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Couple killed by South Darfur gangs

September 17, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - Gunmen killed a heath official and his pregnant wife in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state which became the most dangerous town in the western Sudan where armed gangs become the main source of crime and insecurity.

Students of Bakht Alrida Primary School in the IDPs camp in Forobaranga, West Darfur, listen to the headmaster Abdulrahman Idris on 14 September 2013. The center, with 4 teachers and 338 students, has many deficiencies and infrastructural problems. All seven classrooms don’t have furniture (desks and chairs for the students) or it’s seriously damaged. The local community claim for an urgent rehabilitation. Photo by Albert Gonz├ílez Farran, UNAMID).

The couple was shot dead in their house on Tuesday as local sources say the murder was for personal reasons. The man works for the Health Insurance Authority while the woman is a prison officer in Nyala.

Police source told Sudan Tribune that a man suspected of taking part in the killing was arrested.

Following the incident many people gathered outside Nyala main morgue to denounce the assault and demanded local authorities to end the escalating insecurity in the town.

South Darfur governor, Adam Mahmoud Jar Al-Nabi, pledged last week to improve the security situation and to arrest gang members who perpetrate attacks and robbery "sooner or later".

Police authorities also announced that some 26 police check points were set up in Nyala according to a tight security plan.

The armed gangs are composed mainly of former militiamen who fought against the rebel groups. Weapons and ammunition are proposed for sale different local markets in Darfur.


German ambassador in Sudan Rolf Welberts on Tuesday handed over to the Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) authority in Khartoum the first batch of technical support to its programme aiming to mark small arms and light weapons in Darfur.

Following the handing of the marking machines, Welberts announced that his country will directly provide $20 million to support rehabilitation programmes in Darfur. Germany also contributes to the EU support for peace and development in the region.