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RESPECT, the Sudanese Journal for Human Rights Culture

Publication of Issue No. 8 of RESPECT, the Sudanese Journal for Human Rights Culture and Issues of Cultural Diversity


The Sudanese Society for Research in Arts and Humanities has just published the 8th issue of RESPECT, the Sudanese Journal for Human Rights Culture and Issues of Cultural Diversity, published quarterly on the society’s web site, sudan-forall.org

This issue is published at a time in which the humanitarian situation in Darfur continues to worsen and peace negotiations run into a deadlock and remain fragile. For this reason, the editorial committee of RESPECT has chosen to entitle the main dossier of this issue “Contribution to the Debate on the Darfur Crisis”. Researchers and activists who participated in this main dossier are very much involved and actively contribute to the ongoing debate and research on this question occupying a central position within the current Sudanese scene.

The section entitled “Peace, Democracy and Development Issues”, includes, among other topics, an interview that Dr Abdulmajid Ali Bob held with the Late Dr John Garang Di Mabiour. Although this interview was held twenty years ago (Addis Ababa, June 4th 1988), the issues it discusses still remain urgently relevant, especially the concept of “New Sudan”.

This issue of RESPECT contains also, in the section named “Fellow Up”, a special dossier that intends to provide a general overview of the ICC, its statute and its various principal organs.

The editorial committee of RESPECT welcomes the contributions that deal with questions of cultural diversity, democracy, peace and Human rights’ culture, in Sudan as well as other human societies. Contributions should be sent to this E-mail: