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South Sudan army kills new rebel leader in Lakes State


Kerbino Wol (Amnesty International photo)
June 15, 2020 (JUBA) - South Sudanese army killed a leader of a new rebel group, the 7th October Movement, in the Lakes State, said Maj Gen (PSC) Lul Ruai Koang, the spokesman of the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF).

A former political detainee Kerbino Agok Wol announced on 5 June, the formation of a new armed opposition group saying that the "corrupt (ruling) elite" was the root cause of the political crisis in the country.

Wol was killed at Ayen Mayar village, Rumbek East County, Lakes State on Sunday 14 June.

He "was killed along with three fighters, local youth leader (Monydiar Maker Mangar) who hosted him, Son of youth leader was killed, (while) his wife and 2nd son sustained gunshot wounds," Koang told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

"The injured are receiving treatment at Rumbek hospital," he added.

Asked about the circumstances of the killing, the SSPDF said they had received intelligence that provided justifiable reasons to launch pre-emptive offensive operations, without elaborating about the nature of these reasons.

"SSPDF had succeeded in containing a rebellion at infancy," he further said.

Sudan Tribune received photos showing Kerbino’s body on the ground surrounded by soldiers. He was wounded by a bullet on his left cheek.

Born in 1982, he joined the SPLA at the age of twelve, becoming a member of the “Red Army,” a contingent of child soldiers, after the arrival of his family to a refugees camp in Ethiopia.

Wol had been detained on 27 April 2018 without charge and incarcerated at the Blue House in Juba. After the riot of 7 October 2018, he had been imprisoned for 10 years for taking part in the organized insurrection by the inmates of the detention facility.

President Kiir, however, pardoned him and he was released on 3 January 2020, as part of the government commitment to create a conducive environment for peace implementation.


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  • 15 June 23:10, by Nueri Dial

    I said it! a criminality movement can never last! anyway you will chat with your uncle Kiir who will join you soon in this June or July. Wait there to receive him with red carpet.

    • 16 June 04:19, by Khent

      Nueri Dial

      Kerbino Wol Agok was not a criminal and never betrayed his people; he NEVER became a slave of the ’Arabs’ -> like Riek Machar and tens of thousands of your Nuer sons. South Sudan is the only Country where traitors (that returned in 2004-6) get to call others criminals. This month and July will pass without incident and Salva Kiir will still be President.

      • 16 June 06:51, by Nueri Dial

        June/July will not pass with Kiir in Power and alive, mark my words and don’t say i’m a prophet

        • 16 June 07:37, by Khent

          Nueri Dial

          I will hold you to those months, child. I call you child, because you have the thinking capacity of a child; you believe in fairy-tales and this is why your tribe became Khartoum’s premier slaves for almost two decades.

          • 16 June 10:57, by Mike Mike

            Nueri.Your bad wishes on our good President may not happen as think so Mr.idiot.If something bad happens to Kiirdit make sure we will not leave you to enjoy life in Juba as you childishly think.No compromise this time to Nyagat.You with your uncle Riek may not survive our bullets or escape out of Juba any more.Kerbino Wol is not a criminal at all. We dinka don’t favor our rebel as what you guys do

      • 16 June 08:59, by jubaone

        Now that he’s dead, you try to exalt him. Why didn’t you use your eloquence to be his spokesperson, if you shared his vision? For now, jienges just shut up and suffer silently and never dare to start any rebellions. Neither the Equatorians nor Nuers are ready to carry your cross. Save yourselves alone. In Equatoria, we will NEVER allow any jienge rebels to even squat for a day. NO.

        • 16 June 09:14, by Khent


          You’re determined to prove that you can’t think properly. I did not exalt Kerbino Wol Agok; I pointed out that he was not a criminal or a traitor. Expressing a statement of fact is not tantamount to exaltation. I don’t share his vision or the methods he chose to adopt. The Nuer worked for Khartoum, so when did they carry any cross? Your region did the same.

        • 16 June 11:09, by Mike Mike

          Is not you coward sons of Equatoria fighting those Dinka who had rebels against the gov’t. We are the one who don’t wants son of dinka to go to the bush otherwise if we leave them just like today I think you will be there to talk those bullshit words. Have u ever one day fought who and then you defeated him or her? And who had witnessed that before?. I know you guys very well coward.

        • 16 June 11:09, by Mike Mike

          Is not you coward sons of Equatoria fighting those Dinka who had rebels against the gov’t. We are the one who don’t wants son of dinka to go to the bush otherwise if we leave them just like today I think you will be there to talk those bullshit words. Have u ever one day fought who and then you defeated him or her? And who had witnessed that before?. I know you guys very well coward.

    • 16 June 08:13, by Midit Mitot

      To form a movement within government territory without protection was a suicide and foolishness.

  • 16 June 00:24, by The Rhino

    What a fucking idiot!He had his big chance of killing as many gov’t agents as he could at the "blue house" back then, than now getting liquidated like a cheap chicken.Shit,few months ago,we all remember that Kerbino A.Wol and his inmates took control of the torture chamber at Giada hills.Question,why didn’t he/they use "fire and speed" as we precisely prescribed to get away?The fools instead......

    • 16 June 00:29, by The Rhino

      ...surrendered to the wicked gov’t under Kiir and led themselves jailed for time like sheep.Well then,rest in hell for stupidity!!!

      • 16 June 07:29, by jubaone

        I feel sad for him. But he completely overrated his abilities.
        1. No rebellion can EVER start in jiengelands. Their intra-clan divisions will always allow for betrayal, snitching and backstabbing.
        2. Poor military logistics. Keribino hoped for massive defections of some SSPDF units to boost his rebellion.
        3. Lack of grassroots support in terms of non-military supplies.

        • 16 June 07:34, by jubaone

          5. Late Keribino should have analyzed why fugitive Malong’s rebellion in 2018-19 miserably ended in and around Warawar, Aweil north. Both lacked sustenance. This explains why Equatoria was critical to the SPLA.
          6. Jienges are now terrified like chicken and will tag in their tails like humble house dogs. The kiirminal means business. He should have talked to NAS for ideas.

          • 16 June 08:18, by Khent


            Equatoria’s only role was to serve as an access point to weapons and supplies coming in from Uganda. Your people did not do the fighting on the ground. The war with the North was significantly harder than this pointless war, and we were there while most of you joined Khartoum’s militia network.

            • 16 June 08:34, by jubaone

              I’ve read this narrative a lot. The failed jienge-led rebellions in jiengelands of George Athor, Paul Malong and now Keribino Wol are validations enough. You jienge cant start and sustain a rebellion for too long. Where it not the others who massively chipped in, all that would have been worthless. That’s a fact. Just dream and talk big. Align yourself to the kiirminal and shut up.

              • 16 June 08:45, by Khent


                You’re entirely incapable of nuance. We don’t form or join pointless rebellions - especially when it’s clear as day that it was launched for selfish reasons. George Athor rebelled because he lost Jonglei’s State election. Paul Malong Awan rebelled because he was relieved of his position as Chief of Staff and Kerubino was a young man without experience of military command...

          • 16 June 13:13, by The Rhino


            Great,great,great,keep the fire burning, bravo!

    • 16 June 05:04, by Mayendit

      Our communities have no rebels because we don’t allow them to operate their activities in the community so we’re not like others Equatorians and the Nuers people who hosting rebels in the community. The Dinka people are different societies this is why we sussceful and defeated the enemies of peace. You can rebels today and the next day, you will asking for peace agreement because you would

      • 16 June 13:27, by The Rhino


        Get these lectures in your head,Ethiopia,Equatoria,Kenya,Uganda and few more other foreign countries liberated South Sudan.These neighboring countries with their combat strategies,organization,expertise & bigger picture on military warfare,saved John Garang’s ass from the claws of Mundukurus.Had it not been so,jienges would still be slaves in north Sudan.Get on your knees and thank us!!

  • 16 June 04:13, by Games

    To most Salva Kiir supporters, you must stops and ends the killing of our future as a nation. Salva Kiir is completely a mad man, he does not care for either you are a Dinka or none Dinka anymore. Killed those 7young bright men in Lake state is unacceptable. He will never replace them. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives for nothing.

    • 16 June 04:31, by Khent


      The Dinka do not support Salva Kiir out of some solidarity with him; we know that he’s not a political visionary and that he has failed South Sudan on innumerable occassions, but he will not be replaced by a traitor (Riek) that allied with Khartoum. We can get rid of Salva Kiir, but Riek will NEVER be permitted to the Presidency. Choose someone else.

      • 16 June 08:44, by jubaone

        Who cares if you dont support Riek or any other non-jienge leaders. You’ve chosen jienge insanity, misrule and chaos over non-jienge sanity, order and progress. You’ve chosen to suffer silently, allowed your own people to starve, butcher themselves along clan lines and sections only that your benydits and bandits go unchallenged. That is the apathy of jienge intellectualism. Just worthless.

        • 16 June 08:52, by Khent


          What sanity and progress have your people demonstrated? Your region joined Khartoum’s tribal militia network and you apparently still practice ’magic’. There is also intercommunal violence in some parts of Equatoria, so pretending that you live in some kind of Shangri-la, is laugjable...

          • 16 June 09:03, by Khent

            ..Riek and his followers believe in a tribal ’sorcerer’ and delivered themselves to slavery before their return in 2004-6. Upon his return, Riek absurdly claimed that the ’Arabs’ had tricked him in 91, even though a child could see that he could not maneuver independently when he was entirely reliant on Khartoum...

          • 16 June 13:06, by jubaone

            Even in your tribal chauvinism, you forgot that Khatiba Mukshasha, Khatiba Tafeng and Shakoush where predominantly Equatorian snd word instrumental in the capture of Kapwata twice between 1988 and 1994. Yei was predominantly captured by Equatorians under John Kong Thomas Cirillo and Jadalla Wani. But jienges want the credit themselves. That’s your nature.

  • 16 June 04:29, by Mayendit

    The Dinka society is not like others Nuers and Equatorians. We the Muonyjang people don’t hosting rebels in our communities this is why you always seeing Dinka Sons who pledge against government were having a difficult time to get support. The Nuers people and Equatorians people can keep rebels in their yards but the Dinka people are very frankly as you can general Paul Malong Awan cannot

    • 16 June 08:50, by jubaone

      The only reason jienges cant and wont host any rebellions is that there’s NO FOOD. Unless your foot soldiers will get WFP airdrops. No sensible rebel would want to starve. Equatoria sustained the SPLA, let’s see whether jienge can sustain their own. The kiirminal shouldn’t have evrnneeded to shoot a bullet, just cordon the rebels up and starve them. 3 days, then it’s over. Hunger is AK47.

      • 16 June 11:31, by Khent


        You’re completely disconnected from reality. The movement imposed harsh and exacting material requirements on the Dinka during the war with Khartoum; Dinka villagers had to surrender significant portions of their cattle herds in order to feed the movement. Why did Bahr el Ghazal not yield to the Arabs when their region was subject to artificial famines?

  • 16 June 04:38, by Mayendit

    Nueri Dial
    I think you would agree with me that, Riek Machar Teny and the late Kerbino Wol Agok should not be allowed in South Sudan’s government?. I don’t support the killing of captain Kerbino Agok for one reason. First of all, Agok has not killed a single citizen in South Sudan unlikely to the case of Riek Machar’s rebellion, his actions have murders a million people since he formed Nassir fac

  • 16 June 04:51, by Mayendit

    Nueri Dial
    I strongly belief that, Riek Machar Teny is a killer and he should not be allowed to lead people but because our President Kiir Mayardit is very weaker leader who can’t keep his word. Also I think it would be a good idea to get written off Riek Machar Teny just like Kerbino just like Kerbino Wol Agok and the South Sudan nation will be better off without evils people. Indeed, Kerbino W

    • 16 June 06:38, by Nueri Dial

      Show your evident that Dr.Riek Killed People? I know most of Dinka speak of 1991,2013,2016. but let me tell you findings has already disproof you. Read AU report to get fact about 2013/2016. for 1991, Bor was stormed by Anger Lou Youth whom were not commanded by anyone. If you want to talk about who kill people, start with Dr.John 1984 Gajaak Massacre. I know Kerbino was trying to fight

      • 16 June 06:45, by Nueri Dial

        Cont... To get his right but i was blaming the path he took. You acknowledge that Kiir failed SS but you don’t want Dr.Riek, are you not contradicting? Remove Kiir and let try Dr.Riek and see what will happen? Warrior never complain b/se he knows he will revenge. Your fearing begins from your ancestors and there is nothing you will do until we build Ngundeng City in Bor Town.

      • 16 June 07:21, by Khent

        Nueri Dial

        When will you people stop lying? The attack on Dinka communities was precipitated by a lie propagated by Riek... that the Dinka were withholding relief to Nuer areas. Riek then directed Nuer militiamen to attack Dinka civilians and bragged that he was entirely in control of their actions — that he dictated what transpired in Jonglei in 1991.

        • 16 June 07:23, by Khent

          Riek lied to Nuer sections (armed by Khartoum) that Garang was purposely directing relief supplies away from Nuer areas and that therefore everything that the Dinka had was a legitimate target and could be regarded as compensation. This turned out to be completely untrue - a fabrication that has created a poison that refuses to die...

          • 16 June 07:23, by Khent

            In the early days of the split, in order to secure popular support against Garang, the Nasir faction deliberately propagated the false allegation that Garang diverted relief supplies to Bor. (Civilian Devastation. Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan)

            • 16 June 07:24, by Khent

              According to a later study, the Nuers’ suspicion in August and September 1991 that Garang and the SPLA were hoarding U.N. relief supplies in Bor was not accurate. The U.N. had information about the need in this Nuer area, but a plan of action to bring supplies from the South to this area was vetoed by higher authorities in the U.N./WFP.

              • 16 June 07:25, by Khent

                Many Nuer who rallied to the Nasir commanders did so because they thought that now the Nuer would rule as the Dinka were accused of ruling before. (The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars: Peace Or Truce, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

                • 16 June 07:28, by Khent

                  This is what Riek said to a journalist-historian in the wake of the 1991 split:

                  He discounted tribalism as “from a different age”, though boasted that he has “not seen a Nuer who doesn’t support me.” In the same breath, he added, “if there is a tribal element, the Nuer would destroy all the Dinka.” (Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peterson)

                  • 16 June 07:28, by Khent

                    The atrocities committed are things [the Dinka] asked for”, he said. He claimed he had dictated what happened: “Fighting at Bor did not get out of control. I was in total control of how far the troops went. “(Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peterson

                    • 16 June 07:31, by Khent

                      The Dinka did not initiate the killing of thousands of civilians... You did. In 1984 (before the Gajaak massacre) three thousand unarmed Dinka recruits were murdered by Nuer sections in Jonglei. This is a year before the Nuer were massacred in turn by the survivors of these ambushes...

                      • 16 June 07:32, by Khent

                        Heavily armed by the Sudan, the Anyanya II attacked SPLA recruits on their way to the training camps in Ethiopia. In May 1984, more than three thousand recruits from northern Bahr el Ghazal were ambushed and massacred in the area of Fanjak, and in 1986 over two thousand were massacred in the Lou area. (Playing Different Games: The Paradox of Anywaa and Nuer Identification)

                        • 16 June 07:33, by Khent

                          You ambushed and murdered 3, 000 unarmed, exhausted, starving and emaciated Dinka SPLA recruits from Northern Bahr el Ghazal that were on their way to the training camps in Ethiopia in May of 1984 — a year before the 1985 Gajaak massacre; a massacre that was precipitated by your cold blooded mass murder of thousands of patriotic young men that were still civilians at that point.

                          • 16 June 07:48, by Khent

                            Brain-dead Nuer like Nueri Dial speak of renaming Bor Town "Ngundeng city" despite their complete inability to recapture Nasir, Pagak, Bentiu and large swathes of Nuer territory in Greater Upper Nile. Traitorous cowards ran to Khartoum and served them like good little dogs for almost 2 decades and now they say that others are afraid. Slaves have developed a sense of humour.

                            • 16 June 11:47, by Nueri Dial

                              Bla-bla... Thousands were killed here and there! why didn’t your youth revenge if your claim was true. why did what suppose to be national army Massacre civilian in Gajaak?

                              • 16 June 12:11, by Khent

                                Nueri Dial

                                They did exact their revenge. The (Dinka) soldiers that massacred the Gajaak were the survivors of the massacre that killed their brothers, cousins and friends when they were unarmed recruits. You Nuer started this cycle of violence, so spare me your nonsense.

        • 16 June 11:25, by Nueri Dial

          Proof your points. Dr.Riek was in Nasir when Bor was stormed by Angry Lou Youth. In that period there were no telephones nor internet. Garang killed innocent Gajaak in 1984, the order came from him and the operation was done by army in uniform. Dr.Riek was in charge of SSIM who never fight Bor. Swallow your pride and accept the truth. Beating bush for a proof will not help.

      • 16 June 10:44, by Mayendit

        Nueri Dial
        You are a liar. Riek Machar himself and the late Joseph Udhu came to Panagro with heavily armed militants and the White army youths were together unfortunately the defeated so bad and they runs backward to Ayod county. The evidence were thousands left dead and hundreds children and women were abducted until now.

    • 16 June 07:42, by jubaone

      That’s a polite way of expressing cowardice. Jienges want a quick fix to problems without thorough analysis. Nuers have sustained their rebellions and NAS (not entirely Equatorian) is going strong. You need a fall-back zone for retreating. Jiengelands are not ideal for guerrilla warfare. Afterall, most rebels would starve to death.

      • 16 June 07:56, by Khent


        You really are a mentally-ill moron; in addition to that, you’re entirely amnesiac. If the Dinka are so incapable of sustaining a rebellion, why did we fight Khartoum for so long? The Nuer delivered themselves to slavery in 91 — so they did not contribute after that point. Equatoria hosted multiple Khartoum-compliant tribal militias....

        • 16 June 08:00, by Khent

          ..so you can’t pretend that your region provided a significant number of fighters to the movement. The Shilluk left with Lam Akol in 91, so they did not contribute as well after that point. The Murle were part of Khartoum’s vast tribal militia network. The Fertit (a dozen tribes) were also part of this network. So, who stayed and fought Khartoum?

          • 16 June 08:10, by Khent

            Mayendit made it clear that the Dinka do not blindly join rebellions against the movement or form pointless rebellions against the regime in Juba. We only pick up arms against the ’Arabs’, and have already paid the price for that; we lost over a million people and endured Khartoum-orchestrated artificial famines in our land.

      • 16 June 22:33, by Jebel Dinka

        This juba Idiot don’t get tire of writing make up stories. When did equatoria feed Bhar el ghazal when Bhar el ghazal and Upper Nile hold 80% arable land and own an estimated 20,000,000 cattle. Hilly Equatoria is only bless with bushmeat from monkey is that not pathetic enough.

        • 16 June 23:32, by jubaone

          Jebel Dinka? Or Jebel jienge? Jienges have no mountains and you are just the lazy giant gorillas that have been fed since 1985 till today. You can’t feed yourselves how could you feed the whole South, lazy fool? Shut up and let us teach you farming. Your cows are like dead wood without economic relevance only to marry nyanjienges or have them stolen.

          • 17 June 15:07, by Jebel Dinka

            Juba idiot, you are just another hype Dinka-phobia monkey. When did Equatorian feed Dinka? You equatorians are known for being selfish and greedy. You can’t even share a plate with your own blood brother unless he is set to be poisoned. Leave alone feeding others as you pathetically claimed. Hospitality is cherish and well known among Dinka, they can even share little food in the same plate. cont.

            • 17 June 15:29, by Jebel Dinka

              cont..with others including strangers. You said you will teach us farming?, Chimp never taught human! just ask yourself where are big farmlands located and who are cultivating those farmlands if not Dinka. Go to Renk, Tonycol, Ruweng, Aneet and many other Dinka areas where large scale farming had been going on for ages unlike your hilly equatoria. Stop pretending, you only have monkeys that is all

  • 16 June 05:16, by Mayendit

    The Juba’s government doesn’t know who are rebels in the government and whose not. The following lists of rebels within government in South Sudan are
    1. General Daniel Awet Akot.2 Major general Major general Mawien Mawien Magol in National security. Brig,general Bol Mawien Mayol.3. Major general Magok Magok Deng and there are many of them in Gogrial, N.B. Lake State.

  • 16 June 06:03, by Paul

    Mr Keribino Agok declared his rebellion. What did he expects coming? balloons and flowers? I hate those who rebel against the nation because at the end, civilians pay the price. You have a major disagreement, create a party or join a part and work hard to win the minds and hearts by showing you are leader deserving of leadership.

    • 16 June 07:48, by jubaone

      My advice to jienges, just shut up and allow yourselves to be dragged and commandeered around by your benydits and bandits. You cant rebel cuz you dont have the guts. You like mob fights and often move in swarms and have no independent opinions. This is why even when most jienge dont like the kiirminal, they can’t speak out or act against.

      • 16 June 09:42, by Khent


        We already did rebel before, and we did it against a far stronger adversary than the miscreants in Juba; we stayed the course longer than any tribe in Sudan. These rebellions in South Sudan are pointless and only serve to propel certain individuals into positions of power. Apparent ’freedom fighters’ today will turn into tyrants tomorrow.

    • 16 June 07:56, by jubaone

      That’s just another way of saying we jienges would rather starve, suffer under our own benydits and bandits than start any rebellion. Till today, no single jienges have criticized their govt for killing fellow Southerners. Opinionated jienges are scared of being ostracized and so just shut up. The rest then snitch and backstab. That’s your nature.

  • 16 June 06:31, by Mayendit

    I agree with you brother. The big problem with current President Salva Kiir Mayardit is that, he rewarded those rebels who rebelling against his government and when others see it then, they wanted to do same things and this is how the nation is going backwards. Corruption is building up within government officials, some people like Peter Kuol Fidel Majok is faking South Sudanese pounds in

  • 16 June 09:39, by Mayendit

    Rhino, Jubaone.
    The Dinka people are greatly human being, you poorly said, the reason why there is no rebellion in Dinka lands is because there is no food please give me a break. First of all, the people who kept cattle camps are the richest people in South Sudan. If you go to Dinka lands then, you will be satisfied with what you have saw not a cows goats sheep but we do farming a lot please

  • 16 June 10:04, by Chiir

    When a Dinka rebels, he is immediately killed. George Athor Deng and keribino Wol were killed because they are Dinkas and Dinka people want to show their dicks to themselves. What did Kerbino do? I do not know and I understand. I thought the man employed many people and was preparing South Sudanese in his business to be professionals? What do people want in this nation?

  • 16 June 10:09, by Chiir

    Kerbino Wol was an SPLA soldier who suffered hard in the 80/90s. He only became an entrepreneur because he wanted to help his people by employing them. Now, the so-called SSPDF killed him? Why? because he rebelled? Give me a fucking break! Why are rebels sitting Juba if SSPDF is looking for rebels? I do not know about this SSPDF fuck! I know SPlA!!

    • 16 June 10:24, by Khent


      The Dinka are almost 40% of South Sudan’s population; they present the biggest threat to any regime in Juba, so the corrupt elite have made it their mission to neutralise the slightest possibility of a legitimate and visionary rebellion forming in Dinka territory - particularly among the larger sections. Salva Kiir could be deposed almost immediatelt if Aweil, Tonj and Lakes State rebelled.

  • 16 June 10:51, by Chiir



  • 16 June 11:14, by Mayendit

    Chiir, I disagree with you guys, because the Dinka ’a population is half of the nation’s population. The voting percent was about 38.98 percent meanwhile, the cattle keepers were reported refusal to come to voting poll stations in South Sudan so the real percent could be higher. The Northern Sudan government believes the Dinka’s population is 5.6 million people.

    • 16 June 14:11, by jubaone

      5.6m of South Sudanese population? That just a foolish majority. It’s dead wood. Your jiengelands have had peace since 2005, just wondering why you are still wallowing in poverty, chaos, hunger and deprivation. It’s not about quantity its about quality.

  • 16 June 11:31, by Mayendit

    Your question on why the so called SSPDF are sitting with the rebels leaders in Juba is the most question which the vast majority of South Sudanese people are asking to President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Interestingly, Riek Machar had killed a million people innocently but look now he is sitting with Kiir Mayardit. My question is that, we get written of Riek Machar?. Would South Sudan natio

    • 16 June 12:08, by Games

      Very funny seeing Dinka commentators to acts like reals men in this forum, while when it comes to the battlefield, they can be nowhere to be seen. South Sudan were obtained through self-determination not through war. You can claim all days and nights that your population in the country. However, you will always seek outside help, in case of facing Equatoria or Nuer, or even tiny Murle

      • 16 June 13:37, by The Rhino


        jienges always run for help when it comes down to the nitty gritty!

        • 16 June 14:18, by Khent

          The Rhino

          You people live in a parallel universe; a universe in which the entire Nuer tribe did not run to the Arabs and serve them like dogs for 14 years. In this universe, Equatoria did host a number of Khartoum-compliant tribal militias such as the Bari dominated Popular Resistance Movement/Army and the Equatorian Defence Force.

          • 16 June 15:29, by The Rhino


            And which parallel universe are savage jienges living in?Stop repeating yourself here.You are always quick at pointing fingers,.oh Equatorians this, oh Nuer that,hang yourself!Don’t forget that Dinka themselves also heavily collaborated with the arabs to destroy the movement.We have a very long list of those fucking Dinka snitches who were hell bent to smother the idea of an independent...

            • 16 June 15:41, by Khent

              The Rhino

              Provide me with a list of Khartoum-compliant Dinka militias. I also require third party sources affirming that the Dinka (like the Nuer) provided tens of thousands of slave soldiers to Khartoum.

            • 16 June 15:42, by The Rhino


              ..country during the liberation struggle.Furthermore,we still have hordes of Dinka idiots squatting in Juba,working closely with their Arab masters against this country as though nothing had happened,pathetic!Wait a minute,"Khent the librarian" you bug,you are not even South Sudanese,leave these matters to us!

              • 16 June 15:51, by The Rhino


                Crawl back to your bookshelves, read more books, you’ll find your fucking list!

            • 16 June 16:49, by jubaone

              Teach Khent, he seems to have read lots of books glorifying jienges, when it was the like of Bona Malwal, George Kongor, Bishop Roric, Kerubino Kwanyin, Arok Thon Arok, Abdel Bagi Ayii, Aldo Ajou who in countless times snitched and collaborated with jellaba. These bootlickers were worse than militias.

      • 16 June 13:47, by Khent


        What’s truly amusing is slaves pretending that the Dinka were not the primary fighting force in the movement - especially after tribes like the Nuer became slaves to the ’Arabs’ in 91. The ’Arabs’ found us on the battlefield for 14 years without you. When will you Nuer accept that you ran to the ’Arabs’ and only returned in 2004-6?

        • 16 June 14:01, by Khent

          The "International community" was a factor in South Sudan’s independence, but one can only negotiate from a position of relative strength. In accordance with this military maxim... we were able to attain the CPA, by the virtue of our control of most of South Sudan and our presence in North Sudan. All conflicts, regardless of the circumstances or context follow the same script...

          • 16 June 14:03, by Khent

            If the SPLM/A was still in the execrable military position of 1991-2-3, where it was pushed to the border with Uganda and at the brink of imminent defeat... do you think Khartoum would have been at all inclined to concede as much as it did in 2005 if the situation hadn’t changed!?

            • 16 June 14:07, by Khent

              When the CPA was signed, we controlled Gogrial, Rumbek, Tonj, Aweil, Achwa, Magwi, Yei, Kapoeta, Kurmuk, Kor, Yabu, Zanziber and many others. Khartoum had to airlift supplies into Juba because we controlled all the roads. You’re aware that your tribe (after 91) were just slaves, and now you pretend that fighting played no role in South Sudan’s independence, because you were not there.

      • 16 June 14:01, by Mayendit

        I am not sure what battlefield are you talking about?. Before Ugandan people defense forces arrived in Juba, there were about 3000 SPLA none of Nuers people but those 3000 did managed to chasing a way 9000 Nuers SPLA I0 and Riek Machar could not belief but he run to UN compound he question Taban Deng Gai saying how come 3000 defeated 9000?.

        • 16 June 14:13, by Mayendit

          The Ugandan army have not went to battlefield but they were protected foundations because the Nuers people loved looting and destroying buildings like Malakal, Bentiu and Bor town. Also the war was not about Dinka and Nuers otherwise, the genocide would have take place in South Sudan. You have 75000 Nuers people living in Bahr El Ghazal Regions if it was a tribal line then, they were not su

          • 16 June 14:34, by Khent


            There were no Ugandan troops when Riek’s troops were dislodged from Bor, Twic-east and Duk in the counterattacks of 1991; counterattacks that devastated their lands. It’s laughable that the Nuer are claiming that their entire tribe only lost in 2013 because of a maximum of 4, 000 UPDF soldiers. These people desperately wish to forget that they worked with the entire SAF for 14 years.

            • 16 June 14:47, by Khent

              It’s well known that tens of thousands of Khartoum compliant Nuer militiamen returned to the army in 2006 and became the majority, with as much as 75% of the army coming from them; their initial successes were purely a consequence of this fact. The Nuer had those initial successes because Salva allowed these traitors to dominate the army — upon their return from years of slavery.

          • 16 June 15:29, by Nueri Dial

            It is b/se you don’t have shame at all! UPDF was invited when all Anyor were destroyed in Juba-Bor road! 10,000 UPDFP personnel did not even manage to defeat white army until America has to interfere with cluster bomb. M7 said he will capture Dr.Riek in 3 days, what happen? Queen Malong Said he will capture Dr.Riek in 90 days or would resign, he did not fulfilled any.

            • 16 June 15:38, by Khent

              Nueri Dial

              So now 10, 000 UPDF soldiers were involved? And the Americans too? Please, only child-like Nuer could believe this nonsense. It’s laughable.

  • 16 June 12:04, by Mike Mike

    Mayen and Chiir,This poor decision of our people for killing their own tribesmen who have rebelled against the government is not good we better leave them to enjoy comfortably like any other rebels who are in Juba now.I hate that habit and that may not take us ahead to overcome our main enemy later on.Instead to use force against our tribesmen better for the gov’t to sent them a negotiation team.

    • 16 June 13:34, by The Rhino

      Mike mike,

      There’s a Russian saying which says,"you came with a sword,you’ll die with a sword"!So,lick your own wounds and shut up!

    • 16 June 15:59, by jubaone

      Mike Mike,
      Once you get on your guts alone as aryan jienges: Bor vs Bahr el ghasal, clan vs clan then we will only wait for runaway cowards trying to flee to Equatoria. This time, no mercy. Eye4eye, tooth4tooth. Who knows, the Nuers are already cleaning up Ruweng, Bul Nuers already threatening areas of Warrap, floods flushing jienge Bor, Murles doing their part. Nowhere to flee.

      • 16 June 16:10, by Khent


        That’s wet dreaming on another level — Lord of the Rings fantasy level. It’s laughable. No harm will come to Panaruu and Ruweng. Their safety is assured. Your grand children will still be dreaming of achieving this unattainable dream.

        • 16 June 18:49, by jubaone

          Just for the records, we Equatorians view you jienges as nothing but an extension of the jellaba. However long it may take, we shall throw you out of Equatoria like your jellaba cousins. EQUATEXIT or death.

  • 16 June 19:10, by Kenyang ll

    Kiir go to bed with Riek over and again but not a green leaf to Dinka protesters. This killing of former Red army soldier Keribino Wol like Gen. Athor Deng among many was cold blood murder. Their blood shall haunt the regime.

  • 17 June 18:40, by Msudi

    Please give us a space to mourn the passing of Kerbino Wol Angok. Let his death not be a negative political catalyst for some people. I was told he was killed together with my friend who was very staunch supporter of Saliva Kiir until recently when things went wrong in the lakes state.
    I don’t know much about Kerbino but he broke the glass ceiling and brought light to all Red Army battalion

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