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Sudanese army say still committed to ceasefire deal in Darfur

May 3, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Sudanese army today reacted to JEM decision to freeze its participation in Doha peace talks saying it remains committed to the signed framework agreement

JEM fighters near on the Sudan-Chad border in Darfur (AFP)

The Justice and Equality Movement accused the Sudanese government of attacking its positions in West Darfur state. The rebels said Khartoum has abrogated de facto the ceasefire agreement included in the frame work agreement but not detailed.

What is addressed in some websites and the media from attacks by the armed forces positions of the Justice and Equality Movement pure fabrication contradicted by reality nor unfounded

Reports published by different media outlets about attacks on the rebels are inaccurate and pure fabrication. The Sudan Armed forces are totally committed to the cessation of hostilities deal signed in Doha, said Alsoarmi Khaled, SAF spokesperson of the army.

Alsoarmi further said these clashes may be occurred between JEM elements on the grounds.

Sudanese government top negotiator Amin Hassan Omer said JEM decision to freeze the talks is linked to other political forces but he didn’t elaborate he also said this is not the first time; JEM had used in the past to stop the process under other pretext.

Ahmed Hussein Adam regretted the remarks by SAF spokesperson terming it as "pure lies". He said only a political agreement can end Darfur conflict but Khartoum remains sticking to the military solution.

"Unfortunately the lack of serious partners led us to such position," he said. He further blamed the international community for its silence.

He also said their troops in northern Jebel Marra today had been attacked by the Sudanese army but they repelled the assailants. He deplored that the hybrid peacekeeping mission, UNAMID, continues to turn a blind eye to all these attacks and even does not report about.

Speaking from Doha where he held a press conference on Monday, Ahmed Tugud, head of JEM negotiating team, said they meant through this decision to raise the attention of the international community, the mediation and the host country that it was pointless to sign an agreement with a government that does not respect it.

The rebel delegation reportedly is preparing to leave Doha. However Tugud specified that some members of their delegation will remain in Doha to keep the contact with the mediation. Also he did not rule out the total withdrawal of the process if the situation remains unchanged.