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Lou Nuer, Dinka Bor mobilizing to attack Murle land: statement


June 9, 2020 (JUBA) - Boma Youth accused the Dinka Bor and Lou Nuer of mobilising youth with the support of the South Sudanese army and the SPLA-IO in preparation for an attack on the Murle land.

IDPs from the Murle tribe, wait to receive food rations and other items from the World Food Programme at a distribution point in Pibor town, in the Sudanese state of Jonglei. (file/UN)In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday, Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) Youth Union claimed that mechanized division’s commander supplied weapon and ammunition to the mobilized you to attack the Murle.

Dinka Bor in the land of the Murle pushed them to use "other communities as Nuer, Jie, kachippo, Anyuak and other communities including governments soldiers to fight for them to liberate GPAA land for them".

The youth group further said that the two groups and Jie carried out a coordinated attack on the Murles on 17 February where they captured nine hundred and seventy-five children and women (975) and 60,000 heads of cattle, according to the statement.

The Murle youth group further said that tribal fighters started moving on 6 June to the Murle land adding that military scouts performing reconnaissance from both sides clashed in the western part of the area on 7 June.

They also said the SPLA-IO mobilized youth from the cantonment sites in Malakal and Ayod.

Intercommunal attacks threaten peace

The head of South Sudan peacekeeping mission (UNMISS) ), David Shearer warned Tuesday that rising intercommunal clashes are harming civilians and could unravel the peace agreement.

Between January and May of this year, the UN Mission says there have been 415 violent incidents between communities, nearly a four-fold increase from the same period last year.

Shearer also noted that much of the lawlessness stems from political parties failing to agree on the appointment of governors and local authorities in 10 states.

He strongly urged the Government and others to compromise and agree on these critical positions so the states can take steps forward to prevent conflict, build peace, and assist with the pandemic response.


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  • 10 June 2020 00:00, by Khent

    A military assault on an entire tribe is the worst possible outcome, so a timely an uncompromising military intervention is needed to prevent a massacre (s). It’s clear that the military must be deployed to separate these warring communities; a large Federal police contingent (military strength) should also be stationed permanently all throughout Pibor.

    • 10 June 2020 00:39, by Khent

      Instead of actually pre-empting incidents, Juba only ever deploys military forces at the heels of tensions, clashes and massacres — and incompetent ’leadership’ usually worsens the situation. A permanent solution is required; a thoroughly reformed security sector should deploy and station as many as 100, 000 members in Lakes State, Jonglei, Warrap and Unity State...

      • 10 June 2020 01:23, by Khent

        ..It’s clear that the era of cattle-rustling must be terminated by force. The Murle are apparently also afflicted by some sort of STD — one that prevents them from having children, and so they resort to stealing children from neighbouring communities. A properly functioning healthcare system is obviously part of any future solution.

      • 10 June 2020 01:32, by Games

        These sources are not true. 1st, Lou Nuer have enough youth to confronts Murle youth as they always do. 2nd, Lou Nuer White army are more organized than so call national army in South Sudan. If the tribal militia intervene, it will escalate the suitation in the state. 3rd, Murle youth has been the one were helping by the Salva Kiir’s administration. There were evidence from UN and Uror

    • 10 June 2020 02:03, by Paul

      The atrocities committed against civilians by the Murle youth in Lou areas were/are unforgivable. I am aware Pibor youth did this as revenge to previous assault by Low youths in their villages. However, everyone know the Murle were the initial agitators. They should have known their clandestine activities only bring harms to their innocent civilians. The government need to urgently come up....

    • 10 June 2020 02:14, by Paul

      ...with programs which could help the youths and especially the Murle to stay preoccupied. There is a need for mandatory military service for all youths (girls and boys), starting from the age of 18 years old and above. Those going through the mandatory military service should be provided with learning opportunities where human rights, tolerance for other tribe, carpentry, welding,...

    • 10 June 2020 02:21, by Paul

      ..and all other technical skills are instilled. Upon completion of their 4 years mandatory military service, they will be able to have the necessary skills to innovate and be productive citizens. However, these are only possible with competent leadership who cares and take pride in bringing services to the citizens instead of large houses in foreign countries.

    • 10 June 2020 04:43, by Malakal county Simon

      Relax, but tells this savage tribe to have well or will be discipline sooner or later by force if they don’t stop cowardice attacks!!

      • 10 June 2020 04:46, by Malakal county Simon


        Relax, but tells this savage tribeto behave well or will be discipline sooner or later by force if they don’t stop cowardice attacks!!

    • 10 June 2020 06:48, by Midit Mitot

      You animals call Murle will taste it well, don,t bark it,s too earlier.

    • 10 June 2020 21:02, by The Rhino


      Murles are defending themselves and I absolutely applaud their courage,period.They should/must never stop or change their tactics when dealing with Dinka or Nuer intruders or any other enemy.Fact is,other smaller tribes in Equatoria experiencing Dinka or Nuer tyranny must adopt the same payback revenge attitute from our brothers the Murles.Look,proofs are undoubtedly and vividly on........

      • 10 June 2020 21:10, by The Rhino


        ..grounds in this republic called South Sudan,that especially Dinka and Nuer (the foolish majority)&in their nature promote greed,chaos and conflicts in every neighborhood.Single way to sort that out is to be ruthless, focused and determined as hell to confront them head on!These days, I’m impressed by our brave Karo men showing teeth to fucking Dinka or Nuer oppressors in Juba.Savages....

        • 10 June 2020 21:15, by The Rhino


          ..must pay their dues!Long live MURLE,long live MUNDARI,long live KARO people,Amen!!!

          • 11 June 2020 00:28, by Paul

            @The Rhino; Your statements serve as dog whistle to have South Sudan in Chaos while you enjoy your peace in the diaspora, that is if you are not Yauyau. Do you really think Murle can withstand full frontal assault by the Nuer and Dinka? What are the benefits of fitting tribes against each other?

  • 10 June 2020 01:36, by Games

    Cont—there were enough evidence from UN and Uror local governments from the equipments were discovered behind from Murle youth during the Pieri incidents in which many civilians lost their lives.

  • 10 June 2020 01:40, by Games

    This cycle war among the community will only be solved through community leaders, not through military, because there will always divisions within the national army. As they would take sides.

    • 10 June 2020 02:05, by Khent


      The Murle have been heavily armed for decades, and it was Khartoum that armed them — just as they armed a segment of the Nuer in the 80s and the entire tribe after 91. I’m really not at all interested in rumours; please provide third party sources for your claim that Salva Kiir armed the Murle — as if they were previously unarmed.

      • 10 June 2020 02:14, by Khent

        The claim that the ’White army’ is more organised than the National military is absurd. Don’t embarrass yourself with these outlandish tribal boasts. The ’White army’ is just a loose and unorganised confederation of of cattle-camp youth, and they were only a threat in the early days of the conflict when 75% of the army (Nuer) defected in 2013.

  • 10 June 2020 07:31, by Mayendit

    All Dinka in Jonglei State must prepare themselves to deal with either Lou Nuers intercmmunal issues as well as the Murle. The people of Bahr El Ghazal Regions have been defending you for years but the sign we have seen in Bor town Solange against us will let us take our hands off for sure. Please inform your people in Numile to move back to their origin, Madi people are about to start kicking you

    • 10 June 2020 08:17, by Khent


      Your reasoning is a bit faulty and I’ll provide reasons as to why this is the case. I’ll simply have to reiterate to you what I said under a different news article on the matter of soldiers (with origins in Bahr El Ghazal) being deployed in Jonglei...

      • 10 June 2020 08:20, by Khent

        ..Deployments were the result of military operations -> launched by a National movement; it was not independently conceived and directed by communities in Bahr El Ghazal out of a sense of tribal loyalty. Sentiments of that nature were undoubtedly present, but if it was strictly of that nature, armed cattle keepers in Bahr El Ghazal would have taken the initiative on their own...

        • 10 June 2020 08:21, by Khent

          It’s well known that Koryiom Division was mostly composed of Jongeli Dinka, so should people there start listing the instances in which their sons were deployed in Bahr El Ghazal? The only difference is that Koryiom soldiers would have been deployed to protect civilians in Bahr El Ghazal from Arabs rather than Nuer militiamen...

          • 10 June 2020 08:29, by Khent

            ..With that being said, I agree that the Dinka of Jonglei must establish an effective, legitimate and accountable armed force to protect themselves. In the absence of a truly National military or a Federal police force, this is the only option available to them. They must do this or they will constantly be threatened by their neighbours or told that they’re on their own by their kin across the ri

            • 10 June 2020 08:34, by Khent

              ..We have more than enough people to obviate the need for Bahr El Ghazal, and perhaps we should unify all the Dinka of Greater Upper Nile. The people of Bahr El Ghazal have been in charge of the country since 2005, so I don’t see how members of your region can complain about anything.

          • 10 June 2020 08:51, by Mayendit

            First of all, where are the national movement came from?. Each and every one who joined SPLA movement has come from specifically community. Second, the members of Dinka Bor who went to Bahr El Ghazal Regions were every few people and they were officers and none private soldiers including. Bor Dinka people are very cowardly letting their homes to be invaded many times. In Bahr El Ghazal, the

          • 10 June 2020 08:51, by Mayendit

            First of all, where are the national movement came from?. Each and every one who joined SPLA movement has come from specifically community. Second, the members of Dinka Bor who went to Bahr El Ghazal Regions were every few people and they were officers and none private soldiers including. Bor Dinka people are very cowardly letting their homes to be invaded many times. In Bahr El Ghazal, the

        • 10 June 2020 09:04, by Mayendit

          Go ahead defending your cowardly Dinka Bor people. Madi people are about to start fighting for their land occupy by those Dinka Bor people who have been staying for years. I think they are going to force them out in Numile and maybe Thomas Cirillo will take the cows. Dinka Bor people will faces a lot of challenges unless you guys surrendering to Nuers Lou that’s the only choice left.

          • 10 June 2020 09:18, by Khent


            You’re not simply encouraging us to form some sort of militia to defend ourselves, are you? You actually seem to be wishing for the worst for the Dinka of Jonglei out of some sort of resentment. No matter, your ill-wishes are ultimately of no concern. You’ve been governing the Country since 2005, so why act like victims? Why are you comparing all of Bahr El Ghazal to "Dinka Bor"?

            • 10 June 2020 09:31, by Khent

              ..And since the people of Bahr El Ghazal are such ascended Dinka, I expect you to stop killing yourselves in Lakes State and now even Tonj. You will also reclaim Abyei, Kafia Kingi and Kiir Adem — areas in Bahr El Ghazal. The combined land mass of these lands is more than 2X the size of Lebanon and your numbers are in the millions...

              • 10 June 2020 09:39, by Khent

                ..so demonstrate this bravery you claim only for yourselves. Koryiom’s track record (in bravery) speaks for itself, however, it’s clear that we must replicate this in a more informal outfit. You constantly point out that Mabior Garang must answer certain questions, and I agree — but your leadership but also answer how you allowed tens of thousands of km2 of South Sudanese territory...

                • 10 June 2020 09:47, by Khent

                  ..to be occupied by Khartoum. Don’t shy away from this responsibility, brother — especially since you’ve made it abundantly clear that an entire region must be held accountable for the actions of a few. Salva Kiir is your son and he’s been the Commander-in-Chief since 2005, so there is no hiding from his many failures.

                  • 10 June 2020 09:56, by Khent

                    Sudan Tribune really should introduce an edit feature, because we all make mistakes - as I did in one of my posts.


                    Don’t concern yourself with the Dinka of Greater Upper Nile, if you’re some sort of regional chauvinist.

              • 10 June 2020 10:04, by Mayendit

                Listen Khent.
                I am not the one comparing tiny communities with the Regions, the protest youth are the one who said so. What Koriyom are you talking about?. The Koriyom Division were combination of Ngok Dinka Upper Nile and Ruweng and few people from Bahr El Ghazal Regions. They have not liberated a single town. A cowardly people who who letting their communities to be invaded many times. I am goi

                • 10 June 2020 10:21, by Khent


                  I don’t care about some foolish little protest. You’re getting emotional because you’re taking it as representative of how the people in Jonglei feel about Bahr El Ghazal. Koryiom was composed of Jongeli Dinka, Panaruu and Ruweng Dinka — a Greater Upper Nile Division the same way Mour-Mour was a Greater Bahr El Ghazal Division.

                  • 10 June 2020 10:30, by Khent

                    ..You’re acting like a child, Mayen. A small protest (by morons) has turned you against your kin. How pathetic. Instead of encouraging your Dinka brothers to fight your Nuer cousins, why don’t you reclaim tens of thousands of km2 of Bahr El Ghazal’s territory from the Arabs?

                    • 10 June 2020 10:43, by Khent

                      I never thought I would see the day that someone would propagate outright lies against an entire SPLA Division just because he’s feeling emotional. I had no idea that Kurmuk, Boma, Pochalla and even Yirol were not towns. How could you possibly believe that an entire Division could have absolutely no military successes? Mayen, you shame the martyrs of that Division with your lies.

    • 10 June 2020 13:29, by Malakal county Simon


      You’re weed smoker and just deal with your issue...............

  • 10 June 2020 07:44, by Kenyang ll

    Salva Kiir has thousands ready trained Gogrial Twic Mayardit. He or Akot Lual can lead them there and take Murle side. I’m more concerned of summary execution of Aweil sons in Jebel Kujur by Kiir’s groups and collaborators then savage clans doing what they do best.

  • 10 June 2020 11:18, by Nueri Dial

    I’m not in support of attack if it happen to be true. It is not yet time to send Bor to Eastern Equatoria and Murle to Kenya. We are now dealing with Kiir Nyaldieng and Lou Nuer will keep them busy till we responded.

    • 10 June 2020 11:24, by Khent

      Nueri Dial

      You’re delusional. The Nuer will not be doing any of the above and you will have no say in how or when Salva Kiir leaves, if you’re pitting tribe against tribe. Take back Nasir, Pagak, Bentiu and all your Nuer counties before threatening Salva Kiir with these pitiful threats.

      • 11 June 2020 07:53, by Nueri Dial

        All the locations you mentioned has gone long ago! Bor has started to claim Gumbo and Nimule, you didn’t heard that? Salva Kiir is leaving either June or July. Don’t say i’m a prophet when it happen

        • 11 June 2020 09:03, by Khent

          Nueri Dial

          When did you retake Nasir, Pagak and Bentiu? The "Dinka Bor" laying claim to any lands in Equatoria are death-deserving morons and must be forced out of their delusion, by military means if necessary.

  • 10 June 2020 12:00, by Mayendit

    Mr Khent.
    I belief you were a child during the liberation years. Koriyom Division fought in a very time then, they escaped to cattle camps. Look, Pochalla was captured by Mour Mour Division, Boma was captured by some from Mour and former Sudanese Veteran who joined SPLA and Bol Madut was commanding them.Pibor was captured by Zal Zal Division. Kurmuk was captured 3 times, the first led by Mour Mour

  • 10 June 2020 12:15, by Mayendit

    Continue: Kurmuk and thor Jumost were captured by Zal Zal Division. The most Division which captured many Locations was Zal Zal Division following by Mour Mour and Intfasth Division but Koriyom Division fought ambushed only and they haven’t captured a single town trust me I am part of the struggle. On May 1989, the Bor town was captured by some from Zal Zal Division, Koriyom Division, Intfasth Div

    • 10 June 2020 13:21, by Khent


      Considering that you claim to have been a fighter at that time, does the Eastern Axis ring a bell? You’re actually arguing against the fact that Koryom captured Pochalla, Boma and multiple SAF outposts under the command of Ngashigak Ngashilluk? You do realise that Upper Nile had the first battalions in the SPLA?

      • 10 June 2020 13:30, by Khent

        Please tell the brave people of Panaruu and Ruweng that all they did was hit and run. Tell them that Jamus Battalion, Hippopatomus Battalion and Ghol Battalion were nothing but sideshows to Bahr El Ghazal’s supposed monopoly on bravery. These two areas fought harder than any other area in South Sudan. I’ll end this now, Mayen - I have no interest in your regional chauvinism.

  • 10 June 2020 14:06, by Mayendit

    You have no idea about struggle. Don’t just assume those towns which you mentioned. Pochall county was captured by Shark battalion from Mour Mour in almost 1987. Yirol by Mour Mour not Jumost. There was no single town that was liberated by Koriyom Division but they fought ambushed during that time. Late Thon Ayii was in charge in Jonglei before captain Kuol Manyang Juuk get written of him.

    • 10 June 2020 16:37, by Malakal county Simon

      Seeing you two Dinkas conflicting about SPLM-Nogth, history, is a good evident that you guys foolish Dinkas, just want to rules by force in 21 century right?? That’s won’t happen because majority of Dinkas, keep silent when Salva Kiir fail to be a mandated leader of South Sudan.... Mony Twice Khent, You’re welcome to disputes this!!

      • 11 June 2020 06:54, by Khent

        Malakal county Simon

        It’s crucial that our people engage in healthy and constructive debates with one another, and that’s all this is, mate. Mayendit and other veterans and martyrs sacrificed their lives for our Nation, so I’ll always respect and honor him — disagreements notwithstanding...

        • 11 June 2020 18:56, by Khent

          Many Nuer who rallied to the Nasir commanders did so because they thought that now the Nuer would rule as the Dinka were accused of ruling before. (The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars: Peace Or Truce, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

          • 11 June 2020 18:57, by Khent

            In the early days of the split, in order to secure popular support against Garang, the Nasir faction deliberately propagated the false allegation that Garang diverted relief supplies to Bor. (Civilian Devastation. Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan)

            • 11 June 2020 18:59, by Khent

              According to a later study, the Nuers’ suspicion in August and September 1991 that Garang and the SPLA were hoarding U.N. relief supplies in Bor was not accurate. The U.N. had information about the need in this Nuer area, but a plan of action to bring supplies from the South to this area was vetoed by higher authorities in the U.N./WFP...

              • 11 June 2020 19:00, by Khent

                ..because the Sudan government refused permission. The SPLA did not veto the plan. (Civilian Devastation. Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan)

                • 11 June 2020 19:05, by Khent

                  Your actions have been based on absolute falsehoods because you failed to think before acting (as usual) and have created this atmosphere of hate that you now want to pin on the Dinka. Your motivations in 91 were all about Nuer Nationalism and Riek’s quest for power as part of your tribal superstitions. You want to rule by force, so be honest with yourself.

    • 11 June 2020 04:45, by Khent


      I have my disagreements with you, but I respect you immensely for your sacrifice and service to South Sudan; our people (all of them) owe a debt of gratitude to you, the others that served and all the martyrs that fell. You were a soldier during the struggle, so perhaps the material I read is wrong. I’ll ask my uncles about certain details about the war...

      • 11 June 2020 04:55, by Khent

        ..I also NEVER intended to insult Bahr El Ghazal with the barbs I sent your way; I mirrored your rhetoric in order to illustrate holes and weaknesses in your reasoning. How big was the protest that has you so riled up? What was the nature of it? Did the protesters all sing from the same hymmn book? Perhaps some of them were just protesting the killing of their kin by a relative of the President...

        • 11 June 2020 05:12, by Khent

          ..You’re response to such an inconsequential protest is extreme and seems to be based on rumours; there are rumours that Jonglei Dinka were killed in Juba by security forces days after the initial incident.

          I have a question for you regarding the composition of certain Divisions. What was the ethnic composition of Zal-Zal, Intisar, Kazuk and Intifada?

  • 10 June 2020 18:57, by Angelo Achuil

    All of who claims some sort of civilization or some hope in formidable spirit of nationalism shouldn’t celebrate such horrendous news!
    And for Mayendit and Khent SPLA’s history debate, I need bluntly tell my friend Mayen that Khent is NOT of yr league.. You challenge him on events after 2005 but not before!

    • 11 June 2020 04:31, by Khent

      Angelo Achuil

      I thank you for your very kind words, but Mayendit was a soldier during the struggle and made South Sudan’s independence possible with his bravery, sweat, blood and tears — so he is far, far above me. My only intention was to challenge his regional chauvinism and misplaced hostility. The Dinka of Jonglei DO NOT hate Bahr El Ghazal.

      • 11 June 2020 09:07, by Langbaar

        I think Mr. Mayendit has a parallel history about who is who in in the war of liberation of South Sudan. The Reasons as to why Nuers took over in 2013 was simply because many of the Nuer militias who went served their masters in Khartoum and were welcomed back in 2006 and dumped here in Jonglei and Upper Nile. And after the shoot out in the two army Barack in Juba, they simply over ran Bortown>>>>

        • 11 June 2020 09:16, by Langbaar

          and Makalal. It was a surprise to everyone. All those Nuer Militias defected enmasse. The 1991 incident was just the same as 2013. Many of the Koryom boys and others were on the siege of Juba. But Mr. Riek Machar back stab the movement. But when the siege of Juba was aborted. Mr. Riek Machar, his allies and their so-called Jesh Mabior white Army) were cut down near Mongola throughout Bor.>>>>

          • 11 June 2020 09:24, by Langbaar

            Mr. Riek Machar ally Mr. Joseph Oduho was unfortunately killed at Kongor, Panyagor. Mr. Riek Machar ran on foot without shoes and sneaked into Malakal Town, which was then under North Sudan. And his his Jesh Mabior (white army) were lasted up to Nuer heartland. As for Mr. Mayendit assertion that the Muor Muor battalion came and captured Pachalla, Jebel Boma, El Kurmuk, Bor, Mongala or Kapoeta!>>>>

            • 11 June 2020 09:33, by Langbaar

              I don’t know what does brother Mayendit smoke? Koryom division was the one which prepared the way for Muor muor division, Zalzal and others, and not the other way round. Pachalla, Bor, Mongala, Torit, El Kurmuk, Kapoeta and other towns other towns on Nile East banks were recaptured by North Sudan after Mr. Riek Machar back stabbed the SPLM/A.>>>

              • 11 June 2020 09:41, by Langbaar

                guys like Keruin Kuanyin Bol, Bol Madut and other were just senior SPLM/A officials, sons of the Upper Nile who their foot soldiers who captured those towns I just mentioned above. If Mr. Mayendit were to e true to himself, then there is cliche which used to be by some Dinkas/Jiengs communities in Bhar El gazelles that there are "no civilians in Bor">>>>

                • 11 June 2020 09:49, by Langbaar

                  The Murles have never ever taken over a single village here in Jonglei or cattle camp. Mundari has never ever taken a single village or cattle camphere in Jonglei. The Mundaris were heavily armed by our mighty SPLA in ’intifadhada (uprising’ and were told to ’capture their own Roukon town, but they cowered and left the Dinkas/Jenges to battle it out with the Mundukurus (Arabs). And in 2000,>>>>

                  • 11 June 2020 10:01, by Langbaar

                    the Mundaris were marched to Bor by their Arab masters from Juba, Roukon, Terekeke and Mongola. But they were pushed back pretty badly. Mr. Mayendit, Malual Giernyang Dinka/Jieng and Abyei Ngok Dinka/Jieng communities are the ones which can brag in greater Bhar El Gazelles about how to fight wars chap. There is a commentor here in SUDAN TRIBUNE who once said that there are Dinkas/Jiengs>>>

                    • 11 June 2020 10:09, by Langbaar

                      in the center who like to run around with AK47 chasing cattle and fighting clan war fares, but they don’t know how things are done at peripheries. When the Lou Nuers invaded Pibor in 2013. The NGOs and even some South Sudanese screaming that the Murles were being killed simply because they were Murles. In 2017, the Bor South youths got frustrated and invaded Pibor>>>>

                      • 11 June 2020 10:14, by Langbaar

                        The same bunch of low lives screamed that the state government of Jonglei was using the army to kill the Murles civilians simply because they were Murles. What I have notice here in South Sudan. There are some trolls who always think, there are communities who would always be held or used as some kind of heavy lifter while others just stay put and make a lot of noises>>>>

                        • 11 June 2020 10:21, by Langbaar

                          Hey Mr. Mayendit, didn’t you chap lie that the or community is Nimule because they are running away from Murle? Just because you piece of trash often read from online trolls like Jubaone, the Rhino, Eastern and other bunch who have never ever smelt the stench of gun powder all their lives doesn’t mean the Bor Dinkas/Jiengs are in Nimule. Can I ask Mr. Mayendit piece of trash?>>>

                          • 11 June 2020 10:33, by Langbaar

                            Why would the Bor Dinkas/Jiengs would go to Nimule of towns and not Juba? The people of Bhar El Gazzelles in Juba are running away from Arabs yani?>>>>

                            • 21 June 2020 02:03, by Mangoor

                              Mayendit, you are a liar. Your attitudes of stealing history of liberation will fail. Koryom Brigade was dominated by Dinka 90% from Jonglei followed by Ruweng Dinka and some officers of Anyanya 2. Agreb Battalion captured Buma, Pibor was captured by Cobra and Zalzal, Terekeka was captured by Zindia and Raad Battalions. Yirol n Aluakluak were captured by Rhino. Bor was captured by Koryom Brigades.

  • 21 June 2020 02:12, by Mangoor

    Mayendit, why was CPA signed before you captured wau, Aweil, Gokrial if you are brave as you always boast? Why didn’t you capture the areas of BG which are occupied by Sudan government? Do not lie to your ignorant readers about wars you never fought. Bol Madut was just a single officer in Agreb. He was left to remain in Buma from 1985-1991 because he showed cowardice when Buma was captured.

  • 21 June 2020 02:23, by Mangoor

    Mayendit, from 1985-1999, the following battalions in BG. Rhino, Mobile forces, Tuektuek, Nile, Eagle, Shark, Kazuk, Zalahan, Gerger, Sonki, etc and the whole Brigade of Intifaza under the command of Awet Akot, Deng Ajuong, George Kuach, Santo Ayang, Dominic Dim, Matuur Chut etc. They never capture any town until Oyai Deng, Majak Agot, and Pieng Deng arrived to capture Rumbek n Tonj in 1998-2000.

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Remarks by SRF leaders at the Friend of Sudan meeting on peace 2020-08-13 07:58:58 Chairman of the Friends of Sudan Conference, Your Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Prime Minister of Sudan and the participating team from the (...)


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