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NAS kills three South Sudanese soldiers after fresh clashes in Central Equatoria


Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers take a break during a military assault drill in Nzara on the outskirts of Yambio November 29, 2013. (Reuters Photo)
August 13, 2020 (JUBA) -The National Salvation Front (NAS) said that its fighters managed to repulse an attack by the SSDPF and SPLM-IO on its positions outside Kajo-Kaji of Central Equatoria State and killed three assailants on Thursday.

The increase of attacks and counter-attacks between the government forces and NAS forces in the greater Equatoria region is seen now as a true challenge to the cessation of hostilities agreement in South Sudan.

According to NAS Spokesman Suba Samuel Manase, a combined force of SSPDF and SPLA-IO carried out an attack on NAS positions in Kig’wo area, some 20 km from Kajo-Keji town on 13 August.

Manase further said that their forces defeated the attackers forcing them to retreat after killing three soldiers. He added they lost one of their fighters who was killed during the assault.

On 12 August, Teshome Gemechu Aderie CTSAMVM Chairman expressed concern about the rise of violence in the country particularly the fighting in the Equatoria region between the government and the NAS forces led by Thomas Cirillo.

"All this has the potential to jeopardize the Permanent Ceasefire and Peace Agreement and lose the hard-won gains achieved since the Agreement was signed in 2018," he told the opening session of the CTSAMVM Meeting of the Technical Committee on Wednesday.

In his statement extended to Sudan Tribune, Manase said that the SSPDF continue to build un troops in the Central Equatoria State in preparation for further attacks on NAS controlled areas.

"On 12th August 2020 the SSPDF convoy of ten (10) vehicles from Artillery Unit was dispatched to Pagari and Lobonok respectively, this build-up is to reinforce the enemy in these locations in preparation for the planned offensive against NAS bases".


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  • 14 August 2020 10:27, by The Rhino

    If Dinka rapists/IG and Nuer looters/IO don’t stop their joined attacks on NAS strongholds, both jienge and nyagats will suffer!They will never find peace in Equatoria.These fucking savages are nothing else but occupiers,who’ve left their stinking areas in Bahr El Gazal and Upper Nile now causing chaos and displacements in Greater Equatoria.If these damned imposters think they can easily come to..

    • 14 August 2020 10:33, by The Rhino

      ..Equatoria,grab our ancestral lands, terrorize our people or squad around, Equatoria will be their graveyard.Thieves,rapists,looters and murderers must leave Equatoria and go back to their places of origin and develop themselves.All fucking savages OUT of Equatoria,full stop!!!

      • 14 August 2020 21:30, by jubaone

        Since these cockroaches have chosen the path of war, let’s take it. Cockroaches fear fire and smoke and they shall get it abundantly in Equatoria. Kill, hang them and defecate into their mouths. Once NAS comes to Juba, this UNMISS PoC must be dismantled and burnt down and all Nuers sent back to their ancestral lands. They add no value to us. Just waste.

        • 15 August 2020 16:14, by Nueri Dial

          How many years by now? NAS never capture any town and you are still thinking of Juba. I always told you that no Nuer fighting NAS but you people are pushing for war on Nuer. No single Nuer took any Equatoria land. Be inform that we did not forget how you help MathiangNyor in 2013 Juba Nuer Massacre

        • 15 August 2020 18:49, by The Rhino


          Something is extremely wrong with these Nuer nyagats losers to say the least.Why for Christ sake would a particular tribe of people love to live in a PoC site for eternal, given now that their own tribesmen Riak Machar is in Juba?Similarly very sinister is, why is this Riak so timid and afraid to visit and encourage his Nuer people in these human zoos to get out of refugee camps?Nuer....

          • 15 August 2020 19:01, by The Rhino


            ..so called ’politicians’ must learn to abandon easy food, free farting in hotels in Juba,but rather take their people and go back to Upper Nile.Shit,we Equatorians must immediately stop wasting time accommodating these savages for ever,while watching our own people, communities,societies go down painfully.No,No,No,we must design a scheme and brutalize them all out of Equatoria,done!

            • 15 August 2020 19:14, by The Rhino

              Nueri Dial,

              Bullshit!Listen here ya nyagat,no single Equatorian helped Dinka rapists in massacring your tribesmen in Dec. 2013 in Juba.Dinka tribe alone did that evil act of massacring your people.It was a pure and direct payback massacre to Bor killings in 1991.This time Dinka excessively used state’s military combat hardware and intelligence gatherings to murder innocent civilians in Juba......

              • 15 August 2020 19:21, by The Rhino

                Nueri Dial,

                ..that said, illiterate Kiir,Paul Malong Awan and Akol Kuur Koc were squarely responsible for the summery executions.They fully bear too much blood in their hands and families.So,go to those Dinka motherfuckers and blame or complain to them, not us Equatorians.One thing is very clear ,if you keep on collaborating with the same bastards who murdered your own tribesmen to attack NAS,...

                • 15 August 2020 19:25, by The Rhino

                  Nueri Dial,

                  ..then make no mistake, b’cos sooner or later you and your people will experience the same heat under Equatorians,No games here!Now get the fuck out of my face!!!

            • 16 August 2020 00:46, by jubaone

              Michael Makuei stated in clearly that Nuers are like hungry house dogs. They may run away for a while, but return to their master just to get even a meatless bone. See Nuer IO humbly returning to the kiirminal just for food while their own nyagats live in squalid PoC. Who cares? Taban Deng, Riek, Tut Gatluak, Ruai Koang? NO. Their leaders dont give a fuck.

            • 16 August 2020 00:52, by jubaone

              Exactly. Equatoria has become the comfort zone for jienge and nyagat cockroaches. Once Juba is smoked and burnt, all will have no more hideouts. NAS must bring this war into Juba and we see where all these rats, cockroaches and scavengers will run to. Great that now all roads from Juba are deadly. NAS must intensify this war.

        • 16 August 2020 00:29, by jubaone

          Nueri Dial
          Capturing towns is foolish, uneconomic and administratively untenable. IO had towns yet could not deliver the most basic services to the Nuers. If that’s your priority, you would see all Nuers return to Ler, Pagak, Bentiu etc. NAS strategy is kill jienge and nyagats who freely roam our holy Equatoria. These worthless cockroaches dont add any human values to Equatoria. Just useless.

  • 15 August 2020 22:44, by Nueri Dial

    Equatoria are nothing to Nuer that is why there never been any war b/n them. If you feel hot just b/se of heat from running Dinka, please don’t dare to face Mighty Nuer. The whole Equatoria could be deserted in Just a week and join your Bantu brothers in Uganda

    • 16 August 2020 00:21, by The Rhino

      Nueri Dial,

      Murles are teaching you foolish nyagats very dear lessons, so first deal with them before you commit another suicide crossing the line to Equatoria only to get squashed out by the Mundaris or their KARO cousins down West.They have become extremely explosive and volatile these days.If you nyagats misbehave within their areas, you die, full stop!!!

      • 16 August 2020 05:51, by Games

        The Rhino
        Murle people were reduced to 40% by white army.

    • 16 August 2020 00:34, by jubaone

      Nuer Dial
      Come collect your nyagat thrash in Juba PoC. Go back to Nuerlands and kill yourselves like worthless jienges. You disgusting cockroaches are filling our towns without producing anything developmental. Fighting, backstabbing and looking for free food like scavengers is all you can do. Dull brains, even monkeys are more intelligent than you nyagats.

    • 16 August 2020 00:39, by jubaone

      Nuer Dial
      Why then didn’t you defend yourselves and let your own nyagats get slaughtered like goats in Juba in 2013? Riek Machar is now holed up in Juba like a trapped rat. He can’t travel, he’s not allowed to visit his troops. He can only eat and grow fat and wait to be butchered like an ox. This time no escape through Equatoria. NAS has his ass.

      • 16 August 2020 05:49, by Games

        The Rhino/Jubaone
        Where were the so call Equatorian before some Nuer took armed again Dinka? You are making noise on the keyboard, while you cannot defend your lands and your cowardic people again weak Dinka. You are so likely from benefiting from Dinka and Nuer war.

  • 16 August 2020 06:07, by Games

    The Rhino/Jubaone
    Equatorian people are least respected people in South Sudan, purely because you are not organized groups and don’t stick to ones causes. For instance, how tiny Bor community can occupied a vast majority of your land? There so many Nuer in this country who are siding with you, but your attitudes may drive some a way from supporting our unity

    • 16 August 2020 08:16, by jubaone

      So you nyagats stuck to your one cause and how far has this brought you in terms of real development? The only thing nyagats have achieved are; positions, free food and lodging in hotels. Nuerland is so backwards that the Nuers voluntarily chose to hide in PoC than return to their ancestral lands. Just wondering how many university educated Nuers are available.

    • 16 August 2020 08:21, by jubaone

      Just exclude Equatoria from SS and you are left with a country of savages, vagrants, freebooters, idiots and anarchists. See where jiengelands and nuerlands are today? All of you have come to Equatoria like fecal flies or bush pigs looking for food and safety. Equatoria is SS and SS is Equatoria all the rest are just for wild animals.

    • 16 August 2020 14:46, by Nueri Dial

      You said it all! Go to Juba, the cheapest prostitute are Equatoria girls. They all look like Nyaboo and no one is ready to pay short girl overloaded with big ass. Leave them a lone, Jealousy is killing them.

      • 16 August 2020 16:54, by The Rhino

        Nueri Dial,

        The opposite is exactly true.Here are some facts, the most cheapest, ugliest trashy prostitutes you can find today in Juba are either Dinka or Nuer girls.Many are pathetically cheap,disoriented and hungry.Almost all carry deadly sexually transmitted diseases with them.Some never shy selling themselves even within UNMISS PoC sites for food rations (mostly maize & beans).I always.......

        • 16 August 2020 16:59, by The Rhino

          Nueri Dial,

          ..respect women.Its not my style talking ill about them.But you damned fool started it,so I have to tell you the bitter truth,if you like it or not.Deal with it ya nyagat!

          • 16 August 2020 23:11, by Nueri Dial

            Thanks for reminding me about women to be respected! I just notes that Equatoria girls are cheapest b/se they are avoiding Monkey resembling face Equatoria men. Nilotic are the most tallest, and smooth skin people in the whole world. We don’t marry from you guys b/se you are Nyamnyam (food loving).

            • 17 August 2020 10:14, by jubaone

              Nuer Dial
              Nyannuer or nyanjienges girls stink and it is an insult for any Equatorian man to even touch them. We cant tell the difference between a human and cow asshole. Procreating with nyannuers or nyanjienges is simply producing half idiot kids with low IQ. Who wants that? Your girls are turning into lesbians or go for Nigerians

          • 16 August 2020 23:11, by Nueri Dial

            Thanks for reminding me about women to be respected! I just notes that Equatoria girls are cheapest b/se they are avoiding Monkey resembling face Equatoria men. Nilotic are the most tallest, and smooth skin people in the whole world. We don’t marry from you guys b/se you are Nyamnyam (food loving).

            • 17 August 2020 10:19, by jubaone

              Nueri Dial
              Fine people dont go searching for refuge or food outside their homes, but you nyagats come to us like house dogs. You thought Juba was full of free "nyam nyam" but stupidly got lured where then you were slaughtered like goats. Wake up nyagat! Go develop your luak and stop expecting free nyamnyam from your jienge master, lazy idiot.

              • 17 August 2020 14:16, by Nueri Dial

                Jealousy is killing you Walai! Juba is capital city not Nyamnyam a lone. That is why i’m advocating for Ramchiel so that you remain there. You like only Monkey and not ready for a city yet. We will make it business city for you to have enough Nyamnyam (food eaters)

        • 16 August 2020 18:58, by Games

          The Rhino
          I haven’t seen or heard any Nuer or Dinka women having children with Indians and Chinese. But Equatorian women did it in Australia and New Zealand. Which are very disgusting and disrespect to Africa people in general. And the very reasons they are going with Chinese and Indian are because they are so cheapest and no Africa men want to associate with them

          • 17 August 2020 10:36, by jubaone

            Which Indians or Chinese would even touch a jienge or nyagat girl? They stink, are careless, dirty and don’t have the needed "wife material". Your girls are like men, scary and ugly and Indians or Chinese are simply frightened. You marry your own girls and produce low intelligent kids. Your only good as cheap security guards, not intelligent professionals.

            • 17 August 2020 11:04, by Games

              Hahahahahahaha, your women are the cheapest women in the whole world. Why should I marry Equatorian woman, you don’t have a cultural background and identity. You are just roaming around like wildlife animals. We Nuer have the richest culture in South Sudan, even if a Nuer man married outside, they always come back home and marry Nuer woman as a 2nd wife

              • 17 August 2020 13:01, by jubaone

                Stealing cows, killings, running around for free food is your culture. This explains why you nyagats are block-headed, dull and simply foolish. Who would even dare touch a dirty "nyannuer"? Go wash yourselves clean and come and talk to us Equatorians. You come to us like house dogs, we never go to you, for what?

    • 16 August 2020 14:47, by Nueri Dial

      You said it all! Go to Juba, the cheapest prostitute are Equatoria girls. They all look like Nyaboo and no one is ready to pay short girl overloaded with big ass. Leave them a lone, Jealousy is killing them.

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