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Sudan to establish joint force with Central African Republic

September 27, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Sudan will form a joint force with Central African Republic (CAR) to monitor the border between the two countries as rebels from Chad and Sudan moved their activities to this region.

Col. Fatah al-Rahim Abdalla Suleiman, head of the Sudanese force and deputy commander of the Chad-Sudan force patrolling along the border disclosed in an interview with the official SUNA released on Sunday that a similar force will be soon formed to cover the border between CAR and Sudan.

The border between Chad and Sudan been secured from the extreme south to the north by joint patrols deployed by the two countries this year but a number of rebels moved to the border with the CAR.

"So, we felt the need to form another force similar to Chad-Sudan force with the Central African Republic and now this contingent is soon to be established, said the Sudanese military official.

The colonel pointed out that a military protocol has been already signed between Bangui and Khartoum.

He further said the existing joint force is operating near the CAR border from the Sudanese and Chadian sides while the new joint patrols are expected to cover the rest of the border.

Sudan and Chad work together, since the normalization of bilateral relations, to control the movement of rebel groups from both sides. They also expelled the rebel groups and control their movements.

Chadian rebel leaders have been moved to Doha and some of their troops returned to Ndjamena. However, a Chadian rebel leader Adam Yacoub, chief of military operations of the opposition UFR crossed to CAR with his troops.

Khartoum also fears that the border with CAR can be used by Darfur rebels to transport ammunition and logistics.

Colonel Fatah al-Rahman said the joint Chad-Sudan force has currently limited coordination with Central African army awaiting the composition of the new patrols.