

            • 23 January 21:02, by Khent


              Look, I was making use of sarcasm in response to your arbitration suggestion. The two halves of Greater Sudan could go to war over this, so I expect all of us to know the particulars. I went on the offensive based entirely on my experience with Northerners on this issue. I’ll be individual specific in the future.

              • 24 January 12:11, by Fathi

                I understand where you’re coming from. I held a similar opinion to that of the northerners you referred to until I actually spoke to a brother that is from the Ngok Dinka of Abyei. I’ve also said that I recognize the dominant rights of the Ngok Dinka to Abyei on this site before.

                • 24 January 12:19, by Fathi

                  Personally, I believe if that if they want secede & join SS (which they do given the 99.9% referendum which isn’t recognized) & SS accepts the Misseriya to peacefully enter unarmed to graze, then I completely support the Ngok Dinka. Admittedly, this position isn’t popular throughout the north.

                  • 24 January 12:25, by Fathi

                    I would like to add that I would love for them to stay in a Sudan that accepts them fully, respects their cultural differences, and gives them all the rights they’re entitled to as citizens, but I believe we decades away from achieving that. Fortunately, I now believe our society is slowly and surely heading toward that direction, especially the younger generation. They’re a lot more accepting.

    • 23 January 22:33, by The Rhino


      Coward people like you are the ones who ran away from their ancestral areas only to settle in Equatoria,camps or protection sites.Equatoria will for always remain Equatorian,in this life and the next one.We will guarantee that this time savages are wiped out of Equatoria for good,full stop!

      • 24 January 10:30, by jubaone

        Do you know, that Garang nearly gave up leading the SPLA/M after it was nearly defeated in 1994? Do you know that Katiba Tafeng, Mukshasha and Shakoush were instrumental in reversing all the SPLA loses during the Bright Star Operations? Do you know it was Equatoria, owing to its strategic position massively helped the SPLA logistically?Jiengelands only offered foot soldiers and cows.

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