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Salva Kiir’s motorcade cut up by Land Cruiser driver in Juba


A picture showing the damaged vehicle of the presidential guard in Juba after an attempt by the uncontrolled Land Cruiser (R) driver to crash Kiir's motorcade on 22 March 2020 (ST Photo)March 23, 2020 (JUBA) - The motorcade of President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Sunday was disrupted by an uncontrolled Land Cruiser driver while he was heading to attend the inauguration of the contested new Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdioceses of Juba.

On Sunday Juba witnessed the inauguration of Bishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla, an Otuho who was contested by the Bari tribe of Juba. His appointment took place amid claims that senior South Sudanese in Juba influenced the Vatican to appoint him.

The accident took place on Tombura road when a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle coming from the opposite direction ignored police orders to clear the road and hit the presidential motorcade which was heading to Saint Theresa Cathedral where was organised Mulla’s installation.

Three presidential guards sustained minor wounds when they barred the road by their vehicle to prevent the Land Cruiser from hitting Kiir’s car.

Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth told the Sudan News Agency that they ignore why the driver who was interrogated by the security service sought to disrupt the presidential convoy.

This accident is the first of its kind in South Sudan.

The Bari community of Juba region opposed the Mulla appointment as Arch Bishop of Arch Diocese of Juba on 12 December 2019.

His detractors said that he as an Otuho does not speak local languages including Bari and Arabic and that he has fathered at least six children. But, the Vatican rejected their allegation pointing to the universality of the Church stressing that it should not consider ethnic affiliation.

Also, The Vatican investigated the allegation about six kids and found nothing to substantiate the allegations.


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  • 23 March 09:45, by Tupac

    I don’t know why wicked Equatorians pretends to be christians and when it reaches night, the change into black cats and their bottom gives light like a touch. i pity you.

    • 23 March 10:18, by Games

      They are better people than you even if they are not good Christians. They don’t steal people stuff, or killing and rapping unarmed civilians

      • 23 March 10:45, by South South

        Games/mentally retarded,

        Riek has been given 48 hours to force his wife out from Ministry of Defense, what a mess!!!!!"We are expecting the first vice president to come and brief his forces in our headquarters in Diehl, following the formation the transitional government. Also, I have no problem with the newly appointed SPLM-IO ministers," said Gatwech.

        Riek can’t go to Deihl,arrested.

    • 23 March 10:45, by jubaone

      Wicked, you uncircumcised jienge kaffir? You must be the last people to talk about christianity or moral values. You steal, rape, lie and do all evil vices and you have the fucking jienge guts yo call us wicked? Clean your dirty shithole first b4 calling Equatorians names cuz without us you are just human thrash. Shut up jienge.

      • 23 March 11:36, by South South


        Kurkoo, You are still using Equatoria name while your dirty Bari are killing Madi tribe because the bishop of Juba is from them, and that Madi bishop does not speak Bari and Arabic, Kurkoo!!!! Bari is a very dirty tribe, open up your eyes other tribes in Equatoria????

        • 23 March 16:59, by The Rhino

          South South,

          You jienge savages are the most disgusting people on feet in South Sudan.There’s no other tribe that’s so loaded with evil and toxic conspiracy plans against fellow tribes in this country.Listen,1).You fucking Dinka bastards fabricated the war in 2013 to remain in Juba,2).You created 32 states to bring chaos&hatred among different tribes,3).You left your jienge villages and flocked..

          • 23 March 17:07, by The Rhino

            South South,

            ..to Equatoria ,etc..only to cause anarchy, deaths and displacements,4).You rape,steal and murder innocent people from host communities who gave you food,shelter and water during war times with arabs.Shit,the only dirty tribe in South Sudan that you keep referring to, is Dinka!!!..that’s right!Lopiat!..your uncle Kiir is lucky to come out alive from that car incident,next time.......

            • 23 March 17:08, by The Rhino

              South South,

              ..things could look different,..BE WARNED!!!

              • 23 March 17:31, by South South

                The Rhino,

                You stupid Mundari need to open your eyes here. Bari people do not want Madi bishop, they want Bari bishop who speaks Arabic and Bari, that’s the issue here. Any shit you are pouring out is your own dirt, Kurkoo!!!!!

                • 23 March 17:38, by South South

                  The Rhino,

                  I know now why fake Arabs were fucking Bari men in the middle of the day during our struggle. Arabic language has no room in Christianity, Madi language is very good since it’s one of the tribe of South Sudan. Kiir’s life is a red line and we will do unimaginable things to keep him alive and runs this country for another 20 years, then another hawk will take over for 40 yrs, Kurkoo!!!

                  • 23 March 18:04, by The Rhino

                    South South,

                    Since you Dinka people were/are so close to Arabs,their cultures and habits,I suspect that either you or one of your uncles must have been ass invaded by them Arabs.Given your profile and attitude as well as level of reasoning, you must have been subjected to some brutal abuse early on.Let me remind you that, over 70% of your Dinka people served/lived as slaves in North Sudan.Facts!!

                    • 23 March 18:19, by The Rhino

                      South South,

                      Juba will burn,Kiir will be captured alive and crucified!After that all jienge rapists,looters,land grabbers and thieves loaded onto lorries and transported back to Dinkaland.No games!

                  • 23 March 21:00, by jubaone

                    South South
                    Go to Souk Jou in Wau and ask any elderly Fertit man about "mor girshen" of the cheap nyanjienges who sold themselves for "kutkut" or ounce of salt from jellaba, ya kaffir.

      • 23 March 11:51, by Tupac


        What i like from Equatorians is that they like fighting throgh social media using words as their Guns for shooting. your life is so sweeter then others life. if you are to be given a gun to go in frontline, you will run away like a woman. you like somethink good without paying price.

        • 23 March 13:00, by jubaone

          Does that explain why jienges have run away from their luak? Why still hide your stinking jienge shitholes in Uganda Kenya, you lowly cowards? Why are you still in Equatoria while your savages are tearing themselves in Tonj, Rumbek
          Gogrial etc? Why do lazy jienges make over 70% of all refugees when there are no wars in your luaks? Equatoria is developing and you rot.

      • 23 March 12:03, by Tupac


        Ask your ladies if we are being circumcise or not. because they know more about us when it comes to circumcision or have you ever been pac by dinka?

        • 23 March 13:05, by jubaone

          Those Equatorian girls were raped by filthy uncircumcised jienge savages and we call them "sharamit jienge", they are filthy "nijis", untouchables in arabic. They are like human crap cuz they have been stained. Equatoria men don’t touch your nyanjienges cuz they are unclean and stink. Even children with jienges are still idiots with low IQ.

          • 23 March 13:22, by Tupac


            Dinkas ladies are expensive. what you know is hunting rat bush. we married your ladies so that the produce for us children who will keep cattle and also defend the land of south Sudan. not hunting rat bush. have you forgotten how you deserted yei and lainya in 2018 without dinkas laying hands on you. dinkas are to multiple and fill the earth that why God make them to be fruitful.

            • 23 March 13:39, by Tupac


              Never will anyone stand on dinkas way. the more you are jealousy the more we progress. Dinkas are in South Sudan, the whole of the world continents. how can a bush rat(small rat) hunter stand against the mighty one. nothing is Good in Equatoria apart from Juba becoz it is the City of South Sudan. Thank god becoz Dinkas land is where most of south sudan resources comes from.

              • 23 March 13:45, by Tupac


                when they shutdown oil, you will find an old selling rat bush crying dollar dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd is expensive. You are relying on UN Agency and one day they will GO. See how you will be on Hell, Just keep on planting your see of Tribalism

                • 23 March 13:55, by Tupac


                  Dinkas are never refugge, the people your are seing in East Africa Are students who went with their caregivers and others who have taken up citizenship in East Africa. don play around with Dinkas, if all Dinkas are to comes from all around the world then their will be no bush rat in south Sudan for you servival since it is the only food that you can enjoy like adogs and cats.

                  • 23 March 14:07, by Tupac


                    Dinkas are not only in East Africa. they are every where at same time. you can not manage dinka. If the western countries whose most land has been occuppied by Dinka can not rise against Dinka then who you (small rats) to do that open you mouth. How many Dinkas are in USA, CANADA, ASTRALIA etc. i don’t know why am wasting communicating to idoits who are under Dinkas.

                    • 23 March 15:49, by jubaone

                      Jienges are everywhere looking for food cuz they are either too foolish to think or too lazy to work and completely unfit even as house slaves. Show us what you jienges have accomplished in your luaks. Everywhere you go MTN!

            • 23 March 15:55, by jubaone

              Nyanjienges expensive for only for jienge. So these street bastards in Aweil, those scavenging for rest foods from restaurants in Hai Thoura, Nimra Thalata Custom markets etc..others surviving on UN airdrops. I know, you were raised by UN food that was poisoned with food preservatives. This is the reason you are less intelligent. Watchout

            • 23 March 17:47, by The Rhino

              Tupac aka you suck,

              Which Dinka ladies are you calling expensive?Shit,you must be out of touch with realities on the ground in S.Sudan,East Africa or the West!Here’re some facts,few months ago,reports detailed horrific footage(in full length)how Dinka women/model sell themselves cheap at a cost of less than a dollar.Some were even seen to be so desperate that they embarked on same sex marriages..

              • 23 March 17:49, by The Rhino

                Tupac aka you suck,

                ..good God!..women salivating on other women!Sorry ya jienge,if you consider those women ’expensive’!

                • 23 March 21:07, by jubaone

                  Nyanjienges in the diaspora have become so frustrated cuz no decent men pick them, how? Uncultured, dirty and careless. Most have resorted to prostitution or become lesbians. You saw that nyanjienge model who married a fellow woman? Only jienges do such disgusting practices, waskanin.

  • 23 March 10:46, by Gender Activist Ter Manyang

    One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

  • 23 March 17:35, by conservative

    I guess people don’t know how to be proudness anymore for who there especially when they immigrants from different countries and now they don’t know even if they south Sudanese all the haters among other tribes it needs to be stop by law that’s what government should do

  • 23 March 18:12, by Kenyang ll

    Salva Kiir and bunch of thieves at J1 need to stop driving as if they own the road and country. You will find out, I bet the Church bound faithful has the right of way. How gleeful some of us would have been had he smashed Kiir’s empty head with his vehicle.

  • 24 March 10:52, by L. Stephen

    And for your information, Archbishop Stephen Ameyu and Archbishop Emeritus Paolino Lokudu have forgiven each other on Sunday 22 March 2020 and called for reconciliation and healing among their respective followers. This is how leaders should conduct themselves, disagree but solve their differences, reconcile and move forward.

    • 24 March 11:53, by South South

      L. Stephen,

      All these allegations are from Bari tribe to drag the good name of Archbishop Stephen Ameyu to the mud. Vatican would not allow him to be a bishop if he fathered 6 children, let alone to be archbishop. Archbishop Stephen has no issues with anyone to reconcile. Bari tribe, the dirty tribe is one to seek reconciliation. The problems we have in Juba are from Bari tribe, dirty people.

      • 24 March 15:51, by The Rhino

        South South,

        Street skunk!Do some homework you dilapidated Dinka vagrant.Its called JUBA NA BARI for a reason.Juba and the areas around it and those stretching North,West or East of the River Nile belongs to the BARI tribe or our integral mighty KARO community!No fucking intruder will ever change that,from afar or within!This is our ancestral habitat!We will do everything possible to keep it.....

        • 24 March 16:02, by The Rhino

          South South,

          ..that way, mark my words!!!You fucking bastards came from nowhere and now want to make changes at will,NO WAY!This is just the beginning, you damned savages will reap what you’ve sown against us.Once WE the KARO people from our proudest Mundari warriors,Nyangwara,Pojulus and co. come together and defend ourselves, you fucking foreigners will be running while pissing!Shit!!!

      • 26 March 06:39, by Langbaar

        Lowly informed South Sudanese fools, watch out fools. ’Abuna Madol’, a Catholic priest, married. Here in South Sudan, everyone marries.>>>

    • 24 March 18:56, by jubaone

      South South
      The new Archbishop of Juba is an Equatorian and a person of God. It would be an abomination if a jienge were in his place. Jienges are evil and can’t be part of any ethical and moral institution. Like Bishop Roric, a NCP agent, Bishop Bul Deng a member of jienge criminal enterprise, jce. You cant trust them on godly issues. It’s like making satan a saint.

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