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African Union applaudes Senegal president visit to Darfur

African Union

Press Release

Visit by the Senegalese President in El Fasher

The President of the Republic of Senegal made a working visit to Darfur on 6 August 2006.

His Excellency Abdoulaye Wade, heading a delegation of forty people, the visit was characterized by on the one hand, intensification of efforts in ensuring concrete implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement, and on the other hand, in view of the take over of the AMIS troupes by an International Peace Keeping Force.

This brave but fruitful visit by President Wade to El Fasher was particularly manifested by the visit to the AMIS Force Headquarters where the presidential delegation was briefed on the responsibilities of the Military and Civilian Police components and also from a representative of the humanitarian organizations operating in the Darfur.

This occasion gave an opportunity to the Senegalese delegation, to have a general picture of the operational activities of AMIS, the constraints encountered and the responses that could be employed to reinforce at all the levels and in all the spheres, to allow the mission to work efficiently.

During lunch at the AMIS Officer’s Mess, Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe, applauded the visit of President Wade, which constitutes de facto a strong signal of encouragement to AMIS and its leaders to persevere in the Mission which is full of challenges.

Paying homage to the Senegalese President, the AMIS Chief, saluted the Pan Africanist in the forefront of fighting for a united and harmonious Africa, constantly engaged in search for stability and peace in Africa and is attached to the promotion of African renaissance, reconciled with itself.

Ambassador Kingibe, after paying tribute to the African wise man, appreciated the role that Senegal plays and its engagement in the name of restoration of peace in Sudan. The country of Teranga is one of the fifth contributor of AMIS Forces in Sudan.

?We are proud of you’ was the response by President Wade to the welcome address by Ambassador Kingibe, with regard to the enormous sacrifices made by the military personnel and the political leadership of the Mission, who have wielded all their energy in the restoration of sustainable peace in Sudan.

Evoked in the same spirit on the Darfur Peace Agreement, Activist Abdoulaye Wade congratulated the progress accomplished by the African Union in the conclusion of the Peace Accord. It is the main legal framework which consists of a fair equal distribution of wealth and power amongst all the children of Sudan.

Despite this great achievement, the President of Senegal said we should not be contented. ?The most difficult thing is not the conclusion of an Accord but rather its concrete application’.

Activist Abdoulaye Wade called for the reinforcement of the operational capacity of AMIS in all its domains, and appealed to African States to contribute generously in order to resolve the crisis in Darfur which constitutes a menace to regional stability, security and development.

It is important to note that after meeting the Wali of North Darfur, Mr. Osman Mohamed Yousef Kibir, President Abdoulaye Wade congregated with Senegalese Military and Civilian Police component deployed in Darfur before returning to Khartoum in the afternoon.