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Two coronavirus cases confirmed in UN PoC site in Juba


Chinese peacekeepers of UNMISS, patrol outside the premises of the UN Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in Juba on October 4, 2016. (Albert Gonzalez Farran/AFP Photo)May 13, 2020 (JUBA) - United Nations said that two coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites in Juba.

"In South Sudan, our peacekeeping colleagues tell us that the Ministry of Health has confirmed two COVID-19 cases in Protection of Civilians sites in Juba," said Stéphane Dujarric UN spokesman on Wednesday.

Dujarric further said that UNMISS personnel said they were expecting this development, "given the rising number of cases confirmed within communities across the city".

The number of confirmed cases in South Sudan hit 203, according to the health ministry.

There are 29,658 displaced persons seeking protection in NMISS “Protection of Civilians” (PoC) Site in Juba, according to a recent report released on 11 May.

The ministry of health on Wednesday said they expect a rise in COVID -19 cases regretting that people do not observe the social distancing rules.

The UN has been broadcasting prevention messages through our Radio Miraya station, as well as from inside protection sites urging the site’s residents to follow prevention measures such as social distancing, handwashing, and isolating themselves if they become sick.

According to Dujarric, the UN has doubled the water supply and increased the number of handwashing facilities.

"We have also distributed three months’ worth of food in advance," to encourage them to observe the lockdown and to stop moving to the town to buy supplies.

"The UN will continue providing this support and encouraging people living in the sites to follow prevention measures as much as possible," stressed the UN spokesman.


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  • 14 May 2020 10:22, by South South

    The people need to leave PoCs either choose to leave in Juba or go to home state. Why IO leaders want to keep these people in PoCs while they are living in hotels in Juba, holding ministerial positions in our government, eating in Juba restaurants and enjoy life in Juba?

    • 14 May 2020 10:43, by jubaone

      South South
      Very correct. The IO leadership have no peace plans and schedules. They should be advocating for the PoC closure and repatriation of all IDPs now that there’s peace. These good-for-nothing fools can’t live on free nyamnyan while their kin wallow in PoC like caged chimps.

      • 14 May 2020 10:48, by jubaone

        Of course we know that the sacked Gen Gabriel Riak Jok was acting without the approval of govt. Security Council or Min of Defence in attacking NAS positions. This was an embarrassment to the Kiirminal. But it shows how foolish Angelina Teny has become now that she’s enjoying free hotel accommodation and nyamnyam.

      • 14 May 2020 14:47, by South South


        It kills me to agree with you with one thing, that’s the way of life, you can’t disagree 100% with a person. I can read between lines about your opinion with PoC in Juba, you want them to leave Juba, Bari’s land, that’s not my point. My point is about the real peace we have with IO, but still they want to keep people in PoCs for political purpose, not more.

        • 14 May 2020 14:58, by South South


          Angelina Riek is a politician and she is holding minister of Defense as a politician. We have very good people in our army who know to strategize war. NAS has no forces in South Sudan to fight with our army. Lie and lies of NAS will not hold ground in South Sudan. By the way, IGAD has pushed back Riek’s compliant about state allocations, they ask him to go back to J1 and talk to Kiir.

        • 14 May 2020 15:19, by jubaone

          South South
          Guess what Angelina should have stopped Gen Gabriel Riak Jok from starting any attacks against NAS, which already had signed a CoH with the govt. She let Gen Jok go ahead and even involved IO soldiers even when they are not fully United. How foolish could she be? Kiirminal had to act swiftly cuz its damaging his reputation. Everybody now thinks kiirminal is not for peace.

          • 14 May 2020 15:26, by jubaone

            South South
            We understand that most IG/IO have been dispersed, killed by gallant NAS forces. Juba-Yei road is closed and the mobile IG forces around Lainya were dispersed with 2 senior officers and 2 mounted Toyota cars blown. The govt. cant report cuz all communications have been cut off. All this was cuz Gen Jok foolishly acted alone.

            • 14 May 2020 15:38, by South South

              We have a few bandits of NAS in the bushes. They can’t block a path, let alone a road. When you are weak, you can spread lies and that will not help you with anything. If really there are NAS forces near Lainya, let them attack Lainya so that we can see. Remember this, no one will pay attention to a weak person in anything. You can sing, cry, dance and all of that, but you will be ignored

  • 14 May 2020 11:06, by Gender Activist Ter Manyang

    Dear Public,
    This is really concern for people in the country

  • 14 May 2020 11:31, by Theallseeingeye

    Corono virus can kiss my black ass. There no such things call Crono virus, these are all lies fabricated by people controlling mainstream media in order to have us terrified and prepared for poisonous vaccine.

    Why there isn’t single deaths case in South Sudan, if Covid-19 is suppose to be that vatal? Cow wrestling and revenge killings are much more contagious and deadly in south Sudan than the fa

    • 14 May 2020 13:44, by Nueri Dial


      Gen. Marial Nuor and Gen. John Madeng are new death cases for covid 19. i hope you now know that it is real

  • 14 May 2020 13:33, by Nueri Dial

    South South & Juboen,

    When those people run to PoC, it was not IO who mobilized them. They will also leave PoC without IO influence. You lost two gen. today from BILPAM and don’t tell me it is because of IO too. Kiir days are short. please arrange for his burial

    • 14 May 2020 14:41, by South South

      Nueri Dial,

      You Nuers act before you think first. These people right now in PoCs ran there because of insecurity at that time. Right now, there is peace with IO, tell me why are they in PoCS right now? Free food? Free house? Politic? If people in Juba want to reduce IO in Juba, the head of IO is there, Riek Machar, he would a perfect person to go after, not those poor people in PoCs

      • 14 May 2020 14:58, by Nueri Dial

        South South,

        They run to PoC because of insecurity and that is why they still stay there. The reason why they don’t come out after IO sign peace. Yes it is the good question but what you should know is that, there was peace sign in 2016 and did not work after 4 Months. Now they are waiting for Kiir departure which will happen soon. Marial Nuor is no more

        • 14 May 2020 15:48, by South South

          Nueri Dial,

          Listen, if Kiir leaves, we will put someone tough in his position. We have many hawks waiting to take over. If you want to compare them with Kiir, Kiir is an angel, they are tough. We lost Dr. John Garang, but our vision is still alive. Our nation future is in our hands, not in one person’s hand. Riek will die as a second man in his life, mark my words. Don’t make any mistake.

          • 14 May 2020 17:06, by Nueri Dial

            South South

            Dr.John die because of his word ’’Sudan e tok’’ (Sudan is one). If Kiir left as you said. Game down. Read Agreement very well, it did not say the party will elect

            • 14 May 2020 18:20, by South South

              Nueri Dial,

              You talk like Nuer again. You think peace will give power to Nuer, that’s a myth. The one who control army, money, national security, police will rule South Sudan, not betrayers like our Nuer guys. Who really care about Riek? No one, we other important things to deal with. By the way, IGAD has pushed Riek’s complaint about allocations of states to J1. He needs to go back to Kiir in J1

              • 14 May 2020 22:48, by Langbaar

                South Sudanese people should stop too much politics and start working hard to have enough to eat and sell our produces to other countries to have more money in our pockets. Take our children to schools to stem ignorant in our communities. Everybody has now seen that Mr. Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, James Wani Igga and others are not the ones who put food on the table for 12 million South Sudanese>>>>

                • 14 May 2020 22:55, by Langbaar

                  Yes, myself included, I also do dabble in politics like everybody else, but I know where I get my daily bread from. We all that our country aand our people have been victim of politics for as long as anyone can remember. And up to this this day. Some of our so-called allies or uncles from the US, the UK, Israel, the UN, their NGOs and the AU and even some creeps here in the IGAD are pretty much>>>

                  • 14 May 2020 23:03, by Langbaar

                    deep in the neck in all these messes in our country. For those us in the know, South Sudan was supposed to be made as experiment by the globalists or the secret societies’ criminals or NEW WORLD ORDER ADVOCATES or the agent Africa Unity or the so-called regional intergration. And that was simply why the South Sudanese people peace talks was kept away from South Sudanese people who would come>>>

                    • 14 May 2020 23:10, by Langbaar

                      own the peace themselves. But it kept in the hotels, bars and brothels from Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, North Sudan; it was alleged to be taken to Mauritania, west Africa. But for some reasons, the whole dirty game went and stuck in Khartoum. Our lowly informed South Sudanese must be very careful. This world is all about ’dog eats dog’ world>>>>

                      • 15 May 2020 00:37, by Langbaar

                        The sooner our foolish politicians grow some spines and know that the US, the UK, their UN, their so-called evil juus (so-called israelis) and some of their creeps here in the AU and the IGAD countries are not our allies, but our real existential enemies the better. This voluminous Nuer who is alledly heading the negotiation between North Sudan, Darfur Malitias and SPLM-N was deliberately chosen>>

                        • 15 May 2020 00:42, by Langbaar

                          by our myopic leaders and some of their creeps here in the region and the UN, NGOs and their creeps in between who have attched themselves to our country and our people like leeches or ticks. And the whole dirty ’imtrigues and shows’ are simply to Geo-politically chess game or football played our country and our people, and that our country and our people would be re-united with our arch anemies>>

                          • 15 May 2020 01:04, by Langbaar

                            the cloned so-called Arabs of North Sudan like their then so-called *DR Congo, Central Africa republic (C.A.R), some of their west African fools, Southern African countries, Middle Eastern European countries, Carrribean countries, some Asian countries, Eastern Europeans or Latin American countries or Cuba during their so-called *COLD WAR*. And that South Sudan would be ’reunited with their>>>>

                            • 15 May 2020 01:09, by Langbaar

                              cloned so-called Arabs of North Sudan just like the vermin did with their then ’East and West Germany’ during their so-called ’COLD WAR. I will repeat this again’. And that their evil juus (so-called israelis), their evil white Americans, English people and some of their creeps in between who covet our country and our people to death would run their capitals and brag, that their so-called>>>

                              • 15 May 2020 01:15, by Langbaar

                                *capitalism has triumps over their so-called ’socialism or communism’* Fellows. Be very careful. Most of these lowly infomred South Sudan screaming for these vermins in our country again would be the first low lives to screams when their villages and towns are again taken their so-called *mesiahs from from the US, the UK, their UN, their evil juus (so-called israelis)>>>>

                                • 15 May 2020 01:21, by Langbaar

                                  their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their AU and their creeps here in the IGAD. I always tell our lowly informed that our country and our people were chosens to be fought over by our arch enemies. That the "uncircumcised are not cleans and that the circumicised creeps" being *propagated by the criminals like *Benjamin Netanyahu and other creeps here in our region* like Paul Kagame, Uhuru Kenyatta,>>>

                                  • 15 May 2020 02:39, by Langbaar

                                    Thabo Mbeki, Barack Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, Oslugan Obasajo, Ba Ki Moon and other bunch of *secret sociteities*:
                                    1. The Illuminati
                                    2. Freemasons
                                    3. Bilderberg Group (a Ruropean) Dangerous secret society.
                                    4. Knights Templar read Mr. Dan Brown, "the da Vanci Code"
                                    5. Skull And Bones
                                    6. The Jesuits,
                                    7. and other bunch of evils who have attached themselves and over our people like leeche or ticks>

                                    • 15 May 2020 02:49, by Langbaar

                                      Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. It is all about *Catholism and Anglicism* Mr. Pope Francis invited *Mr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir* to Rome and went and *knelt down on them in Rome*. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. Caholics are just the same with Romans. *Conquisidores* went to (South Americas) and went and destroyed indigenouses ways of living there>>>

                                      • 15 May 2020 03:00, by Langbaar

                                        Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. *Amazon River, Our Nile Rivers, Congo Rivers, Yellow Rivers, Mekong Rivers, Eupharates Rivers, Tigris Rivers, (Murray darling) River in Australia, Volga River in Russia. We are here fools.>>>>

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