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SPLM, NRF to hold Darfur common ground meeting in S. Sudan

Jan 30, 2007 (LONDON) — The Sudan people’s Liberation Movement and the National Redemption Front have agreed to hold a meeting in southern Sudan in a bid to find a common ground between Darfur forces to negotiate with Khartoum.

Yasir Arman

In a meeting held in London between the SPLM Acting Deputy Secretary General, Yasir Arman, and the NRF spokesperson, Ahmed Hussein Adam, it was agreed to accelerate preparations for the hold of a meeting in Southern Sudan Yei town with the participation of the SPLM chairman Salva Kiir Mayadrit in the near future.

The objective of Finding Common Ground meeting is to demonstrate that Darfur rebel groups can reach agreement on common political objectives and elaborate on the topics that need attention during the coming talks with Khartoum.

The proposed Yei meeting comes in the context of SPLM efforts to support peace realization in Darfur. Salva Kiir more than once expressed his intention to play an important role in the resolution of the 4 years conflict. Yasir Arman is in charge of Darfur file since 2005.

On 25 November 2006, A NRF delegation led by Khalil Ibrahim met with the Sudanese First Vice President Salva Kiir during a visit to Cairo where they discussed the Darfur crisis and the efforts to resolve it peacefully.

The NRF spokesperson told Sudan Tribune that the two parties agreed to work jointly in order to boost chances for peace deal with Khartoum. Also, they agreed to promote dialogue between the different groups and to realize comprehensive unity in Darfur.

The two political formations agreed to work together in order to strengthen the strategic relations with other political forces of the marginalized regions and other political forces. “The rebuilding of a national consensus in the country and the transition towards a democratic Sudan remain the ultimate objective for the SPLM and NRF,” said Ahmed Hussein.