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South Sudan Students in Kenya back SPLM withdrawal






We, the South Sudanese students in Kenya would like to put in record our
gratitude and sincere commendation to the GOSS and particularly H.E.
President Kiir Mayardit on the decision to suspend our participation in the
government in Khartoum.

We are aggrieved and sadden by continued violation of the Comprehensive
Peace Agreement (CPA) by the ruling National Congress Party (NCP). The
National Islamic rogue regime has persistently and arrogantly refused to
implement the agreement to the letter. The key and fundamental provisions
undermined ever since include:-

1. The Abyei Protocol; particularly establishment of the Administration and
Abyei Boundaries Commission’s recommendations.

2. Withdrawal of SAF from the South and redeployment to the North.

3. North –South borders demarcation.

4. Transparency in oil revenue.

5. Funding and conduct of the census.

6. The bill of Rights.

7. Democratic transformation in the country.

8. Peaceful resolution to Darfur conflict.

9. Status of foreign diplomats and experts in the country.

We are disturbed by the aforementioned attempts by the NIF clique that are
likely to provoke war and deny the Sudanese people peace dividends, which
both parties (SPLM and NCP) negotiated and assented to unconditionally.
However, comes what may, we strongly urge the SPLM never, never to
compromise on the terms stipulated in the agreement. Our partnership is
meant to be nothing beyond the content of the CPA and hence there is no room
for re-negotiating the agreement again.

It is against this background that we are hereby requesting the
international community; United Nations and the IGAD member States,
currently chaired by president Kibaki to urgently intervene and avert the
situation before the country slips back to conflict.
As students and the youth who are the heirs of next round of war, we
reiterate our usual and unwavering support to the leadership of South Sudan.
In fact, the decision was long overdue. We demand the following actions to
be undertaken in defense of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

1. Total transfer of NIF troops and Mujahidiin from the South to the North
with immediate effect.

2. Immediate handover of the oilfields area command to the JIUs.

3. Transparent and equitable sharing of oil revenue.

4. Demarcation of North-South borders without fail.

5. NIF to stop terrorizing the South Sudanese squatters and leaders in the

6. Immediate release of funds needed for the census which is vital for
holding of first ever general election in the country since creation.

7. To effectuate the proposed reshuffle of the GONU in accordance with the
wishes of the South Sudan public.

8. To allow resolution of Darfur conflict within the framework of CPA.

9. IGAD to convene a meeting for the parties to renew their commitment to
genuine implementation of the pact.

We call upon the world not to be reluctant in dealing with repressive
government, the NIF, as they dishonor a mutual accord mediated by the
international community for the purpose of ending the brutal and long
running war of the time in Africa, to get away with it. NIF behavior of
unilateral, unlawful expulsion of foreign diplomats and experts should be

Signed by:
Peter Lasu,
Chairman of SSSAK