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Sudanese opposition calls for popular uprising to overthrow the regime

October 23, 2015 (KHARTOUM) - Leaders of the opposition alliance of the National Consensus Forces (NCF) have called upon the Sudanese people to take to the streets to overthrow the regime.

Farouk Abu Issa (R-C) chairs a meeting of the opposition National Consensus Forces on 10 September 2014 (ST)

The NCF held a public symposium to commemorate the 51st anniversary of October Revolution in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman on Thursday night with the participation of around two thousand people.

The October Revolution of the 21st of October 1964 had ousted the military regime of General Ibrahim Abboud who took power on November the 17th 1958 through a military coups d’état.

In his speech before the crowed, the political secretary of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP), Mohamed Mukhtar al-Khatib, pledged to establish a democratic state that is based upon equal citizenship, vowing to hold those who violated the human rights accountable for their actions.

He called to avoid repeating the mistakes which took place during October Revolution by turning a blind eye on the issue of accountability.

The leader of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) Ibrahim al-Shiekh, for his part, demanded the Sudanese people to get prepared for a popular revolt to overthrow the regime, stressing that change would necessarily involve sacrifices.

He made a comparison between the victims of October Revolution and those who died in the protests which erupted in September 2013, pointing that 39 people were killed during the revolution while more than 210 have been killed in the protests.

Al-Shiekh further called for ignoring those who speak of the opposition weakness, saying “we have a date with the revolution and October will revert again”.

Earlier this month, the Sudanese government inaugurated the national dialogue conference amid large boycott from the major political and armed opposition.

The holdout armed and political groups say the government should implement an African Union road map to facilitate the dialogue process and participate in pre-dialogue meeting to be organised by the regional body in Addis Ababa.