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Lakes state: Girl killed in forced marriage dispute

By Manyang Mayom

February 11, 2011 (JUBA) – A girl from Rumbek North county was beaten to death on 11 February by her uncle’s son in a dispute over her forced marriage. The girl is reported to have been killed after she demanded to be given ivory jewelry, a symbol of marital status in Dinka culture, before the wedding.

The marriage had been negotiated by the families with a dowry of 80 cattle agreed to be given to girl’s family.

The murdered girl, Agok Monyman Apach requested her parents to be given and ivory and other traditional marital gifts before she was handed over to her future husband. The gifts are seen as part used by the girl to honor the girl and confirm her new social status in Dinka culture.

The girl’s cousin, Kamic Mabuong Apach, is accused of killing her after she refused to marry the man before she received the traditional gifts.

He is alleged to have dragged her along the ground to until her clothes were torn off and she had bruises all over her body and beat her to death. Kamic Mabuong Apach ran away when realized the girl had died local citizens told Sudan Tribune.

The commissioner of Rumbek North county, Daniel Deng Mathiang, condemned the killing describing it as “barbaric” and against humanity. He said that the girls needs should have been met before she was married.

Commissioner Deng has ordered for immediate arrest of the accused. He said that people who commit such gross crimes must be brought to justice.

Lakes state has seen several cases of gender-based violence in the last few years. In June 2010, a father beat his daughter to death in Rumbek East county after she was allaged to have become pregnant by her boyfriend. The father had told the girl to openly denounce for the boy and to marry another man but she refused.

On 31 December 2010, another girl was beaten to death by her uncle’s sons in Rumbek East county when the girl was said to have been conceived by other man. The girl was taken to bush where she was beaten to death. All her uncle’s sons were arrested and are awaiting trial.