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African Union suspends South Sudan membership


June 20, 2020 (JUBA) — The African Union (AU) Commission suspended South Sudan’s membership due to Juba failure to pay its financial contributions for three consecutive years.

African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa (ST Photo)In a diplomatic cable of 17 June, seen by Sudan Tribune, South Sudan’s mission to Ethiopia informed its Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the country was sanctioned due to the non-payment of contribution to the African Union budgets.

The embassy told the headquarters in Juba that South Sudan’s arrears to the African bloc amount to $9,191,234.04, before to stress that the suspension was effective as of 16 June.

"We were barred from participating in the AU meeting of yesterday, June 16, 2020," reads the telegram.

"It was so dramatic and embarrassing scene when the Chairperson of the meeting stopped the proceedings to inform South Sudanese diplomats that their participation was illegal, as the Republic of South Sudan has been sanctioned following the consecutive three (3) years of none payment".

In Juba, the deputy Foreign Affairs Spokesman Hakim Edward confirmed the sanction for non-payment and stressed that efforts underway to regularise the situation.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to assure the public that it is coordinating with the ministry of finance to resolve the matter not only with the AU but with other regional bodies," he further said.

The sanction does not deprive the east African country of its membership but only suspends its participation in the African Union meetings.

A regime of sanctions for non-payment of financial contributions adopted in November 2018, imposes short and long term measures against member states that do not partly or fully meet their financial obligations within a period of six months to two years.

The reform authorises sanctions against a member state that does not pay 50% of its contributions within six months. The member state will be deprived its right to take the floor or make any contributions in the meetings of the African Union.


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  • 21 June 2020 07:11, by Games

    Well done job to AU for suspended that jackass village. Where on earth you can afford to purchase a weapons in order to terrorists your citizens, while you cannot manage to pay the bill to organization that helps you to faces the ICC. South Sudan is a joke country.

    • 21 June 2020 08:25, by South South


      First, you are writing in Nuer language and not English. "Well done job to AU for suspended that jackass village", shit English. Second, South Sudan budget is going to hotel rooms in Juba for stupid Nuers of IO. Millions of dollars are paid to the hotels. Those Nuers who eat and fart shit in the hotels MUST leave the hotels right away so that we can pay AU.

    • 21 June 2020 08:54, by jubaone

      Jienges love free things like gorillas that have to fed and cared for. If they can’t get them, they steal and rob them. AU, EALA, and other memberships have not been paid for. SS embassies have gone for months without paying their rental fees. Leave these jienge creatures alone like wild animals to wallow in their idiocy. You can’t change them.

      • 21 June 2020 10:02, by The Rhino


        Anybody doing business with a Dinka savage will always/only blame himself.Just look at how these fucking jienge roaches hoodwinked and backstabbed fellow S.Sudanese during the liberation struggle(even after the overwhelming voting for separation in 2011).Soon after the country was liberated,they quickly turn around and claimed that they did it alone.Then they entitled themselves.........

        • 21 June 2020 10:15, by The Rhino


          ..false legitimacy to be "leaders"and started plundering the country to the core, brought chaos,diseases and deaths,disgusting!These brainless indescribable bastards always look for readymades (sweat of other people),that is why many of them swarmed to Equatoria,ran to Ethiopia,Kenya,Uganda,etc.Bottom line is,..avoid a jienge,and you’ll find your peace and order, full stop!!!

          • 21 June 2020 12:02, by jubaone

            That we Equatorians ever got associated with these jienge miscreants is about the most tragic and sad story of our nation. The jellaba are so happy that they’ve gotten rid of these lazy and docile creatures. Ugandan, Kenyan landlords aren’t letting their houses to jienge families easily. In Juba, we dont so the grab lands.

      • 21 June 2020 10:04, by Khent


        You can probably get away with such characterizations about the Dinka -> if you’re addressing anyone other than a Nuer. The special relationship that the Nuer established with the ’Arabs’ was the greatest example of what you’ve attempted to illustrate. The other 62 tribes may speak on this matter, but the Nuer have completely disqualified themselves.

        • 21 June 2020 11:29, by jubaone

          The Nuers maybe just as worthless as the jienges, however, they honorably acknowledge their guilt, limitations, what they cant and cant do. That is in the Nuer ethos. The jienges on the other hand, never acknowledge their failures and weaknesses. Either they just cant see that or are outright idiots. See where they’ve gotten SS to.

          • 21 June 2020 11:36, by Khent


            Oh please, there is no collective of any notable worth in this ’Country’. The Nuer NEVER acknowledge their failures, betrayals, deficiencies and crimes. Ask the Burun and the Anyuak about this. Ask the Nuer to condemn the killings and land-theft that they continue to subject these tribes to, and you will not find even a single Nuer willing to vocalise their opposition to all of this...

            • 21 June 2020 11:46, by Khent

              Please go and find a Nuer that will acknowledge and condemn their decades long alliance with Khartoum. You’re entitled to loathe the Dinka to your heart’s content, but try to refrain from myth-making.

              • 21 June 2020 12:09, by jubaone

                In 2013 or so, Riek in the Emmanuel Jieng Church in Hai Cinema publicly acknowledged his responsibility for the 1991 massacre in Bor. He asked for forgiveness. That was remarkable and statesmanship. Today, the Kiirminal has never publicly acknowledged his role on the destruction and killing of SS. No single jienge has ever done that too. Jienge see themselves as victims not villains.

                • 21 June 2020 12:37, by Khent


                  Ah, I see, Riek must be congratulated for apologising more than 20 years later, but Salva must arrive at such a commendable course of action significantly earlier than Riek in order for the Dinka to have any sort of merit.

      • 21 June 2020 12:37, by South South

        jubaone and The Rhino,

        Without us, we, the Dinka liberated South Sudan. Fake Arabs will be in your land if Dinka didn’t die for South Sudan land. You are coward and stupid. Good example is your uncle, Cirillo who is hiding outside South Sudan and think he will lead South Sudan. I really don’t understand this. Why do you talk hard in net only? Come on down and meet me in Yei.Kurkoo!!

        • 21 June 2020 13:51, by The Rhino

          South South,

          Bullshit!Without you fucking Dinka vultures in South Sudan,the country so far would have ascended into a higher state of tranquility and perfect utopia.But no, you goddamned Dinka savages have to go one step further, in destroying the little we had,massacring the same local communities who gave you food, water and shelter during hard times.You decided to promote toxic tribalism at...

          • 21 June 2020 13:57, by The Rhino

            South South,

            ..state level,thinking the whole country is your own kraal.Fuck you,you worthless MTN!Shit,if you are in Yei town, start counting your days before you die, you fucking misplaced vagrant!

            • 21 June 2020 15:30, by Mac87

              The Rhino, give it a rest chap. You have been singing this song ever since, but when your useless posturing is later taken head-on. Then you would again run to neighboring countries and go and lie through your teeth that you are being unnecessarily targeted by your so-called Jenge’s government simply because you are Equatorians>>>>>

              • 21 June 2020 15:37, by Mac87

                by the way, the only money propping your states in greater Equatoria region come from the same Dinkas/Jenges you fellows always called names. You cannot have it both ways fellows. It is either you have peace, pay taxes to get the services and pay international membership bills. It is the way it is and will always will. But here in South Sudan>>>>

                • 21 June 2020 15:46, by The Rhino

                  Damn bangi man, from "Kuch to Pakuai,Langbaar now to Mac87"Good God!What the fuck is your problem,crazy Bor idiot?You keep changing your fucking name like a street bitch,shit,shame on you ya sharrmuta!Ooops!

                • 21 June 2020 15:48, by Mac87

                  Everyone just want to live on free things and blame the whole Dinka/Muonyjang community for everything that go wrong on the wider world. And I am guessing, some of you fellows might blame the Dinka/Jenge community for corona virus as well-----l am not joking fellows. As for these memberships of the AU and the EAC fees not being paid by South Sudan>>>

                  • 21 June 2020 15:55, by Mac87

                    There is some kind of a subtle bullying going on behind the scenes in these organizations about South Sudan. And this is precisely tolerated by this empty headed cowboy hat wearer and his bunch of lowly informed advisors. South Sudan should have been an observer member in the EAC, since the EAC is all about economic membership. But our fools just like to join things without first find out the>>>

                    • 21 June 2020 16:04, by Mac87

                      benefits of joining these organizations. But when the realities behind these organizations later head home, then then our low lives bolted like scare goats being led into the Nile. Our lowly informed leaders know, the EAC and this bullsh*t of "AFRICA UNITY AND REGIONAL INTEGRATION" being propagated by the secret societies criminals like Paul Kagame, Thabo Mbeki, Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga,>>>>

                      • 21 June 2020 16:40, by Mac87

                        Abiy Ahmed, Riek Machar, Barack Hussein Obama, Ban Ki Moon, Susan Rice and other bunch of creeps in between who love our country and our people to death. Here are the facts behind. Our cloned so-called arab North Sudan was suspended late last year, but these low lives in the AU in the name of protecting democracy in Africa and later on spuriously re-instated into that sham AU after>>>

                        • 21 June 2020 16:48, by Mac87

                          the creeps installed in their so-called military council on the directives of their gulf Arab states, the US, their evil juus (so-called israel) and some of their creeps here in the AU instructed them. And brought their so-called *North Sudan peace negotiations from their hotels, bars and brothels of Adis Ababa to Juba and came and appoint their voluminous Nuer piece of low life as their lead>>>

                          • 21 June 2020 16:56, by Mac87

                            negotiator*, my arse! And bunch of lowly informed leaders and citizenry don’t read into this cheap and dirty intrigue?!!! Listen hard fellows, Libya was the one that used to pay that damn Africa Union (the AU) bill for the AU. But when the *US, the UK and France bombed Libya as mercenaries and were paid by a tiny gulf Arab state of Qatar. The Africa Union (the AU), countries cowered like goats>>>

                            • 21 June 2020 17:02, by Mac87

                              being led into the Nile. But when it come to South Sudan, then every piece of trash here in Africa think, it is anything over South Sudan and the South Sudanese people----good luck to the vermins, their love affair with our country and over our people has gone too far. And the vermins and their masters must pay a very heavy price fellows.>>>>

                              • 21 June 2020 17:13, by Mac87

                                African organization unity (the AOU) Manifesto was, that "the current European created borders must not be dismantled". But since South Sudan was going to get her state whether there were some European so-called artificial created borders with ’hooks and crooks’ from any evil on earth. The African Union didn’t have any choice but to let South Sudan get her independence’>>>>

                                • 21 June 2020 17:20, by Mac87

                                  Countries of like *South Africa, the UK and their gulf arab states paymasters were ’outrageously against our country and our people independence’* And that was why the vermins brought their *secret society piece of trash, Mr. Thabo Mbeki was brought into our country into our country, to come and convince our people, Nuba mountains, Southern Blue Niles,>>>>

                                  • 21 June 2020 17:29, by Mac87

                                    and our Ngok Dinkas/Jiengs* to live side by side with their *white people evils, their evil juus (so-called israelis), Bantuses, Indians or Asians in our country and over our people just like the low lives welcomed there are some of these vermins in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambican, Malawi or Kenya. Good luck. Dreaming has never been a crime>>>>

                                    • 21 June 2020 17:41, by Mac87

                                      a greatest charlatan, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was always brought into South Africa and into Tanzania once and was told to say, "fire up Africa" by his handlers and to come and act as their new Nelson Mandela (another secret society piece of trash) who gave his country away on the plate to his secret societies criminals). The same *Barack Hussein Obama was brought here to Abesh>>>

                                      • 21 June 2020 19:15, by Mac87

                                        (so-called ethiopia) by his same handlers and came and ’picked’ *his secret society low lives from South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, North Sudan foreign minister (since their Omar El Bashir was excluded on the allegation that he is was a murderer)*. Mr. the Rhino piece of trash, my account is always blocked by these vermins *some criminals in SUDAN TRIBUNE* because they thought, blocking>>>>

                                        • 21 June 2020 19:23, by Mac87

                                          my account from commenting how *low lives and treasonous* from these *SUDAN TRIBUNE cheaply engineered articles*. Good luck lowly informed fools., play *your dirty and cheap game* else where. First of all, this low life called *Ghent* has *never ever smelt a stench of gunpowder all his life, they are the so-called *Twic East cowards*>>>>

                                          • 21 June 2020 19:31, by Mac87

                                            *Malakal is not a so-called Shilluks (Chollos) Kingdom, it is Apadang Dinkas/Jiengs town, never has and will never ever will. under the sun. This Ghent low life thought, their low lives like Mr. Pagan Amuom, Uyai Deng Ajak and some of their Shilluks criminals they have *sold their so-called Twic East during our genuine war with our cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan would be anyone here>>>>

                                            • 21 June 2020 19:35, by Mac87

                                              in South Sudan*. But the low lives are going to be bombed out of our *Jonglei and Upper Nile* with their vermins once and for all, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM.>>>

                  • 21 June 2020 16:05, by The Rhino


                    Yes,not just some but many people in town blame foolish Dinka impostors for their stupidity and dumbness.Think about COVID-19 e.g.,why would this illiterate Kiir welcome his infected relatives through the airport unchecked, violating every security protocol in place?Why would your fucking tribal chief ease lockdown on COVID-19 virus in South Sudan in the middle of disaster while the whole..

                    • 21 June 2020 16:09, by The Rhino


                      ..population in this country is gripped with anxiety, shock and panic?I just can’t understand what is in your fucking head people?FUCK!

                      • 21 June 2020 19:41, by Mac87

                        Mr. the Rhino,
                        Says who loser? Why don’t you bring your *juju (magic) into South Sudan and come and be *gripped with juju (magician) if you can damned can*>>>>

                  • 21 June 2020 16:30, by The Rhino


                    The level of bile toxicity in this country has crossed the limit.Just few days ago,a derailed woman in your hometown Bor,violently decided to stab and annihilate her infants for some unknown reasons.What the hell is going on there with you crazy Dinka people?Was she high on drugs like yourself maybe?Speak up!

                    • 21 June 2020 17:30, by jubaone

                      Great for easily identifying this jienge Bor impostor and coon aka Kuch, Langbaar, Mac87 etc. Only jienge idiots would build in other places and not in their own ancestral lands. Not any single jienge thief with the stolen $billions ever did anything in their areas. These are losers and they cant pretend to have nationalism or patriotism if they can’t start that in their backyards. Losers

          • 21 June 2020 16:36, by South South

            The Rhino,
            Nothing really I can do to help you to think like a human being. There will be no country called South Sudan without Dinka, there is a country called South Sudan with Dinka. These are the facts, not some words just getting out from my mind. Because of your stupidity, you told your uncles to run to refugee camps in Uganda hoping that UN will take over South Sudan and hand you power, fact

            • 21 June 2020 17:59, by The Rhino

              South South,

              You’re the dumbest Dinka vagrant on feet in South Sudan today breathing.At least a" Bangi punk,Pakuai"has some little history left in his head,whenever he pops up out of his delirium with some funny names,commenting.But,you shit,NO way!Now listen very carefully you street skunk,1).There’ll never be a country called South Sudan with Dinka or Nuer being leaders,period.If at all,then...

              • 21 June 2020 18:11, by The Rhino

                South South,

                ..let me say if that happens ’INU’ a Nuer takes leadership, then we’ll definitely see our short history repeating itself.NO!,2).Foolish majority, be it Dinka or Nuer must accept defeat and bitter realities on the ground, that they are proven without doubt to be pathetically incompetent, weak,less intelligent, too foolish to managed complex issues,3).As long as you damned savages....

                • 21 June 2020 18:26, by The Rhino

                  South South,

                  ..remain blockheaded in Equatoria,you’ll be trapped,wrapped,fried and fucked up by NAS warriors in their ancestral Fatherlands,NO games here!Unless of course you abruptly decide to return back to your places of origin and develop yourselves,we can’t help U.4).Equatoria will always be and remain Equatorian,for Equatorians,with Equatorians,to Equatorians,under Equatorians,full stop!

                  • 21 June 2020 20:02, by Mac87

                    Uncle, the Rhino, where is your *Lord resistant army(LRA) leader chap?* Your *Joseph Konyi*, is in our still occupied countries by our enemies of our cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan.>>>

            • 21 June 2020 19:08, by jubaone

              South South
              Thus is about the stupidest argument at all. You ought to say, "SS without Equatoria is just a shithole". We Equatorians dont need anybody, we can do it without the rest. The jienge cant showcase any accomplishments; economically, socio-culturally or even morally. Just the foolish majority like deadwood. Jienge must be nursed like giant toddlers.

        • 21 June 2020 19:15, by jubaone

          South South
          How can you talk about Yei when you even dont know much about Juba? Just go to the cheap hotels or hide yourself with the many squatting relatives and fly out. In Yei, there are no free wandering jienge except SSDinka forces. The rest left or were chased out in 2014-15. Equatoria for Equatoria only, jienge get out 👊 bam!

  • 21 June 2020 16:16, by Nueri Dial

    AU not paid b/se of Nuer, Embassy run out of funding b/se of Nuer, Jieng went to exile b/se of bla-bla--- etc. If you want to blame Nuer for anything happen in our country, why don’t you ably hand over leadership to them and then you can now blame them. I have seen Khent is talking day and night that their filure and looting is b/se of Dr.Riek Khartoum PA. You have whole 2005-2020 (15 yrs)---

    • 21 June 2020 16:21, by Nueri Dial

      in Power with all responsibility to show your leadership but you drag our country down into deeper fit. Instead of of building this country, Dinka campaign was that they liberate the country and want the rest to come out and acknowledge that they did it a lone. Where is truth here? I have seen Khent complaining on behalf of Anyua and Burun forgetting what Dinka are doing in Equatoria land.

    • 21 June 2020 16:44, by South South

      Nueri Dial,

      Everything going wrong in South Sudan is because of Nuer. In 1991, Nuer teamed up with fake Arabs to kill other South Sudanese. In 2013, Nuer started senseless war to get power. In 2016, Nuer again messed up South Sudan leading thousands of innocent people were killed. Nuer will be taking second postion in South Sudan for the rest of their life, period.

  • 21 June 2020 18:16, by Angelo Achuil

    Just when we think that we have at least secured a little pole to lean, we get surprised again like it did with our embassies abroad! "Oh sorry, you’ve got to pay for the ticket first and you haven’t paid for so long!" These blunders could be solved if citizens have the right to vote in and vote out all the preforming and we all know how frustrating it all look. It makes my heart hurts and there i

  • 21 June 2020 18:59, by Angelo Achuil

    Correction: "all performing" to "vote out all the non-performing "

  • 21 June 2020 20:18, by Not your taste

    First off, this is a shame!The government of South Sudan should be really embarrassed with such sanctions and come up with a quick resolution to be reinstated. Given the abundance of the resources the country has, there’s no absolute reason for countries in the region with little to no natural resources to pay their debts than South Sudan. If it’s the leadership, south Sudanese must really watch o

  • 21 June 2020 20:23, by Not your taste

    Watch out and demand drastic changes from the leadership.For the netters, indulging in Nuer vs Dinka, or Eqautorians vs Dinka, or Nuer won’t help. Let people who love South Sudan work on collaborative efforts to mobilize masses and protest overseas to make their points to the international body and brings shame and more sanctions to the leaders. This is sickening!

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