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Prominent activist calls for U.S. sanctions on South Sudan president


July 24, 2020 (JUBA) - A prominent South Sudanese activist Peter Biar Ajak has called on the United States to sanction President Salva Kiir for human rights violations adding he recently ordered to abduct or to murder him.

On 2 January 2019, President Kiir pardoned Ajak and Kerbino Wol Agok who had been jailed for inciting violence and disturbing the peace. During the first week of June 2020, the latter formed a rebel group and was right away killed on 15 June.

Ajak established himself in Nairobi with his wife and three kids to resume the activities of his South Sudan Young Leaders Forum (SSYLF)

In an opinion article he published in the Wall Street Journal, the South Sudanese activist said he had to move to the United States after learning that Kiir had authorized his security service to kill him.

"I arrived safely in Washington Thursday after a harrowing journey from Nairobi, Kenya. I was forced into hiding after receiving word several weeks ago from senior government o?cials in South Sudan that President Salva Kiir had ordered the National Security Service, led by Gen. Akol Koor Kuc, either to abduct me from Kenya or murder me," he said.

He further said that unelected who took power after John Garang’s death in 2005 remains the real obstacle for peace and political stability in the country as his only objective is to keep himself in power.

Accordingly, he called to impose targeted sanctions on Kiir so that the people can vote and elect a new leader to secure peace in South Sudan.

"Remarkably, neither Mr Kiir nor his security chief, Gen. Kuc, has been subjected to sanctions. Sanctioning a head of state is an extraordinary step, but there is a precedent - the U.S. has maintained sanctions on another butcher, Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko, since 2006. Mr Kiir deserves no less," he wrote.

Further, he called on the U.S., United Nations and European Union to put pressure on Ugandan and Sudanese governments to observe and enforce must the existing arms embargo on South Sudan.

On the other hand, Ajak underlined the need for more 5000 peacekeepers in South Sudan before December 2021 to ensure voters’ safety. Also, he said the peace mediation should be carried out by the African Union pointing to the IGAD’s indulgence with President Kiir.


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  • 25 July 2020 08:12, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

    "Prominent activist calls for U.S. sanctions on South Sudan president"
    The low life ’must live in the US and keep his foolish mouth shut’. The low life doesn’t has any bearing here in South Sudan. In fact the low life was a *CIA, secret societies and creepy NGOs* employee. But was brought here to South Sudan by his handlers as the most well educated South Sudanese?!!>>>

    • 25 July 2020 08:22, by Avenger of Dinkas/mounyjiengs

      These low lives have been conditioned by some biggest criminals on earth-----the *secret societies*. Some South Sudanese were *taken to Japan, on allegation that, Summer Olympics would be played in Japan this year*. Good luck to the vermins, that is not going to happen. Japanese people are very honest and are our allies. They were bombed *by the evils playing games with our>>>>

  • 25 July 2020 09:18, by Nueri Dial

    Mr.Kiirimnal Mayardit has graduated from Killer to Murderer since 2016 but i don’t agree with you in bringing USA to solve this issue. The guy is already in bed with black water company, a well known terrorist group. Leave Kiir in the hand of our Ancestors. I hope South South and Khent would learn from their fellow Dinka that Dinka has Solve our Country to Uganda and Sudan.

    • 25 July 2020 10:09, by South South

      Nueri Dial,

      Your second place is reserved my cousin Nuer. Don’t make another mistake like Riek then run to DRC with rotten feet. I am sure you will come back to us soon like other Nuers who rebelled, but in the end they came back us. They are now in free hotel rooms enjoying nyantits in Juba.

      • 25 July 2020 13:53, by Nueri Dial

        South South,
        I hope you watch Kiirimnal Mayardit speech spaculated in social media. He prophecy that he will die while in trip and Dr.Riek will the next president, he thought he was mocking Dr.Riek not knowing that he is confirming my Prophecy of his dead in June/July. Just be ready for next president, kiir is gone

        • 25 July 2020 17:34, by Ghol

          Gat Nueri,
          Ask for your *Ngundeng Buong magician to help you low lives and your foreign backers* Here in the state of Jonglei and Upper Nile, your damned pandering to foreign countries for quick ’food handouts in your own damn foolish belly’ isn’t being entertained by the ’Owners----us, the Dinkas/Muonyjiengs of the Sudan fools.>>>

          • 25 July 2020 17:41, by Ghol

            You fools are now crammed into ’the so-called UN protected sites (POCs)’. The low lives which want you in these filthy and dirty UN compounds are the *UN, their sleazy NGOs, your evil juus (so-called israelis), the African Union (the AU), IGAD, the UK, the US and their gulf Arab states financiers>>>

            • 25 July 2020 17:47, by Ghol

              Try to take these vermins into your *Nuer villages* if you damn can, but try bring these vermins into our country on the *disguise of the UN, humanitarian aid, donations, peacekeeping and all isn’t going to fly over our country low lives---reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. Where is your damned Riek Machar fools?. He had long since gone to ’Deng Nhial battalion fools’.>>>

              • 25 July 2020 17:55, by Ghol

                most you low lives were screaming about South Sudan going back to 10 (ten) states. Do you lowly informed Nuers ke Nyantoc know what the meaning of then 10 (ten) is? Romans used to count from: i, ii, iii, iv up to-----x. Romans and catholicism and Anglicanism are the same our Nuer ke Nyantoc low lives. Your Riek Machar went and study *magic in the devil infested island of England,>>>

                • 25 July 2020 18:04, by Ghol

                  at the university of Bradford, a lowly university that no one consider their certificates here in South Sudan. University of Bradford is an Indian university. Indians are not equal with us and our country, not even in the slightest fools. All these Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans and some of their rubbishes in between here in South Sudan were brought into our country>>>

            • 25 July 2020 17:49, by Mayendit

              We have to tell the truth about our government in South Sudan. President Kiir Mayardit and his vice President Riek Machar will never bring peace in South Sudan that is the fact. Second to that, the weaknesses of the President Salva Kiir Mayardit is very obvious and the killing is not stop and it is fact. Sanction our President Kiir Mayardit and his vice President Riek Machar is fine.

          • 25 July 2020 22:25, by Nueri Dial

            When did Nuer rely on foreigners? You invited UPDF, GEM, China, Egypt to fight on your behalf and bribe South Africa, America and Kenya to kidnap Nuer for you. You used cluster Bomb, Gunship to displace civilian. Those are evident that you are coward and never face real men. By the way, what are your people doing in Minkaman and Kakuma?

            • 26 July 2020 16:53, by Khent

              Nueri Dial

              You should also add Gods, angels, demons and aliens to that list. It’s the only conceivable reason as to why you can’t win. Tell me, why did you not win when none of those forces apparently helped the Dinka? Why was the entire SAF not enough to give you victory?

              • 27 July 2020 03:29, by Khent

                The Nuer are in IDP camps all over South Sudan and there are hundreds of thousands of Nuer in Ethiopia as refugees, so don’t pretend that your people are not afraid.

  • 25 July 2020 17:56, by Mayendit

    From a very beginning, I was very big supporting the current President Salva Kiir Mayardit but I withdraw my support from him because the conflict goes beyond our thinking and he is rewarding rebels, cycling bad people back in to government and he is too afraid, too weak to make improvements and he is using Military dictatorship which is not our reason why we voted separation.

    • 25 July 2020 18:52, by Ghol

      Mr. Mayendit,
      President Salva Kiir is not working in ’a vacuum’. There are a lot of some South Sudanese who are way too way ahead, than our enemies---us Mr. Mayendit chap. People who are not ’circumcised are here, us’.>>>>

  • 25 July 2020 19:16, by Mayendit

    Peter Ajak Biar
    You are absolutely right brother, I know you don’t want to talk about Riek Machar because you have married a Nuer woman but we must not afraid to tell the truth in South Sudan. Both leaders President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his vice President Riek Machar Teny are not fitting to lead us mentally,politically, culturally and economically. Both leaders are not functioning well and the

    • 25 July 2020 22:30, by Nueri Dial

      Peter Ajak Biar married Nuer woman? I wonder where this Dinka would get that wisdom

      • 25 July 2020 22:54, by Mayendit

        Nueri Dial
        The real question is that, which world are you living in?. The Nuers and the Dinka people have intermarried long time ago and I think you might be one of the latest Idiocy to question me. The marriage of PhD’s candidate was well known in South Sudan and even the world. Listen to me, Dinka and Nuers are only different by characters for example, the Nuers are extremely very roughly, impa

  • 25 July 2020 19:26, by Mayendit

    Yes, the sanction should not be applied only to low ranking officers instead, the Top leaders gets their punishment for misleading our country and people. I wish the international community and the United nations imposed sanctions on President Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Gen, Akol Koor Kuc,Tor Deng Mawien, Lam Akol, general Garang Mabil and all advisors who directed them wrong direction.

  • 25 July 2020 19:35, by Mayendit

    General Akol Koor Kuc has become a bigger problem in South Sudan,because he is now using National security powers to fueling conflicts among civilians in Tonj North communities and the Jonglei state. I couldn’t belief the Internal chief general Akol Koor Kuc is the one generated the Tonj North communities conflict but now I am fully convinced he is the roots caused in Tonj North problems.

  • 25 July 2020 19:59, by Mayendit

    If anyone still belief there’s a government in South Sudan then you are definitely wrong.this is a government for relatives and fewest people. This is a government for corruptions people and nepotism people who don’t like others to have rights.

  • 25 July 2020 23:11, by Mayendit

    Nueri Dial
    The cousins Dinkas who break away during seventeen centuries and took different pieces of words from Ethiopian tribes and mixed up with the Dinka language are different by abilities thinking. The Dinka Nuers who said,they don’t like to be called Dinka anymore break away because they were complaining in a very thing and this is why the Nuers nature is still reflects.

    • 25 July 2020 23:36, by Nueri Dial

      There was nothing called ’’Dinka’’ MonyJaang (elder son) and MonyNuer (younger son) were children of Deng Kuol. Monyjaang stole the gift given to MonyNuer by their Father and was curse to be Jaang/Slave to Nuer forever. Your real name is Jaang/Slave which you wrongly pronounce as ’’Jieng’’. You develop ideology of leadership thinking to liberate yourself from your master (Nuer).

      • 25 July 2020 23:50, by Khent

        Nueri Dial

        Look at this dog of the Arabs barking lies.
        How is a slave of the Arab using this word against others? Do you realize that the Nuer are considered children by all their neighbouring tribes? You’re nothing but naive, impulsive and impressionable children, and this is precisely why the Arabs enslaved you for so long...

        • 25 July 2020 23:52, by Khent

          The Nuer originated as an offshoot of the Dinkas and eventually became distinctive enough to be identified as a separate tribe. (Unto Others: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior, Elliott Sober)

          • 26 July 2020 00:10, by Khent

            I personally don’t subscribe to that theory. Multiple historians and linguists such as Douglas. H Johnson, John McLaughlin and Mohammed Riad have theorized that the Nuer were originally just another Luo group that became heavily influenced by the Dinka. The Nuer language is far closer to Luo languages -> the Shilluk and Anyuak langues than it is to Dinka.

            • 26 July 2020 00:23, by Khent

              A great deal of the material elements of Nuer culture are of Dinka origin. Their entire religion comes from the Dinka. Yuot Nyakong [a Dinka] was the greatest earth-master among the Lou-Nuer and prophet of DENG, a Dinka divinity; Yuot Nyakong was Nyundeng’s teacher and predecessor; DENG was a divinity that the Nuer adopted as their own from the Dinka.

              • 26 July 2020 00:23, by Khent

                Among the Lou the most influential earth-master, Yuot Nyakong, was a Dinka, and Ngundeng Bong represented himself as seized by the Dinka divinity, DENG. (Revealing Prophets: Prophecy in Eastern African History David Anderson, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

                • 26 July 2020 00:24, by Khent

                  By the end of 1878 Yuot Nyakong had been killed by the Nyareweng Dinka; Ngundeng Bong, the prophet of DENG, had taken his place as leader among the Lou.(Revealing Prophets: Prophecy in Eastern African History David Anderson, Douglas Hamilton Johnson)

                  • 26 July 2020 06:57, by Games

                    You are just another rubbish. Stops your lairs, Nuer are different groups from Dinka, but because they were born as a warriors, they conquered the Dinka and others of their neighbors. So they used those they captured during the operation as Slaves. Thus, the reasons Nuer can understand Dinka, Anyuak, Shilluk etc.. Because those Slaves include some of their words into Nuer languages

                    • 26 July 2020 07:13, by Khent


                      Yes, you’re such warriors that you ran to the Arabs and served them like scared little dogs for decades. A slave cannot be a warrior, and for many years you jumped, fetched and ran everytime your Arab masters commanded you to. The Arabs faced the Dinka in the battlefields and used the Nuer, like prostitutes. There is no pride for you to express. It’s hollow.

                      • 26 July 2020 07:14, by Khent

                        You Nuer constantly lie in order to assuage your battered ego. Do you even know why the Jikany even migrated into the lands of small Dinka sections in Upper Nile? They were almost entirey annihilated by the large Western Dinka, so they fled to sparcely populated Dinka areas that were already "softened up" by wars with the Arabs. You want proof? I’ll gladly provide it.

                        • 26 July 2020 07:15, by Khent

                          At the beginning of the nineteenth century, one Nuer group, the Jikany, "was virtually annihilated in war with the Western Dinka; this was one reason the Jikany looked for safer lands to the east", Johnson wrote. (How war began, Keith F. Otterbein)

                          • 26 July 2020 07:15, by Khent

                            Third, first Egyptian, then Arab military expeditions for slaves took hundreds of Dinka captive from 1821 onwards, weakening those people and putting them on the defensive. ( How war began, Keith F. Otterbein)

                            • 26 July 2020 07:17, by Khent

                              In midcentury other groups of Nuer, such as the Lou and Gawaar, similarly benefitted from the disruption by the entry of the zariba system into the Sobat and Zaraf to move into territories abandoned by their previous owners. (South Sudan: A New History for a New Nation, Douglas H. Johnson)

                              • 26 July 2020 07:18, by Khent

                                As usual, the Nuer were opportunistic cowards that took advantage of a situation in which small Dinka sections were already weakened by their wars with Arab slave raiding parties. The Nuer did not dare act before that period; the Dinka as a whole were the dominant tribe for at least three centuries before the Arabs weakened the Dinka in Upper Nile.

                                • 26 July 2020 07:29, by Khent

                                  This is the source of Nuer pride? You did not act before 1821. Why? Why did you do nothing for centuries? You did not prove your apparent warrior credentials before the Dinka in Greater Upper Nile were weakened by wars with the Turks and Arabs? You Nuer will forever play second-fiddle to the Dinka. Your Arab alliance (slavery) did not give you victory and nothing ever will.

                        • 26 July 2020 07:39, by Games

                          I doubt it if you Dinka have been/you are going to be warriors. The history is speaking by itself.. For instance, when 25% of Nuer split away from main groups. The SPL/SPM were collapsed. Another 25% wagged a war against Juba in 2013. The country is collapsed. The worst part of the 21st century in South Sudan. The head of State which happened to be a Dinka, rushinglly to hire othe

                          • 26 July 2020 07:43, by Games

                            The head of the state which happened to be a Dinka rushinglly to hire others countries to fight with 15-17 years old kids, while he has all the country resources under his bed.

                            • 26 July 2020 07:54, by Khent


                              You should be glad that a moron like Salva Kiir is President; no other Dinka would have allowed Khartoum’s slaves to return and dominate the Army to the extent that they constituted 70-75%. Your slavery should have been a mark against you and your representation should have been capped at 15%...

                              • 26 July 2020 08:00, by Khent

                                Your defection is not the primary reason for why the SPLM/A almost collapsed. And it was not 25% of the Nuer that became slaves... it was all of you. The fall of Mengistu’s regime was far more signififant; our weapons, ammunition and supplies were funneled through by the Ethiopians and this loss was near disastrous. We also had to fight multiple tribal militias in the South while engaging the SAF.

              • 26 July 2020 07:02, by Nueri Dial

                There is no smoke without fire. Dinka you thought distinct to become Nuer were slaves. Yes b/se of much freedom we gave them, they brought Dinka culture and language with them. When ever our mighty youth storm Dinka villages, thieves and those with bad behavior always run and we remain with good Dinka. Those are Nuerwew whom you see going to Kiir in name of Nuer. real Nuer never took bribe.

                • 26 July 2020 07:36, by Khent

                  Nueri Dial

                  You can keep barking, dog but it means nothing due to your decades of being slaves to the Arabs. Your words and pitiful attempts at insult now mean nothing because your very identity is now worthless. You’re forever tainted -> forever slaves. I will not direct you to the works of historians, because it would be akin to speaking to a dog.

  • 26 July 2020 18:39, by lino

    Sanctioning or eliminating Kiir and Riek was introduced after Juba Fighting in June, 2016, but so called supporters of both leaders in South Sudan and their tails IGAD Countries were not happy so that they can milk the country and now the real citizens of South Sudan understood the Game Plan!!!
    As soon as Mayardit and Machardit alive, the country won’t rest to see developments!!!

    • 26 July 2020 18:46, by lino

      Peter Biar, you have said it all!!! Whether we like it or not, the truth must be preached and loudly! The leaders will be gone tomorrow whether there is Coronavirus or not, but it will be the people and the country that will be suffering!!!
      Supporters for both leaders to hell with them!!! We want our country and revolution back; when these both leaders die, please hang yourselves with them! Period

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