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Central African, Chadian and Sudanese presidents meet in Khartoum

May 22, 2011 (KHARTOUM) — Khartoum will host a tripartite summit on Monday 23 May between presidents of Central African Republic, Chad and Sudan to discuss political and economic cooperation between the three neighbouring countries.

Following the normalization of bilateral relations between Khartoum and Ndjamena in January 2010 the two countries deployed a joint force to secure the border but later extended its activities to the Central African Republic.

The two countries also banned the movement of rebel groups in the two sides and kept watching closely any potential presence in the lawless Central African territory near their boundaries.

Khalid Moussa, spokesperson of the foreign affairs ministry, said the two day meeting aims at strengthening political, economic and security cooperation between the three countries.

Sudan and Chad signed different economic cooperation agreements and also agreed to construct a route to link Ndjamena to Port Sudan on the Red See. Also Sudan launched the construction of a 158 klm road between the capital of South Darfur state Nyala and Central Africa.

The Summit also intervenes after the re-election of President François Bozizé for a second term in January 2011, while President Idriss Deby is freshly re-elected this month with 88.66 percent of the votes in an election marred by the opposition boycott.