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The Actions of bad actors in Central Africa

By Scott A Morgan

September 13, 2009 — Advocates for Darfur in the United States and the Political Opposition in Sudan are both waiting for the same Document. Any Day now the Comprehensive Policy Review that is being undertaken by the Obama Administration will be finalized and revealed. There has been considerable concern that Bad Behavior will be rewarded by Washington.

One area of concern which has considerable grassroots support within the Grassroots in the United States is the activities of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). This is a very unique situation. It affects the Stability of Four Countries in Central Africa, The Group itself has been used a proxy force by One Government, Another Justifies its actions because they exist, a third has been used as a Base of Operations and it is currently active in the fourth. In Order the four nations are Sudan, Uganda, the DRC and the Central African Republic.

In Recent Days the United Nations has issued a Statement that it is concerned that the LRA could increase the number of its attacks in Southern Sudan. A series of attacks that were launched along the Sudanese Border with both the Congo and the Central African Republic displaced Thousands of People in August. At this time tensions continue to simmer in the region.

Before the Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed under the stewardship of the United States the LRA was used by the Authorities in Khartoum to keep the South under control. After the CPA was signed the NCP the ruling party in Khartoum was supposed to cease its support for the LRA. There have been persistent reports that the Sudanese Armed Forces have been resupplying the LRA as it conducts its Reprisal Operations as a result of Operation Lightning Thunder.

One of the Reasons that the US Administration has wanted to scale back Sanctions against Sudan is the Counterintelligence that has been provided regarding Terrorism. Although it is not known what the contacts are it is apparent that tactics and operations that are being conducted by the LRA have not been forwarded to Washington or other Regional Capitals.

It is not only Sudan that should concern the US with its current tactics but also its ally Uganda. President Museveni has used the Organization to justify some of His Actions towards the Congo. In the Past President Museveni has used the Patronage of the White House to threaten the DRC if it did not take appropriate steps to capture Joseph Kony and end the horrendous actions of the LRA.

It seems that somehow that once again there is a Proxy War currently being waged between Sudan and Uganda. It appears that the Leadership in Khartoum could be using the LRA to further its agenda when it doesn’t want to be seen as openly interfering in Crisis Spots in an attempt to show the Obama Administration that it seeks peace in the region. This status includes the upcoming Independence Vote that will take place in Southern Sudan in the near future.

The Administration should not reward Khartoum with reduced Sanctions unless there are tangible steps taken. The fighting in Darfur has hit a lull but the root causes remain. The Use of the LRA to keep tensions in the region acute alone should be enough of a reason to keep Sudan under the Scrutiny of the US. But will the Administration do the right thing?

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