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Salva Kiir deserves a "thumb up"

By Angelo Achuil,

April 18, 2007 — Salva Kiir is to South Sudan like Mwai Kibaki is to Kenya. Although there are some Kenyans who are still poking and prodding at Kibaki, and putting him down, those who really know anything about Kenya in 1990s or have an ounce of moral ethic, know that Kenya is better off than when it was in Moi’s hands. A refugee who had lived in Kenya can testify.

Now, how is Salva benefiting Sudan like Kibaki with Kenya? First, Kiir believes in the power of the law- meaning that no matter who a person is, he/she must walk the walk of the law. Time for tyranny is over and justice is here. Both the wicked, deceitful, manipulative, big shot gov’t. officials can no longer rape the country and sleep in peace. No matter how long it takes, punishment will surely overtake them.

Secondly, Salva believes in development of the Country especially the ruined areas. This is evident not only in most of his speeches, but in the division of South Sudan revenue. Electricity and Education consists the biggest expenses. We need electricity to power everything, yes, even paving roads requires electricity, and education to jog the minds of the illiterate and technically dead nation.

It is true that infrastructures esp. roads are taking so long, but we must remember that beautiful, complicated, sleek, alluring, and smooth Californian road network you see in Magazines did not just pop out by themselves overnight. It took the Americans 300 years to make them look what they are now (1700-2007). It takes a nation a lot of generations to start from a scratch to sleek skyscrapers. Development you see in the West was not a result of 20 or 30 yrs, but centuries of cooperation. Considering this, why then do we expect it easy all along? Why do we always want to squeeze out all the goodies and try to escape all the hardwork it requires?

Salva is trying, he is constantly trying to do his best. Should we not at least let him know that he is doing a good job? Let us be more encouraging instead of discouraging him. Pray for him even if you don’t like him because if there is anybody you should pray for, start with those you do not like. He is trying and deserves our thumbs up.

* The author is based in the USA. He can be reached at achuil7@yahoo.com