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Jonglei’s wrestling contest results

By John Actually

August 10, 2011 (BOR) - The long awaited wrestling tournament between members of Bor County Abii in Kolnyang district and the Abuodit of Jale district, the Abii were declared victorious in a 5-1 victory on 8 August.

Ajang-Mapourdit eyes up his opponent, Mayen Reech, Jonglei (ST)

Wrestling is still one of the most popular sports in South Sudan, particularly amongst the Dinka ethnic group, as well as the Mundari and Lotuko.
Abii scored five outright wins and one draw against their opponent in a wrestling match at the Wutcuei playground. Abuodit achieved one win and one draw.

Ajang Garang, also known as ’Ajang Mapuordit’ from Abii, opened the match with a win against Mayen Reech from Abuodit, in less than a three minutes.
Mayen Reech wrote the letter to Ajang-Mapourdit in 2009 requesting a wrestling match, finally met his rival at Wednesday’s contest, but lost to him.

Gai Tiar in a traditional leopard skin, grapples with, Madior Amuom, Jonglei (ST)

Ajith Nyakuoi,also known as ’Maliridit’, from Abii beat Amol Garang from Abuodit.

Gai Tiar from Abii defeated Maduor Amuom from Abuodit.

Agau Kuol Nyok threw down Adol Buol from Abuodit.

Agut-Diing (Abii) drew with Gak Thiak from Abuodit.

Mamer Malim lost his footing against Maluk Buol from Abuodit.

Ajuong Abolic from Abii beat Deng Mathiang.

Abii supporters pouring onto the field after Ajang wins, Jonglei (ST)

Although the state government pledged to support and develop traditional wrestling as a commercial and national competition at many occasions earlier this year, it has again u-turned by refusing the wrestlers access to the state stadium and ordered them to move out of the town to a place far from the capital, Bor after several attempts to stop the tournament.

Dinka Bor wrestlers competed against teams of wrestlers from Aliap in Lakes state and Mundari in Central Equatoria earlier this year in the South Sudan capital. The Jonglei Freedom Star were victorious.

This time, the team has divided to compete against one another.
Majok Jokrir from Athoc in north of Bor county in Baidit district,decided to wrestle Malirdit in the near future, after the crowds over-ran the wrestling arena. He said he would arrange another match in Pariak.