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New primary school and health facility built in E. Equatoria

By Ijoo Bosco

October 28, 2013 (TORIT) - A primary school and health facility in the Eastern Equatoria state has been handed over to the government in the Tirrangore area of Torit county as part of a project by the United Nations and South Sudan’s disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration commission to help former soldiers.

William Deng Deng, the chairperson of the national DDR commission highlighted the importance of the reinsertion project saying the DDR programme in South Sudan is not only about disarmament and demobilization, its contributes to the security sector transformation through provision of services such as education and health care in the community.

"The president of the republic has promise for building of a national rehabilitation center for a greater Equatoria region here in Eastern Equatoria state through our DDR commission mandate".

Eastern Equatoria’s state governor Louis Lobong Lojore said the Tirrangore community are very lucky for getting two facilities at the same times and called on the community to help maintain the health facility and a primary school.

Governor Lojore said that the state government was thankful for the "huge support" they have received from their partners, adding that they would continue to lobby for a secondary school to be built in the area.

Meanwhile, the state coordinator for Eastern Equatoria state, Achomo Mary Buyu, hailed the state government’s and the community’s in backing of the DDR programme, saying that the reinsertion projects have established good relations within the local community in the state.

Achomo added that through the commendable support of United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), they managed to accomplish the projects of the school and health facility construction in Tirrangore were there was no medical unit and primary health care centre for the local communities.

The commissioner of Torit county German Charles Ojok cautioned the Tirrangore community over the constructed primary school and health facility saying that, it will not only serve the Tirrangore community but also to serve the neighbouring communities in the area.

Ojok reiterated that, the two facilities will be unifying factors that can bring the conflicting communities together.