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Netanyahu’s issue widens gaps between Sudan’s civil and military forces


February 5, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s civilian and military components of the transitional government Wednesday exchanged hot statements over al-Burhan’s meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister that may affect the relative entente between them.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Getty Images)

The Head of the Transitional Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on Wednesday stated he had informed Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok about his meeting with Netanyahu two days before.

"I informed Hamdok (about the meeting) 48 hours before visiting Uganda and meeting with Netanyahu, and he said Go ahead," al-Burhan said in a briefing to some journalists on Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, the head of the collegial presidency issued a statement saying that he had not informed the government about the meeting and he exceeded his powers in the transitional constitution.

Al-Burhan statements trigged another statement by the cabinet’s Spokesman Faisal Mohamed Saleh denying that Hamdok had been aware of the meeting.

"The Prime Minister was not informed about the visit of the Chairman of the Sovereign Council to Entebbe or his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister. Accordingly, there was no notification or consultation regarding this matter," said Saleh.

The information minister further recalled that the Constitutional Declaration is the legal framework governing the transitional period as it was agreed in a joint meeting held between the Sovereign Council, the cabinet and leaders of the ruling coalition.

Some political forces rejected the meeting based on their support to the Palestinian people and Netanyahu’s rejection of an independent state for them.

However, the major point of divergence was who does what.

On Wednesday, al-Burhan said his meeting with Netanyahu did not encroach on the powers of the government he said contradicting his statement on Tuesday.

"I agreed with Netanyahu on the future cooperation between the two countries but it is for the executive authorities to take the next steps," he added.

Al-Burhan also was keen to underline that the divergence with the government was about not informing them but there was no objection in principle over Netanyahu or Israel.

On this point, the information minister said in his statement on Wednesday evening that their government is a government of the Sudanese revolution and repudiating the cause of the oppressed people was not its priority.

"The relationship with Israel is an issue that transcends the competences of the transitional government which has a limited mandate, and it must be considered by the legislature and the constitutional conference," said the government.

Before to hold his briefing al-Burhan met with the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) military command and briefed them about his meeting with Netanyahu.

SAF spokesman told reporters after the meeting that the Sudanese army approved al-Burhan initiative and reiterated its support for him.


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  • 6 February 09:34, by Langbaar

    "Netanyahu’s issue widens gaps between Sudan’s civil and military forces"
    Watch out losers, there will be no *Mr. Netanuahu, evil juus (so-called israelis), Abeshas and their bundles who are conditioned to love our country and people, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM fellows.>>>>>>>

    • 6 February 10:13, by Khent


      You do realise that the spelling "Juus" was to mock anti-Semites? You’re either a troll or mentally ill.

      To the administrators of ST: No one can understand why ST does not outright ban Kuch ("Langbaar).

      • 6 February 10:19, by Fathi


        It looks like they have tried multiple times LOL
        I think this is his 3rd or 4th account. Some of his previous accounts were: Kuch (I think this is how it was spelled), Pakuai, Pakua, and now Langbaar

        • 6 February 10:21, by Fathi

          ST rules before commenting are
          "- No inciting violence
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          He breaks all of them daily LOL

          • 6 February 10:55, by Khent


            LOL, you’re right, he’s had multiple accounts — which is why they should immediately enact an IP ban. If that moron then decides to attempt to bypass it by using libraries and Internet cafes, then just ban him again when he subjects us to his usual unhinged screeds.

            • 6 February 11:16, by Khent

              We have all violated the rules at some point as well (I have), but that’s behind most of us. Kuch takes it to another level and just won’t give it a rest. The man needs to seek professional help.

      • 7 February 02:51, by Langbaar

        come and enlist in the army, no one wants to live side by with your evil juus(so-called israelis), your cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, white Americans, English people, their UN and their sleazy NGOs again in our country as we know it, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM.>>>>>

        • 7 February 02:57, by Langbaar

          Some of you low lives worship these vermin and that is why they have attached themselves to our country and over people. The current war of ’attrition over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people’ is being aided by some of low lives like your so-called Twic cowards who worship these vermin. There are more hungry people in North Sudan than here in South Sudan>>>>

          • 7 February 03:03, by Langbaar

            but the name of hungry South Sudanese is the ’sweetest name’ the evils in the US, the UK, their sleazy NGOs, their UN and some of their creeps like to use for begging around the world. And then come and use what they had begged in the name of hungry South Sudan and the South Sudanese in ’upscale hotels’ of Nairobi, Kampala, Adis Ababa, Khartoum, and other hungry refugees from>>>>

            • 7 February 03:09, by Langbaar

              from other parts of Africa and then throw a few crumbs to hungry South Sudanese and then wait for next begging season. This evil juus (so-called israeli) with a piece of trash, an in Indian prostitute, Ms. priti Patel whose parent were kicked out by Idda Amin out Uganda ages ago had a very nasty project over our country and our people:>>>

                • 7 February 03:23, by Langbaar

                  Khent, many countries here North Sudan, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda and others don’t have enough food for themselves. They always shipped ’a genetically modified corn (maize and beans) from the US and their allies and sold to their politicians on discounted prices. This cold-war-like-game over our country and over our people is control our country>>>>

                  • 7 February 03:29, by Langbaar

                    and our people because we are considered the most ’strategic and fools’ who would be always fought over ever 10 (years) and supplied meager UN and NGOs food rations. Because we have a huge population who love to worship ’white Americans, English people, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs and their allies.>>>>

                    • 7 February 03:35, by Langbaar

                      Khent, the level of HATRED and RACISM some of us have towards these vermin is quite staggering. The so-called damned BREXIT, the UK leaving the EU was negotiated over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. There are some vermin in the UK, our cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs who ’pray and swear’>>>>

                      • 7 February 03:41, by Langbaar

                        that their lifestyle is under attack and that there cannot be their North Sudan and South Sudanese people. And that whoever owns Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, North Sudan and Egypt owns Africa. And that South Sudan is part of these vermin so-called ANGLO-AMERICA empire and must be controlled by these vermin. Good luck to them, that cannot happen under the sun or even in million years. Reasons>>>>

                        • 7 February 03:48, by Langbaar

                          pure HATRED and RACISM. Khent loser, there is so-called AFRICA UNITY AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION being propagated by ’secret societies’ criminals’ of Mr. Thabo Mbeki, a piece of South African Bantus whose their ancestors welcomed the ’Dutch, English people and Indian slaves’ into their country. And who was brought here into our country to come and convince>>>>

                          • 7 February 03:56, by Langbaar

                            our people, Abyei Ngok Dinkas/Jiengs, people of Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile to live side by side with Bantus, Abeshas (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, white Americans, English people, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans or Asians just like in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe>>>

                            • 7 February 04:02, by Langbaar

                              Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique and other countries; in the name of their so-called AFRICA UNITY AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION piece of trash. And that was why ’South Sudan’s peace negotiation’ between our ’traitors, foreign puppets/stooges and thieves’ of Mr. Riek Machar and his allies were kept away in the hotels, brothels and bars of Adis Ababa all along>>>>

                              • 7 February 04:10, by Langbaar

                                and to ’Nairobi, Arusha, Kampala, South Africa and to Khartoum’ after the vermin realize that South Sudanese are not having any of their ’cheap and dirty intrigues’ over our people and our people again. And went and signed their so-called ’R-ARCSS’. Mr. Khent are you following me? I doubt it. Mr. Omar Hassan El Bashir was then ’deliberately removed by these vermin’>>>>

                                • 7 February 04:19, by Langbaar

                                  and installed their puppet/stooge, Mr. Abdela Hamdock, a so-called economist, really?!!. Their puppet/stooge even told them that they want the "Jewish to come and invest North Sudan" There you go, that is not going to happen, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. Mr. Khent, our Nuer low life, a voluminous piece trash came and be given the ’negotiation between North Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Southern>>>

                                  • 7 February 04:28, by Langbaar

                                    Blue Nile by our myopic elders’. Why didn’t they just settled their negotiations in Khartoum and Adis Ababa when Mr. Omar Hassan El Bashir was removed from power? The whole game is about ’South Sudan and the South Sudanese people’ Mr. Khent piece trash. But the vermin are going to be bombed to near extinction/oblivion by us, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM>>>

                                    • 7 February 04:34, by Langbaar

                                      The vermin love affair with our country and our people has gone too far. And the evils are going to shown their right place out of our country and over our people once and for all. Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. That from *Jerusalem to Tigris river, Euphrates river and right up to Nilotic plains and valleys*, the evil juus (so-called israel) empire would span to???>>>

                                      • 7 February 04:40, by Langbaar

                                        Good luck them once again, that is not going to happen under the sun and even million years. Khent loser. Right after South Sudan in 2011, there were some South Sudanese low lives who went that evil juus (so-called israel). They were rounded up in 2012 and shipped to Juba and were told these phrase by the people South Sudanese often called their allies or uncles>>>

                                        • 7 February 04:47, by Langbaar

                                          that "South Sudanese dirtied Jewish souls". Those South Sudanese were given US$ 3000. Mr. Khent loser, talk to those South Sudanese about how they were treated the evil juus (so-called israelis) and they will spit on your face if they can even speak with you. Those South Sudanese are not very poor these days. Here in Bor, Jonglei, we have one of them.>>>>

                                          • 7 February 04:56, by Langbaar

                                            He is doing very well. Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and his evil juus (so-called israelis) are going to be bombed to near ’extinction/oblivion’ the vermin will not reach *New York or Poland*. They are evil people. Mr. Netanyahu and his evil juus (so-called israelis). Have an alliance with *El Qada, some evil white Americans, some evil English people,>>>>>

                                            • 7 February 05:07, by Langbaar

                                              Muslim brotherhood, El Nustra, Jesh El Islam, Abusyab, Boko Haram, El Shabab (most of these Somalians are just fighting to get their own country and people back), our own so-called SPLM-IO of Mr. Riek Machar and some of their other outfits, but we going to crush these vermin to their right place, jail or ocean.>>>

                                              • 7 February 05:11, by Langbaar

                                                Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. The vermin have step on the wrong people feet, us.>>>>

                                                • 7 February 05:18, by Langbaar

                                                  Mr. Khent piece of trash,
                                                  these Indian, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans, Rwandans, Abeshas (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, a Kenyan piece of trash Mr. Njoroge, Mongolians, Chinese and other piece of trashes, I failed to mentioned were brought into our country and over our people to be resettled. They are not here for peace keeping Mr. Khent loser>>>>

                                                  • 7 February 05:27, by Langbaar

                                                    Some of us who were against this UN project were ’sternly rebuked by our elders that we were just young boys’ "with bad attitudes toward white people". And here we have them. The white people and their allies think, our country is just their another African country to toy around with. Our country and our people are parts of their evil empire or our people their subjects/slaves>>>>

                                                    • 7 February 05:34, by Langbaar

                                                      Mr. Khent,
                                                      I will be damned if we are going to live side by side with evil juus (so-called israelis), Abeshas (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, Djibouti, Bantus; in Central Kenya, South Africa), white Americans, English people, Indians, our cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan , Nigerians, their UN and their NGOs. Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM chap.>>>

      • 9 February 02:30, by Langbaar

        If you piece of trash thinks you are anyone to be telling others about being ban, then you better come and meet me in Bortown so you can come and better diagnose me with your damn mental illness. You realize that 80% of SUDAN TRIBUNE news are made up stories. And their misinformation help spurred the current mess in South Sudan, and misinformation is also subjected to ban?>>>

        • 9 February 02:38, by Langbaar

          jubaone, The Rhino, injuba, Eastern and other online trolls have spewed out every bile imaginable on the Dinkas/Jenges who have nothing to do with Salva Kiir and his government. And you so-called Twic East piece of sewer has not asked SUDAN TRIBUNE to ban them. But all you piece of sewer do is to always diagnose me with mental illness all the times as if you damn know me.>>>>>

          • 9 February 02:47, by Langbaar

            Listen hard Mr. Khent piece of sewer. I am an anti-Semitic and outright towards English people, white Americans and the cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan. Mr. Khent piece of trash. I have multiple accounts as you said. And I can put out your damn SUDAN TRIBUNE propaganda machine if l damn want to. Didn’t I tell you that and I went and study engineering in McGill university, in Canada.>>>

            • 9 February 02:55, by Langbaar

              And I know better programming than some of you creeps who love to brand others mentally ill online when you don’t know really them. Mr. Khent, don’t you piece of sewer always consider yourself sound minded, well educated and know everything to do with what is going on in South Sudan and the Geopolitical intrigues being peddled over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people?>>>>

              • 9 February 03:01, by Langbaar

                Mr. Khent piece of sewer. I am being followed 24/7 by some of your evil juus (so-called israelis) and some of their evil white Americans and English people piece of trash. And that is why I keep changing my account. When I was studying in Canada, I approached by the vermin to join their dirty secret dirty club, but l flatly turned down their offer.>>>>

                • 9 February 03:06, by Langbaar

                  I accepted their dirty offer to join their devil clubs, I would be on these evils lists for control and blackmails like some of their low lives who have sold their own selves and their souls to those secret societies like Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot, Thomas Cirllo and others>>>

                  • 9 February 03:15, by Langbaar

                    These secret societies have followed me back to South Sudan and the vermin came and want me to be working for them and be paid more than what I currently earn. But the evils don’t know whom they pick on chap. They were posing as journalists. Mr. Khent piece of sewer. Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot, Thomas Cirllo and others are being used by these low lives as their bargaining>

                    • 9 February 03:27, by Langbaar

                      chips, blackmails and leverage over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. And that was why they took their ’Thomas Cirillo’ to their hotels, bars and brothels of Adis Ababa after they saw their Riek Machar aimless armed rebellion utterly crushed on the ground. And the whole intrigue was to ’propagate their lies that the whole aimless armed rebellion included greater Equatoria>>>>

                      • 9 February 03:33, by Langbaar

                        Mr. Salva Kiir was pressured by the evils in the US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israelis) and their gulf Arab states financiers to release the masterminds of the 15/12/2013 foiled coup to Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta for ’security and protection’ The traitors went and be used by their masters. Mr. Pagan Amuom went and screamed outside the UN building in New York that South Sudan should be given>>>

                        • 9 February 03:38, by Langbaar

                          up to the UN to rule South Sudan and the South Sudanese people!!. Lam Akol, another piece of trash ran away from Juba to Kenya, went and formed his yet another damn Party and left his own party to his another Shilluk piece of sewer in Juba and followed his Riek Machar to Khartoum. Mr. Khent, watch out chap.>>>>

                          • 9 February 03:44, by Langbaar

                            Here in Jonglei, we want to our so-called Twic East cowards to have their own states, they can share with their Nuer ke Nyantoc lawless low lives, and we would want to see. If our Nuer ke nyantoc would pass through Bor South again. We will take back our Pi-bor from Murles and get away with it.>>>>

                            • 9 February 04:04, by Langbaar

                              But our so-called Twic East, piece sewer. We will see where your treason and cowardliness going to take you. No one is going back to 10 (ten) states, where we would again live with Nuer low lives and you cowards. Let any piece of trash bring *the evil white American, English people, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called so-called israelis), Abeshas>>>>

                              • 9 February 04:09, by Langbaar

                                (so-called ethiopian) prostitutes, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their Bantus, Indians, Bangaledhis, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans and some of their low lies into our country and over our people again in the name of the so-called *Unitarianism aid, peacekeeping, donations, human rights and all into our country and over people; in the name of rebuilding South Sudan*>>>

                                • 9 February 04:17, by Langbaar

                                  Mr. Khent,
                                  I think,
                                  you called yourselves a well educated so-called ’Twic East man and know better than my own self’. Didn’t you stated here on SUDAN TRIBUNE that *over 20 billion dollars’ was misused by the current by Mr. Salva Kiir and his henchmen. I asked you to break down that US$ 20 Millions of what country (countries) gave Sudan that money?. But as far as I am concerned>>>

                                  • 9 February 04:25, by Langbaar

                                    You cannot explained ’that US$ 20 billion was given to South Sudan. Because there was no such money in the first place’. I told you a number of times that over US$ 4.2 went and be pledged in Oslo, Norway right after South Sudan independence, and when the government of South Sudan came and asked that money that was pledged in Oslo, Norway in in 2006, then government of Southern Sudan,>>>

                                    • 9 February 04:58, by Langbaar

                                      now the government of South Sudan was flatly told that the money that was pledged in Oslo, Norway was used to help the *most vulnerable and immediate refugees from Darfur*. There you go Mr. Khent piece of trash. That alleged US$ 4.2 dollars is considered by the evil masters to have been used here in South Sudan and over the South Sudanese people>>>>

                                      • 9 February 05:07, by Langbaar

                                        where is the ’evidence Mr. Khent piece of trash?’. Some of you low lives who worship your white criminals don’t know the dirty intrigues going behind the scenes. Pope Frances (Catholics) is our enemy. Mr. Salva Kiir wordhip this evils. Daniel Deng Bul, is another Twic East piece of trash who worship Anglican and their so-called evil juus (so-called israelis)----the so-called God’s chosen people>>>

                                        • 9 February 05:14, by Langbaar

                                          in other words, really? What God on this earth would dare chose low lives like the so-called so-called ’Twic East’, Nuers and our cloned cloned so-called arabs of North SUDAN, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians) prostitutes, some of their Bantus, their UN, their NGOs and some of their creeps in between who think, living on other people free things is the way the world works? Good luck with>>>

  • 6 February 09:57, by Fathi

    "Al-Burhan also was keen to underline that the divergence with the government was about not informing them but there was no objection in principle over Netanyahu or Israel."
    Even if there was no objection, that doesn’t mean he has the right to make this decision. It sets an awful precedent that could to internal conflict.

    • 6 February 10:00, by Fathi

      Once we have the so-called friends of sudan charity fund, Hamdok needs to tell UAE & Saudi to stop communicating with the military. If they have any meetings they want to set up, it should be with him not the military.

    • 6 February 12:21, by bardavidi

      WOW......Sudan/North is a wonderful nation full of Life and Vibrant People......I have lived in it as a Foreigner and fully appreciate Its Hospitality......Its about time for Sudan to move with the flow of the River in the Neighborhood......Eritrea, Ethiopia, Chad, Egypt all have a Civilized and Mutual Diplomatic relationship with Israel.....Like your Neighbors from the east Eritreans say .

      • 7 February 17:41, by Fathi


        I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Sudan. I hope you come back to visit. Our civilian government allows freedom of religion now. You don’t have to worry about our relations with Israel or the flow of the river. We’re so in sync with the river nile now, that we are heading to our home Israel: https://ibb.co/f9DPzB5

        • 7 February 17:46, by Fathi


          On a more serious note, we had civilized & mutual diplomatic relationship with Israel thousands of years ago when our Jewish brothers were black like us. The bible praised our pharaoh Taharqa for going to Israel to protect them from the Assyrians.

  • 6 February 10:04, by Fathi

    "SAF spokesman told reporters after the meeting that the Sudanese army approved al-Burhan initiative and reiterated its support for him."
    Who asked for their approval of his initiative? Who are they to say they support him? Is this Sudan Armed Forces or the Burhan/Hemedti/UAE/Saudi/Israel Armed Forces? Unfortunately, we know the answer to that.

    • 6 February 10:09, by Fathi

      It looks like our justice minister or supreme court needs to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the president of the sovereign council based on the constitutional document.
      What steps will be taken to prevent him from doing this again?

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