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Rain storm causes one death, injuries in Upper Nile

May 7, 2009 (MALAKAL) — Heavy rainfall and storms hit Mathiang of Longechuk County twice, on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, causing such destruction that one development official called it miraculous.

County authorities reported damages to the Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) in Upper Nile and the state government, including injuries and one death.

With the destruction of 389 shelters known as tuguls, it was found that 13 citizens were immobilized including one woman dead, 26 citizens survived light injuries and 11 others were knocked unconscious.

Bol Ruach Rom, Director of Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) in Upper Nile state, described how officials tried to drive off the deadly rain: “The rainfall with rainbow insisted to fall on County’s payam headquarter but was repulsed by light gun shots and some artillery by local protection forces on the ground.”

Additionally it was reported that 13 toilets collapsed, 4 houses burned down to ash, 50 goats and 20 hens died, three Kenyan staff working for GARDOUS were missing but later found to have been escaped to Shot Bora and last but not least it has displaced about 25 House holds.

Upper Nile’s SSRRC Director met with Longenchuk County Commissioner Major Stephen Pal Kuon and expressed the destruction as an miraculous event that the inhabitants of Longechuk County have not experienced for years.

“SSRRC Upper Nile State urges all the humanitarian actors to delivery necessary assistances to the victims and survivals of the hazard,” said Ruach.

Mathiang, which was part of Maiwut County but later separated after the 2005 peace agreement, borders Melute in the North, Mabaan in the East, Maiwut in the South and Nasir in the West.