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South Sudan’s Kiir denies rumours about his infection with coronavirus


Kiir denies his infection with coronavirus on 25 May (SKM fans photo)May 25, 2020 (JUBA) - President Salva Kiir addressed the nation on Monday calling to observe social distancing rules to contain community transmission of coronavirus and to ignore false rumours about his infection with the respiratory disease.

Kiir’s remarks come after the circulation in the social media of forged letter tasking the vice-president Hussein Abdelbagi with the day to day management of the country amid rumours that Kiir tested positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, there were fake reports claiming that he left the country to Egypt for treatment of coronavirus.

"I want to urge all of you to refocus your energies to the fight against Coronavirus pandemic and leave futile politicking and helpless propaganda for now," said Kiir

He referred to rumours about his contamination and denied his travel to Egypt and called on the South Sudanese to "not delve into propaganda".

"They said that President Kiir has COVID-19 and he has escaped to Egypt. They even went on as far as saying the President is dead," he said.

Kiir further “I have never gone for refuge since I was young. I will stay here and die even to the last person in this country. I’m one of those people who said my bones will be buried in South Sudan,” he said

Kiir also dismissed the assignment of Abdelbagi as a caretaker.

"There has never been any reassignment of duties of the President,".he stressed.

South Sudan’s Ministry of Health on Sunday confirmed that the number of COVID-19 infections rose to 665.

Last week, First Vice President Riek Machar, Defence Minister Angelina Teny and Information Minister Michael Makuei tested positive and self-isolated themselves.

Also, several other members of the former High-Level Task Force for COVID-19 have been infected by the disease.

For his part, Machar appeared in good shape on the official TV from his residence in Juba on Sunday to congratulate South Sudanese Muslims of Eid al-Fitr. Also, his wife and defence minister Angelina Teny was seen with him.


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  • 26 May 02:17, by Mayendit

    Yeah, South Sudanese people are getting tired about you guys and they don’t see you around then,they might assume both vice President Riek Machar and Salva Kiir are dead. People seem to love their leaders when they do good things in the country however, your leadership and Riek Machar’s ability have made South Sudan so weak and poor. I recommend you to hand power to Dr.Nhial Deng or Taban Deng Gai

    • 26 May 04:08, by Doe Joe

      I like your comment.

    • 26 May 04:45, by Games

      It seems to many people that your problem with Riek Machar has gone beyond hatters. Riek was in TV fews days ago telling the world and the people of South Sudan, he had tested positive with Covid-19. That shown he is leader. While your idiots Salva Kiir Mayardit was disappear from the public without logic reasons, and this is why people are creating something from nowhere on hi.

      • 26 May 05:11, by Mayendit

        No question about Riek Machar Teny. We human beings are judged through our actions and the history. Riek Machar started breaking up with the the late Chairman Dr.John Garang. His action brought hateful among South Sudanese people. In 2013, he was the roots caused when he went to stadium randomly and said, he will be the next Chairman of the SPLM and SPLA meanwhile, he was still serving as a

      • 26 May 05:20, by South South

        Games/Mentally Retarded,
        Your poor English can confirm to me you are really mentally retarded. I will give you free Niantic and a hotel room in zJuba to shut up.

    • 26 May 10:50, by Nueri Dial

      It is obvious that you have problem with Kiir but you should not link his case with dr.Riek. We can never sit back and watch Dinka terrorizing other tribe in South Sudan claiming that they were the only tribe fought with Jalaba. Our History did not begin in 1991. Go back to Gajaak 1984 Massacre by Dinka and have a true background of SS history. If you want to change Kiir, its up to you

      • 26 May 10:53, by Nueri Dial

        Cont... If you want to change Kiir it is up to you and don’t involve other tribe into your mess. I know those who fake his Covid 19 were lying but their spirit tell them that his days are numbered. He will die and be burred in Juba per his last speech yesterday in June or July

        • 26 May 11:54, by South South

          Nueri Dial,

          One of Nuers problems is magician. Nuers believe from that stupid called Nyundeng (spelling check). This stupid believe did not help Nuer in 1991, it did not help them in 2013 and will not help them 2023. Nuers lost war in 1991 and 2013. 1991 is the real problem we are facing today. Anything goes wrong in South Sudan is related to 1991, period.

          • 26 May 12:08, by Games

            South Shit (Slaves)
            Shut up with your rotten writing. You never contributed anything in this forum, but only abusing the reasonable people all the time. You Dinka in general are just for nothings,but only stealing credit from others. Dinka have never defeated Nuer and it will never happen in millions years.

            • 26 May 12:19, by Games

              Cont---in 1991, Nuer sent survivers of your kids to refugees camps. In 2013, Nuer defeated Dinka from all corners as result Salva Kiir hired the Eastern Africa forces to fight one tribe. But not only that the Eastern Africa forces contained within your territory, like Bor, where 9,000 Ugandan army made it as their bases to lunch the attack in our areas. You cowards can’t talk about war against Nue

              • 26 May 12:32, by Games

                Connt---if you obviously still dreaming that you have defeated Nuer, why don’t you keep your fakes 32 or more states after your masters M7 told you that if you don’t gp back to 10 States then he will leave alone more vulnerable to white army.
                I was in Uganda last year and they respected Nuer as men compared to you cowards
                .. Dinka vs Nuer war is coming soon and most of you will lives in exile

                • 26 May 13:24, by South South

                  Games/Mentally Retarded,

                  In 1991 we kicked Riek out of South Sudan and ran to Khartoum. In 2013 we kicked Riek out of Juba and ran to Ethiopia. In 2016, we kicked Riek out again from Juba and ran to DRC with rotten feet. You are under controlled. Stupid Nuer, we 10 states and 3 big administrations. I have free nyantit for you in Juba. Our second man, just follow Kiir to lead you.

                  • 26 May 15:57, by Nueri Dial

                    South South
                    Laughing, CAn you tell me your general who captured a Nuer place? Where are Mathiang Anyoor or Gwelweng? Come to Malakal and collect their bone for proper burial. Bor were defeated in Juba-Bor war. All Bharelgazal were defeated in Malakal Commando war, you went and hired UPDF and GEM to fight on your behalf. in 2016, you went and hired black water of America to fight your place? why?

                • 26 May 13:31, by Khent

                  Games (Arab oilfield guard-dog)

                  So you were not defeated by the Dinka in the 90s? Why were you dislodged from Bor, Twic east and Duk and destroyed in your own counties following our retaliation? The Shilluk joined you, as did the Equatorian Defence Force and other Equatorian tribal militia groups. You created an alliance with the SAF, PDF, Murahaleen and still lost. Why is that?

                  • 26 May 13:42, by Khent

                    There were no Ugandan troops when Riek’s troops were dislodged from Bor, Twic-east and Duk in the counterattacks of 1991; counterattacks that devastated your lands. It’s laughable that the Nuer are claiming that their entire tribe only lost in 2013 because of 4, 000 UPDF soldiers? ROFL!

                    • 26 May 13:47, by Khent

                      We defeated Riek’s forces in the 90s even while fighting the SAF which had 100, 000 fighters. The PDF had around 70, 000 men. Paulino Matip had 50, 000 troops and other Khartoum aligned Nuer Generals like Peter Gadet, Gabriel Gatwec Tanginy and Gordon Kong had tens of thousands of troops while the various other tribal militias in South Sudan had tens of thousands of fighters as well.

                      • 26 May 13:50, by Khent

                        You fought against a small detachment of around 3, 000 Ugandan soldiers at the heels of 70% of the army (Nuer) defecting to Riek. You people joined Khartoum in 91 and returned in 2006, and the Dinka suffered fighting the entire SAF for 14 years without you or the Equatorians, Shilluk, Fertit and Murle - so don’t even try to boast.

                        • 26 May 13:51, by Khent

                          Salva Kiir allowed Bashir’s Nuer militiamen to join the SPLA with tens of thousands of fighters; Matip alone returned with 50, 000 and that dog (Matip) became Deputy Commander-in-Chief. Riek was not only allowed to return after the break-down of his alliance with Khartoum... He became Vice-President. None of this should have happened. Traitors should not have been allowed to return...

                          • 26 May 13:53, by Khent

                            The people who actually fought the war against Khartoum largely went home in 2006, and on the one (1) year anniversary of the peace they graciously permitted the return of your people -> Khartoum’s wretched weasels, snakes and dogs. Snakes and dogs that quite unfortunately became the majority in our armed forces in 2006, even though they were Khartoum’s witless lackeys during the war.

                            • 26 May 13:56, by Khent

                              Instead of a small contingent, the Arabs brought entire divisions to bear against the Dinka. The Arabs fought beside you. The Arabs fed you. The Arabs gave you weapons, ammunition and logistical support. Why are you people wholly unwilling to discuss your previous alliance with Khartoum!? You people are hypocrites!

                              • 26 May 13:57, by Khent

                                When Khartoum’s aircraft bombed the Dinka for thirteen [13] years following your defection, operating in tandem with your militias on the ground... Was that not cowardice!? Well, wasn’t it!? Or do you suppose that you are entitled to an exemption from the demands of a moral code that you don’t actually subscribe to!?

                                • 26 May 13:58, by Khent

                                  There’s not a single tribe in all of Sudan [North & South] that doesn’t know that you formed desperate and shameful military alliances with the various regimes in Khartoum, with a clear emphasis on forming alliances with the SAF, PDF and the Misseriya and the Rizeigat Arab tribes. You’re the cowards. You ran to them for help, but you still failed.

                    • 26 May 15:32, by Nueri Dial


                      Please don’t wast your time writing nonsense. Nuer were fighting for independence of South Sudan and Dinka die in the name of New Sudan which they abandon in the end. Nuer never accepted the name SPLA (Dinka) but suggested SSDF (Nuer) to be the name of our army. Dinka never been in any war since 1983, they run to hire outsider. What happen in 1991 when the rest of the world was busy with—

                      • 26 May 15:37, by Nueri Dial

                        Cont— their problems? Dinka run up to Kakuma and reported themselves to white men claiming to be lost boys. In 2013, Dinka run and call UPDF and reported themselves to Nimule and invade Equatoria land. Now they don’t needs to return to Bor, the remaining has crossed to lake state (Mangkeman) and refuse to return. What are you claiming, you fail physically war as well as political war.

                        • 26 May 16:36, by Khent

                          Nueri Dial

                          This is absolutely hilarious. So in addition to being treacherous, superstitious and amnesiac... your people are also comedians? The SSDF was a Khartoum supported Nuer militia doing the bidding of its Arab masters, and you want to brag about it? You’re a funny slave.

                          • 26 May 16:45, by Khent

                            You contradicted yourself, you mindless animal. You said that the Dinka died for New Sudan and then claimed that the Dinka have never participated in any war since 1983. The Nuer all joined Khartoum in 91; the Shilluk did the same and Equatoria was full of Khartoum compliant tribal militias. The two dozen ’Fertit’ tribes also joined Khartoum. It was the Dinka and the Nuba that fought Khartoum...

                            • 27 May 10:23, by jubaone

                              This is how jienge cowards often embellish performances and try to write off others as if they were sole liberators. While our forefathers started the Torit Uprising you jienges were either oblivious or were Khartoum compliant and subservient. In 1972, Lagu and most Equatorians should have kept you jienges out of the regional govt. You were late comers and wanted everything.

                              • 27 May 10:32, by jubaone

                                Your assertions are nothing but an exaggeration of "tribal chauvinism". It’s so ridiculous, as hordes of jienge fighters fought in our Equatorial backyards while our boys stood idly by. Do you even have an idea what transpired between 1993-1996 when the SPLA was pinned down around Aswa, Pageri and Nimule axis and almost obliterated? Do you know how Equatorian leaders like Eliaba Surur..

                                • 27 May 10:39, by jubaone

                                  ...Samuel Abujohn, Cdr Obuto Mamur, Thomas Cirillo, Peter Lorot, Abraham Wana and several others mobilized disgruntled Equatorians to finally join, cuz this was now do-or-die? Do you know that prior to Operation Thunderstorm, most jienges were now divided between those of BGhasal and Jonglei? Garang was about to give up! Do you know how Equatoria sustained the SPLA strategically, logistically etc?

                                  • 27 May 10:46, by jubaone

                                    ...This time around, we want Juba to burn. It maybe soon, in 5, 10, 50 or 100 years. The seeds have been planted and we shall NEVER stop. Since you jienge came to us with guns, we must also drive you out with guns. If you win, then you can own the S. Sudan and do as you please. But should you lose, God forbid. Only if we knew that the 2011 Referendum was going end so, we’d better have not voted.

                              • 27 May 12:11, by Khent


                                You really are mentally ill, aren’t you? I’m quite certain that I’ve already explained to you that the Dinka have been fighting the Arabs since the 13th Century, so the fact that you think that a short-lived (weeks long) mutiny gives you the edge, is laughable. In your little mind, a couple of weeks of mutiny are of greater value than us fighting the Arabs.

                                • 27 May 12:19, by Khent

                                  That some Equatorian individuals helped Garang logistically does not offset the fact that you had entire militia groups working for Khartoum. The Popular Resistance Movement/Army and the the Equatorial Defence Force were just a few of the many Equatorian militia groups that worked for Khartoum.

                                  • 27 May 12:21, by Khent

                                    Khartoum also armed and supported the Mundari militia and supported tribal militia groups from the Toposa, Lotuka, Didinga, Boya and Acholi tribes. I don’t even need to mention the Nuer — Khartoum’s favorite tribe. The Dinka were the overwhelming majority in the army until 2006 - the year when the Nuer returned after decades of service to the Arabs.

                                    • 27 May 12:32, by Khent

                                      The Anya-Nya 1 rebellion started in 1962-63, and that was more than just a mutiny... it was the actual start of the first civil war, and the Dinka provided more than enough troops. Also, Anya-Nya was not a centralised movement; the Dinka in Bahr el Ghazal had their own cells. If you want to believe that a few weeks in a mutiny eclipse centuries, be my guest.

                                      • 27 May 13:20, by jubaone

                                        Lying, falsifying and embellishing aren’t strange to you jienges. You are the only people who discount and underrate what others have and continue to do. Perhaps you should help the battle seasoned monyjienges of Bor who like terrified chicken have sought safety in Nimule from the Nuers and Murles. Perhaps you should be brave enough go liberate Abyei and not cowardly hide in Equatoria.

                                        • 27 May 14:02, by Khent


                                          You need help, mate. Your accusations against the Dinka are hilarious considering that your entire schtick is to routinely pretend that the Dinka did not fight the Arabs before your little mutiny in 1955. The Dinka have done extensive damage to the Arabs and are the only tribe to have taken at least 30, 000 km2 from the Arabs...

                                          • 27 May 14:07, by Khent

                                            ..Our lands in Upper Nile State used to belong to the Arab subjects of the Funj. The Dinka never created Khartoum compliant militias and we paid the price in our blood with over a million of our dead, and now you want to throw around the word "coward" in a fit of rage as though it means something coming from you. It’s amusing.

                                            • 27 May 14:32, by jubaone

                                              That’s complete bullshit devoid of any evidential accounts. Many jienges in the ensuing chaos killed themselves in thousands. Rest starved or died of war related causes. It’s this farfetched and fanciful history that you perhaps think S. Sudan must be a "jienge trophy" with the rest to accept whatever is left. It’s for this reason the SS is just a jienge republic.

                                              • 27 May 14:42, by jubaone

                                                ..For Equatorians, the jienge is just as evil as the jellaba and must be seen as an occupation force in Equatoria that must be resisted by any means. What matters to us is "Equatexit"; our own separate country. You jienge are free to make yours. Death to those Equatorian sellouts who foolishly think that they are SS. Complete destruction of this jienge republic is the noblest thing to yet occur.

                                                • 27 May 15:02, by Khent


                                                  You’re mentally ill and are in need of a great deal of help. Funj, Arab and Western historians have written quite extensively on the Dinka and the dynamics of their migration from North Sudan, so your feelings are of no importance here. I do agree with you that the Dinka must fight for Abyei and as soon as Kiir is gone, we’ll do precisely just that...

                                                  • 27 May 15:15, by Khent

                                                    ..And as for the ’Greater Bor Dinka’ and their unwillingness to fight the Nuer and the Murle... I agree that it’s truly pathetic, but this small section (less than 10%) is not a stand in for the entire tribe, so the Nuer and the Murle stand absolutely no chance against the Dinka as a whole...

                                                    • 27 May 15:20, by Khent

                                                      Personally, I would love for the Dinka to leave Equatoria and concentrate on building up their own areas, and this requires that Juba no longer be the capital. Like most African governments, this idiotic ’government’ concentrated development projects in the capital - which is at odds with what Garang proposed...

                                                      • 27 May 15:27, by Khent

                                                        The Dinka (among others) flocked to Juba because it’s been our capital for decades and was further developed during the Interim Period. This has nothing to do with some some innate yearning [by the Dinka] to move away from home. In any case, fhe capital should be moved to Ramciel and the Dinka will follow. Equatoria will never achieve Statehood, so stop deluding yourself.

                                                        • 27 May 17:44, by jubaone

                                                          "Equatoria will never achieve Statehood"..is this objective analysis or outright fear? Equatoria has over 30 different nationalities who’ve co-existed peacefully. If any, the degree of inter-ethnic violence is not reminiscent to the intra-jienge fracticide. Intellectually, in terms of HR, natural resources, skills and ability to change are all available. Equatoria doesn’t need jienge.

                                                          • 27 May 18:45, by Khent


                                                            "Fear"? What is there to "fear"? You’re not going anywhere. Also, did Equatoria not recently experience clashes between some of the tribes? The Dinka fratricide is virtually confined to Lakes State. You people are so enlightened and so sophisticated that you believe in and practice ’magic’. You also eat monkeys. You’re vastly overestimating your abilities.

                                                          • 27 May 20:07, by jubaone

                                                            In 2012 during the Equatoria Conference, the 3 governors: Clement Wani, Louis Lobong and Joseph Bakasoro agreed to materially, financially and logistically help relocate the capital city from Juba to Ramciel. Traumatised by kokora, all jienge went mad. Till today, jienge dread leaving Equatoria. Without Equatoria, SS is just worthless. That’s a fact.

                                                            • 27 May 20:58, by jubaone

                                                              Perhaps eating "monkey meat" would make you a bit more intelligent and smarter than your acclaimed cow meat, where most are ordinary nuts and savages. For fear of starvation, most jienge should be dishing up monkey stew with bananas in Juba now. Who knows, that would not only make you smarter but lessen your uncontrollable savage nature somehow.

                                                              • 27 May 21:05, by Khent


                                                                Dr. John Garang aspired to move the capital to Lakes State, and had he survived, he most certainly would have done precisely just that. Building a new capital requires money - lots of money...Money that the criminals in Juba would rather steal for themselves and their families...

                                                                • 27 May 21:08, by Khent

                                                                  The NLA didn’t come up with the idea of moving the capital — it was Garang that thought of that long before he died. It all fell apart when Salva Kiir succeeded Garang. The Tigray-Tigrinya and Amhara tribes dominate Ethiopia and yet they haven’t moved the capital to Mekelle, so this kind of situation is not unique to South Sudan.

                                                                  • 27 May 21:08, by Khent

                                                                    ..Immediately following Dr. John Garang’s death, it was the Equatorians that insisted that Juba remain the capital of South Sudan and that Dr. John Garang’s body could be safely entombed in that city after many Dinka voices evoked the memory and spectre of Kokora. The capital should have been moved over a decade ago, but the Equatorian leadership had a hand it scuttling such plans...

              • 26 May 13:49, by Mayendit

                The true about the Last war in South Sudan is that, after captured of Fagak HQ of IO clearly, the world have projected that, the rebels of former vice president Riek Machar have been defeated that is the fact to put in your mind. Second, the war was not between Dinka and Nuers this is another fact because it was a political within one Party being greedy about leadership.

          • 26 May 15:25, by Nueri Dial

            South South (Low informed),
            War did not started in 1991, it was 1983 in Bilpam (Itang)between SSDM and SPLA not between SSIM and SPLA of 1991. Dr.Riek won all the wars you mentioned but because you don’t have brain to analyze. SSIM give birth to 2011 which you are enjoying and 2013 give birth to institution reform. What happen to your Dinka vision of New Sudan? Are you still following?

      • 26 May 11:17, by Mayendit

        Nueri Dial
        I am laughing at you man. From the beginning, those of Samuel Gai Tut and Abdullah Chuol were arming Nuers people to come and killed and looted cows from Dinka and Murle. They were lacking objections this was why the new groups known as SPLA/SPLM took over the Bilam and set up the mission which brought the independence. The Nuers people are known disaster.

        • 26 May 12:44, by Games

          Without Nuer, there would never have something call SPL/A, we made the SPL/A and we will destroy it. SPL/A is nearly done deals. Enjoy our self-determination that were brought by Riek section

          • 26 May 13:59, by Mayendit

            Did your uncle Riek Machar Teny brought self determination in Khartoum peace agreement?.You guys should be ashamed for claiming something you have never done it. Can you name a single town in Upper Nile that was liberated without Dinka help?. Riek Machar made Nuers too ashamed in South Sudan.

            • 26 May 14:17, by Khent


              The Nuer left in 91 and did not contribute to the liberation after that point, so they are in no position to speak and will be reminded of their cowardice and treachery every time they feign amnesia. The Nuer used to be great people, but they morphed into lying, Arab compliant dogs. Their defection almost destroyed the SPLA and now they want credit. Idiots!

          • 26 May 14:03, by Khent


            Yet another lie told to you by your brain-dead, superstitious elders. You created nothing but Khartoum compliant Nuer militias and you served Khartoum like passive dogs until we made peace with your masters in Naivasha in 2005.

            • 26 May 14:05, by Khent

              Throughout the fighting, not one war casualty was admitted to the Nasir hospital. Riek’s troops sat idle as Khartoum pushed back the Dinka. The results of Riek’’s sell-out to Khartoum could not have been more glaring. The Dinka suffered mightily. (Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peterson)

              • 26 May 14:34, by Khent

                A message for the Nuer:

                Salva Kiir is your greatest ally. You would not have been allowed to return to the army with such a large number of traitors under anybody else. You would not have been allowed to dominate the very army that you fought against for almost two decades. You would have been defeated the very same way that you were defeated in the 90s, without the involvement of the Ugandans.

        • 26 May 15:51, by Nueri Dial

          Your children will remain coward and will keep runing when ever they hear name ’’Nuer’’ simply because you are liar. Please ask for a history and we will educate you. IT was Kuot Atem/Samuel Gai in one side and Dr.John Garang and William Nyuon form the other side. Start educating your child with truth. Dinka hijacked the history recently after 2005, SPLA were never been purely Dinka.

          • 26 May 17:02, by Khent

            Nueri Dial

            We allowed your people to return in 2004-6, so we have no need to fear Khartoum’s cowardly prostitutes. You do realise that Akuot Atem De Mayen was Dinka? That fact alone destroys your moronic narrative. Your people returned after the CPA was signed and now you pretend that you were not Khartoum’s lapdogs.

            • 27 May 07:34, by Nueri Dial

              There is no needs for insult, if you feel humiliated, please hang yourself. If your problem is being in Khartoum government, Who was Abel Alier, Bona Malual etc Are they not Dinka. If you talk of Matip, how about Kerbino Kuanyin Bol, is he not Dinka? If you talk of Rebellion, Paul Malong and George Athor etc are they not Dinka? accept the defeat my dear

              • 27 May 14:48, by Khent

                Nueri Dial

                No Dinka traitor has ever had a Khartoum-compliant army of thousands under their command. Men like Arok Thon Arok did not have armies of their own after they joined Khartoum; his own uncle (Bior Ajang Duot) was sent out to neutralise him. Kerubino was provided with Bul Nuer fighters by Matip because the Dinka would not join him.

                • 27 May 15:20, by Nueri Dial

                  If you admit that Bul Nuer help Kerbino, That is why they kill him because he was doing nonsense like his uncle Akuot Atem. They get their fate. Moses Machar, Bona Malual, Abel Aliar were all under Jalaba. The real story begins with 1955 Torit Mutiny by Joseph Lagu and in Upper Nile was Utar of Anuak and Beson Kuany Latjor. All Dinka were sleeping until William Nyuon wake them up!

                  • 27 May 15:42, by Khent

                    Nueri Dial

                    When Kerubino joined Riek’s defection, he developed an intimate relationship with Paulino Matip; he married Matip’s sister, and was with Gadet when the former rebelled against Matip to join the SPLA; out of loyalty to Matip, Kerubino took on thousands of Gadet’s soldiers with only a handful of fighters and was consequently killed...

                    • 27 May 15:54, by Khent

                      Akuot Atem De Mayen was killed by the Nuer because he objected to their insistence on making an alliance with the Arabs, and this means that he was a fool? It means that he was a principled patriot that did not wish to become a slave — like your generals and the tens of thousands of fighters under their command.

                      • 27 May 15:56, by Khent

                        Before South Sudan’s secession, the Dinka were the largest tribe in all of Sudan and so Khartoum probably thought that we would stop fighting them if they positioned the likes of Moses Machar and George Kongor as 2nd Vice-Presidents - a position that did not allow them to exercise any power...

                        • 27 May 15:57, by Khent

                          ..The 2nd Vice-President post was entirely symbolic; it was an insincere ploy by Khartoum to convince the world into thinking that Sudan was actually pluralistic. The position was worthless, the same way that Riek being accorded the President of south Sudan was worthless - precipitating in the abrogation of his pathetic agreement...

                          • 27 May 16:04, by Khent

                            The essential difference between us and you is that the Dinka didn’t have thousands of Dinka militiamen fighting for Khartoum. The only people who should feel humiliated are the Nuer; you became nothing but easily manipulated tools of the Arabs. It’s tragic because the Nuer were once great and honourable people. Those days are gone.

  • 26 May 02:30, by Mayendit

    There is no need to died in the presidency office while, you have a people who are qualified for jobs. Also you never know what time you will be gone because some of you are in ages of 70 years Old therefore, you must let chance to other educated people to serve and relax in your home before your day arrives. President Kiir Mayardit must find someone to hand over presidency and don’t wait until?.

  • 26 May 04:25, by Mayendit

    Doe Joe.
    I appreciate your highly esteemed and for your kindness respond.
    Thank you

  • 26 May 10:43, by Gender Activist Ter Manyang

    No smoke without Fire

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My Memories of the late Imam al-Sadig al-Mahdi 2020-11-27 05:43:38 By Mahmoud A. Suleiman This article comes against the backdrop of the saddening news in the headlines of the News Media reporting the departure of the Ansar Sect leader Imam Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi (...)

Why is South Sudan quiet while Ethiopia is at war? 2020-11-25 20:57:13 By Dak Buoth ‘‘Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it (...)


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Sudan: Performing arts is not a crime, assaulting women and artists is! 2020-09-20 08:54:28 The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) Sudan is still struggling with militant Islamist ideology KHARTOUM: Central Khartoum Primary Court issued a verdict against five (...)

Civil Society Statement in Response to The Law of Various Amendments 2020-08-14 07:11:00 A Collaborative Civil Society Statement in Response to The Law of Various Amendments (Abolishing and Amending Provisions Restricting Freedom) – Exposing ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Sudanese women (...)

Remarks by SRF leaders at the Friend of Sudan meeting on peace 2020-08-13 07:58:58 Chairman of the Friends of Sudan Conference, Your Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Prime Minister of Sudan and the participating team from the (...)


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