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South Sudan SSOMA says committed to Rome not IGAD peace process


Signatories of Rome Declaration pose after the signing of the deal on 13 Jan 2020 (Photo St Egidio)April 28, 2020 (JUBA) - The South Sudan Opposition Movements’ Alliance (SSOMA), reiterated its rejection of the revitalized peace pact and IGAD rules of engagement saying they are only committed to the Rome Peace Process.

On Friday 24th of April 2020, Ismail Wais the IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan told reporters by video conference from Addis Ababa that the Sant’Egidio is "facilitating" discussions between the South Sudanese government and the SSOMA in Rome but the process remains "under the IGAD rules of engagement".

In response to a question by Sudan Tribune, he further that once a peace agreement is reached the SSOMA has two alternatives if they want to participate in the three-year transition.

"One alternative, they come back and again join their former institutions. The other alternative is to stand alone and join the process but not in the implementation as such. So they can prepare themselves and participate in the elections within three years, and take any activities or mandate given to them by the people of South Sudan".

In response, the SSOMA recalled its rejection of the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) stressing that the root causes of the conflict remain unresolved.

The R-ARCSS "does not address the fundamental root causes of the conflict; which have been accepted and acknowledged by the government of the Republic of South Sudan in the Rome Declaration as the basis of Rome Peace Process," SSOMA said.

The opposition alliance, further, brushed aside the two alternatives offered by the IGAD special envoy saying they are "misplaced", adding these options "have never been considered before".

"It must be explicitly stated that at present, SSOMA does not follow any rules of engagement other than those that have been set up by the Community of Sant’Egidio peace initiative".

The holdout opposition groups reject the revitalized peace deal saying that their main claim for a new governance system dividing up power between a national government and local state governments.

The statement dismissed statements by Wais that he had discussions with the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) of Gen Paul Malong about their situation once a peace agreement is signed in Rome.

"SSOMA categorically refutes the notion that discussions are underway between the SSUF/A and the IGAD for whatever reason," said the statement before to add that Malong met Wais twice in December 2018 and March 2019.

During these meeting the IGAD mediator, Malong declared his readiness to negotiate a peace agreement facilitated by the IGAD.


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  • 28 April 2020 12:58, by jubaone

    Dr. Wais must be stupid and completely impatient on how things are supposed to be done. He must first facilitate and ensure that the IGAD-led RTGoNU between IG, IO, OPP, SSOA functions well. Only then, can there be real substantive evidence to showcase the relevance and success of this peace. He should for the meantime just shut up.

    • 28 April 2020 13:02, by jubaone

      The training of a unified force is stalling, the appointment of governors not advancing, the SSDinka Forces and nyagat IO criminals are already violating the CoH and attacking NAS in Yei, jienges are still running away as refugees to Uganda, Kenya and fear returning to their luaks. The IGAD cant surely be proud of anything in SS. SS should be left alone to rot slowly.

      • 28 April 2020 13:55, by South South


        An old man, coronavirus is very near to you, wicked. How can we attack Yei while we are controlling it? Make no mistake, Kiir will miraculously rule South Sudan for another 25 years before another hawk takes over. NAS is shit, no more comments.

        • 28 April 2020 16:37, by jubaone

          South South
          Jienge kaffir, how can you control Yei when most of your your jienge are cowardly hiding in Kenya or Uganda? These are hungry jienge criminals in uniform looking for food and loot. Your kiirminal can rule yourselves not us or NAS. It would be stupid to be led by a low IQ and less intelligent person. Remove his hat and there’s nothing under.

          • 28 April 2020 17:55, by The Rhino


            Hilarious!"Remove his hat and there’s nothing under".Idiot Kiir has vividly no hair and surely no brains.Only foolish nyagats and street skunks like ’South South’ give him credit.Bottom line is,NAS and Co. are giving them sleepless nights.Fucking Dinka rapists and murderers are forced to live only in trenches and holes like rats or worms around Yei area, sweet,sweet!

            • 28 April 2020 22:19, by jubaone

              Our boys/girls are doing a very good job. The kiirminal forgot that most of the NAS fighters were former SPLA combatants who with little resources are doing a great job. Where are all the nyors of fugitive Malong? Killed, maimed and others reduced to criminals and beggars in Juba. No NAS No Peace. We urge all of Equatorians in IO to decamp and join NAS. IO is now nyagat syndicate.

              • 29 April 2020 16:21, by The Rhino


                Fact is, both damned Dinka and nyagats are fucking savages, who urgently require serious attention and dreadful opposite wind.We must look at them that way!Equatorians must get this straight into their skulls.In all three Equatorias,fucking Dinka and nyagats bastards are practicing terrorism on defenseless civilians they think are NAS operatives.Shit,recently an anonymous channel........

                • 29 April 2020 16:28, by The Rhino


                  ..revealed that illiterate Kiir and power hungry Machar have now officially teamed up,in attacking,raping and looting inhabitants in their ancestral territories in Equatorias.Main purpose of these evil activities is to psychologically scare Equatorians and subject them into a demeaning position.Fuck them,we say big NO to that,no one fucking occupier can sit on an Equatorian.Either them..

                  • 29 April 2020 16:36, by The Rhino


                    ..or us!This is a very serious and alarming thing to witness given the fact upon all what we Equatorians have done to Dinka and Nuer till this very day in our areas.Fuck them big time!!!Therefore,Equatorian fighters who’ve joined greedy Machar must immediately relinquish his useless movement and contribute or decamp to NAS.They must fight to defend themselves and their motherlands!!!

                    • 29 April 2020 16:44, by The Rhino


                      Big war is pending.We don’t want any PoC sites in our territories since Dinka and Nuer now have their peace.Shit,those places must be shut down and anything moving on two feet carried out of our grounds.No more cages and human kraals in Equatoria,all savages OUT,full stop!

                    • 29 April 2020 17:25, by jubaone

                      Hon Pierino Oyet has written a strong letter to Riek demanding an explanation for the "incredible tribalism" of the Nuers in IO for dominating over 90% of all top military positions in the planned unified army. This is good, now Riek and his fellows are now showing Equatorians their true shitholes. Now is the time to decamp. Great for us.

                      • 29 April 2020 17:32, by jubaone

                        If true, any chaos in IO is not only good for the jienges but good for us too. It makes life now easier for us and shows clearly, neither the jienges nor nyagat have any value. All Equatorians in IO, IG can now easily decide to join NAS. It’s not about numbers, its about determination and purpose. This time Riek will have to fly out of Juba.

                      • 29 April 2020 18:53, by South South


                        Kurkoo!!!! Monkey, there are no Equatorians in IO, you may have 10 to 20 people who joined IO from Equatoria to get big positions in name of IO, that’s all.

                        • 29 April 2020 18:56, by South South


                          Kurkoo!!!!! I heard that a few men of NAS have been driven to deep bushes by IO. Let them stay in the bushes with monkeys and rats.

                          • 29 April 2020 19:17, by jubaone

                            South South
                            Aryan jienge, now I understand why you like and act like a monkey 🐵 since you grow up getting breastfed like in the web link you got earlier. The only difference is your tails have receded ah ah. Jienges are now begging for Nuers and nyagats cuz they can’t fight. They hide behind Nuers or run 🏃 to Kenya pretending to be sick 😁.

                            • 29 April 2020 19:51, by The Rhino


                              Absolutely correct, its not all about numbers but determination and purpose, solid!I dearly applaud our Murles and Mundari brothers in tackling evil Dinka and Nuer tyranny all these centuries with full authority.See Murles and Mundari don’t play games with these rapists,they unequivocally give Dinka or Nuer their own medicine head on!They always say accepting a Dinka or Nuer into their..

                              • 29 April 2020 19:59, by The Rhino


                                ..own uniform, peaceful community is like welcoming a serpent, death and chaos into it.Any enemy is always an enemy, and Dinka and Nuer have now placed themselves into that position.We must not forget that it’s this same Nuer people who terrorized the Anyuaks,Buruns and others in north eastern South Sudan/Gambella region/border to Ethiopia all years behind.Nuer ain’t no saints, they’re..

                                • 29 April 2020 20:07, by The Rhino


                                  ..just as greedy, dirty and evil as fucking Dinka themselves.Its urgently time to reign on these savages from all corners(intellectually,intelligently,brutally and with all forms and powers of defense mechanisms).Fuck the notion of welcoming and accommodating ungrateful Dinka and Nuer in Equatoria.Shit,those days are over,its a new day!NO,NO,NO,Our people in Eastern,Central and Western..

                                  • 29 April 2020 20:22, by The Rhino


                                    ..Equatoria must rise up to the challenges.They must never sit back relaxed and wait for rescue from anyone,Noway,..only an Equatorian will rescue Equatorians and Equatoria as such!An Equatorian will rise up and pick up the sword to safe the lives of his people subjected to unfair cruelty and bondage.This sounds Biblical,I guess to face fucking Dinka and Nuer all together requires.......

                                    • 29 April 2020 20:32, by The Rhino


                                      ..some Biblical approaches and stiffness.Its clear today that Dinka and Nuer are nothing else but dangers, threats and parasites standing in our way.Both have rotten histories of marauding,occupying and displacing fellow countrymen from their territories.We can be proud to advise our people that even AU,IGAD or any other foreign entity are all ONLY interested in/for the highest bidder...

                                      • 29 April 2020 20:43, by The Rhino


                                        ..death unto them!Now power is the people, and determination and purpose is the key.The United States of America and other free world countries should frankly recalibrate their global campus towards real people’s struggle for liberty and the pursuit for happiness in South Sudan.Will they keep on watching and supporting a Dinka gov’t that rap,murder and loot vulnerable people with........

                                        • 29 April 2020 20:47, by The Rhino


                                          ..impunity?This is wrong!One thing is very clear,Equatorians...wake up and trust only your OWN,full stop!

                                  • 29 April 2020 20:31, by jubaone

                                    A country run by half apes dressed like humans can’t get anywhere. 15 years on, these human trash are being fed like gorillas in cages on free nyamnyam (moyot). Too lazy to work on their own. Like free roaming gorillas, they eat, sleep, shit and fight. God is great.

                            • 29 April 2020 20:19, by South South


                              Kurkoo!!!!, Monkey, we know how to fight. We liberated South Sudan. A moment ago there was a heavy fighting between our army and Masseryia militia near Majok-Nyin Thou in NBGS. This is today.

                              • 29 April 2020 20:55, by The Rhino

                                South South,

                                Street bastard,what are you talking about here ya kelp?Misseriya arabs are grilling and butchering your half dead relatives in the middle of the day in Abyei, and you can’t do nothing about it,shit.Get this,Misseriya arabs even went further to pay blood money for your relatives, and your fucking uncles accepted it,how pathetic is that then, coward Dinka shit?

                              • 30 April 2020 12:15, by jubaone

                                South South
                                Bla..bla..bla...that is jienge thrash. Liberate yourselves first from idiocy than fighting like irate gorillas. Abyei is in jellaba hands and you cowardly jienge can’t do anything. Panthou is jellaba territory taken away from you and you can’t do anything. Hoping for Nuer help, ya kelb?

                                • 30 April 2020 13:54, by South South

                                  Kurkoo!!!! This world belongs to people who have power. They are the one who rule the world and tell the rest what to do. You are not one of those who have power to tell me what to do. I am the one to tell you what to do monkey. Change has already happened in South Sudan." History tell us that, When change arrives, the best way to deal with it is to adapt, not to resist".

                                  • 30 April 2020 18:07, by jubaone

                                    South South
                                    You jienges must be led like cows. Even a big bull can be slaughtered by a simple, naked jienge. You came to us as beggars and petty savages, we led and civilised you till today. Show us where and what jienges have accomplished other than being fed like giant gorillas in a cage? God created you after creating all filthy flies. Wasaka

                              • 30 April 2020 18:16, by jubaone

                                South South
                                You jienge cowards cant fight, you are good at backstabbing and letting others do the fight. If you can’t develop yourselves, we wonder whether you could single-handedly liberate SS? Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Darfuri, Nuba, other mercenaries helped the jienges. Now they claim " we liberate SS", wele! cowards and thugs

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