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Sudan holds security meeting as FM heads to Juba

May 16, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - The Council of Defence and National Security (CDNS) discussed Thursday the recent attacks by the alliance of rebel groups, Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), while the foreign affairs minister is preparing to fly to Juba to discuss the issue.

President Omer Al-Bashir chairs a meeting of the Council of Defence and National Security and FVP Ali Osman Taha at his right and VP Al-Haj Adam at his left on 16 May 2013 (ST)

According to a statement released by the Sudanese presidency the CDNS, chaired by president Omer Al-Bashir, discussed reports about the security situation in different regions and it was also briefed about arrangements taken by the army to repel this offensive.

The press secretary at the Sudanese presidency, Emad Sid-Ahmed, said the meeting concluded that the army is able to defend the country and to defeat the rebel groups. Also, it praised the stance of the Sudanese people and its support to the security forces to protect the nation, he further added.

SRF rebels recently attacked several areas in South and North Kordofan. They said these attacks are part of their war of attrition against the regime before an assault the capital Khartoum.

Yasir Arman SPLM-North secretary general called on the opposition parties to agree with the SRF on a national programme for the post-Bashir era asserting that popular uprising with accelerate the collapse of the current regime.

On the other hand the national security and intelligence services (NISS) accused the South Sudanese government of continuing to support the rebel group in spite of the normalisation process launched last March.

The foreign ministry announced on Thursday that foreign ministry Ali Karti and NISS director Mohamed Atta will travel to Juba to deliver a letter from president Omer Al-Bashir to his counterpart Salva Kiir.

Diplomatic sources in Khartoum said the letter deals with the recent attacks and details information about the support that the Sudanese rebels continue to receive from the South Sudanese authorities and their presence in the neighbouring country.

On Wednesday the Sudanese first vice-president Ali Osman Taha said that some circles within the Juba government support rebel groups. He added that they want to implement the strategy of the "New Sudan" irrespective of whether the governing party in Khartoum is the National Congress Party (NCP) or another party.