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Shisha banned in Rumbek Town

By Manyang Mayom

June 6, 2010 (RUMBEK) — The Commissioner of Rumbek Central County, Dut Makoi kuok , has issued a decree prohibiting hookah smoking, otherwise known as Shisha in Rumbek town.

Hookahs Commissioner Kuok explained to Sudan Tribune that smokers mix Shisha with illegal drugs. He added that those involved in this business have not been given licenses by Rumbek’s Central Town Council.

Dut alleged that such businesses pose a threat to security. Even SPLA soldiers are attracted to hookah smoking.

He explained that last month’s incident which was carried out by a mentally man disturbed Rumbek town and this incident was caused by a soldier who left his gun to smoke Shisha whereby a crazy man got hold of the soldier’s weapon.

The commissioner expressed the habit of soldiers to smoke Shisha as dangerous.

Furthermore, Rumbek’s Central County have stopped military personals who inter the town with guns, because they allegedly threaten traffic at night.

Similarly, the previous Caretaker-Governor Telar Ring Deng had issued a law banning the selling of alcoholic drinks during weekdays prior to 5 pm and Saturdays before 11am.