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SPLM-N rebels claim destroying army garrison in South Kordofan

April 15, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - The rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) Friday said its fighters have destroyed the government army garrison in Zalataya area, 3 kilometres north of Dilling town, South Kordofan.

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A picture released by the SPLM-N on 29 March 2016 showing SPLA-N fighters on a tank they seized during the recent clashes with SAF forces in S Kordofan

Heavy clashes have been ongoing between the Sudanese army and the SPLM-N in South Kordofan and Blue Nile since last March.

In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune Friday, SPLM-N official spokesperson, Arnu Ngutulu Lodi said the mobile force in Al-Ramli warfront in South Kordofan carried out a successful attack at 2:00 am (local time) on Tuesday against Zalataya garrison.

He stressed that the garrison has been completely destroyed, pointing their fighters seized one 60mm mortar, 2 P.K.M-mg, 5 AKM rifles as well as 3 boxes of PKM ammunition and seven RPG-7 missiles.

Lodi added that 9 government soldiers have been killed in the attack, saying that 3 SPLM-N fighters were slightly wounded.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson pointed that 11 dead bodies of government soldiers including Col. Mohamed Mohamed Zain were found in the desert, saying they were among those who fled Haluf Hill when SPLM-N fighters attacked army convoy in Al-Azraq area on April 6.

Further, in a separate statement on Friday, Lodi said a Sudan Air Force Antonov plane on Thursday 14 April dropped four high explosive barrel bombs on Nyukur and Sanjak villages in Dalami County, in South Kordofan state, killing one villager and injured two children.

The Sudanese army spokesperson was not reachable for comment.

The border states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile state have been the scene of a violent conflict since 2011 when fighting broke out between the SPLM-N and Sudanese army.

In November of last year, the warring parties failed to strike a cessation of hostilities deal.

Following the collapse of talks, Sudan’s defence minister Awad Ibn Ouf said the army would raise the state of preparedness in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, vowing to actively seek to recapture the SPLM-N stronghold of Kauda.