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Security Council urges South Sudan to implement security arrangement


July 13, 2020 (JUBA) - The United Nations Security Council has urged the South Sudanese government to finalized the implementation of the security arrangements and voiced concern over the increased inter-communal violence in the country.

A United Nations Security Council briefing on sexual violence in South Sudan on 22 October 2014 (Photo: UN)In a statement released on Monday, the Council members applauded the "encouraging developments" in South Sudan referring to the agreement on state governors. Also, they recognized the government’s efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the 15-member boy meant to remind Juba that despite the global health crisis and other developments the international community continues to follow closely the situation in the East African country.

The statement evoked the delay in the security arrangements implementation which a key element of the peace process, and the need to form the legislative assembly which is supposed to serve as tribune of expression and adopt the various reforms.

"The members of the Security Council expressed concern regarding the delays implementing the Revitalised Agreement and urged the parties to expeditiously finalize security arrangements, establish transitional government institutions including a national legislative assembly, followed by concerted progress on transitional reforms," said the statement.

Juba failed to implement the security arrangements which was due to be done during the pre-transitional period. The parties extended it twice in vain as the government kept pointing to the lack of money and called for international support. The parties finally agreed to force the government without its implementation.

The Council also expressed grave concern about the increased tribal violence in Jonglei state, which has killed hundreds and displaced thousands.

They "took note of the announcement of a committee to address inter-communal violence in Jonglei, and underscored the pressing need for the R-TGoNU to act swiftly to halt violence, end impunity for violations and abuses of human rights," stressed the statement.

Nonetheless, the Security Council called on government and holdout armed groups to take urgent action to prevent violence, protect civilians and civilian objects, as well as medical facilities and medical personnel, and allow rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access.

Also, they called on the government and the non-signatory groups to abide the on the Cessation of Hostilities, in keeping with their commitments in the Rome Declaration and to resume peace talks.

The parties had to resume talks in March of this year in Rome but the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, as well as the other EU countries, delayed the process which is mediated by the Sant’Egidio religious community.

The statement recalled the importance of ensuring 35% representation of women as agreed in the peace agreement. and to include youth, faith-based groups, and civil society in the implementation of the revitalised peace pact.


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  • 14 July 2020 10:02, by Nueri Dial

    United Nations Security Council,
    You are talking nonsense. Deal with God gifted Covid 19 to you and leave us alone. Kirimnal failed to implement any deal if he didn’t see word ’’Inu’’ in any documents. You either include the word or leave us alone. Stop foriegn invaders like GEM and UPDF of Uganda. Tell IGAD to distance themselves. Let it be Nuer Vs Dinka a lone and you will hear the result soon

    • 14 July 2020 10:30, by South South

      Nueri Dial,
      Dinka and Nuer were left alone in 2013, but Nuer ran to PoCs in Juba, Bor, Bentu, Malakal and other places. Until today, Nuers are still hiding in PocS. Some Nuers are still roaming in Ethiopia. Riek is here with us. He is ok. We are protecting him as our second man in our country. You are very welcome to visit Juba if you want, but make your that your dirty mouth is shut up.

      • 14 July 2020 12:46, by The Rhino

        South South,

        1).Misseriya Arabs are butchering jienges and burning down tukuls in Abyei and you are doing nothing,2).Covid-19 is ravaging South Sudan like hell,3).Brutal inter-communal violence is spiking,4).No gov’t yet formed to pave ways for reforms,..list is long,shit!These are all vivid indications and evidence that South Sudan is being led by giant gorillas in suits, disgusting!

        • 14 July 2020 13:52, by Theallseeingeye

          The Rihno
          Not to forget that the country is about to be run without fiscal budget. Just bullshit.

        • 14 July 2020 14:05, by South South

          The Rhino,

          1- More than 30 Misseriya Arabs died in last a few weeks near NBG border, fact. We give no care to Misseriya.
          2- Covid-19 is US, Europe and Asia problem. South Sudan is doing great. In Juba, you will see people wear masks in airport, banks and goverment offices. South Sudan is good, our heat is giving covid-19 trouble.
          3- No inter-communal violence in South Sudan

          • 14 July 2020 14:07, by South South

            The Rhino,

            We have the best government in Juba today. Ask Riek and he will tell you that. You can cry, shit, smear, but we are moving ahead with our goverment, period.

        • 14 July 2020 16:14, by jubaone

          We should care more about Equatoria and not SS. The non Equatorian cockroaches have all fled to us leaving their places empty. Jellaba should just come and take and turn them into agricultural lands. We should encourage every able Equatoria to arm themselves cuz soon, we are going for the final showdown. If these giant gorillas win, they take it all, but if not we smoke 🚬 these cockroaches

        • 14 July 2020 16:36, by jubaone

          You are asking so much from people who don’t think. Can you pickpocket a naked jienge? No cuz he has no clothes 👚 on let alone underpants. Expect nothing from them just watch them as if you were in some zoo.

          • 14 July 2020 22:23, by The Rhino


            Great!Strictly spoken, we are dealing with savages who like to mingle themselves with their own shit!These damned jienges love readymades that’s why they all abandoned their areas and flocked to Juba/Equatoria.Since they came to our beloved territories,things instantly changed from good to worse, disgusting!We must work hard to drive them OUT,full stop!

            • 14 July 2020 22:33, by The Rhino

              South South,

              You call the gov’t in S.Sudan "best gov’t"?You jienge savages proper in chaos and anarchy, an environment without rules and order so that you can practice theft and murder with impunity.Shit,you definitely got your head inside your own ass.Shut up!

              • 14 July 2020 22:43, by The Rhino


                Jienge terrorize unarmed civilians only!They can’t face real man on the ground.These people are cowards, they shout or bark loud behind others.They can’t face, diehard NAS warriors, diehard Nuer or Misseriya Arabs.He who knows jienges very well will never flinch to squash the hell out of them, period!

              • 15 July 2020 00:27, by South South

                The Rhino,
                You need to ask Mundari to tell you who Dinkas are. We are very well organize and when we put our heads together, we make it out successfully. Very living example in civil war in South Sudan from 1983-2005. The world knows us how we fought the war and how many people from our side lost their life, but we kept moving until we got South Sudan. very rich culture. You were hiding in Egypt.

              • 15 July 2020 00:32, by South South

                The Rhino,

                We are very well orgainze people on the face on earth. When we put our heads toegether it means success. 1983-2005 is a living example of that. We fought terrible war with fake Arabs, but we made it out successfully and today we have South Sudan. Monkey follow us and shut up.

                • 15 July 2020 14:51, by jubaone

                  South South
                  Jienge kaffir, these are old stories. Ask M7 and he will tell you that it was the Ugandans, Eritreans, Ethiopians, Darfuris, Nubas who did the heaviest part. Jienge footsoldiers only rushed in once a target had been bombarded with heavy artillery managed by foreigners. Jienge cowards were simply hotel commanders.

      • 14 July 2020 13:57, by Theallseeingeye

        South South

        Nuer who run to PoC are just innocent civilian who are not parties to the conflict. But the Dink malitias do not recognize defenseless civilian but rather preter to pray on them.

        • 14 July 2020 14:10, by South South


          No, no, you are wrong. We don’t kill innocent civilians, we kill mitinias and betrayers only. We are known of teaching triators very dear lessons in battle fields.

          • 14 July 2020 16:26, by jubaone

            South South
            Who slaughtered the more than 6,000 Nuer civilians in Juba in 2013? So these Nuer civilians committed mass suicide? Anyway, that’s the Nuer to sort out with jienge. Perhaps Riek, Taban, James Chol Ranley, Tutkew Gatluak, Lul Ruai Koang etc are planning a serious comeback or they have docile like castrated oxen and don’t give a fuck to the thousands slaughtered in Juba like x-mas goats

            • 14 July 2020 19:46, by South South

              Shit, where did get 6000 Nuer civilians, a lie!!!!.

              • 14 July 2020 22:21, by Nueri Dial

                South South,
                Please AU report, it is very clear that Juba Nuer Massacre was well planned from higher authority. Wait, Court will come when you loose power. Let me remind you that it is last Month for Kiirimnal Mayardit. I have told you last time that we will loose him in either June/July.

                • 15 July 2020 00:20, by South South

                  Nueri Dial,

                  Deaf and blind Nuer is puting out pour lies. I will get back to you in August to confirm to you that Kiir is still holding power very strongly. Everyone on the face of earth knows that Dinkas are very well organize and this is the only reason Nuers keep coming back to us after the rebellion. In 1991, Nuers came to us. After 2013, Nuer came back to us, in 2016, Nuer came back us, why?

                  • 15 July 2020 06:35, by Nueri Dial

                    South South
                    Check for yourself and tell me the real Nuer who returned to You? Those who go back and forth are Dinka background. It look to you that Peace is a surrender not knowing that you failed politically. In 2016 J1 fight, it was known to the whole world that 1370 Nuer with only AK-47 fight 10,000 of Dinka who have armed to the teeth with Gunship, Tanks and American Black water.

                    • 15 July 2020 06:38, by Nueri Dial

                      South South,
                      Kiirimnal Mayardit has already lost his liver and is now looking to go to Germany for replacement. Do you think he will survive this? Jaang/Slave Council of Evil (JCE) since yesterday are lobbing for Nhial Deng Nhial. Please wake up and join your master before it is too late.

                    • 15 July 2020 12:37, by South South

                      Nueri Dial,

                      Every Nuer returned to us including Riek himslef. He came back us, so stop your nonsenses and come back to Juba to take your second place. We are here to help our cousin Nuer in anyway we could. Come back your second place is reserved for you, no hard feeling anymore, we are brothers.

        • 14 July 2020 15:14, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

          No wonder you low lives have been in ’tow with our Nuers ke nyantoc since 1990th to date’. Honestly, watch out low lives’. Mr. Salva Kiir and bunch of cowards have let you bunch of fools run amok with our country and our people again and again. With his damned ’cowboy hat’. What I am writing here on SUDAN SUDAN is what the lowly informed would go and used as their own idea. But they don’t>>>

          • 14 July 2020 15:18, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

            think for their own selves. South Sudan deliberately coveted by our so-called allies from the US, the UK, their cloned so-called arab of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), some of their Bantuses, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of their creeps in between fools.>>>>

            • 14 July 2020 15:23, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

              Lowly informed South Sudanese fools, "one country, two two systems". This slogan was used by the evil *white Americans, evil juus (so-called israelis), their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, gulf Arab states and even some of their creeps here in Africa who think, they can always live over our country and over our people*>>>>

              • 14 July 2020 15:29, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                in Kenya, in 1999, Ukambani district of Machakos, Nairobi and Naivasha. This damned slogan was tested in the evil English criminals in Hong Kong, in 19th century with their ’opium war’ intrigue, which the vermin used to *shipped from their then British East Indian to Hong Kong until the people of Hong Kong (Cantonese people) became addicted to ’heroin drug’*>>>>

                • 14 July 2020 15:34, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                  But when the Chinese authorities told the evil English low lives to get the hell out with their heroin drugs, they were bombed to submission by the low lives. The Chinese rubbed their noses and let the vermin run amok in Hong Kong. But in 1997, the Chinese people asked their Hong Kong back. The low lives think, South Sudan can be put pressure, pressure and pressure and that South Sudan would>>>

                  • 14 July 2020 15:40, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                    be made *Hong Kong, United Arab Emirate (UAE) or Singapore*. Good luck to the vermins, that is not going to happen under the sun or even in million years, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. There is *oil in Saudi Arabia, but the vermins think, they can even, ’drill our oil from our Upper Nile and go and refined them in their so-called>>>

                    • 14 July 2020 15:48, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                      evil corporate America refineries in Saudi Arabia*. Good luck to the vermins once again, dreaming is not a crime. Lowly informed South Sudanese fools. Mr. Salva Kiir and his nemesis, Mr. Riek Machar were called by Mr. Pope Francis to *Rome and went and knelt down on them*. *Mr. Pope Francis was just a low life from *Italy to Argentina and back to Italy as a Pope*>>>>

                      • 14 July 2020 15:58, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                        Other pieces of low lives from devil infested Island of England and the US (Episcopal) are *desperately vying for the control of our country and our people*. We are the ’Ancient Egyptian fools’. There would be no *Saudi Arabia, our cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, the evil juus (so-called israelis), attack dogs, the mighty US, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, Abeshas (so-called ethiopians)>>>>

                        • 14 July 2020 16:07, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                          some of their Bantuses, their sleazy NGOs and the UN; reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM*. Abiye Ahmed and Barack, our greatest enemies. Mr. Abiye Ahmed was *given the European token a few years ago and they they came to our country and lecture our foolish Salva Kiir and our foolish elders about the so-called "Africa unity and regional integration". The president of *Eritrea refused to acknowledged>>

                          • 14 July 2020 16:23, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                            Mr. Abiye Ahmed European so-called Nobel prize token----he didn’t even gave the low life ’congratulation’*. Game is over low lives. The owners are here---the Dinkas/Muonyjiengs of the Sudan are going to bomb you to near *extinction, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM*.>>>>>

                            • 14 July 2020 22:35, by The Rhino


                              Stick to one name, you Bor bangi loser!

      • 14 July 2020 22:16, by Nueri Dial

        South South,
        I wish all Dinka could think like that. In 2013, Bor town, Bentiu and Malakal were all captured by Nuer. on 21st January 2014, IGAD met in Nairobi and agreed to send troops to help Dinka. With all your gunship, Tanks and foreign support, you also run to Menkaman Camp as well as Nimule. There were Dinka in Malakal, Bentiu and Bor PoCs in the year 2013. I would be ashamed if i were you!

        • 15 July 2020 00:40, by South South

          Nueri Dial,

          You are my second hand cousin in everything, remember that. IGAD met in Nairobi in 2014 to wage war aganist Nuer? A lie!!! We are brave and great fighters, our innocent civilians were liberated in Bor, Bentu, Malakal. We are very free people. Until today coward Nuers are still in PoCs. They shit in paper bags like children, cowards.

          • 15 July 2020 03:32, by Games

            South Shit (Slaves)
            You are crazy dumb Oldman. Uganda flags was the only national flag in all Dinka inhabitants areas from 2014-2016.
            If was, a Dinka, I wouldn’t write any rubbish on this forum that are connected to the war in this country. But because you don’t have a words shame and an embarrassing that’s why you still acting as a fighter

            • 15 July 2020 06:04, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

              you low lives have making Uganda as your ’own accuses of grand treason’. What flag does Uganda have here in South Sudan? Tell us low lives and the Dinkas/Jaangs will consider you low lives anything. In fact, the Nuers are ’are snag to progress in South Sudan’. When their high treason is always challenged, then then run *to our arch enemies----the cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan*>>>

              • 15 July 2020 06:11, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                ’Our Nuers ke nyantoc fools, you are way too behind your Jaang cousins 1000 years fellows’. Your Jaang cousins are ’intertwined with you low lives, otherwise, we would have just let you have own Nuer country to run it without Dinkas/Jaangs and then we would see if you are anything. You low lives *screamed and screamed for South Sudan to revert to 10 states*>>>

                • 15 July 2020 06:19, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                  ten states were created by our arch enemy----Omar Hassan El Bashir and bunch of advisors. No South Sudanese was willing for more division before we establish ourselves, but our Nuers ke nyantoc with the lawlessness thought ’the whole game is their Dinkas/Jaangs-Nuers game’. To cut the story short fellow, our ke Nuers must remain in their Nuers villages>>>>>

                  • 15 July 2020 06:37, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                    Our ke nyantoc are not welcomed into Jonglei and Upper Nile, take or leave it. Our Nuers ke nyantoc, can go back to ’Itang, Gambella region’. Gambella region is our country and it is our Anyuaks country. Our Nuers ke nyantoc low lives, do you really know is the meaning of ten (10)? Romans used to count from: i, ii, iii iv----up x (10). Our Nuers ke nyantoc fools, be very careful of>>>>

                    • 15 July 2020 06:45, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                      what you are ’wishing for fellows’. In Gambella region, you low lives always claim to be dying in Gambella region. There is a big farm financed by the so-called *World bank and IMF*, where many of our Anyuaks communities were removed from their lands by the *Abeshas (so-called ethiopians)*. The produces from that farm are *sold to Middle East, Asia some part European countries*>>>

                      • 15 July 2020 06:54, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

                        Where do low lives think the *evils in Middle East their food from in a desert fools?* Many of Abeshas (so-called ethiopians), breed like pigs /rabbits and vermins think, we are not equal with them. Mr. Abiye Ahmed was given by the Europeans their so-called *Noble peace prize*. Our Nuers ke nyantoc fools. Be very very careful fools.>>>>

              • 15 July 2020 08:44, by Nueri Dial

                Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs,
                Uganda flag was every where as has been said by Game. It was confirmed by M7 at 2014 July independent speech. He said ’’Kiir is in position because of him’’ and you Dinka was watching and said nothing. He also said in 2015 that he thanks Salva Kiir for killing his people and you shamelessly justified that it was slip of tongue. Come on,wake up and accept the defeat!

          • 15 July 2020 06:16, by Nueri Dial

            South South,
            Dinka/Jaang/slave never feel ashamed! There is widely known video showing how you run and how coward you are. The video of 2014 Juba-Bor road where you were running like a dog. Then UPDF came a try but couldn’t manage until America used their gunship and cluster bomb. We gunned down American plane which is the evident till now. M7 visited Bor instead of Kiirimnal, is it not evident?

            • 15 July 2020 06:22, by Nueri Dial

              For Bentiu, There is a video evident of Torobora robbing Ivory Bank and was filmed when they were retreating. Please check them. For Malakal, We have Egyptian plane just crossing the river and the evident still there now. All the evident are still there to remind you of your coward. Now instead of facing your enemy, you used oil Money to buy foreigners to come and fight on your behalf.

              • 15 July 2020 06:27, by Nueri Dial

                After Dinka/Jaang/Slave knew that they bribe foriegners to fight, they run to Sherikat and Nimulee as well as Yambio to invade Equatoria land. Now Nuer are going to build their cities in Mading Bor and Mading Awiel. Thomas Cirilo rebel after he knew that you want to invade their land. Those in Nimule has already claim to be Equatorian, let me know if you never heard it.

        • 15 July 2020 11:42, by Jebel Dinka

          @ Nueri, Stop inciting hate yazol.. Just massacring Dinka in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu doesn’t mean you defeat Dinka. Just look at what happened when few street Dinka boys (Mathianganyor) from Aweil were sent to you in Juba in 2013 All Nuer disappeared on the streets of juba, Imagine the doom if the whole of Dinka Bhar el ghazal match on to you.
          Lets learn to live together. This Country is ours all

        • 15 July 2020 11:43, by Jebel Dinka

          @ Nueri, Stop inciting hate yazol.. Just massacring Dinka in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu doesn’t mean you defeat Dinka. Just look at what happened when few street Dinka boys called Mathianganyor from Aweil were sent to you in Juba in 2013 All Nuer disappeared on the streets of juba, Imagine the doom if the whole of Dinka Bhar el ghazal match on to you.
          Lets learn to live together. This Country is ours

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