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Sudanese govt forces attack Shangil Toby in northern Darfur

Darfur Centre for Human Rights and Development

Press Release
July 29, 2005

On Sunday 24/7/2005 around 12 pm, government forces attacked the village of Shangil
Toby, Northern Darfur. The attack was carried out in response to earlier military action
taken against the Government of Sudan forces by rebel groups in the area. In clear
breach of all international convention, they carried out their reprisals against innocent
men, women and children.

Following the attack, the government used helicopter gunships firing on the main road
between al-Fasher and Nyala. Government forces hit villages and burned part of an IDP
camp. A number of innocent civilians were killed and injured as detailed below:

Names of the dead civilian victims of this attack:

1. Ahmed Adem Abaker. 13 years old

2. Hawa Mohmed Ramdan 26 Years old

3. Ahmed Abdella Abrahim 25 years old

4. Abdella Zakria Hassan 22 years old

5. Fatima Abdella Abdelrahim 35 years old

The injured:

1. Ahmed Adem Jumah

2. Ali Abdelrhman

3. Sulieman Abker

4. Musa Hamid

5. Abdelrhman Hamid

6. Ismael Abdeljabar

7. Abdella Mohmed

8. Dahabiah Abdella Mohmmed

DCFHR also would like to report the kidnapping of two students by the Sudanese Army:

1. Sadieg Ahmed Khatir

2. Noreldien Ismael Khatir

DCFHR strongly condemns the continual random attacks on civilians by both
government forces and the rebels.
DCFHR calls on the New Government of Sudan to:

- Immediately disarm the Janjaweed militias and any other armed militias in
the Darfur region.
- Immediately cease attacks on civilians and adhere to it commitments under
the ceasefire agreement.
- Comply with all UN Security resolutions and the UN commission on
Human Rights Resolution which explicitly condemns "the continuation of
violence against civilians and sexual violence against women and girls"
DCFHR calls on the Rebels to:
- Immediately cease attacks on civilians and adhere to it commitments under
the declaration of principles in Abuja.
DCFHR calls on the the AU & International Community to:
- Strengthen AMIS’s mandate to enable and encourage it to
undertake all necessary measures, including offensive action, against any
attacks or threats to civilians and humanitarian operations, whether from
militias operating with the government or from the rebels. Without a
stronger mandate, the ability of AMIS — or any other international force —
to provide protection will remain extremely limited, regardless of its size.

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