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839 deaths in Darfur tribal clash: official

August 21, 2013 (KHARTOUM) – The government of Sudan’s North Darfur state has disclosed that the violent clashes which took place between Beni Hussein and Rizeigat Aballa tribes in Jebel Amer area claimed the lives of 839 people and injured thousands others.

Inter-tribal clashes erupted last January between members of the rival Arab Northern Rezeigat (Aballa) and Beni Hussein tribes, fighting for control of the region’s gold mines.

The UN estimates that some 150,000 people have been displaced following a spate of attacks by armed Aballa militias, elements of which include the notorious Janjaweed forces, which hit the headlines 10 years ago for brutal atrocities allegedly committed at the behest of the Sudanese government.

The two conflicting tribes signed a peace pact last month, stressing their commitment to its implementation and sustainability under all circumstances.

North Darfur’s finance minister, Abo Daoud, who was briefing the 6th meeting of the states’ coordination council on Tuesday in the Blue Nile state’s town of Al-Ruseiris, said that there is more than 25 mining area in North Darfur, pointing that Jebel Amer alone accommodated more than 100.000 miner including miners from 11 foreign countries.

He added that the peace pact which was signed between the two tribes provided for creating setting up a compensation fund from the gold revenues of Jebel Amer. 65% of the money shall be allocated for Diyas (blood money), 25% for rehabilitating localities which were adversely impacted by the conflict including Al-Seraif locality, and 10% for insurance and administrative expenses.

Daoud harshly criticized unnamed politicians, accusing them of taking advantage of Jebel Amer crisis to serve personal interests.