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SPLM Political Bureau should not intervene in E. Equatoria electoral contest

E. Equatoria SPLM Governorship Election Results must not be overturned by the Political Bureau

By Isaiah Abraham

January 13, 2010 — SPLM contest for the post of Governorship in the state has been won convincingly by Comrade Louis Lobong Lojore against the incumbent Brig. Aloysius Ejotuk Emor in a contest widely believed to be transparent and fair. Comrade Louis not only beat Comrade Aloysius hand down (21 votes for Louis and 4 votes for Aloysius) but his overwhelming victory sends a strong message to Juba that people voice is a voice of God and if they determine, time or money can’t stop their march. The ball is now with the SPLM Bureau to clear Comrade Louis Lololomoe Aribokinyang without any delay or manipulation!

Comrade Louis has what it takes to lead that troubled state; he had secured the support of the majority across the state from Magwi, Pari, Budi, Ikotos, Torit and Kapoeta Counties.. Comrade Ejotuk never lived up to the job and people of Eastern Equatoria have spoken more than once against him, let no one in Juba interfere with that process, please! Look, the outgoing governor isn’t a unifier but an exploiter whose domineering political style pitch those he considers outsiders in the party against his ‘inner’ team. The state has its failed strategic plans, something the incoming governor would address immediately as he assumes the office in May. There are still infrastructural problems despite immense resources in the state in the form of gold (Kapoeta), oil (Kapoeta-Lonyangchor), uranium and precious stones in Murangapi, timber and tea (Torit-Apatalanga/Katire), international borders (Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia), fertile agricultural lands of Loger (Chaggari/Ikotos), Makajik (Pari), Nakachot (Chukudum) and water resources through Kedipo. A wise leader in that state could have tapped on any of these among other resources for the benefits of the people of the state and the Southern Sudan.

The outgoing governor moreover had done literally zero to define his roles and that of the legislature. He has been an absolute voice everywhere, something that had paralyzed the function of the arms of government here. Time to correct things is now in the state through this election and Hon. Lobong is ready for the challenge. The 27 member body at the Political Bureau must not buy a lie that Hon. Lobong will not do the job. Mr. Lobong is matured, an intellectual and a gifted man. He has proven it by his awesome track records. What is it that Ejotuk has done to give him an edge against Comrade Louis? In the liberation struggle, Comrade Louis tested Arab fire, unlike Ejotuk who never fired a single bullet in his bush life. Comrade Louis like many other comrades risked his life while serving the liberation Moment here in Juba along with Gen. Thomas Cirilo Swaka. Our dear late leader Dr. Garang had a principle of going by what you can contribute. He was with an eagle eye of detecting who will do what. Had he lived, Mr. Lobong would have been in that seat long enough by now, to seek reelection for a second term. Unfortunately, a king that doesn’t know ‘Joseph’ took over and wasted no time to splash contempt on anything associated or dear to his predecessor.

But for starters, Comrade Louis for his big credit, has done his best at critical moments of the liberation struggle to win back the Greater Kapoeta (Toposa, Buya and Didinga), after many frosty years of hostility between the people there and the SPLA. I don’t think this could be easily erased by anyone. He stayed with his people at trying times and worked hard to serve others than himself; those that are not even Toposa by origin. He is a servant leader, always with the interest of others in his heart, against his own. He secured scholarship to more dozen students for higher learning across East Africa and initiate as many developmental projects in the counties of Budi and Kapoeta than any other leader before him. How much more will he do once in the office of the governor of the state, if given an executive opportunity? So more! He is a nationalist above small politics of ‘us’ and ‘they’. Imagine, there are many Dinkas Bor people in his backyard (Kapoeta) that are permanently settling in Kapoeta town, Narus, Nadapal and Kamotho (New Site). He resisted voices by some among his community that suggest the eviction of the so-called IDPs. Of course as we all know, these people are a refuse (rightfully so) due to their conduct and way of living among other communities. They feel superior (looking down to other cultures and practices), unattached and distinct. They do exactly what Arabs were doing by taking daughters of other people but refuse to give their own to others.

After he was served raw deals thrice by his own party (SPLM), one under the ‘thin skin’ and a big mouthing old man called Elijah Malok, and twice under the current President of the Southern Sudan, Comrade Louis never thought of abandoning the cause of his people for any short term gains. Now he has trounced his opponents democratically, not just once but twice, what justification will the Bureau give to his supporters in the event they overturn the result against his favor? People have already started to celebrate Mr. Lololomoe victory and the Highest Body of the party must not fail the people of this state. Eastern Equatoria is 100% an SPLM zone and this is an encouraging thing. The eyes of the people here are on the SPLM Bureau to complete the process so quickly and satisfactorily. Comrade Ejotuk has been rejected and any attempt to impose him on the state will have dire consequences on the political status of the party. This is the right of the people of this state and leadership in Juba should heal the wound of the past mistake; when losers were left to complete the term reserve for the winners. There was nothing like leaving the Chairperson of the party outside the executive seat when the SPLM Chairperson wasn’t separated at the top. Long live the struggle of the people of Southern Sudan, long live Greater Equatoria, SPLM Oyee! Matha Daan!

Isaiah Abraham writes from Juba; he can be reached at Isaiah_abraham@yahoo.co.uk