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De Mabior denies reports about his resignation from SPLM-IO


SPLM-IO leader Machar (R) and the head of information office Mabior Garang de Mabior pose for picture on 22 June 2018 (Photo Mabior Granag de Mabior)July 12, 2020 (JUBA) - SPLM-IO Chairman of the National Committee for Information and Public Relations, Mabior Garang de Mabior Sunday dismissed social media reports about his resignation from the political movement of the First Vice President Riek Machar.

Social media circulated a two-page statement signed by de Mabior where he announces his resignation from the SPLM-IO and accusing Machar of nepotism for the appointment of his wife as defence minister, failure to implement the security arrangements among other allegations.

In a swift response to the false statement, de Mabior denounced the "mischief" adding he would respond only for the sake of our young men and women in the SPLA-IO adding he does not want them to be confused by this fabricated statement..

"What you are hearing - concerning my abandoning the peoples’ Movement - is fake news and wishful thinking from the intellectual mercenaries of the NPTC regime in Juba," he said.

The son of the SPLM historical leader pledged to write about those behind the statement and urged the movement’s youth to focus on "learning the provisions of the Agreement so that we can use it against the NPTC regime which has hijacked the peace process," he said.

The National Pre-Transitional Committee is tasked with the oversight and coordination of the implementation of the activities of the pre-transitional period.

On 3 June 2020, Mabior addressed a letter to Machar announcing his resignation from the position as deputy minister of interior to protest the government’s failure to implement the security arrangement.

"I shall remain a member of our peoples’ struggle until we achieve our objective of bringing about a fundamental change in our country," he further stressed.


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  • 12 July 23:50, by South South

    This ugly Mabior is a lair and should be ignored. He looks very ugly everyday.

    • 14 July 07:42, by Midit Mitot

      Good stand Mabior Garang and the future leader, those allegations will not affect our movement, just turn your deaf ears to them.

  • 13 July 00:47, by Mayendit

    Mr.Mabior Garang Mabior.
    If the whole Twic communities are not ashamed about your attitude then, I do. If your late father behave like you clearly, he would have not leading the SPLA & SPLM and I need to tell you the truth. Don’t mess up the chances of others Dinka Bor or Twic people because you have been known for bad behavior.

  • 13 July 00:57, by Mayendit

    Don’t let Riek Machar Teny fool you on who killed your father. Many people have told me that, Riek Machar is telling you wrong information about who murdered your father. There’s no South Sudanese in the killing of your father put that in your mind. Stay in one side if you want and don’t just make noise through out. Your father wouldn’t successful without others like the current President.

  • 13 July 01:08, by Mayendit

    Mabior Garang
    Remember one thing, even though you behave so badly thus. The Dinkas and the South Sudanese people will not abandoned your late father because we believe he was a good leader unlikely to his older son which is you. Why you jump up and down without showing your respect to those people who helped your late father to be successful. Please staying with Riek because we don’t like you.

    • 13 July 07:14, by Rami Tot

      do you are the useless Dinka if you don’t rehear yourself the message you wrote

      • 13 July 07:55, by South South

        Rami Tot,

        Read what you wrote above. " do you are the useless Dinka", shit.

  • 13 July 09:43, by Nueri Dial

    De Mabior is among the wise Dinka. Any Dinka/Jaang/Slave who usually follow Nuer are always wisest in their community. I love the way you handle your things.

    • 13 July 09:54, by Games

      De Mabior has chosen the right side of history. Dr. Garang was successful because of Nuer. SPL without Nuer is nothing.

      • 13 July 18:29, by Khent


        In what world did Garang succeed because of the Nuer? You joined Khartoum and became their slave-tribe; slaves that did irreparable damage to the movement. You claim that the Bul constitute half of your tribe, which necessarily means that half of your tribe were slaves to the ’Arabs’ since the early 80s. The rest of you became slaves in the 90s.

    • 13 July 18:23, by Khent

      Nueri Dial

      The people who who were slaves to the ’Arabs’ now throw this word around as if it means something. It’s hilarious. Your people were used by Khartoum for decades - like dogs. Everyone in Sudan knows this.

      • 13 July 19:50, by Nueri Dial

        Mighty Nuer never been a slave to any! The history is very clear, who fought English as well as Arab. Jaang/Slave were all treated good by our ancestors because of kindness. Please don’t make your master get angry, you won’t like it. Ask yourself about what William Nyuon was doing when he was second man to Dr.John? You also claim that Mabior is ugly, p/se that he how his father look like.

        • 13 July 19:56, by Khent

          Nueri Dial

          Everybody fought the British, you moron. The Dinka of Bahr El Ghazal did a great job fighting the British and there is extensive documentation on this. William Nyuon was a great man, but he was no greater than Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and other Dinka warriors that created the movement. The Arabs enslaved you and now you desperately deny it out of shame.

          • 13 July 20:01, by Khent

            ..Khartoum used the Nuer for decades and you ran to them thinking that your alliance with them would help the Nuer take the leadership from the Dinka. You failed. You will continue to fail. You don’t even control your own tribal territories and you’re claiming to be masters? Run along now, slave.

            • 13 July 20:05, by Khent

              Many Nuer who rallied to the Nasir commanders did so because they thought that now the Nuer would rule as the Dinka were accused of ruling before. (The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars: Peace Or Truce, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

          • 14 July 08:35, by Nueri Dial

            Thanks for acknoledging William Nyuon as a founder of SPLA together with Kerubino Kuanyin but you can now start the history from this two men. They took that wrong path when they killed the men of People, Samuel Gai Tut and Kuot Atem. These two guys has great ideas on how we should get our independent but with coup made by Dr.John and his group against these guys was the root of all problem

            • 14 July 12:58, by Khent

              Nuero Dial

              Yes, I suppose that Samuel Gai Tut and Akuot Atem Mayen had "great ideas", but you need more than "great ideas" if you wish to launch an armed struggle. Where would your weapons come from? The same question applies for logistical support and training...

              • 14 July 13:02, by Khent

                You don’t seem to realise that when Samuel Gai Tut and Akuot Atem De Mayen first presented their manifesto to the Ethiopians (in order to receive support) the Ethiopians rejected their strictly secessionist manifesto, and so they certainly weren’t going to get any kind of material support from a country that was itself experiencing war with secessionists...

                • 14 July 13:05, by Khent

                  No country in Africa would have supported a movement with purely secessionist objectives... because it violated the OAU Charter. African countries were nervous about any changes to their borders. The Libyans provided us with weapons because Dr. John Garang successfully convinced them that we had completely discarded any and all secessionist ideals and plans...

                  • 14 July 13:27, by Khent

                    John Garang mentioned the importance of self-determination as far back as 1972. Unlike Samuel Gai Tut, Akuot Atem De Mayen and Riek Machar, Garang knew how to (strategically) frame it and pursue it. In a letter sent to Joseph Lagu in 1972, Dr. John Garang makes the point "that a region retains the right to secede from the federation if its interests are not adequately served by the federation."

                    • 14 July 13:37, by Khent

                      Furthermore he said:

                      "It must be clear to Southerners that the retention of the right to secede from such a federation must be guaranteed by the federal constitution and by the existence of a physical Southern Armed Forces."

                      Dr. Garang understood that an independent army was required; one with an independent source of funding, a separate source of weaponry and ammunition and a line of logics...

                      • 14 July 13:42, by Khent

                        In his 1972 letter to Joseph Lagu, Dr. Garang warned that the Addis Ababa Agreement would be dishonored in its entirety if the South didn’t have a truly independent army. Dr. Garang maintained that South Sudan had the right to secede but he also understood that autonomy or independence couldn’t be "guaranteed by a few phrases scribbled on some sheets of paper...

                        • 14 July 13:47, by Khent

                          Allow me to quote other parts of the 1972 letter:

                          "There is no reason, absolutely no objective reason for clearheaded Southerners and Northerners alike to believe after eight years and more of continuous warfare and the repeated failures of some forms of constitutional guarantees that paper constitutional guarantees are now going to solve the war in the Sudan."

                          • 14 July 13:48, by Khent

                            ..Any Southerner who holds the mistaken view that Arab Nationalism now sincere, now means good business, now gives the South local autonomy in good faith and that this autonomy will be guaranteed by a few phrases scribbled on some sheets of paper stapled and bound together and christened “ The Constitution”...

                            • 14 July 13:50, by Khent

                              ..that Southerner either suffers from acute historical myopia or else advocates the treasonable stand of opportunism, national subjugation and continued Arab Chauvinism and domination; in short, such Southerner calls for surrender in a camouflaged form. (Captain John Garang Letter to Gen. Joseph Lagu of Anyanya One, January 24, 1972)

              • 14 July 13:43, by Nueri Dial

                Now you are talking, if it was the issue of gaining support, why did he accepted to kill his brother whom have the same idea with him? He should form his own movement and leave those of Samuel to straggle for their support. His slogan of first bullet to separatist spoil everything even if you claim that he has the idea. He will be known through all the history that he hijacked people’s ---

                • 14 July 13:48, by Nueri Dial

                  Ideas and the first brother killer. All people in SS rejected SPLA b/se it was looting civilian resources with slogan ’’Shala Abuk wedi Talga’’/even your father, give him bullet. That is the evident that they were not fighting Arab but their own people. They clearly made it open in 2013 till now. Dinka aim is to wipe away other tribe in South Sudan and Nuer were aware of this since 1984 Gajaak...

                  • 14 July 13:52, by Nueri Dial

                    Massacre, followed by Fertit in Wau and then continue with Shiluk, Equatoria etc until local youth resistant were formed and you know that to form resistant, you can ally to anyone who offer help. Now look at where SS went into. Are you happy now? All SS including Neighbor countries are complaining of you Dinka. They consider the word from Abakasoro that where ever you go, problem follow.

                  • 14 July 14:05, by Khent

                    Nueri Dial

                    The killing of Samuel Gai Tut was not ideologically or tribally motivated. It was an unfortunate derivative of a power struggle between two different camps, with two different ideologies and different ideas on the strategies required for the struggle...

                    • 14 July 14:18, by Khent

                      The struggle was not purely ideological, but there were notable differences in ideology; Dr. Garang had to position himself as a strict unionist in order to receive weapons, ammunition, supplies, logistical support and training from Ethiopia, Libya, Uganda and Kenya. Dr. Garang wanted to guarantee self-determination to every region of Sudan and knew that Southerners would opt for independence...

                      • 14 July 14:20, by Khent

                        The split in the leadership was thus based on ideological and personal differences, not tribal, since both Akuot Atem and Garang were Twic Dinka from Kongor district, and there were Dinka and Nuer commanders ranged on both sides. (The Root Causes Of Sudan’s Civil Wars: Peace Or Truce, Douglas H. Johnson)

                        • 14 July 14:21, by Khent

                          Nothing was "hijacked". There were three [3] camps in Ethiopia that were essentially three [3] different movements; there was Gordon Kong’s Bilpam, Bukteng under Samuel Gai Tut and Akuot Atem, and the Adura Camp under John Garang de Mabior, William Nyuon Bany, Joseph Oduho, Martin Majer Gai, Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and others.

                          • 14 July 14:24, by Khent

                            The Dinka were victims of massacres before they responded in kind. The killing of hundreds [possibly thousands] of Dinka civilians during Kokora happened before the SPLA had even arrived in Equatoria. The Dinka lost thousands of unarmed patriotic recruits [civilians at this point] to the Nuer 1 year before the Gajaak massacre.

                            • 14 July 14:25, by Khent

                              Heavily armed by the Sudan, the Anyanya II attacked SPLA recruits on their way to the training camps in Ethiopia. In May 1984, more than three thousand recruits from northern Bahr el Ghazal were ambushed and massacred in the area of Fanjak, and in 1986 over two thousand were massacred in the Lou area. (Playing Different Games: The Paradox of Anywaa and Nuer Identification)

                              • 14 July 14:38, by Khent

                                Your people stole Longechuk from the Burun in the 80s and Eastern Akobo from the Anyuak. You murdered their Chief (Chol Odio) in 2013. These lands are not your lands. The Shilluk land of Nyijwad is also not your land. You now call Nyijwad ’new Fangak’- and you stole this land from the Shilluk after Othown Dak allowed you to take refuge in their land when floods ravaged old Fangak. Hypocrites!

                                • 14 July 14:43, by Khent

                                  Have you forgotten the fact that Garang also targeted Akuot Atem De Mayen, a fellow son of Twic east, and wanted him dead too!? Samuel Gai Tut and Nyuon Bany were our sons [from Dinka Hol and Twic east] whose families migrated to Nuer territory in recent memory for reasons I cannot pinpoint. We still have some of their families with us in Duk Padiet and Panyagor. It was not tribal.

                                  • 14 July 15:20, by Nueri Dial

                                    You better admit the truth for peace to reign. You contradicted yourself in all the comments you posted here and this could be an indication that you know the truth but hide it. Here are your contradictions:
                                    1. You said SPLA (organize army) Made 1984 Gajaak massacre as a revenge of Dinka non recruit killed by Anyanya I a year before. What connect Gajaak and Anyanya I?

                                    • 14 July 15:25, by Nueri Dial

                                      2.The split in the leadership was thus based on ideological and personal differences, not tribal. If that is the case why do you complain that Dr.John share the same idea with them? The truth here is that, Dinka are power angry people misled themselves that they were born to rule not knowing that Nuer also have been misled that they were born to conquer! These are the two ideology we have!

                                      • 14 July 15:29, by Nueri Dial

                                        3. ’’You now call Nyijwad ’new Fangak’- and you stole this land from the Shilluk after Othown Dak allowed you to take refuge in their land when floods ravaged old Fangak’’. Which one is which? Stolen or given? In all the 3 contradictory comments i highlighted, it would tell you why many people ignore your comments and crying! There is no way an organize army fighting for SS right can made ---

                                        • 14 July 15:33, by Nueri Dial

                                          a Massacre on its people b/se of his tribe men being killed by another group led by other tribe. That was why Kiir publicly blame the Dinka Bor who follow Cirilo as well as transported all Dinka from Yei and threat Equatorian that he would go to Yei and command the army there himself. In which country and which tribe can all this happen? If you know that Dr.John turn guns on his brothers and ----

                                          • 14 July 15:40, by Nueri Dial

                                            Massacre his people, you should know why his camp divided and you should never put blame on those who resist this atrocities act by a claimed army. Anyanaya 1 and Anyanya 2 has no problem with their people and their leaders were from different tribe and all were respected till now. Ask Joseph Lagu and he will tell you more about our history. All tribe with exception of Dinka like history from 1955

                                      • 14 July 15:34, by Khent

                                        Nueri Dial

                                        I’ve not contradicted myself, you’re either not paying attention or are incapable of nuance. You claimed that the Dinka initiated tribal attacks and you used the 1985 Gajaak massacre as your example, so I pointed out that your people killed thousands of Dinka recruits (unarmed civilians) before the Gajaak massacre. You started this...

                                        • 14 July 15:46, by Nueri Dial

                                          You said ’’Dinka recruits (unarmed civilians) were killed by Anyanya 1’’ yet SPLA went and killed Civilian in name of Dinka. Is SPLA for Dinka or for South Sudan? Is Gajaak and Community or an army? The truth is now uncovered itself. If you admitted that SPLA targeted civilian, then why claiming that you fight for South Sudan. You better say SPLA fight for Dinka right and it will be loud.

                                          • 14 July 15:50, by Khent

                                            Nueri Dial

                                            The Nuer attacked the recruits because they were Dinka because Ahmed Chol was a Nuer Nationalist that had great disdain for the Dinka. You created Anya-Nya II for tribal reasons and fired the first shots.

                                        • 14 July 15:47, by Khent

                                          You claimed that Samuel Gai Tut was killed for tribal reasons and that this is the source of animus between the Dinka and Nuer, but then I provided evidence that both camps were composed of both Dinka and Nuer members and that Dr. Garang also targeted Dinka secessionists like Akuot Atem De Mayen and Majier Gai.

                                          • 14 July 16:14, by Khent

                                            You were allowed to seek refuge in Nyijwad by the Shilluk because your lands were ravaged by floods. The Shilluk NEVER gave away their land to the Nuer. Where did I say that they gave it away? Are you going to claim that the Burun gave away Longechuk to the Nuer in the 80s as well? The Nuer cannot condemn the Dinka when they’ve beem bullying smaller tribes and stealing their lands for decades.

                                            • 14 July 22:32, by Nueri Dial

                                              I never heard those tribe you mentioned being complain about their land taken by Nuer. We acknowledge that it is their land and it is through good dignity why we live in those lands. Most of Nuer inhabitate those land are from those tribe you mentioned. They were converted into Nuer and willing to live together with Nuer. These tribe still have areas in those locations and no one deny

                                              • 14 July 22:34, by Nueri Dial

                                                It was agreed that, we will use 1956 border and any land conquered before that time is not counted. Most of the land we have were all from Dinka and we got them through battle.

                                          • 14 July 22:27, by Nueri Dial

                                            You are not ashamed! If Dr.John also target Dinka, why didn’t he killed at least one? He was not in good term with Kerubino and Arok Thon but he did not kill them. Can you tell me which Nuer general was kept alive prison by Dinka? From that time, no mercy b/n Nuer and Dinka and if you don’t want to admit this truth concerning the root cause, be ready for more Dinka general to die.

                                            • 14 July 23:12, by Khent

                                              Nueri Dial

                                              You’re simply not paying attention if you’re now claiming that the Shilluk, Anyuak and the Burun have not voiced their complaints on your ongoing campaign of land-theft; you took these lands in the 80s when all the Southerners were fixated on fighting the North. You claim that the Bul are half of your tribe, so that means half of you joined Khartoum in the 80s...

                                              • 14 July 23:42, by Khent

                                                I am not impressed with what your ancestors were able to achieve against very small and divided Dinka sections in Greater Upper Nile in the 1840s. Furthermore, the Dinka were the dominant tribe in South Sudan from the 15th Century until the 1800s. You had your time in the sun for a considerably shorter period of time. Every tribe or Nation has these periods of fortune and misfortune...

                                                • 14 July 23:51, by Khent

                                                  The Dinka (in Greater Upper Nile) had an underdeveloped sense of tribal identity, whereas the Nuer worked as one group across sectarian lines. Each Dinka section was also considerably smaller and was invariably outnumbered by the larger Nuer sections. In every instance in which the Dinka fielded a numerically equal force to the Nuer... you were repulsed...

                                                  • 14 July 23:56, by Khent

                                                    I’ve read up on the material relating to the dynamics in South Sudan, and the material affirms that the Nuer use to prevail against small Dinka sections solely because the Dinka were terribly disunited and fielded numerically smaller forces. You weren’t better warriors and you didn’t employ better strategies and tactics. Unity provided you with numbers and numbers were your sole advantage.

                                                    • 14 July 23:57, by Khent

                                                      The unified Nuer had raiding parties that were usually made up of 1500 men, whereas individual Dinka sections rarely mustered a defencive force above three-hundred men [300], and so it’s not all that surprising [and certainly not all that impressive] that a unified group would prevail over a divided force, that wasn’t sufficiently tribal minded and deployed a smaller force as a consequence.

                                                      • 14 July 23:57, by Khent

                                                        The advantage of the Nuer was based on sheer numbers rather than novel military strategies or fighting techniques. The Dinka were able to repel smaller Nuer raiding parties, were familiar with Nuer tactics, and employed the same multicolumn organization of forces on their own infrequent raids. (Unto Others: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior Elliott Sober)

                                                        • 14 July 23:58, by Khent

                                                          Nuer and Dinka oral tradition fail to mention a single battle that was won by a clever new strategy. (Unto Others: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior, Elliott Sober)

                                                          • 15 July 00:07, by Khent

                                                            The good old days of raiding the divided Dinka with impunity are over and are never to return. This is why you failed in 91; you declared war on the entire Dinka tribe in 91 and Bahr El Ghazal’s large Dinka sections were instrumental in your defeat; Riek’s forces experienced defeat after being pursued, hounded and cut down as far as Uror, Akobo, Nyirol, Yuai and Ayod - in the Nuer heartland.

                                                            • 15 July 00:12, by Khent

                                                              You Nuer will learn to behave and will have to give up on the laughable idea of renaming Mading Bor "Ngundeng city" because the relatively united Dinka are not going to permit you to play games with them. If you insist on sticking to your delusions, you will become smaller than the Azande. Grow up and move on.

                                                              • 15 July 00:22, by Khent

                                                                Dr. Garang killed a lot of Dinka Generals and politicians. Majier Gai was one of them. There are a considerable amount of Dinka people that hate Garang even today because of the numerous Dinka commanders and Generals he killed. Also, Samuel Gai Tut was killed by Kerubino — not Garang. You must be some angsty Nuer teenager based on how little you know.

                                                                • 15 July 09:00, by Nueri Dial

                                                                  Dinka was out numbered, Misfortune etc bla-bla! short up! Nuer Conquered most of your land. In 1991, only Lou Nuer angry youth stormed Bor after you people brutally killed Nuer soldiers with their families in Your sections. You know we share the same ancestral God which is ’’Deng’’ Nuer always defeated you simply b/se they go for revenge. Even Ngundeng (Gift from Deng) was for all Nailotic

                                                                  • 15 July 12:07, by Khent

                                                                    Nueri Dial

                                                                    You always win? LOL! Did Riek win in 91 or did he lose? You ran to the Arabs and you still lost miserably and will always just be seen as the slave-tribe of the Arabs. Everybody in Sudan knows this. The entire SAF of over 100, 000 troops was not enough to give you victory over the Dinka. The Nuer are just ignorant children that will always play second-fiddle to their big brothers.

                                                                    • 15 July 12:14, by Khent

                                                                      You Nuer constantly lie in order to assuage your battered ego. Do you even know why the Jikany even migrated into the lands of small Dinka sections in Upper Nile? They were almost entirey annihilated by the large Western Dinka, so they fled to sparcely populated Dinka areas that were already "softened up" by wars with the Arabs. You want proof? I’ll gladly provide it.

                                                                      • 15 July 13:11, by Khent

                                                                        Third, first Egyptian, then Arab military expeditions for slaves took hundreds of Dinka captive from 1821 onwards, weakening those people and putting them on the defensive. ( How war began, Keith F. Otterbein)


                                                                        • 15 July 13:18, by Khent

                                                                          At the beginning of the nineteenth century, one Nuer group, the Jikany, "was virtually annihilated in war with the Western Dinka; this was one reason the Jikany looked for safer lands to the east", Johnson wrote. (How war began, Keith F. Otterbein)

                                                                          • 15 July 13:21, by Khent

                                                                            In midcentury other groups of Nuer, such as the Lou and Gawaar, similarly benefitted from the disruption by the entry of the zariba system into the Sobat and Zaraf to move into territories abandoned by their previous owners. (South Sudan: A New History for a New Nation, Douglas H. Johnson)

                                                                            • 15 July 13:50, by Khent

                                                                              As usual, the Nuer were opportunistic cowards that took advantage of a situation in which small Dinka sections were already weakened by their wars with Arab slave raiding parties. The Nuer did not dare act before that period; the Dinka as a whole were the dominant tribe for at least three centuries before the Arabs weakened the Dinka in Upper Nile.

                                                                              • 15 July 14:05, by Khent

                                                                                We have the same ancestral god? Please, you’re just a bady copy of the Dinka. Yuot Nyakong [a Dinka] was the greatest earth-master among the Lou-Nuer and prophet of DENG, a Dinka divinity; Yuot Nyakong was Nyundeng’s teacher and predecessor; DENG was a divinity that the Nuer adopted as their own from the Dinka. Your entire religion comes from the Dinka.

                                                                                • 15 July 14:12, by Khent

                                                                                  The Nuer have a propensity for lying and myth-making.

                                                                                  In the early days of the split, in order to secure popular support against Garang, the Nasir faction deliberately propagated the false allegation that Garang diverted relief supplies to Bor. (Civilian Devastation. Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan)

                                                                                  • 15 July 14:13, by Khent

                                                                                    According to a later study, the Nuers’ suspicion in August and September 1991 that Garang and the SPLA were hoarding U.N. relief supplies in Bor was not accurate. The U.N. had information about the need in this Nuer area, but a plan of action to bring supplies from the South to this area was vetoed by higher authorities in the U.N./WFP...

                                                                                    • 15 July 14:24, by Khent

                                                                                      ..because the Sudan government refused permission. The SPLA did not veto the plan. (Civilian Devastation. Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan)

                                                                                      You Nuer are impulsive and impressionable children and this is why we show you mercy... we’re your big brothers.

                                                                                      • 15 July 14:29, by Khent

                                                                                        Among the Lou the most influential earth-master, Yuot Nyakong, was a Dinka, and Ngundeng Bong represented himself as seized by the Dinka divinity, DENG. (Revealing Prophets: Prophecy in Eastern African History David Anderson, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

                                                                                        • 15 July 14:30, by Khent

                                                                                          By the end of 1878 Yuot Nyakong had been killed by the Nyareweng Dinka; Ngundeng Bong, the prophet of DENG, had taken his place as leader among the Lou.(Revealing Prophets: Prophecy in Eastern African History David Anderson, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

                                                                                          • 15 July 22:04, by Khent

                                                                                            Why do the Nuer lie so much? You falsely claimed that Nuer soldiers and their families were murdered and that this is what impelled their actions. That’s a lie and I am certain you won’t be able to find a shred of evidence for it from third party sources. You also claimed that only Lou Nuer youth participated in the massacres. Yet another lie.

                                                                                            • 15 July 22:25, by Khent

                                                                                              Members of the SPLA-Nasir tried to deny responsibility for the Bor massacre because of the participation of Anya-Nya II and civilian Nuer raiding groups they could not control. However, as the testimonies demonstrate, the SPLA-Nasir participated in the raids and killing of civilians. (Civilian Devastation: Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan, John Prendergast)

                                                                                              • 15 July 22:31, by Khent

                                                                                                Furthermore, the civilian participants were not sufficiently well armed to penetrate deep into Dinka territory unless they were operating in tandem with the SPLA-Nasir and Anya-Nua II. (Civilian Devastation: Abuses by All Parties in the War in Southern Sudan, John Prendergast)

  • 13 July 10:01, by Games

    Salva Kiir was failed twice to kill Dr. Garang by himself with the help from other Dinka, until he hired Uganda government. As same he tried to do to Machar by hiring Uganda army.

  • 13 July 10:17, by King of Nyamlel

    Mabior Garang de Mabior has rights to work with Dr Riek or any Nuer. Being Dinka doesn’t being you work with Kiir Mayardit. The logic is that Dinka government is worst than unseen Nuer’s. The solution is that Kiir and Riek are not good leaders, that they should go home in the nearest future.

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Reform family Muslim & customary laws in Sudan 2020-12-02 11:50:23 by Zeinab Abbas Badawi In a country like Sudan, women’s human and legal rights are not only the concerns of women but also an imperative for development and poverty reduction. The hard fact is (...)

My Memories of the late Imam al-Sadig al-Mahdi 2020-11-27 05:43:38 By Mahmoud A. Suleiman This article comes against the backdrop of the saddening news in the headlines of the News Media reporting the departure of the Ansar Sect leader Imam Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi (...)

Why is South Sudan quiet while Ethiopia is at war? 2020-11-25 20:57:13 By Dak Buoth ‘‘Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it (...)


Latest Press Releases

Sudan: Performing arts is not a crime, assaulting women and artists is! 2020-09-20 08:54:28 The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) Sudan is still struggling with militant Islamist ideology KHARTOUM: Central Khartoum Primary Court issued a verdict against five (...)

Civil Society Statement in Response to The Law of Various Amendments 2020-08-14 07:11:00 A Collaborative Civil Society Statement in Response to The Law of Various Amendments (Abolishing and Amending Provisions Restricting Freedom) – Exposing ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Sudanese women (...)

Remarks by SRF leaders at the Friend of Sudan meeting on peace 2020-08-13 07:58:58 Chairman of the Friends of Sudan Conference, Your Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Prime Minister of Sudan and the participating team from the (...)


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