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South Sudan Kiir agrees to re-establish the 10 states


February 15, 2020 (JUBA) - South Sudan President Salva Kiir Saturday accepted the IGAD compromise proposal to re-establish the 10 states paving the way for the formation of the transitional government within a week.

South opposition leader Riek Machar (L) greets President Salva Kiir in Juba on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 (PPU)

On Friday the cabinet members, the lawmakers, state governors supported the government official position for the 32 states.

However, in a meeting held on Saturday morning, President Kiir surprised the presence announced his acceptance for the reestablishment of the 10 states during the transitional period.

The Presidency "Resolved to return the country to ten (10) States and their previous respective counties; plus three (3) administrative areas," said a statement signed by President Kiir on Saturday.

The president further "recognized that this decision may not have been the best option for our people but for the sake of peace and unity in the country, the Presidency sees it necessary".

The SPLM-IO leader and the main peace partner on Thursday said he accepted the 10 states compromise for the sake of peace and abandoned his call for 23 states in the country.

The 32 state system was criticized, among others, because it violated the tribal boundaries in the country and ignited tensions between the ethnic groups.

The revitalized peace pact did not resolve the difference over the number of states but set a mechanism to settle it during the pre-transitional period.

During the transitional period, the peace partners have to agree on a territorial administrative system and include it in the permanent constitution which they will adopt before the elections.


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  • 15 February 11:21, by jubaone

    The 32 was a foolish experiment undertaken by illiterate kiirminal. He would have spared SS so much agony had he done that within the confines of a constitutionally arranged plebiscite. Now the disgraced jienge must tag in his tail like a humble dog 🐶 and return meekly to the 10 states. It’s over for him and his jienges.

    • 15 February 11:28, by jubaone

      This is a reaffirmation that SS are sick of jienges incapable style of leadership. They have stuffed into their gaping and toothless mouths too much that they can’t chew. They are deplorable losers. Fact is, many SS just don’t want to fuck with them anymore. For EQUATEXIT, that is the start of our AGENDA.

      • 15 February 11:33, by jubaone

        For SS to witness economic development and prosperity like all civilized nations, jienges must take the subservient role of leadership. They must simply be doers and not thinkers cuz they don’t think. This must be left for others. They must be tamed and caged till they learn to be civilized.

        • 15 February 11:54, by Mike Mike

          Do not both to complaint again for the issue of the states. Your interest has been fulfilled by the President,I think there is no need for you to recklessly expressed out those bad words against the leadership of the nation and jieng Council of Elders.They have lowered everything now for the sake of peace.Now,lets see whether someone will rebel again since the Country was taken back to old system.

          • 15 February 12:02, by Malakal county Simon

            There you go!! Now you can hang yourself slaves like South South/pakuai/Langbaar and the rests!!

            • 15 February 13:22, by The Rhino


              Tribal ’president’ Kiir had no options but to coil his jienge tail and succumb to the scathing regional and international pressure at hand.He was tactically cornered and let to bounce back and forth between mediators and the infamous tribal bloodsuckers the JCE.The revert to 10 states is only one part/point of the agreement.What must follow is the unhindered implementation of....

              • 15 February 13:32, by The Rhino


                ..the full agreement in letter and spirit, that is,..complete reforms in all sectors,1).Army 2).Police 3).Prison Guards 4).Fire Brigades 5).Wildlife Conservations/Games,among others.The rule of law and order must be restored.Down the line,we need to see to it that internally and regionally displaced South Sudanese are resettled and relocated to/within their ancestral boundaries.

        • 15 February 12:20, by Khent


          You must be so much smarter than Dr. John Garang, right? I mean he must not have been a "thinker" by virtue of his ethnic background. Equatorians are not any smarter than anyone else, so this laughable chest-thumping is just pathetic. And "prosperity"? "Civilized Nations"? What ’Country’ in this Region has not experienced long periods of instability...

          • 15 February 12:33, by jubaone

            One didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to grasp what successes and failures our neighbors have had since independence. This were templates and good lessons. Rather, the incapable jienge leadership went to plunder and squander state resources with greed and impunity. Result is a wretched state SS. The faster jienges realized their subservient roles, the better.

            • 15 February 12:53, by Khent


              Only a moron would believe that a bunch of illiterate warlords (in the most war ravaged ’Country’) were going to almost immediately use "templates" to avoid the pitfalls of tribalism, nepotism, kleptocracy and incompetance. Do you also believe in the tooth fairy? Get offline and stop being such a child.

          • 15 February 12:42, by Khent

            ..Are the millions that died in the DRC victims of the Dinka? Did the Dinka somehow kill a million Tutsis in Rwanda? The half a million victims of the Ethiopian civil war must have been killed by the Dinka as well, right? The Dinka also killed millions of "Biafrans" as well, yes? I can go on, so get a grip and grow up...

            • 15 February 13:12, by Khent

              "Equatorians" will NEVER get anyone to be "subservient" to them, so stop with the hypocritical comedy routine. I suppose I should just leave you to your Disney-level dreams because dreams are free after all. Your antics got stale a long time ago and your impotence is not lost on anyone.

              • 15 February 15:46, by jubaone

                Oh really? There’s no compulsion here, just as Equatorians can’t be subservient nor subscribe to jienge hegemony. Note, no Equatorians would waste their time going to your places, but you wanderers and have-nots have inadvertently fled to us. That is the difference. Recall how jienges carried for us water and tendered our cows in the 60-70s?

                • 15 February 15:58, by Khent


                  The Dinka have NEVER showed subservience to Equatorians. You must be smoking, sniffing or snorting some sort of drug to post that laughable claim.

                  • 15 February 18:48, by jubaone

                    Since you have never lived in Juba, perhaps occasionally only when fleeing towards Uganda or heading to your luak, then I understand. But, if you ever lived in Juba just prior to Kokora, you should have known or at least heard from some of your relatives living around Nyaing/Juba na Bari later corrupted to Thongpiny how jienges were subservient to Equatorians. It hurts I know, but..

                    • 16 February 01:07, by Khent


                      You’re delusional. The Dinka fought stronger and more advanced enemies (’Arabs’) for centuries, so how on earth would they be "subservient" to weaker, poorer and less numerous people? You’re living in fantasies to comfort your battered ego.

                  • 15 February 21:08, by Lotodo Awino Odug

                    Riek is the true winner here. it would be better to go for his 21 federal states instead of 10. 10 states serve them better than Dinkas in terms of job allocations and that is reason they want the 10 states back.

                    • 16 February 00:32, by Langbaar

                      Lotodo Awino Odug,
                      Riek Machar nor the empty headed Salva Kiir is the winner here. The only winners are the backers of Riek Machar for the time being though. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Thomac Cirillo and other low level keeping their head low behind the scenes are being outrageously being used as proxies by the US, the UK, the UN, the NGOs and israel. And Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Kenya,>>>>

                      • 16 February 00:39, by Langbaar

                        Uganda, North Sudan and South Africa have been placed as front covers to used to use Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Thomas Cirillo and others by the US, the UK, the UN, the NGOs and israel. And the whole game behind this precisely for those countries and agencies not to be seen as direct African country new colonizers. Lotodo Awino Odug chap. The kind of leaders we have here in South Sudan don’t>>>>>

                        • 16 February 00:44, by Langbaar

                          exist anywhere else around the world. The US, the UK, the UN, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and their israel attack dog love our country and our people to death. If you don’t know your enemy, then your enemy would grind you down at night and come and love with you during the day. That is what is going between our country and our so-called allies or uncles of the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs,>>>

                          • 16 February 00:50, by Langbaar

                            their israel attack dog and their lackeys here in the IGAD and the AU. South Sudan peace negotiation was delibrately kept in the hotels, bars and brothels of Adis Ababa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mr. Riek Machar was deliberately taken to South Africa by the so-called South Sudan allies or uncles simply to make anything over South Sudan and since the US and her allies were not getting anything>>>>

                            • 16 February 00:56, by Langbaar

                              They tapped Mr. Abiye Ahmed of Abesh (so-called ethiopia) to bring Mr. Riek Machar from South Africa to his country to go and used him as his leverage, blackmails or bargaining chip over South Sudan. Mr. Abiy Ahmed did just that, took Mr. Riek Machar and called his foolish Salva Kiir to Adis Ababa to and knelt down and him. And tossed his foolish Riek Machar to his Omar Hassan El Bashir counter>>>

                              • 16 February 01:03, by Langbaar

                                part to go and do what he would want to go and do with the fools. Mr. Omar Hassan El Bashir went and used the fools as his own leverage, blackmails and bargaining cards over South Sudan. Mr. Museveni of Uganda was also not to be excluded and Mr. Riek Machar and Mr. Salva Kiir were called made to go to Entebe for the Uganda to go and have ago over the fools>>>>

                                • 16 February 01:09, by Langbaar

                                  Lotodo Awino Odug, you often hear these days that North Sudan and Uganda are the so-called "South Sudan peace grantors"?!! My arse. The same US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their israel attack dog and some of their creep here in the region pressured this empty headed Salva Kiir to release the then so-called ’former to detainees (FDs), to Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta for protection>>>>

                                  • 16 February 01:13, by Langbaar

                                    the whole dirty game was for the US, the UK, the UN, NGOs, their israel attack dog and Kenya to go and used those traitors as their own bargaining chips, blackmail and leverage over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people. Are you following Mr. Lotodo Awino Odug chap?. There was this so-called IGAD-Plus where the IGAD countries of Uganda, Kenya,>>>>

                                    • 16 February 01:19, by Langbaar

                                      Somalia, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Djibouti and none IGAD countries of Rwanda, South Africa, Chad, Nigeria and Algeria which have no border with South were deliberately included as South Sudan peace mediators because South Sudan is most loved country in Africa, the so-called world newest nation and of course by our so-called allies or uncles of the ’TROIKA COUNTRIES’ of the US, the UK and Norway

                                      • 16 February 01:24, by Langbaar

                                        All these nonsense are all about playing South Sudan and the South Sudanese people football or chess game like their then DR Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Central Africa republic (C.A.R), some of their West African countries, Middle Eastern countries, some Asian countries, some Eastern European countries, Cuba, Caribbean countries and South American countries>>>

                                        • 16 February 01:31, by Langbaar

                                          during their then so-called COLD WAR Mr. Lotodo Awino Odug. And Mr. Lotodo Awino Odug COLD WAR has never gone answered brother. But the most vexing question is: Why are Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Thomas Cirillo, Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot and other bunch of traitors, foreign purppets/stooges and thieves who have sold themselves to ’secret societies and foreign interest groups’ would want to sell>>>

                                          • 16 February 01:37, by Langbaar

                                            South Sudan and the South Sudanese people with them? The answer is Mr. Lotodo Awino Odug, these ’secret societies’ the criminals have sold their souls and themselves to are pretty much very dangerous. These secret societies are:
                                            1. Skull And Bones
                                            2. The Illuminati
                                            3. The Freemasons
                                            4. The Freemasons >>>>

                                            • 16 February 01:45, by Langbaar

                                              5. The Society of Jesuits
                                              6. The Committee of 300
                                              7. The Knights Templar
                                              8. The Bilderberg Group
                                              9. Council on Foreign Relations
                                              10. The Trilateral Commission
                                              the last ’three secret societies’ above are monsters>>>

                                              • 16 February 01:55, by Langbaar

                                                I will alleged ’the Bilderberg Group as who is who in ’tech world and some of other rich brats in the US, Europe and some their fools around the world whom they think, they can invite into their meetings to influence them. There are ’no minutes keeping’ in that ’secret society meetings’. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the CIA in other word>>>>

                                                • 16 February 02:10, by Langbaar

                                                  The Trilateral Commission has slickly taken the every essence of the US government whether on the states level or federal level, most European countries and even some countries here in Africa chap. The only country ’resources and central Bank keys’ these ’secret society has not yet taken is our ’South Sudan central Bank and resources keys’ and this is why the vermin have attached themselves>>>>

                                                  • 16 February 02:16, by Langbaar

                                                    to country and our people to death Mr. Lotado Owino chap. They think, Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Thomas Cirillo, Majak Agoot and some of their low lives who sold themselves to them. But the vermin are playing with fire brother. Let any creep bring these vermin into our country and over our people again on the disguise of the so-called *humanitarian aid, donations, peacekeeping,>>>

                                                    • 16 February 02:20, by Langbaar

                                                      or protection of civilian again or the rebuilding of South Sudan nonsense again. And that South Sudanese would be as good as dead brother. Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. These vermin have taken over Banki Kuu Ya Kenya (central bank of Kenya), Central Bank of Uganda, North Sudan central Bank, Abesh (so-called ethiopia) central Bank and all the Banks in Africa by the way>>>>

                                                      • 16 February 02:28, by Langbaar

                                                        They had not taken Somalia central Bank, because they consider it risky, but they are one leg in to take it. They have not taken central bank of Yemen, Central Bank of Syria, central of Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba; they took over the central Bank of Russia right after the fall of the USSR. They went and start established some of their banking cartel shops there>>>

                                                        • 16 February 02:33, by Langbaar

                                                          and those banking outlets are what they used today to bully or blackmail Russia federation with all the times, with sanctions and all. But the Russian people are fighting back. Russian people are just Europeans and even more Europeans than some of these vermin from the *US, the UK, France and their evil juus (so-called israel) attack dogs*, in fact, Russian people are more well educated than>>>

                                                          • 16 February 02:40, by Langbaar

                                                            even these low lives. But the whole game is always about ’geopolitically intrigues-----East vs west or King of the South vs King of the North in other word’ South Sudanese people with brains know all these cheap and dirty intrigues than these vermin who covet our country and our people to death. However we don’t consider them anything.>>>>

                                                            • 16 February 02:46, by Langbaar

                                                              Fellows, some of these Kenyan banks are being used by these vermin as their fronts to crawl their evil themselves into our country, and if we are going to play dumb, then they would be used as *blackmails, bargaining cards and leverage* over our country and our people in not than a distant future as we know it. South Sudanese with brains have already seen what these vermin are already after>>>

                                                              • 16 February 02:51, by Langbaar

                                                                in our country and over our people----it is just our resources, land and our Nile waters. But the vermin are going to bombed near oblivion out of our country and over our people once and for all, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM fellows. There are no damn resources *in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Abesh (so-called ethiopia) prostitutes and North Sudan*>>>

                                                                • 16 February 03:01, by Langbaar

                                                                  but we have a lot of resources and land here in South Sudan. They breed like pigs/rabbits and think, they can live over the back of other people? Good luck to the vermin, the world doesn’t rotate that way. There is this so-called *UN NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE GOVERNMENT AND AFRICA UNITY AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION* Being propagated the same ’secret societies’ of Mr. Thabo Mbeki, Paul Kagame,>>>>

                                                                  • 16 February 03:26, by Langbaar

                                                                    former president of Tanzania, Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, former Abesh, Hailemariam Desalegn and their puppets/stooges of Mr. Riek Machar, Thomas Cirillo, Pagan Amuom, Lam Akol, Majak Agoot and some of their creeps and also some of their creeps of Mr. Yasir Armin and Malik Aga. And their load cloned so-called so-called arabs of North Sudan>>>>

                                                                    • 16 February 04:06, by Langbaar

                                                                      who even have some memberships in the devil infested island of England ’secret societies’. Mr. Riek Machar is one of them. He is not a PhD doctor, but a piece of low life who is considered anything by his handlers from the University of Bradford. Where are is Mr. Riek Machar dissertations/theses?, there are no nothing. In the University of Khartoum, where are his undergraduate papers?>>>>

                                                                      • 16 February 04:28, by Langbaar

                                                                        nothing to be found fools. Universities and colleges around the world respect their ’students and their institutions’ privacies. It is the way it is and always has been. But we want to know. Mr. Riek Machar and Thomas Cirillo dissertations/theses. The losers have PhD no degrees certificates, there is also another piece of loser, Mr. Taban Loyinyong>>>>

                                                                        • 16 February 04:38, by Langbaar

                                                                          a piece of trash who always like play being ’well educated when he not’ when he is a soar loser. Read this link South Sudanese with brains:http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1020037068?-21266:8599
                                                                          University of Juba has done the right thing. Didn’t Taban Loliyong died long time ago? These are lowly educated who always consider themselves more ’civilized and well educated than the Dinkas/Jenges’???>>>>

                                                                          • 16 February 04:47, by Langbaar

                                                                            The head of university of Juba is a Dinka/Jenge boy, he is well educated than Mr. Taban Loliyong piece. Mr. Taban Loliyong, is a typical piece of trash from ’Keji-keji’ they are the least educated in the Sudan. He even allegedly ’praised the Arabs to not have taken their ancestral lands’ and that the Dinkas/jenges are taking the Barias land, Madi Land and that Bor had is only left for cattle>>>>

                                                                            • 16 February 05:09, by Langbaar

                                                                              grassing, really??. And that Nimule had been taken from ’the Madi by the Dinkas/Jenges’??? Really. Yes, There are some Dinkas/Jenges, in Nimule, they are South Sudanese and the Madis don’t think they are their enemies. Ame, Magwi, Awic ki bull, former Eastern Equatoria province, and other areas in Eastern Equatoria are ’Acholis of the Sudan losers lands losers’.>>>

                                                                              • 16 February 05:23, by Langbaar

                                                                                ’The uncircumcised have taken back their country fellows’. Have you heard that the so-called *uncircumcised being propagated around the world by the evil juus of Mr. Benjamnin Netanyahu, their evil juus (so-called israel), their Bantus low lives, their lowly lives allies, the vermin always try to project on to other people and their countries.>>>>

                                                                                • 16 February 05:37, by Langbaar

                                                                                  We don’t ’circumcise our boys or even cut our girls clitoris in here in South Sudan’. There are some people of ’Malual Giernyan, Twic Mayardit and Abyei who circumcise their boys’----the dirty game doesn’t mean anything. They live next evils to ’West African low lives’ who worship these vermin.>>>>>

        • 15 February 12:57, by james john luka

          Only idiot like you,don’t know how to think, but know how to react when threaten, which is an instinct of every living thing,even the primitive creatures have that trait. When did people like you become thinkers? You asked your NAS leader, when and why did he become SPLM/SPLA member in the place? That was 1992 to escapee death after realizing that he was not an Arab in Sudan Armed Forces

          • 15 February 12:58, by james john luka

            He did not joint because of being a Southerner. So don’t brag, you are the underdogs of Equatoria, the only thinkers are those standing with SPLA IG.

            • 15 February 13:49, by The Rhino

              james john luka aka ajoh ajam aluk,

              Don’t remain an ass kisser for life,10 states are here again.You and your illiterate tribal chief Kiir have fire in their pants.You’ve tried to gamble for a Dinka dominated South Sudan but failed miserably with your diabolic tribalism.I wonder what Professor Lo Lyiong or activist Yakani would be thinking right now, since the two were creepily threatened by.....

              • 15 February 13:56, by The Rhino

                ajam ajoh aluk,

                ..NSS criminals about rogue 32 Dinka states?All rapists,murderers and thieves will be brought before the HYBRID COURT,this court is still waiting!They all will be punished..just a matter of time!!!

                • 15 February 14:06, by james john luka

                  The Rhino
                  What are you talking about? Do you mean the rapist of the resent released 78 sexually enslaved?

              • 15 February 14:03, by james john luka

                You another another mad dog of Equatoria who don’t understand the content of the comment. I loathed those thinkers of your caliber

                • 15 February 14:43, by The Rhino

                  ajam ajoh aluk,

                  Who are you calling a ’mad dog’?Listen,since Dinka rapists and thieves hijacked power in South Sudan,they’ve disgustingly managed to reproduce worthless bastards in the streets of Juba,..one of them is YOU!Now get this, in case you don’t know and still loom in the dark,..we are the great thinkers & prophets of Equatoria,deal with it, ya MTN!

                  • 15 February 15:15, by james john luka

                    The Rhino
                    You are a real Mad Dog if not a mad monkey. You used to mimic human character but you are not fitting my dear. you like turning the stories upside down, Did you forget the recent report about NAS robbing the villagers in Yei River State? and the recently released 78 sexually enslaved women by IO in Gbudwe State? Were they Rapped or Robbed by the Government soldiers?
                    You Numskull!!

            • 15 February 15:52, by jubaone

              James John Luka
              Leave NAS alone, concentrate on how you will fix your worthless jiengestans. Neither NAS nor IO are responsible for the shit 💩 in your states. If I were a jienge, I’d use my savage fighting talents to build my village and not flee to squat in other places. You losers.

            • 15 February 17:05, by jubaone

              James John Luka
              Just go lick 👅 your wounds like a humble jellaba house dog 🐶 or hang yourself altogether. Your Jienge life has no value addition to us Equatorians. You are just like a piece of trash and have absolutely no value even to your own junk states. Do you even have a home 🏠? wasaka.

              • 15 February 18:12, by The Rhino

                ajam ajoh aluk,

                NAS is a professional movement,equipped with brave warriors,civilian protecting combat units and outstanding human intelligence network there is,within the region and beyond!Hundreds if not thousands of civilians in those affected areas search protection behind mighty NAS or IO Equatorian fighters,why,..b’cos your Dinka IG (savage) soldiers (after a defeat) always respond with....

                • 15 February 18:32, by The Rhino

                  ajam ajoh aluk,

                  ..rapping fellow innocent citizens,burning down their Tukuls,murder and get away with all locally hardly produced products,e.g.cassava,goats,chickens,or further,sweatily acquired California’s pieces of prides,e.g.smart phones or any precious laptop,etc.These are pure facts,naked & chilling truths about the intentions of your tribal Dinka misrule in Juba and all its operational....

                  • 15 February 18:45, by The Rhino

                    ajam ajoh aluk,

                    ..military campaigns and offensives.These evil events are neither forgettable nor forgivable.The DAY will come,where all these damned bastards will fall onto their fucking knees and beg for forgiveness.Until then,NAS goals are1).Uncompromisingly going after the root causes of conflict in South Sudan,2).Bringing all offenders and bloodsuckers of our innocent people before the......

                    • 15 February 19:01, by The Rhino

                      ajam ajoh aluk,

                      ..JUDGEMENT DAY/HYBRID COURT! NAS is a firm and fair movement for the better not only for South Sudanese but the region and the world at large.I personally salute the leadership of NAS and its perpetual unprecedented courage and spirit in protecting the dignity and humanity of the majority in all sensitive war zones across this country,and honestly urge all good people who........

                      • 15 February 19:15, by The Rhino

                        ajam ajoh aluk,

                        ..aspire for justice,freedom,civility,fairness and human happiness to look after an alternative approach like the NAS.NAS is here to stay!We were here yesterday,we are here today and we will be here tomorrow,..until the JUDGEMENT DAY,full stop!!!

                        • 15 February 20:03, by jubaone

                          Great piece. In other social media outlets, traumatized SS are congratulating this jienge Kiirminal as if the reverting to 10 was his own volition and not immense pressure. This kiirminal wanted 32 states and SS should not be apologetic to him. Rather, SS must seek ways to oust him and bring him to ICC like other war criminals.

                          • 15 February 22:06, by The Rhino


                            Idiot Kiir is a good candidate for ICC,he surely surpasses the Hybrid Court.All depend now on his choices,decisions and practicabilities.Few weeks ago,this flout Kiir had some serious financial disagreements with Bantu Museveni(the money sucker/lover) of Uganda.He Kiir upon invitation to South Africa promptly rushed there only to be sternly warned by Ciril Ramaphosa to bring peace to....

                            • 15 February 22:16, by The Rhino


                              ..the people of South Sudan,regardless of any worthless number of states.Poor Kiir,stunned,stood there perplexed and angered absolutely shocked not knowing what to do dashed back ’home’.Back in Juba,foolish Kiir still angered,hurriedly cooked up his mind(probably advised by the JCE) gathered up his worthless 32’yes sir’ governors and security thugs etc and made(gave them) weak comments..

                              • 15 February 22:30, by The Rhino


                                ..about some,.."nobody helped us during our 50 years liberation struggle in South Sudan"(something like that).Long story short,the pressure on the tribal Dinka gov’t in Juba was high and has reached its maximum point.Even short leggy Bantu Museveni himself was vividly/utterly disgraced/pissed off by Kiir’s ’presidential’ inability to handle states affairs as the head of a state.Why......

                                • 15 February 22:45, by The Rhino


                                  ..would a leader of a country sway back and forth not knowing what his is doing, in the office of presidency, time and time?It was true,Dinka’s foolishness and lack of rationality had kicked in and all brain channels were instantly/savagely locked down for good.Kiir was dead on feet,totally numbed and had to quickly be transported back to Juba for advise and brain resuscitations.What a..

                                  • 15 February 23:00, by The Rhino


                                    ..fucking idiot he was.The scene there in Addis Abeba was bizarre and surreal.Same thing we witnessed years before in Nairobi,infront of Uhuru Kenyatta and other East African leaders.Kiir presented himself like a worthless idiot,in a very pathetic personality to be called a ’president’ of any nation.Here’s the good part though,we know them..we know all their moves..we will crucify them!!

                                  • 15 February 23:01, by The Rhino


                                    ..fucking idiot he was.The scene there in Addis Abeba was bizarre and surreal.Same thing we witnessed years before in Nairobi,infront of Uhuru Kenyatta and other East African leaders.Kiir presented himself like a worthless idiot,in a very pathetic personality to be called a ’president’ of any nation.Here’s the good part though,we know them..we know all their moves..we will crucify them!!

                                    • 16 February 02:29, by Paul

                                      Juba One and The Rhino,
                                      You can insult and blame Kiir all you want, but your xenophobic behaviors have no place in our society. insulting & belittling other tribes due your own incompetent expose your own suffering souls.

  • 15 February 12:00, by Gabriel Ajak

    For your firmly information, Jienge will rule South Sudan till Jesus come whether u like it or not. go and report to your mother coward.

    • 15 February 12:38, by jubaone

      Gabriel Ajak
      Oh really? Didn’t know you ever had any believes let alone having any moral and ethical bearings. Just thought you were the ordinary jienge kaffir, an antichrist. Just hang yourself or try getting some food 😋 for your starving folks. Lazy fool.

      • 15 February 14:56, by The Rhino

        Gabriel Ajak,

        Mesiriya arabs are waiting for your coward Dinka ass to be grilled, once you attempt to put feet in Abyei or Gok area.Shit,your starving Dinka relatives are fleeing jiengeland,terrified like chickens under hot pursuit.You foolish jienges know only how to bark in Equatoria or foreign territories.Go back to your luaks,filthy junk!

  • 15 February 12:08, by Gabriel Ajak

    Please don’t be tempted to rise step, if u want to enjoy your sweetest remaining years. thanks

    • 15 February 12:43, by jubaone

      Gabriel Ajak
      Just keep this jienge nonsense to yourselves. Be worried cuz that is just the beginning of the end. We still have scores to settle jienge. Ultimately, it’s you or the rest. Period.

      • 15 February 13:27, by Khent


        You’re the quintessential internet tough guy and you’re far too clueless (and too far gone) to realise how laughable it all sounds. You’re not going to win some romanticized tribal show down. It’s not a video game.

        • 15 February 16:03, by jubaone

          Well, if the internet war can get the desired effect so what? Did you expect me to run 🏃 naked to you wielding a spear and shouting some war or luak songs? No. I’ve ever stated, all cowards as well as the brave will die sometime. Important is how. Fighting is not jienge monopoly.

  • 15 February 14:03, by Games

    R. I. P. 32 states

  • 15 February 14:54, by james john luka

    To those are bragging of victory, they should understand that, this compromise is not a defeat or weakness either to the government and her supporters. it is for the peace seek. The issue of state numbers and tribal boundaries was not a government initiative but Riek who decided to dissolved 10 states on December 2014 as military strategy to swing equatotians to his side, the government encounter.

    • 15 February 15:02, by james john luka

      The government encounter that strategy by creating 32 states rendering Riek Machar helpless as more equatorians embraced their newly created states by government than those created by Riek Machar, forcing him to resort back to 10 states. So the defeated one is Riek Machar not President Kiir and his supporters as you people claim.

    • 15 February 15:14, by Games

      James John Luka
      Salva Kiir know himself, he has no where to run into, but to go with the President M7 proposal. M7 was a one who rejected 23 states proposal and said his country has to return to 10 states. While Salva Kiir asked M7 to go back to Juba and tell the people the messages. So the rarely meeting that were done in Juba secretary, they did not even allow Michael Makuei Lueth to be in.

      • 15 February 15:26, by james john luka

        You are nothing but a credulous human being, who just believed in propaganda. who tell you that M7 was the one rejecting 23 state? who was there in that hall to quot exactly what did he said? And remember those who were there were only head of states and accredited journalist and not those circulating fake news.So don’t tell us nonsense of those media propagandist.

    • 15 February 15:35, by Games

      James John Luka
      We are reals citizens of SS. And it is our responsibility to make sure that we are recording every piece of information that are concerning for SS.. We know everythings were discussed in the secret meeting in Addis.

      • 15 February 21:15, by Lotodo Awino Odug

        23 states would be the best for peace and posperity. no way! no way! for the former 10 states

  • 15 February 15:00, by Gat Baluony

    for the first time the imperial Salva Kiir speak like a President this time around, because the guys love to enforce his own idea, rather than what the public want.thank you Mr.President,however, u supporters don’t forget that it’s an agreement demand, and congratulation to the people movement the SPLA-IO for fighting the right of SSD unity rather than the tribal states.No Ruweng

  • 15 February 15:03, by Games

    Folks, evils Salva Kiir Mayardit deals are not yet accepted by AU, IGAD and the international community. Salva Kiir proposal are still fishy, so when we say 10 states, we mean 10 states and nothing else. So where that shit so called Ruweng administration emerging from? Those Dinka lives among Nuer in Unity state were quests and openly welcomed with open hearts to lives among Nuer from where they o

  • 15 February 15:16, by Gorjang Gany

    We really thanks God for giving him idea of taking our country back to 10 states, now every body is aware that, this man is a tribal person because he make Rungeng to be administrative area and it was not in colonial district.

  • 15 February 15:27, by Games

    IO rejected the addition of Ruweng administration. And also rejected any peace with conditions. The bald are on AU, IGAD and international community. Salva Kiir haa no where to run into at this crucial stages

    • 15 February 15:38, by james john luka

      " Slava Kiir has no were to run into at this crucial stages"
      What naive character!! This is nothing like running in this situation, but deciding.

      • 15 February 20:54, by Lotodo Awino Odug

        A return back to frictions, tensions and unending rebellions. A sad day for people of South Sudan.

  • 15 February 15:45, by Mayendit

    Jubaone and Games.
    The Ruweng administrative will remain operational because during the break out fighting in Juba, innocent civilians servant, police personnel were killed just because they were Dinkas people. Pibor administrative will remain operational as well as Abyei administrative. I think the case for complained is close if Riek Machar not come to Juba then, the IGAD will deal with him.

  • 15 February 15:59, by Mayendit

    Dear Readers.
    If truly president Salve Kiir Mayardit made another executive order to resrval back to 10 States clearly, there will be increasingly anti Riek Machar Teny and president Salve Kiir Mayardit respectively, because it shows both leaders are absolutely useful Idiot and unfit to lead South Sudanese people. Riek Machar Will faces uncertainty future as well as Salva Kiir Mayardit do.

  • 15 February 16:29, by Mayendit

    I would like to recalled the statement from Molan Bonan Malwal Madut. He told general Salva Kiir Mayardit in Khartoum that, Kiir will not fulfilling to this position adding that, this position need someone who is well educated and knowledgeable leader unfortunately, general Salva Kiir Mayardit did ignored the good advice from closer Gogrial Elder and politician whom understand how politics are pl

  • 15 February 16:38, by Mayendit

    Now the question that need to be ask is this: can we reunites against both President Salva Kiir Mayardit and rebels leader Riek Machar Teny?, To me I would definitely mobizing Dinkas youths and ranking officers against Salva Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar Teny because they have been imposed themselves to hold South Sudanese people hostage in years.

  • 15 February 16:49, by Mayendit

    I think our people Will have to reunite against those two leaders Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir Mayardt. The problem with others is the way they generalized the whole Tribe and this is why the president Kiir Mayardit stayed in power in South Sudan otherwise, we would have another capable leader in South Sudan.

    • 15 February 18:45, by Games

      Your threats to us is nothing at all.. You Dinka said so many things, such as 32 states will never be removed and you are doing same thing about Ruweng administration. The questions are? Are you ready for land war? Please Salva Kiir Mayardit administration is still surviving, because Uganda government. So it was M7 who told Salva Kiir to return back to 10 states or Face Machar to yourself.

      • 15 February 20:13, by Mayendit

        Games you are absolutely too primitiveness man.
        Ugandan soldiers were protected foundation in cities such as Juba and Bor. In 1991, there was no Ugandan troops but you guys haven’t win why?. Leer captured and they never retake why?. Fagak headquarters of SPLM IO was captured and Riek run to Addis Ababa what make him runs?. You guys are just making escape goat and you will never enjoyed.

  • 15 February 18:48, by Games

    When we say that is not going to work.. It will never work as the same with Ruweng administration, it will never work in Unity state.

    • 15 February 20:04, by Langbaar

      Calm down piece of work. You fellows just don’t know the real game behind the scene. I will be damned if you lawless animals would come and live in Jonglei or Malakal like before. As for a land war you loser talk about. Bring the damn thing on and never cry foul again that you are being unfairly targeted later. How many wars have the Nuers ever fought with the whole Jaang community and won?

      • 15 February 20:11, by Langbaar

        You low life just pick a small section of Dinka/Jaang community and claim victory over that section. Games, here are the facts. In 1992, when your so-called jesh mabior (so-called white army) was cut down near Mongola right throughout the greater Bor up your Nuer heartland, it was not Museveni who kicked your arses Mr. Game piece of work. Mr. Riek Machar for his own life from Panyagor, Kongor>>>>

        • 15 February 20:18, by Langbaar

          and sneaked into Malakal which was then under North Sudan government control to save his sorry ass. His ally, Mr. Joseph Oduho was unfortunately killed at Panyagor. Again in 2013, your low lives were kicked out of Juba and it was not Mr. Museveni who bombed you out of Juba. Yes in Bor, Most of your militias who were welcomed back in 2006 after serving your Arab masters were stationed in Bor>>>

          • 15 February 20:26, by Langbaar

            and managed to capture Bortown since they were the majority in the area. And Mr. Salva Kiir asked for Museveni help after all the Nuers deserted the SPLA. Uganda help was mainly in Bor. I myself and many civilians from Bor South bombed your so-called white army pretty badly right up your Nuer heartland and out of Malakal Mr. Games piece of trash. The worse thing with our lawless Nuers ke nyantoc>>

            • 15 February 20:38, by Langbaar

              is facts don’t matter to them. If the whole Dinka/Jaang community were to be fighting out with the Nuer community as you fellows always wish, then I guess, the Dinkas/Jaang would occupy our Nuer ke nyantoc areas permanently , trust me chap. The Nuers grabbed the Anyuak community Akoba and Burun community Langecuk in 1980th. But according to our Nuer ke nyantoc twisted world view, it always

              • 15 February 20:48, by Langbaar

                a Dinka/Jaang fault. Yes, Mr. Salva Kiir and his bunch of advisors are your allies. I don’t know why he really wear that cowboy hat really. The guy is an empty headed fool. Mr. Riek Machar should not have been allowed to wreck havoc in South Sudan to this day. Anyway, let just wait and see what happens with 10 states. But the 32 states are not going anywhere.>>>

  • 15 February 20:26, by Mayendit

    Games look how stupid you are and your rebels leader Riek Machar Teny. There are million Nuers people who have been affected by the flood and conflicts yet, he is focusing on long term for States and its boundaries supposedly, he should be talking about how world Agencies bring help for those flood affected.

    • 15 February 23:39, by Games

      Everybody through our the country are feelings the heats. It weren’t Nuer suffering alone. There are more affected areas in Dinka inhabitants environment than any others. Don’t be a stupid little boy stop trying to play with me.

  • 16 February 01:29, by conservative

    Reik machar will die as desperate leader

  • 16 February 01:45, by Mayendit

    Lido gaara Games.
    Everybody through our the country?. What kind of English language you have learned from your exile?. Well, the flood affected others communities but they’re very close to big cities unlikely the Nuers people. 6000 homes displace by flooding are wondering how they will gets food ration in Akobo and now they are moving to Waat near Nassir county.

  • 16 February 01:54, by Mayendit

    Dr. Wongkel Riek Machar Teny is not thinking about the people who have been affected by the flood and conflicts, there are 6000 homes left empties in Akobo county and these 6000 people are on the moved to Waat near Nassir county so that, they can begged the SSPDF in Nassir county. State and boundaries will not help him since he is losing popularity within Nuers communities.

    • 16 February 03:12, by Games

      Hahahahahahaha... You don’t even seem to know the geography of the Nuer lands. Akobo is near the borders of Ethiopia and quite closer to Nasir, while Walgak is only half an hour walk to Waat. These 6,000 people were Waat residents that were displaced by Kony Beliu during the Waat war 3 years ago.

  • 16 February 06:16, by Angelo Achuil

    This is the best decision the Presidency ever made since 2012!!! May God forgive these two leaders and help them to restore the country they have destroyed beyond recognition.

  • 16 February 06:19, by Angelo Achuil

    Our country is going to be stronger again! They, however, must be on guard against those who thrive under 23, 24, 32, 34 states. they will like to incite violence for they love to divide the tribes and get rich during the fighting and suffering of the poor.

  • 16 February 06:26, by Angelo Achuil

    My thanks goes first not to President Salva Kiir or Dr Riek Machar but to God Almighty who has finally answered our prayer to re-unite our country that was so divided and hated each other!! Thank you Jesus Christ 10 times for this decision

  • 16 February 10:22, by Mr. Fox

    Dance but you are defeated mother fucker io supporters, your equatorians who only complain about land in Juba have joined in celebration; but let me tell you, dance today, you will cry tomorrow come elections, equatorians should ask their brothers who joined io in 2013 but decided not to follow Riek when he escaped Juba in 2016. where is your Thomas Cirilo?

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