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RVI donates public address system to Rumbek school

By Manyang Mayom

May 29, 2009 (RUMBEK) — The Rift Valley Institute donated a public address system to Rumbek Senior Secondary School on Friday afternoon. The system’s portable microphone will help administrators address the school at parade during morning hours.

According RVI chairman John Ryle, this public address system has a portable microphone using a wireless system.

The microphone was handed over to the school’s headmaster Gabriel Malieng, witnessed by Professor Akolde Tier as well as John Ryle who was closing his institute’s course about the Sudan, which is held at the school premises. Ryle aims to return again in the same month in 2010 for the next Sudan course.

“This is not the first time RVI has helped the school administration,” said headmaster Malieng.

He said that the intake this year for classes is 590 students, leaving 200 students without classrooms. They sit outside waiting for lessons but there is no room for them in which a teacher can teach them. The headmaster added that he has been talking with state authority to reconstruct two classrooms for these students standing by so that they can attend their lessons.

However, a former student of Rumbek Senior Secondary School focused on the positive development of the new microphone system. Professor Akolde Tier, who attended the school in late 1959, said that this is what development means, getting good things one by one. He referred to the former period during which there was no microphone system in school.

Professor Akolde went to primary school in the late 1950s in Cueibet County, his own hometown, together with Lakes state Governor Daniel Awet Akot. Both came from the same clan of Joth, a part of the sub-tribe in Cueibet county.

RVI furthermore on Thursday night organized a dinner at Palm-tree Hotel, during which the governor of Lakes state, Daniel Awet, said “I am not a real politician,” but assured participants that he was a fighter.

“I am happy to be here with my brother Akolde whom I when to school with at Cueibet Day School in 1950. Today we are all working in different fields: I am now working in government as a commander — some years back leading a powerful operation to success — and presently as governor; now indeed professor Akolde Tier is working as lecturer at the university,” he said.

Awet affirmed that Rumbek Senior Secondary School will remain in its original place because it is an historic school, so the university will be located in other part of the town.

In 2006, Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir had promoted the school into University of Rumbek while promising that Rumbek state hospital would be upgraded into a teaching hospital. Neither promise was fulfilled.